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In Golden Blood (Violet Eyes, #3)
3.86 avg. rating
· 736 Ratings
Natalie Lindstrom has a gift: the power to speak to the dead, to solve crimes by interviewing murder victims. But now Natalie wants to escape. Escape from the voices that fill her head. Escape from th…
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The Night Parade
3.84 avg. rating
· 912 Ratings
First the birds disappeared.
Then the insects took over.
Then the madness began . . .

They call it Wanderer's Folly--a disease of delusions, of daydreams and nightmares. A plague threatening to wipe out…
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A Really Big Lunch: Meditations on Food and Life from the Roving Gourmand
New York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison was one of this country’s most beloved writers, a muscular, brilliantly economic stylist with a salty wisdom. He also wrote some of the best essays on fo…
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Pandora Drive
3.46 avg. rating
· 153 Ratings
The small town of Zephyr, Ohio, is home to a very special young woman. Damara is quiet, reclusive -- and she has the ability to make other people's dreams, fears and fantasies all too real. But this i…
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Chasing Shadows (South Shores, #1)
3.34 avg. rating
· 847 Ratings
The dead still talk if you know how to listen… 

Every case that Claire Britten cracks is a win, not only professionally but personally. The forensic psychologist has spent a lifetime fighting a neurolo…
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The God Game
3.73 avg. rating
· 2563 Ratings
You are invited!
Come inside and play with G.O.D.
Bring your friends!
It’s fun!
But remember the rules. Win and ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.™ Lose, you die!

With those words, Charlie and his friends enter th…
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4.02 avg. rating
· 6219 Ratings
A riveting psychological thriller inspired by the never-caught Zodiac Killer, about a young detective determined to apprehend the serial murderer who destroyed her family and terrorized a city twenty …
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The Bus on Thursday
3.22 avg. rating
· 1551 Ratings
Bridget Jones meets The Exorcist in this wickedly funny, dark novel about one woman’s post-cancer retreat to a remote Australian town and the horrors awaiting her.

It wasn’t just the bad breakup that t…
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Rules for Vanishing
3.78 avg. rating
· 3482 Ratings
In the faux-documentary style of The Blair Witch Project comes the campfire story of a missing girl, a vengeful ghost, and the girl who is determined to find her sister--at all costs.

Once a year, the …
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The Residence
3.39 avg. rating
· 368 Ratings
In this terrifying ghost story based on true events, the President’s late son haunts the White House, threatening all who live in it—and the divided America beyond its walls. From the bestselling auth…
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The Power of Hades (The Hades Trials, #1)
3.93 avg. rating
· 6141 Ratings
I've been kidnapped by Zeus. Plucked from the streets of Manhattan and frightened half to death by a freaking Olympian god.
And now I'm trapped in the Underworld, being forced to compete in a series of…
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And the Trees Crept In
3.53 avg. rating
· 4086 Ratings
Stay away from the woods…

When Silla and Nori arrive at their aunt’s home, it’s immediately clear that the manor is cursed. The endless creaking of the house at night and the eerie stillness of the woo…
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One Second After (After, #1)
3.90 avg. rating
· 38719 Ratings
New York Times best-selling author William R. Forstchen now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real ... a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carol…
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Crooked River (Pendergast, #19)
4.37 avg. rating
· 7001 Ratings
#1 New York Times bestselling authors Doug Preston and Lincoln Child return with their next blockbuster Pendergast novel as he and Junior Agent Coldmoon race to uncover the mystery of several blue-sho…
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The Desolations of Devil's Acre (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #6)
The fate of peculiardom hangs in the balance in this epic conclusion to the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.

The last thing Jacob Portman saw before the world went dark was a terrible, famili…
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A Certain Hunger
3.93 avg. rating
· 477 Ratings
Fictional memoirs of a female food writer who recounts the story of her Eat, Pray, Love style midlife crisis, when she began killing and eating her former lovers, in an exploration of food, sex, murde…
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Dark Archives: A Librarian's Investigation Into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin
On bookshelves around the world, surrounded by ordinary books bound in paper and leather, rest other volumes of a distinctly strange and grisly sort: those bound in human skin. Would you know one if y…
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Into the Black Nowhere (UNSUB, #2)
4.10 avg. rating
· 3775 Ratings

En los últimos meses, han desaparecido varias mujeres en una zona del sur de Texas. La policía ha establecido algunos vínculos entre ellas: son jóvenes, guardan cierto…
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Written in Blood (Robert Hunter, #11)
4.36 avg. rating
· 1721 Ratings
IF HE WRITES YOUR NAME DOWN, IT'S A DEATH SENTENCE . .  Los Angeles, December 4th - exactly three weeks until Christmas day.  Angela Wood, a master in the art of pickpocket, has just finished for the …
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Warriors (Hell Divers #7)
4.28 avg. rating
· 881 Ratings
The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series

While the Hell Divers cross an ocean to battle the machines, an old flesh-and-blood threat returns to the islands.

The mission to Rio de Janeiro ended…
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The Dark Corners of the Night (UNSUB, #3)
I am the legion of the night …

He appears in the darkness like a ghost, made of shadows and fear—the Midnight Man. He comes for the parents but leaves the children alive, tiny witnesses to unspeakable …
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Icy Clutches (Gideon Oliver, #6)
3.89 avg. rating
· 822 Ratings
On a trip to Alaska, Gideon Oliver becomes involved in a tantalizing mystery. Everyone finds it fortunate that the anthropologist/detective is nearby when human bones are found at an old avalanche sit…
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Skein Island
3.46 avg. rating
· 84 Ratings
Skein Island, a private refuge twelve miles off the coast, lies in turbulent waters. Few receive the invitation to stay for one week, free of charge. If you are chosen, you must pay for your stay with…
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The Promise of Hades (The Hades Trials, #3)
The Greek God of the Underworld has turned my life completely upside-down and made me question everything I thought I knew about my life.

And now I don’t even know who I am anymore. An internal war rag…
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4.21 avg. rating
· 8882 Ratings
Moon is everything Christine isn’t. She’s confident, impulsive, artistic . . . and though they both grew up in the same Chinese-American suburb, Moon is somehow unlike anyone Christine has ever known.…
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Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter, #3)
4.37 avg. rating
· 58056 Ratings
Zarek’s Point of View:

Dark-Hunter: A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed. Yeah, right. The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and sol…
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Cradle Lake
3.52 avg. rating
· 385 Ratings
When Alan Hammerstun inherits a quaint ranch house nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, he seizes the opportunity to take his wife, Heather, away from New York. The couple has been h…
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Broken (in the best possible way)
4.41 avg. rating
· 1932 Ratings
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened comes a deeply relatable book filled with humor and honesty about depression and anxiety.

As Jenny…
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The Last
3.49 avg. rating
· 7988 Ratings
For fans of high-concept thrillers such as Annihilation and The Girl with All the Gifts, this breathtaking dystopian psychological thriller follows an American academic stranded at a Swiss hotel as th…
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The Passion of Hades (The Hades Trials, #2)
I’m trapped in actual hell. And just about everything here is trying to kill me. Even the god who claims he once loved me has come pretty close to ending my life.

But things are about to change. I’m fe…
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Shutter Island
4.07 avg. rating
· 157525 Ratings
The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, have come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to investigate the disappearance of a …
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