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American Chica: Two Worlds, One Childhood
In her father’s Peruvian family, Marie Arana was taught to be a proper lady, yet in her mother’s American family she learned to shoot a gun, break a horse, and snap a chicken’s neck for dinner. Arana …
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All Souls: A Family Story from Southie
Michael Patrick MacDonald grew up in "the best place in the world"--the Irish-American Old Colony projects of South Boston--where 85% of the residents collect welfare in an area with the highest conce…
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The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother
Touches readers of all colors as a vivid portrait of growing up, a haunting meditation on race and identity, and a lyrical valentine to a mother from her son.

Who is Ruth McBride Jordan? A self-declare…
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Mrs. Caliban
3.87 avg. rating
· 1623 Ratings
In the quiet suburbs, while Dorothy is doing chores and waiting for her husband to come home from work, not in the least anticipating romance, she hears a strange radio announcement about a monster wh…
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The Beauty in Breaking
3.84 avg. rating
· 13065 Ratings
An emergency room physician explores how a life of service to others taught her how to heal herself.

Michele Harper is a female, African American emergency room physician in a profession that is overwh…
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Wuhan Diary: Dispatches from the Original Epicenter

On January 25, 2020, after the central government imposed a…
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Springtime: A Ghost Story
3.00 avg. rating
· 520 Ratings
When Frances met Charlie at a party in Melbourne, he was married with a young son. Now that the couple has moved to subtropical Sydney, a lusher and more chaotic city, Frances has an unshakable sense …
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Theological Anthropology
3.36 avg. rating
· 47 Ratings
Treated thematically under the headings 'The Gnostic Movement, ' 'Christian Platonism, ' and 'Fourth Century Developments, ' it is possible to see how different ideas of humanity could lead to varieti…
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Kushiel's Justice (Imriel's Trilogy, #2)
My blood beat hard in my veins and hammered in my ears, like the sound of bronze wings clashing. And I understand for the first time what it meant that Kushiel, the One God's punisher, had loved his c…
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Kushiel's Scion (Imriel's Trilogy, #1)
4.20 avg. rating
· 18442 Ratings
Imriel de la Courcel's blood parents are history's most reviled traitors, but his adoptive parents, the Comtesse Phèdre and the warrior-priest Joscelin, are Terre d'Ange's greatest champions.

Stolen, t…
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The Girls Are All So Nice Here
3.69 avg. rating
· 2427 Ratings
Two former best friends return to their college reunion to find that they’re being circled by someone who wants revenge for what they did ten years before—and will stop at nothing to get it—in this sh…
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Girl in Hyacinth Blue
3.74 avg. rating
· 35980 Ratings
A professor invites a colleague from the art department to his home to view a painting he has kept secret for decades in Susan Vreeland's powerful historical novel, Girl in Hyacinth Blue. The professo…
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3.16 avg. rating
· 1640 Ratings
Olivia arrives at her mother's chateau in rural France (the first time in more than a decade) with her two young children in tow. Soon the family is joined by Olivia's brother Marcus and his wife Soph…
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The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears
3.67 avg. rating
· 5847 Ratings
A haunting and powerful first novel that views the streets of Washington, D.C. and Addis Ababa through the eyes of Sepha who, seventeen years ago, fled Ethiopia during the Revolution, and now runs a f…
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3.86 avg. rating
· 9593 Ratings
An essential American novel from Sandra Dallas, an unparalleled writer of our history, and our deepest emotions...

During World War II, a family finds life turned upside down when the government opens …
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Leaving Before the Rains Come
3.74 avg. rating
· 4146 Ratings
New York Times Bestseller

"One of the gutsiest memoirs I've ever read. And the writing--oh my god the writing." --Entertainment Weekly

A child of the Rhodesian wars and daughter of two deeply compl…
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Undocumented: A Dominican Boy's Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League
An undocumented immigrant’s journey from a New York City homeless shelter to the top of his Princeton class

Dan-el Padilla Peralta has lived the American dream. As a boy, he came here legally with his …
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Ruthless Women
3.55 avg. rating
· 191 Ratings
Ambition can be deadly... A sizzling thriller set behind the scenes of a glamorous TV soap, from a Sunday Times bestselling author. Falcon Bay is the UK's favorite TV soap, beamed to millions three da…
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Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness
In this sequel to Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, Alexandra Fuller returns to Africa and the story of her unforgettable family.

In Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, Alexandra Fuller b…
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Accordion Crimes
3.61 avg. rating
· 5914 Ratings
Pulitzer Prize–winning author Annie Proulx brings the immigrant experience to life in this stunning novel that traces the ownership of a simple green accordion.

E. Annie Proulx’s Accordion Crimes is a …
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The Lost Village
3.65 avg. rating
· 2297 Ratings
The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar in this brilliantly disturbing thriller from Camilla Sten, an electrifying new voice in suspense.

Documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with th…
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