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The Whole World Over
3.49 avg. rating
· 5258 Ratings
When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico, he woos Greenie Duquette, a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef – a change that sets…
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Picture This (Rocky Pelligrino, #2)
Peaks Island, Maine vibrates with its own special magic, a unique flow to life that knits together the small community that calls it home. The people, the animals, and even the houses have a charm and…
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One Year
3.51 avg. rating
· 176 Ratings
"A warm, heartfelt novel about what it means to belong to a family. You won't want to put it down." --Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author of A Lowcountry Wedding

In a heartfelt story s…
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Best Friends
3.21 avg. rating
· 6236 Ratings
An unlikely friendship between women that spans two decades drives this unforgettable first novel.

Oberlin College, 1973. Clare Mann, the daughter of a Protestant working-class family from Ohio, has ne…
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Lady: My Life as a Bitch
3.01 avg. rating
· 611 Ratings
If you gotta be a dog, be a bitch.

"My tail was going bananas as I rounded the corner and headed into Platt Fields park. The pavement was alive; my nose was an eye that sees into the past. I speeded up…
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Lucy's Legacy: Sex and Intelligence in Human Evolution
Alison Jolly believes that biologists have an important story to tell about being human--not the all-too-familiar tale of selfishness, competition, and biology as destiny but rather one of cooperation…
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Cad: Confessions of a Toxic Bachelor
2.88 avg. rating
· 194 Ratings
You know him. He's the funny, sweet guy with the great eyes who asks you a million questions and seems mesmerized by every reply. He takes you on the greatest, longest date of your life. He swears he …
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One Man's Garden
4.31 avg. rating
· 118 Ratings
In the sequel to The Essential Earthman, the Washington Post columnist offers a harvest of sharp observations and humorous adventures gathered during a year in his garden, along with much down-to-eart…
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The Essential Earthman: Henry Mitchell on Gardening
"The most soul-satisfying gardening book in years." --New York Times (March 1982, reviewing the 1981 cloth edition from IU Press).

"Genuinely a classic..." --Los Angeles Times (on the occasion of Hough…
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Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!
On the heels of Kris Carr’s best-selling cancer survival guidebooks and her acclaimed TLC documentary comes her new journey into a realm vital to anyone’s health. Infused with her signature sass, wit …
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3.65 avg. rating
· 189 Ratings
Jack has been widowed for close to a year, and his behavior has his friends worried. Arrested for public indecency, Jack insists that he was meeting a moon goddess of desire named Lily. Furthermore, h…
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The Arrangement
3.86 avg. rating
· 463 Ratings
This is Eddie Anderson's story. He's successful, well-off, with a nice home and an attentive wife. But he's restless. So he has a mistress, and now she wants to change that arrangement. How Eddie got …
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Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself
“The Clean program works….The wisdom and information contained in this book is deeply helpful and life changing.” —Gwyneth Paltrow

As featured on!

From Alejandro Junger, Eastern medicine specia…
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4.08 avg. rating
· 1167 Ratings
A novel of musical life set in the 18th century. The story of Consuelo, a Gypsy singer, and her adventures in Venice, Austria and Bohemia, narrated by the most eminent of French female writers. Sand w…
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The Pathfinder (Leatherstocking Tales, #3)
The Pathfinder (1840), Cooper's most picturesque novel and the fourth of the five Leatherstocking Tales, is a naval story set on the Great Lakes of the 1750s. Fashioned from Cooper's own experience as…
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Quentin Durward
3.82 avg. rating
· 913 Ratings
Quentin Durward (1823), Scott's first "European" novel, was an experiment in transferring the historical romance to foreign soil. Fifteenth-century France, the French Revolution, and contemporary Brit…
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Золотой Ключик, или Приключения Буратино
Герой известной сказки А.Н.Толстого, весёлый деревянный мальчик Буратино, стал любимцем миллионов читателей разных поколений.
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4.39 avg. rating
· 69 Ratings
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Письмо незнакомки
4.26 avg. rating
· 170 Ratings
Одинокий остров Дон Кихота
Автор: Вадим Татаринов
стр. 5-10
Мария Стюарт — Стефан Цвейг, роман
Перевод: Ревекка Гальперина
стр. 11-352
Кристина — Стефан Цвейг, роман
Перевод: Н.Бунин
стр. 353-573
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Легенды и мифы Древней Греции
Книгата "Старогръцки легенди и митове" от професор Н. А. Кун - един от най-авторитетните изследователи на старогръцката култура - представлява сборник от предания за богове, герои и чудовища. Описани …
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4.13 avg. rating
· 2263 Ratings
«Вий» — мистическая повесть Н. В. Гоголя, впервые опубликованная в его сборнике «Миргород» (1835).
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No Enemy But Time
3.52 avg. rating
· 1133 Ratings
Joshua Kampa, the illegitimate son of a mute Spanish whore and a black serviceman, has always dreamed of Africa. But his dreams are of an Africa far in the past and are so vivid and in such hallucinat…
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Ancient of Days
3.51 avg. rating
· 128 Ratings
Paul Lloyd and his ex-wife, RuthClaire, discover a living descendant of a hominid species long thought extinct, homo habilis.
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The Drummond Girls: A Story of Fierce Friendship Beyond Time and Chance
An inspiring and heartfelt memoir about the friendship between eight women forged over two decades.<

The eight Drummond Girls first met in 1991 at Peegeo's Food & Spirits in northern Michigan where, a…
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The Geometry of Holding Hands (Isabel Dalhousie #13)
Isabel finds herself entangled in some tricky familial and financial situations that will require all of her kindness, charm, and philosophical expertise to navigate.

Just when Isabel and Jamie finally…
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Color Me Beautiful
3.81 avg. rating
· 494 Ratings
Using simple guidelines, professional color consultant Carole Jackson helps you choose the thirty shades that make you look smashing. COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL will also help you: develop your color personal…
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Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan
The unique body-typing program that teaches you how to:

Lose weight
Achieve your ideal body shape
Target your trouble spots
Boost your energy
Eliminate food cravings forever
Feel better than you ever …
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Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race
Over the past two centuries archeologists and anthropologists have ignored, forgotten and suppressed vast quantities of evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed on this planet fo…
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Defaimarea lui Paganini
4.27 avg. rating
· 136 Ratings
"Cînd timpul deschide o cale nouă, săpînd noi brazde pe faţa pămîntului, vechile drumuri — asemeni zbîrciturilor de pe un obraz smochinit — îşi pierd urmele de altădata."
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Кондуит и Швамбрания
4.21 avg. rating
· 150 Ratings
Эта повесть - самое известное произведение писателя. Главная героиня повести - Мечта. Мечта ребят и взрослых о лучшей, справедливой жизни, о радостном будущем, которое надо построить самим.
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Different Bodies, Different Diets: Introducing the Revolutionary 25 Body Type System
Are you tall or short, thin or stocky, muscular or wiry? Do you tend to gain weight in your upper or lower body or everywhere at once? Do you have uncontrollable food cravings that contribute to your …
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