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Snakecharm (The Kiesha'ra, #2)
3.99 avg. rating
· 9085 Ratings
Zane Cobriana, cobra shapeshifter, thanks the gods every day for Danica, his hawk pair bond, and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente. Soon, Danica will have a child to carry o…
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Blood and Chocolate
3.78 avg. rating
· 38623 Ratings
Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the young wolves are on her tail. But Vivian still gri…
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The Hollow Kingdom (The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, #1)
In nineteenth-century England, a powerful sorcerer and King of the Goblins chooses Kate, the elder of two orphan girls recently arrived at their ancestral home, Hallow Hill, to become his bride and qu…
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Edenbrooke / Heir to Edenbrooke
4.69 avg. rating
· 489 Ratings

This edition pairs the bestselling Edenbrooke with the never-before-published novelette Heir to Edenbrooke, which is the prequel to the story, told from the point-of-view of the dashing suitor of Eden…

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The Silver Kiss
3.71 avg. rating
· 15583 Ratings
Zoe is wary when, in the dead of night, the beautiful yet frightening Simon comes to her house. Simon seems to understand the pain of loneliness and death and Zoe's brooding thoughts of her dying moth…
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The Mortal Instruments (The Mortal Instruments #1-4)
The Shadowhunters—touched by angels and charged with protecting innocents—battle demons and other evil in the bestselling Mortal Instruments series.

City of Bones

When Clary Fray heads out…

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The Singing (The Books of Pellinor, #4)
4.22 avg. rating
· 11044 Ratings
The stunning conclusion to the epic Pellinor series—four books telling an extraordinary tale of another world.

The Singing follows the separate journeys of Maerad and Cadvan, and their brother Hem, as …
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Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, #3)
3.93 avg. rating
· 22895 Ratings
For goth-girl Raven, dating her dream boyfriend is complicated, especially because Alexander's secret means that they can see each other only at night.

And now the pair must be extra wary in the dark w…
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The Garden of the Stone (The Stone Duology, #2)

At the heart of the fortress lay the Garden. At the heart of the Garden lay the Stone. -- a living entity of power beyond understanding. Then came Bron, his arrival long foretold as the one who would …

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A Deal with the Elf King (Married to Magic, #1)
The elves come for two things: war and wives. In both cases, they come for death.

Three-thousand years ago, humans were hunted by powerful races with wild magic until the treaty was formed. Now, for ce…
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A Woman of the World
2.95 avg. rating
· 1186 Ratings
Meet Mabel Loomis Todd, an inspired conversationalist who routinely invites scandal and ignores the rules of 19th-century society. Now in her 70s and living on Hog Island in Maine, the outspoken write…
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Vampire Kisses (Vampire Kisses, #1)
3.72 avg. rating
· 48087 Ratings

In her small town, dubbed "Dullsville," sixteen-year-old Raven — a vampire-crazed goth-girl — is an outcast. But not for long...

The intriguing and rumored-to-be haunted mansion on top of Benson Hill …

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Surrender the Night
3.54 avg. rating
· 46 Ratings
Desperate to escape the clutches of her mother, Eliza Hilliard trades the sumptuous false freedoms of Boston society for marriage to a royal stranger...…
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The Cry of the Icemark
4.12 avg. rating
· 9168 Ratings
The Icemark is a kingdom in grave danger. Its king has been killed in battle, its enemy lies in wait, and its fate rests on the shoulders of one girl. Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, a b…
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Comanche Dawn: A Novel
4.26 avg. rating
· 80 Ratings
In Comanche Dawn Mike Blakely does for the Comanche nation what Ruth Bebe Hills did for the Sioux in Hanta Yo. This landmark novel is the first time the story has been told from the point of view of t…
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A Basket of Wishes
3.97 avg. rating
· 268 Ratings

Clad only in her ankle-length copper tresses, Splendor lay atop the twelfth Duke of Heathcourte, who was speechless at ha…
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The Barefoot Bride (Rags to Riches Romance)
Can a gentleman turn a backwoods Cinderella into his very own Princess Charming?

The last thing handsome, aristocratic Saxon Blackwell needs is a bride. But a cruel ultimatum from his wicked witch of a…
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Lord of the Storm (Coalition Rebellion, #1)
Her every wish is his command. He lives only to serve her desires.

A warrior. A sex slave from a conquered world.

What will he do to her if she sets him free?

Shaylah Graymist, ace fighter pilot for a br…
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The Golden Orchard
3.72 avg. rating
· 1189 Ratings
Maya loves to cook with her grandmother - her Halmunee - to connect with the rich family history associated with each dish, a history Maya's mom would prefer stayed in the past. While cooking with Hal…
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4.52 avg. rating
· 169 Ratings
Book 17 of the Old Testament
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Holy Bible: NKJV Nelson's NKJV Study Bible
4.64 avg. rating
· 337 Ratings
Chosen by pastors and lay leaders alike, Nelson's NKJV Study Bible, is the cornerstone Bible for anyone interested in serious Bible Study. Along with the New King James Version, by some considered the…
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1 Kings
4.40 avg. rating
· 188 Ratings
Book 11 of the Old Testament
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2 Samuel (Bible #10), ESV
4.59 avg. rating
· 296 Ratings
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The Secret Hour (Midnighters, #1)
3.82 avg. rating
· 25802 Ratings
Strange things happen at midnight in the town of Bixby, Oklahoma. Time freezes. Nobody moves except dark creatures that haunt the shadows and the few people who are free to move at midnight, Midnighte…
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The Bible, King James Version, Book 9: 1 Samuel
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The Guinevere Deception (Camelot Rising, #1)
From New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White comes a new fantasy series reimagining the Arthurian legend, set in the magical world of Camelot.

There was nothing in the world as magical and te…
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Shadow Weaver (The Nightwatch Academy #2)
They say, there’s no rest for the wicked. In that case I must be pure evil.

When Hyde said the cadets would be getting Fast Tracked, he wasn’t joking.

It’s hard staying on top of the shadow cadet duties…
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O Radiant Dawn: An Advent & Christmas Journal
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Be Brave in the Scared: How I Learned to Trust God during the Most Difficult Days of My Life
Winner of a 2020 Excellence in Publishing Award from the Association of Catholic Publishers (third place, spirituality).

As a parent, do you struggle with trusting God’s will for your life and for tho…
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Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God
A fresh and enlightening new perspective on Mary, Mother of God, and her central importance in the Christian faith, from the author of the highly successful The Lamb's Supper.

In The Lamb's Supper, Cat…
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Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
These are the major speeches made by Malcolm X during the last tumultuous eight months of his life. In this short period of time, his vision for abolishing racial inequality in the United States under…
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