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Paradise, New York: A Novel
3.64 avg. rating
· 28 Ratings
We first meet Lucy Appelbaum, the heroine of Paradise, New York, in 1970, as a nine-year-old girl enjoying her family's Catskills hotel, the Garden of Eden. Ten years later, having found nothing else …
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Holidays on Ice
3.92 avg. rating
· 103938 Ratings
David Sedaris's beloved holiday collection is new again with six more pieces, including a never before published story. Along with such favorites as the diaries of a Macy's elf and the annals of two v…
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Sense and Sensibility
4.08 avg. rating
· 927935 Ratings
Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9780141439662

'The more I know of the world, the more am I convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. I require so much!'

Marianne Dashwood wears her …
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3.54 avg. rating
· 54 Ratings
Three solitary characters remember their shared past in a sprawling, derelict psychiatric hospital on the English coast: a turbulent summer in the aftermath of the hospital's closure that culminated i…
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The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir
Before Alex Marzano-Lesnevich begins a summer job at a law firm in Louisiana, working to help defend men accused of murder, they think their position is clear. The child of two lawyers, they are staun…
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Perfect Chaos: A Daughter's Journey to Survive Bipolar, a Mother's Struggle to Save Her
A dual memoir of a mother's and daughter's triumph over mental illness

The Johnsons—mother, father, and two daughters—were a loving, and close Seattle family. Then the younger daughter Linea started ex…
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The Gift
4.38 avg. rating
· 8119 Ratings
More than any other Persian poet, it is perhaps Hafiz who accesses the mystical, healing dimensions of poetry. Because his poems were often ecstatic love songs from God to his beloved world, many have…
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The Divan
4.68 avg. rating
· 3266 Ratings
The Persian poet Hafez (1320-1389) is best known as a Sufi mystic who incorporated elements of Sufism into his verses. The state of God-Realisation is symbolised through union with a Beloved, and drin…
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Someone We Know
3.90 avg. rating
· 43435 Ratings
Maybe you don't know your neighbors as well as you thought you did . . .

"This is a very difficult letter to write. I hope you will not hate us too much. . . My son broke into your home recently while…
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American Pastoral (The American Trilogy, #1)
Pulitzer Prize Winner (1998)

In American Pastoral, Philip Roth gives us a novel of unqualified greatness that is an elegy for all the twentieth century's promises of prosperity, civic order, and domest…
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The Darcy Legacy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Pemberley’s ancient halls harbour many secrets. Which one will affect Fitzwilliam Darcy and the love of his life? How is Mr Bennet to enjoy the comforts of a well-stocked library, when his wife’s prem…
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Setting Free the Kites
4.05 avg. rating
· 2980 Ratings
For Robert Carter, life in his coastal Maine hometown is comfortably predictable. But in 1976, on his first day of eighth grade, he meets Nathan Tilly, who changes everything. Nathan is confident, fea…
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Wham! George & Me
3.97 avg. rating
· 2973 Ratings

For the first time, Andrew Ridgeley - one half of one of the most famous bands in the world - tells the inside story of Wham! and his life-long friendship with George Michael.

It is 1975, Watford,…

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Radical Suburbs: Experimental Living on the Fringes of the American City
America’s suburbs are not the homogenous places we sometimes take them for. Today’s suburbs are racially, ethnically, and economically diverse, with as many Democratic as Republican voters, a growing …
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The Black Girl Next Door: A Memoir
3.73 avg. rating
· 513 Ratings
"A powerful, beautifully written memoir about coming of age as a black girl in an exclusive white suburb in "integrated," post-Civil Rights California in the 1970s and 1980s."At six years of age, afte…
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Anna Karenina
4.08 avg. rating
· 489069 Ratings
Acclaimed by many as the world's greatest novel, Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humanity in general. In it Tolstoy uses his intense imaginative insight to…
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My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education
In this sharp and candid collection of essays, first-generation American Jennine Capó Crucet explores the condition of finding herself a stranger in the country where she was born. Raised in Miami and…
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The Perfume Collector
3.95 avg. rating
· 28291 Ratings
A remarkable novel about secrets, desire, memory, passion, and possibility.

Newlywed Grace Monroe doesn’t fit anyone’s expectations of a successful 1950s London socialite, least of all her own. When sh…
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When Jane Got Angry: A Pride and Prejudice Novella
A Pride and Prejudice variation

When Mr. Bingley abruptly left Hertfordshire, Jane Bennet’s heart was broken. Since arriving in London to visit her aunt and uncle, Jane has been hoping to encounter M…
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The Promise
3.64 avg. rating
· 165 Ratings
A woman traveling on a transatlantic ship has fallen overboard. Adrift at sea, she makes a promise to Saint Rita, "arbiter of the impossible," that if she survives, she will write her life story. As s…
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Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer’s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about publishing but were too afraid to ask is right here in this funny, candid guide by acclaimed author Courtney Maum. Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer'…
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Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors (The Rajes, #1)
Award-winning author Sonali Dev launches a new series about the Rajes, an immigrant Indian family descended from royalty, who have built their lives in San Francisco...

It is a truth universally acknow…
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Darcy vs. Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Elizabeth Bennet is drawn to a handsome, mysterious man she meets at a masquerade ball. However, she gives up all hope for a future with him when she learns he is the son of George Darcy, the man who …
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F*ck No!: How to Stop Saying Yes  When You Can't, You Shouldn't,  or You Just Don't Want To
How to say no without being an a**hole, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck
Are you burnt out from taking on more than you can handle or accepting…
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In Other Words
3.69 avg. rating
· 8560 Ratings
From the Pulitzer Prize winner, a surprising, powerful, and eloquent nonfiction debut

In Other Words is at heart a love story—of a long and sometimes difficult courtship, and a passion that verges on o…
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The Tattoo Artist
3.88 avg. rating
· 822 Ratings
In 1970, Sara Ehrenreich boards a small plane and returns to New York City with much fanfare; she will be featured in Life magazine. She has not left Ta'un'uu–the South Seas island upon which she and …
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4.39 avg. rating
· 2466 Ratings
From the highly acclaimed, award-winning author of The Gods of Tango, a revolutionary new novel about five wildly different women who, in the midst of the Uruguayan dictatorship, find one another as l…
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Clandestine Poems/Poemas Clandestinos
4.46 avg. rating
· 109 Ratings
These Clandestine Poems, written in the voices of five imaginary poets, deliver their political insights with biting humor, strength and tenderness. They are the poems of a worker and fighter, filled …
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The Clockmaker's Daughter
3.70 avg. rating
· 57396 Ratings
My real name, no one remembers. The truth about that summer, no one else knows.

In the summer of 1862, a group of young artists led by the passionate and talented Edward Radcliffe descends upon Birchwo…
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The Big Disruption
3.34 avg. rating
· 143 Ratings
A Totally Fictional But Essentially True Silicon Valley Story. Medium's first full-length novel, accessible exclusively on Medium website or app.

"Something is fishy at Anahata—and it’s not just the gi…
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