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I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, & Doggone It, People Like Me!
The ultimate meditation book, not to be grandiose...

Take a hilarious, healing journey with Stuart Smalley as he careens down the road to Recovery.  For one entire year Stuart recorded an affirmation a…
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I Went to College, and It Was Okay
4.06 avg. rating
· 96 Ratings
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Aegypt (The Aegypt Cycle, #1)
3.89 avg. rating
· 1348 Ratings
Does the world have a secret history, encoded in myth and legend, reflected in the very windings of our brains? Born with the talents to be a real historian, but clinging to a minor teaching job, Pier…
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Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

This book is a step-by-step guide to teaching clients four sets of skills: interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and mindfulness. A vital component in Dr. Linehan’s com…
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The World of Winnie-the-Pooh (Winnie-the-Pooh, #1-2)
Alternate Cover Edition can be found here.

The world of Pooh is the Thousand Acre Wood of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, Christopher Robin, and more. He is a whimsical …
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Dave Barry's Greatest Hits
3.92 avg. rating
· 3477 Ratings
When Dave Barry is on the loose, no one is safe!

What Dave Barry did for the men's movement in his Complete Guide to Guys and for foreign relations when he did Japan he now does for . . . everything in…
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Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals
Will be dispatched from UK. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs. Will be shipped from UK. Excellent Customer S…
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Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves
The number of destructive mind control groups is growing, with estimates as high as 5,000 in the U.S. alone. Steven Hassan, himself a former member of the Unification Church, addresses the problem in …
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Looking Forward: Participatory Economics for the Twenty First Century
How work can be organized efficiently and productively without hierarchy; how consumption could be fulfilling and also equitable; and how participatory is planning could promote solidarity and foster …
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The History of England
3.92 avg. rating
· 1084 Ratings
'The History of England', written when Jane Austen was in her late teens, is a lively and somewhat disrespectful overview of the history of England's monarchy. She sees nothing reprehensible in Richar…
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Astrology for the Soul
4.28 avg. rating
· 1295 Ratings
For the first time ever, a famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets, previously known only to professionals, that hold the key to your future.

Astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discover…
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Neil's Book of the Dead
3.44 avg. rating
· 41 Ratings
NEIL SAYS: "This book is the only luggage I'm going to need as I go through the departure gates of reality."

"The journey in this book is a total mind and body experience. The best way to describe it i…
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Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex, and Politics
3.82 avg. rating
· 2316 Ratings
Featuring narrative, chants, songs, and rituals, Dreaming the Dark has helped many thousands of women use magic, spirituality, and community to bring about political and social change. This anniversar…
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4.11 avg. rating
· 20542 Ratings
#1 bestselling author Stephen King returns with a brand-new novel about the secrets we keep buried and the cost of unearthing them.

The son of a struggling single mother, Jamie Conklin just wants an or…
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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Rats of NIMH, #1)
Mrs. Frisby, a widowed mouse with four small children, must move her family to their summer quarters immediately, or face almost certain death. But her youngest son, Timothy, lies ill with pneumonia a…
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Daughter of Winter
3.32 avg. rating
· 182 Ratings
As the ground of her past shifts, a girl finds her way to an unexpected future in this compelling historical novel about survival and strength.

It’s 1849, and twelve-year-old Addie lives in the shipbui…
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Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays
3.79 avg. rating
· 50080 Ratings
In David Sedaris’s world, no one is safe and no cow is sacred. A manic cross between Mark Leyner, Fran Lebowitz, and the National Enquirer, Sedaris’s collection of essays is a rollicking tour through …
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Hanukkah Bear
4.05 avg. rating
· 304 Ratings
Bubba Brayna's legendary latkes lure an unexpected visitor into her home in this playful Hanukkah tale from a master storyteller.

Bubba Brayna makes the best latkes in the village, and on the first ni…
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All Around Us
4.13 avg. rating
· 556 Ratings
Circles are all around us. We just have to look for them. Sometimes they exist in the most unusual places.

Grandpa says circles are all around us. He points to the rainbow that rises high in the sky af…
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What I'd Say to the Martians and Other Veiled Threats
Jack Handey is one of America's favorite humorists, from his New Yorker pieces to his Deep Thoughts books and Saturday Night Live sketches. Now, in What I'd Say to the Martians, Handey regales readers…
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One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway
A harrowing and thorough account of the massacre that upended Norway, and the trial that helped put the country back together

On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb outside governmen…
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The Moon and Sixpence
4.16 avg. rating
· 13904 Ratings
Based on the life of Paul Gauguin, The Moon and Sixpence is W. Somerset Maugham's ode to the powerful forces behind creative genius. Charles Strickland is a staid banker, a man of wealth and privilege…
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Finding Dora Maar: An Artist, an Address Book, a Life
In search of a replacement for his lost Hermès agenda, Brigitte Benkemoun’s husband buys a vintage diary on eBay. When it arrives, she opens it and finds inside private notes dating back to 1951—twent…
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Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All in Trouble
"No one makes me laugh harder than Judy Gold. If I had to pick one comedian to write a book about free speech, it would be Judy." – Amy Schumer

From award-winning comedian Judy Gold, a concise, funny, …
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Escape from Freedom
4.27 avg. rating
· 8019 Ratings
If humanity cannot live with the dangers and responsibilities inherent in freedom, it will probably turn to authoritarianism. This is the central idea of Escape from Freedom, a landmark work by one of…
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The Fran Lebowitz Reader
3.77 avg. rating
· 2231 Ratings
Fran Lebowitz in
Public Speaking
A Martin Scorsese Picture
Now an HBO® Documentary Film

The Fran Lebowitz Reader
brings together in one volume, with a new preface, two bestsellers, Metropolitan Life and S…
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Lost Department Stores of San Francisco
In the late nineteenth century, San Francisco's merchant princes built grand stores for a booming city, each with its own niche. For the eager clientele, a trip downtown meant dressing up--hats, glove…
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The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
316 pp. "Psychotherapy is all things to all people in this mega-selling pop-psychology watershed, which feature…
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Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
The bestselling guide to healthy eating, debunking dietary myths, and proposing the radical benefits of low-carbohydrate diet, Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy is “filled with advice backed up by documented…
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Mike Nichols: A Life
4.56 avg. rating
· 544 Ratings
A magnificent biography of one of the most protean creative forces in American entertainment history, a life of dazzling highs and vertiginous plunges--some of the worst largely unknown until now--by …
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A Star Is Bored
3.53 avg. rating
· 1279 Ratings
A hilariously heartfelt novel about living life at full force, and discovering family when you least expect it, influenced in part by the author’s time as Carrie Fisher’s beloved assistant.

Charlie Bes…
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