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Contents Under Pressure
3.71 avg. rating
· 262 Ratings
A fresh, honest look at the difficult choices and unexpected joys in a girl’s life under pressure.

Lucy Doyle is about to explode. She’s sure her name might as well be Loser because she‘s never, ever b…
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Just Listen
4.04 avg. rating
· 233964 Ratings
Last year, Annabel was "the girl who has everything" — at least that's the part she played in the television commercial for Kopf's Department Store.

This year, she's the girl who has nothing: no best f…
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Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
3.72 avg. rating
· 70845 Ratings
It all starts when Nick asks Norah to be his girlfriend for five minutes. He only needs five minutes to avoid his ex-girlfriend, who's just walked in to his band's show. With a new guy. And then, with…
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Open Book
4.11 avg. rating
· 49462 Ratings
An alternate cover edition can be found here.

Jessica tells of growing up in 1980s Texas where she was sexually abused by the daughter of a family friend, and of unsuccessfully auditioning for the Mick…
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Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women, #1)
England, 1879. Annabelle Archer, the brilliant but destitute daughter of a country vicar, has earned herself a place among the first cohort of female students at the renowned University of Oxford. In …
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The Turn of the Screw
3.45 avg. rating
· 91054 Ratings
A very young woman's first job: governess for two weirdly beautiful, strangely distant, oddly silent children, Miles and Flora, at a forlorn estate...An estate haunted by a beckoning evil. Half-seen f…
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The Man Who Fell In Love With His Wife
3.34 avg. rating
· 82 Ratings

Newly-wed Frank Dempsey, a former Catholic priest, can now luxuriate in the sublime joys of his wife's arms.

Yet Frank isn't really off-duty from charitable deeds - when he isn't driving his black cab …

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The Witches
4.15 avg. rating
· 319825 Ratings
This is not a fairy-tale. This is about real witches. Real witches don't ride around on broomsticks. They don't even wear black cloaks and hats. They are vile, cunning, detestable creatures who disgui…
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Cupcake (Cyd Charisse, #3)
3.84 avg. rating
· 2870 Ratings
Cyd Charisse takes on Manhattan in this follow-up to Gingerbread and Shrimp. Now that she's graduated from high school, Cyd crashes with her brother Danny in New York City, ready to start her fabulous…
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Shrimp (Cyd Charisse, #2)
3.80 avg. rating
· 3905 Ratings
Sassy Cyd Charisse returns in Shrimp, the “compelling…and light-hearted” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) sequel to the sharp and funny novel Gingerbread.

If Cyd Charisse knows one thing, it’s that …
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The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles)
Seventeen, fashion-obsessed, and gay, Abby Ives has always been content playing the sidekick in other people's lives. While her friends and sister have plunged headfirst into the world of dating and r…
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3.89 avg. rating
· 51030 Ratings
Welcome to Elsewhere. It is warm, with a breeze, and the beaches are marvelous. It's quiet and peaceful. You can't get sick or any older. Curious to see new paintings by Picasso? Swing by one of Elsew…
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Everything I Needed to Know about Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume
""I wonder if Judy Blume really knows how many girls' lives she affected. I wonder if she knows that at least one of her books made a grown woman finally feel like she'd been a normal girl all along. …
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Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Shopaholic, #3)
For once in Becky Bloomwood's life, things are going smoothly. She's got the dream job as a personal shopper (spending other people's money - and getting paid for it). She's got a fabulous Manhattan a…
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Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (The Devil Wears Prada, #2)
Almost a decade has passed since Andy Sachs quit the job “a million girls would die for” working for Miranda Priestly at Runway magazine—a dream that turned out to be a nightmare. Andy and Emily, her …
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Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)
3.67 avg. rating
· 78955 Ratings
Irresistible, one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood is back in this hilarious, heartwarming, New York Times bestselling tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters (and the peril…
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Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic, #2)
The irresistible heroine of Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Ties the Knot is back! And this time Becky Bloomwood and her credit cards are headed across the Atlantic....
With her shopping ex…
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Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1)
3.76 avg. rating
· 79522 Ratings
Heather Wells Rocks!

Or, at least, she did. That was before she left the pop-idol life behind after she gained a dress size or two — and lost a boyfriend, a recording contract, and her life savings (wh…
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Everyone Worth Knowing
3.43 avg. rating
· 70628 Ratings
What happens when a girl on the fringe enters the realm of New York's chic, party-hopping elite?
Soon after Bette Robinson quits her horrendous Manhattan banking job like the impulsive girl she's never…
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Fly Away Home
3.69 avg. rating
· 42185 Ratings
Sometimes all you can do is fly away home . . .

When Sylvie Serfer met Richard Woodruff in law school, she had wild curls, wide hips, and lots of opinions. Decades later, Sylvie has remade herself as …
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Dealing in Dreams
3.45 avg. rating
· 718 Ratings
At night, Las Mal Criadas own these streets.

Nalah leads the fiercest all-girl crew in Mega City. That role brings with it violent throw downs and access to the hottest boydega clubs, but the sixteen-y…
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See Jane Date
3.53 avg. rating
· 10720 Ratings
Twenty-eight-year-old Jane Gregg, an assistant editor, has sixty days to find an impressive date for her cousin's elegant society wedding, and after many riotous blind dates, a bout with nicotene with…
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The Next Big Thing
3.70 avg. rating
· 10104 Ratings
In this funny, poignant debut, a plus-size heroine becomes a reality TV show contestant and discovers she's already beautiful enough to be the next big thing.

Kat Larson figured she had nothing to lose…
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When Katie Met Cassidy
3.15 avg. rating
· 7774 Ratings
From the acclaimed author of The Assistants comes another gutsy book about the importance of women taking the reins—except this time, when it comes to finding sexuality, pleasure, and love sometimes w…
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Who Is Vera Kelly?
3.48 avg. rating
· 3563 Ratings
New York City, 1962. Vera Kelly is struggling to make rent and blend into the underground gay scene in Greenwich Village. She's working night shifts at a radio station when her quick wits, sharp tongu…
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A Single Thread
3.72 avg. rating
· 12929 Ratings
1932. After the Great War took both her beloved brother and her fiancé, Violet Speedwell has become a "surplus woman," one of a generation doomed to a life of spinsterhood after the war killed so many…
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Shopaholic & Baby (Shopaholic, #5)
3.80 avg. rating
· 114653 Ratings
Becky Brandon's life is blooming. She's working at London's newest big store, The Look, house-hunting with husband Luke (her secret wish is a Shoe Room)... and she's pregnant. She couldn't be more ove…
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88 Natural Remedies: Ancient Healing Traditions for Modern Times (National Geographic Shorts)
This National Geographic health book provides portable answers to treating common ailments using proven natural therapies.
Runny nose, watery eyes, sinus headache? Don't reach for the Claritin. Inst…
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The Beauty in Breaking
3.83 avg. rating
· 14340 Ratings
An emergency room physician explores how a life of service to others taught her how to heal herself.

Michele Harper is a female, African American emergency room physician in a profession that is overwh…
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3.77 avg. rating
· 91331 Ratings
In a memoir hailed for its searing candor and wit, Alice Sebold reveals how her life was utterly transformed when, as an eighteen-year-old college freshman, she was brutally raped and beaten in a park…
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What the Duke Doesn't Know (The Duke's Sons #2)
A proper English wife, or the freedom of the sea?
Lord James Gresham is the fifth son of the Duke of Langford, a captain in the Royal Navy, and at a loss for what to do next. He's made his fortune; per…
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