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Night Journeys
3.57 avg. rating
· 247 Ratings
The year is 1768. In eight years, the American Revolution will begin. Newly orphaned, Peter York has been adopted by a deeply religious Quaker fame. Peter chafes under his new guardian's strict and un…
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Ben & Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos
Ever wonder where inventors get their ideas? As it turns out, the great inventor Benjamin Franklin got his best ideas from a mouse named Amos! Funny, interesting and wise, this classic tale has been a…
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Hattie Big Sky (Hattie, #1)
3.97 avg. rating
· 16373 Ratings
After inheriting her uncle's homesteading claim in Montana, 16-year-old orphan Hattie Brooks travels from Iowa in 1917 to make a home for herself and encounters some unexpected problems related to the…
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Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims
3.89 avg. rating
· 2802 Ratings
Tells of the adventurous life of the Wampanoag Indian, Squanto.
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Guns for General Washington: A Story of the American Revolution
Seymour Reit re-creates the true story of Will Knox, a nineteen-year-old boy who undertook the daring and dangerous task of transporting 183 cannons from New York’s Fort Ticonderoga to Boston--in the …
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A Lion to Guard Us
3.76 avg. rating
· 1892 Ratings
The inspiring classic that The New Yorker called "an exciting tale [with] top-notch writing," about one girl facing harsh conditions and huge responsibility as she brings her family to the Ame…
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Behind Rebel Lines
3.74 avg. rating
· 1598 Ratings
Seymour Reit, the creator of Casper the friendly ghost, blends fact with fiction in this captivating tale about one woman who dared to go behind enemy lines as a spy for the Union Army.

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Mr. Lincoln's Drummer
3.86 avg. rating
· 149 Ratings
The fascinating, true story of ten-year-old Willie Johnston who, for his courage as a drummer in the Union Army during the Civil War, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. "Scrupulously resear…
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Give Me Liberty
3.72 avg. rating
· 373 Ratings

For thirteen–year–old Nathaniel, an indentured servant in colonial Virginia, life is hard. Though things improve with the help of a kind master named Basil–who shares music, books, and philosophies on…

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Toliver's Secret
3.97 avg. rating
· 2459 Ratings
When her grandfather is injured, 10-year-old Ellen Toliver replaces him on a top-secret patriotic mission. Disguised as a boy, she manages to smuggle a message to General George Washington.
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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (The Herdmans #1)
Laughs abound in this bestselling Christmas classic by Barbara Robinson! The Best Christmas Pageant Ever follows the outrageous shenanigans of the Herdman siblings, or “the worst kids in the history o…
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Hattie Ever After (Hattie, #2)
3.79 avg. rating
· 3448 Ratings
After leaving Uncle Chester's homestead claim, orphan Hattie Brooks throws a lasso around a new dream, even bigger than the Montana sky. She wants to be a reporter, knowing full well that a few pieces…
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By the Great Horn Spoon!
4.08 avg. rating
· 5778 Ratings
For fans of the I Survived series, this classic rollicking adventure about the California Gold Rush and one determined twelve-year-old has sold nearly a million copies!

When Jack's aunt is forced to se…
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The Well: David's Story (Logans, #2)
During a drought, the Logan family shares their well water with all their neighbors, black and white alike. But David and Hammer find it hard to share with Charlie Simms, who torments them because the…
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Flip-Flop Girl
3.44 avg. rating
· 367 Ratings
Uprooted following the death of their father, nine-year-old Vinnie and her five-year-old brother, Mason, cope in different ways--one in silence--but both with the help of Lupe, the flip-flop girl.
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3.89 avg. rating
· 2079 Ratings
Dewey Marriss is stuck in the middle of a crunch.

He never guessed that the gas pumps would run dry the same week he promised to manage the family's bicycle-repair business. Suddenly everyone needs a b…
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The Bicycle Spy
3.93 avg. rating
· 1365 Ratings
Can Marcel make the ride of his life?

Marcel loves riding his bicycle, whether he's racing through the streets of his small town in France or making bread deliveries for his parents' bakery. He dreams …
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Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation
Like any 11-year-old, Yuki Sakane is looking forward to Christmas when her peaceful world is suddenly shattered by the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Uprooted from her home and shipped with thousands of Wes…
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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: A Graphic Novel
They open a door and enter a world. Narnia... the land beyond the wardrobe, the secret country known only to Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy... the place where the adventure begins.

Lucy is the first to…
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The Family Under the Bridge
3.95 avg. rating
· 12146 Ratings
This is the delightfully warm and enjoyable story of an old Parisian named Armand, who relished his solitary life. Children, he said, were like starlings, and one was better off without them.
But the c…
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Stories of the Pilgrims
3.85 avg. rating
· 210 Ratings
Beginning with Queen Anne's visit to Scrooby inn, tells in story form of the everyday life of the Pilgrims in England and Holland, of their voyage on the Mayflower and their adventures in the New Worl…
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Someone Named Eva
4.11 avg. rating
· 8401 Ratings
In 1942, eleven-year-old Milada is taken from her home in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, along with other blond, blue-eyed children to a Lebensborn center in Poland. There she is trained to be a "proper Germ…
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April Morning
3.45 avg. rating
· 2261 Ratings
When you read this novel about April 19, 1775, you will see the British redcoats marching in a solid column through your town. Your hands will be sweating and you will shake a little as you grip your …
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My Brother's Secret
4.11 avg. rating
· 559 Ratings
Germany, 1941. 12-year-old Karl Engel is looking forward to joining the Hitler Youth, like all boys his age.

But when his father is killed, his rebellious older brother Stefan shows him things that lea…
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Shadow on the Mountain
3.91 avg. rating
· 1988 Ratings
Shadow on the Mountain recounts the adventures of a 14-year-old Norwegian boy named Espen during World War II. After Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway, Espen and his friends are swept up in the…
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All the Way Home
4.20 avg. rating
· 649 Ratings
The reuniting of two friends separated by WWII internment camps shows the vital importance of family and the bitter consequences of prejudice.
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Sweet Mercy
3.93 avg. rating
· 623 Ratings
When Eve Marryat’s father is laid off from the Ford Motor Company in 1931, he is forced to support his family by leaving St. Paul, Minnesota, and moving back to his Ohio roots. Eve’s uncle Cyrus has i…
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The Matchlock Gun
3.69 avg. rating
· 7554 Ratings
A Newbery Medal Winner

In 1756, New York State was still a British colony, and the French and the Indians were constant threats to Edward and his family. When his father was called away to watch for a …
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An Old-Fashioned Girl
4.07 avg. rating
· 14856 Ratings
It was first serialised in the Merry's Museum magazine between July and August in 1869 and consisted of only six chapters. For the finished product, however, Alcott continued the story from the chapte…
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Stone River Crossing
3.47 avg. rating
· 116 Ratings
Martha Tom knows better than to cross the Bok Chitto River to pick blackberries. The Bok Chitto is the only border between her town in the Choctaw Nation and the slave-owning plantation in Mississippi…
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Judges (Bible #7), ESV
4.46 avg. rating
· 345 Ratings
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