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Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession
Through an intensive study of "Aaron Green, " a Freudian analyst in New York City, New Yorker writer Janet Malcolm reveals the inner workings of psychoanalysis.
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Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays
3.67 avg. rating
· 1216 Ratings
A collection of twenty of Paglia's out-spoken essays on contemporary issues in America's ongoing cultural debate such as Anita Hill, Robert Mapplethorpe, the beauty myth, and the decline of education …
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3.68 avg. rating
· 13015 Ratings
From the author of the nationwide best seller Dept. of Speculation--one of the New York Times Book Review's Ten Best Books of the Year--a shimmering tour de force about a family, and a nation, in cris…
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Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories
4.16 avg. rating
· 2208 Ratings
More than sixty stories, poems, and essays are included in this wide-ranging collection by the extravagantly versatile Raymond Carver. Two of the stories—later revised for What We Talk About When We T…
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Good-Bye, Mr. Chips
4.01 avg. rating
· 6427 Ratings
Mr. Hilton's classic story of an English schoolmaster.

Mr. Chipping, the classics master at Brookfield School since 1870, takes readers on a beguiling journey through the late 19th and early 20th centu…
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The Person and the Situation: Perspectives of Social Psychology
How does the situation we're in influence the way we behave and think? Professors Ross and Nisbett eloquently argue that the context we find ourselves in substantially affects our behavior in this tim…
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Woman on the Edge of Time
3.96 avg. rating
· 12323 Ratings
After being unjustly committed to a mental institution, Connie Ramos is contacted by an envoy from the year 2137, who shows her a utopian future of sexual and racial equality and environmental harmony…
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4.21 avg. rating
· 3615 Ratings
Deeply personal and powerfully moving, a short and timely series of essays on the experience of lock down, by one of the most clear-sighted and essential writers of our time

“There will be many books w…
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Memoirs of Hadrian
4.27 avg. rating
· 11188 Ratings
Both an exploration of character and a reflection on the meaning of history, Memoirs of Hadrian has received international acclaim since its first publication in France in 1951. In it, Marguerite Your…
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Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
Trick Mirror is an enlightening, unforgettable trip through the river of self-delusion that surges just beneath the surface of our lives. This is a book about the incentives that shape us, and about h…
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The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self
The bestselling book on childhood trauma and the enduring effects of repressed anger and pain

Why are many of the most successful people plagued by feelings of emptiness and alienation? This wise and p…
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The Mask of Dimitrios (Charles Latimer, #1)
A chance encounter with a Turkish colonel leads Charles Latimer, the author of a handful of successful mysteries, into a world of sinister political and criminal maneuvers. At first merely curious to …
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Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn
2.71 avg. rating
· 17 Ratings
Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn―the madcap follow-up to his debut novel, which was hailed by authors as diverse as Salman Rushdie, Jane Smiley, and Paul Theroux ―explores the deepest recesses of Amer…
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The Twisted Ones
3.58 avg. rating
· 5430 Ratings
When a young woman clears out her deceased grandmother’s home in rural North Carolina, she finds long-hidden secrets about a strange colony of beings in the woods.

When Mouse’s dad asks her to clean ou…
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Topics of Conversation
2.78 avg. rating
· 4922 Ratings
For readers of Sally Rooney, Rachel Cusk, Lydia Davis, and Jenny Offill--a compact tour de force about sex, violence, and self-loathing from a ferociously talented new voice in fiction

Miranda Popk…
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Brown Album: Essays on Exile and Identity
*A Vintage Original*
From the much-acclaimed novelist and essayist, a beautifully rendered, poignant collection of personal essays, chronicling immigrant and Iranian-American life in our contemporary m…
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Border Districts
3.54 avg. rating
· 421 Ratings
A bittersweet farewell to the world and the word by the Australian master

"The mind is a place best viewed from borderlands . . ."

Border Districts, purportedly the Australian master Gerald Murnane's fi…
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A Death in Belmont
3.56 avg. rating
· 4189 Ratings
A fatal collision of three lives in the most intriguing and original crime story since In Cold Blood.

In the spring of 1963, the quiet suburb of Belmont, Massachusetts, is rocked by a shocking sex murd…
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A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel
4.35 avg. rating
· 661 Ratings
In the mid-1960s, Tom Phillips took a forgotten nineteenth-century novel, W. H. Mallock's A Human Document, and began cutting and pasting the extant text to create something new. The artist writes, 'I…
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Dime-Store Alchemy
4.17 avg. rating
· 451 Ratings
In Dime-Store Alchemy, poet Charles Simic refects on the life and work of Joseph Cornell, the maverick surrealist who is one of America’s great artists. Simic’s spare prose is as enchanting and lumino…
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And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos
4.16 avg. rating
· 1542 Ratings
"Those who read or listen to our stories see everything as through a lens. This lens is the secret of narration, and it is ground anew in every story, ground between the temporal and the timeless . . …
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3.64 avg. rating
· 2546 Ratings
In this luminous novel — winner of Britain's prestigious Booker Prize — John Berger relates the story of "G.," a young man forging an energetic sexual career in Europe during the early years of the la…
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To the Wedding
3.99 avg. rating
· 1992 Ratings
A blind Greek peddler tells the story of the wedding between a fellow peddler and his bride in a remarkable series of vivid and telling vignettes. As the book cinematically moves from one character's …
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4.06 avg. rating
· 1978 Ratings
The incomparable Ali Smith melds the tale and the essay into a magical hybrid form, a song of praise to the power of stories in our lives

In February 2012, the novelist Ali Smith delivered the Weidenfe…
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About Looking
4.04 avg. rating
· 6422 Ratings
As a novelist, art critic, and cultural historian, John Berger is a writer of dazzling eloquence and arresting insight, whose work amounts to a subtle, powerful critique of the canons of our civilizat…
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Dear President Trump: 50 Satirical Letters from Phoenix to the White House
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Our Magic Hour
3.88 avg. rating
· 541 Ratings
All night Audrey woke again and again, and every so often Nick would be awake, too, and their bodies would shift into newshapes, and once Nick reached for her as if in a panic, and once Audrey thumped…
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4.33 avg. rating
· 2796 Ratings
Nox is an epitaph in the form of a book, a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother. The poem describes coming to terms with his loss through the lens …
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3.41 avg. rating
· 3501 Ratings
Jenny McLaine is an adult. Supposedly. At thirty-five she owns her own house, writes for a cool magazine and has hilarious friends just a message away.

But the thing is:

• She can’t actually afford her …
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Les Onze Mille Verges : The Amorous Adventures of Prince Mony Vibescu
Synopsis Les Onze Mille Verges tells the story of a Romanian prince who comes to Paris in search of fame, excitement, and sexual adventures. Leaving France, he travels to St Petersburg and ends up in …
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Forgetting Things
3.40 avg. rating
· 151 Ratings
The founder of modern psychiatry, Sigmund Freud powerfully believed that conscious decisions are underpinned by a guiding subconscious that can be understood only by analysis. Taken from one of his mo…
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