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Primary Inversion (Saga of the Skolian Empire, #1)
The Skolian Empire rules a third of the civilized galaxy through its mastery of faster-than-light communication. But war with the rival empire of the Traders seems imminent, a war that can only lead t…
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Called (The Grey Gates #2)
4.53 avg. rating
· 401 Ratings
In a city full of rising tension, with people going missing or turning up dead, can Max resist the call to help?

When Max tries to intervene to prevent an assault and it goes horribly wrong, she wants …
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Outcast (The Grey Gates #1)
4.47 avg. rating
· 621 Ratings
If no one knows that you saved the world, does it really count?

Eight years ago the world almost ended and Max lost everything, accused of betrayal and failure.

Now working as a Marshal, keeping the cit…
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Storm Called (Royal States, #1)
4.39 avg. rating
· 514 Ratings
In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

Latent horse empath. Dishwasher. Closet chef.

Future king.

When food poisoning sweeps through Dallas, Patrick …
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Taken (Royal States  #1.5)
4.54 avg. rating
· 498 Ratings
Six years following his marriage to Jessica and their coronation, Pat learns just how far greedy politicians will go to safeguard their wealth, status, and power. After being taken from his family and…
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Penric’s Demon (Penric and Desdemona, #1)
On his way to his betrothal, young Lord Penric comes upon a riding accident with an elderly lady on the ground, her maidservant and guardsmen distraught. As he approaches to help, he discovers that th…
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Quarter Share (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, #1)

When his mother dies in a flitter crash, eighteen-year-old Ishmael Horatio Wang must find a job with the planet company or leave the system--…
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Null and Void (Royal States, #2)
4.19 avg. rating
· 778 Ratings
In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

Born without magic, Mackenzie Little has few prospects. In a futile attempt to break her out of the null caste, …
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The Captive King (Royal States, #3)
In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life - and love - always finds a way.

At the Texas Charity Auction, money can buy anything, and Summer Cassidy is under orders to take advantage o…
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Bonds (Royal States, #6)
4.40 avg. rating
· 444 Ratings
In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

When a sinking oil tanker threatens to destroy the picturesque coastline of France, search and rescue diver Jack…
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A Guiding Light (Royal States, #4)
4.24 avg. rating
· 434 Ratings
In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

Once upon a time, Adam had been betrothed to North Dakota’s heir, and she’d been his everything, his reason for …
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Cold Flame (Royal States, #7)
4.37 avg. rating
· 375 Ratings
Leaving behind her royal life should have solved most problems for Rachel of New York. While wandering the Royal States buys her peace for a while, her sister’s suicide drags her back into the cutthro…
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Huntress (Royal States, #5)
4.38 avg. rating
· 333 Ratings
Alternate cover edition of ASIN B07CTFJNNY

In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

Like the other men in Prince Kelvin’s line, only the love of another c…
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Runaway (Royal States #8)
4.57 avg. rating
· 533 Ratings
Upon His Royal Highness of California becoming His Royal Majesty of New York, Cassandra Ferran descends into a living nightmare. Thanks to a mass exodus of aides, it falls on her shoulders to rein in …
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Colony One (The Elderon Chronicles, #1)
4.01 avg. rating
· 773 Ratings
From the author of The Fringe comes a riveting new adventure in space.

Maggie Barnes is at the end of her rope. She’s young and broke living in New York, and her newspaper job has been taken by robot…
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Kaine's Sanction (Shattered Empire, #1)
4.12 avg. rating
· 152 Ratings
When the UEF Scimitar is dispatched to retrieve an archaeologist from an isolated and abandoned Terran colony, young officer Hayden Kaine thinks it is a routine mission. But when a mysterious accident…
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At the Feet of the Sun (Lays of the Hearth-Fire, #2)
Cliopher Mdang has been appointed Viceroy of Zunidh by his beloved Radiancy, the Last Emperor, who has now left him behind in the Palace to safeguard the world during his absence on a quest to find an…
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The Saint of the Bookstore
4.57 avg. rating
· 173 Ratings
A feel-good fantasy short story for the winter holidays!
Early in the new year, Sister Mirabelle of the Linder Church of the Lady is sent to Ragnor Bella to investigate rumours of a saint. Her job is t…
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Critical Mass (Delta-v, #2)
4.08 avg. rating
· 863 Ratings
When unforeseen circumstances during an innovative—and unsanctioned—commercial asteroid-mining mission leave two crew members stranded, those who make it back must engineer a rescue, all while navigat…
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Finder (Finder Chronicles, #1)
3.89 avg. rating
· 2668 Ratings
From Hugo Award-winning debut author Suzanne Palmer comes an action-packed sci-fi caper starring Fergus Ferguson, interstellar repo man and professional finder.

Fergus Ferguson has been called a lot of…
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3.30 avg. rating
· 50 Ratings
After a solar flare accident in orbit, Travis is a hero: the first astronaut to bail out of a spacecraft and live. NASA, however, had advised against the bailout-and as punishment for violating orders…
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3.95 avg. rating
· 41 Ratings
Trained to fight, lead, and sail the ocean that is space, Nel Vaughn has the makings of a hero. She should have been the best, but Nel forsake a career with the Alliance and now sails the Free Lanes o…
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Only Bad Options (Galactic Bonds, #1)
4.20 avg. rating
· 2996 Ratings
New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Estep blasts off with an exciting new science-fiction fantasy adventure with a dash of historical romance. This action-packed space opera features a mix of m…
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Sweep of the Heart (Innkeeper Chronicles, #5)
From the New York Times #1 bestselling author, Ilona Andrews, comes a fun and action-packed new adventure in the Innkeeper Chronicles! We invite you to relax, enjoy yourself, and above all, remember t…
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Emergence (Foreigner, #19)
4.37 avg. rating
· 1092 Ratings
The nineteenth book in C.J. Cherryh's beloved Foreigner space opera series begins a new era for diplomat Bren Cameron, as he navigates the tenuous peace he has struck between human refugees and the al…
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Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga, #7)
4.30 avg. rating
· 24271 Ratings
Cordelia and Arol Vorkosigan's plans for a peaceful married life (after all the bloodshed and trials recounted in SHARDS OF HONOR) are soon shattered by the polital tumult on Barrayar. Resisting enorm…
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Dark Class (Class 5, #5)
4.36 avg. rating
· 1252 Ratings
Waking up alone . . . Ellie Masters comes out of a coma to find herself the only inhabitant of an eerily empty moon station. She’s not on Earth any more, she’s not even in the right solar system. So w…
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Mirror Dance (Vorkosigan Saga, #8)
4.31 avg. rating
· 19359 Ratings
Not everyone would envy young Lord Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, even though he had formed his own mercenary fleet before attending the naval academy, and even though his mother was t…
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Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga, #13)
A rich Komarran merchant fleet has been impounded at Graf Station, in distant Quaddiespace, after a bloody incident on the station docks involving a security officer from the convoy's Barrayaran milit…
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Neptune Crossing (Chaos Chronicles, #1)
When John Bandicut encounters an alien intelligence on Neptune's moon Triton, his life changes irrevocably. Urged by the alien quarx now sharing his mind, he accepts an audacious mission—to steal a sh…
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Station Eternity (The Midsolar Murders, #1)
From idyllic small towns to claustrophobic urban landscapes, Mallory Viridian is constantly embroiled in murder cases that only she has the insight to solve. But outside of a classic mystery novel, be…
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