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Duran Duran
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· 52 Ratings
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Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started
Starting a new diet can be difficult, learning about one shouldn’t be.

Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started, is a comprehensive, yet concise guide to embracing the Paleo lifestyle.

John Chat…
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3.65 avg. rating
· 973 Ratings
Foreverywhere tells the tale of a young unicorn (perhaps the last unicorn in existence?!) and his quest, along with a Giant named Rick, a spider named Betsy and the guitar-shredding Princess Rainbow, …
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Stranger in a Strange Land
3.93 avg. rating
· 281119 Ratings
NAME: Valentine Michael Smith

Valentine Michael Smith is a human being raised on Mars, newly returned to Earth. Among his people for the first time, he struggles to understan…
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Lethbridge-Stewart: A Very Private Haunting (#14)
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is not a man who likes to leave things unfinished. He is, therefore, at a loss when forced into taking leave after his recent tussle with a ‘shadow creature’, a case that …
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The Twinkling Of An Eye
3.67 avg. rating
· 21 Ratings

"All my past is accepted."

Science fiction's most eloquent creator of visions of tomorrow, Brian Aldiss, spins out his most fascinating story yet: his own.

Born in 1925, Aldiss is representative of the …
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Skyward Inn
3.53 avg. rating
· 409 Ratings
Skyward Inn, within the high walls of the Western Protectorate, is a place of safety, where people come together to tell stories of the time before the war with Qita. But safety from what?

Qita surrend…
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The Anthropocene Unconscious: Climate Catastrophe in Contemporary Culture
From Ducks, Newburyport to zombie movies to Fast and Furious, how climate anxiety permeates our culture

The art and literature of our time is pregnant with catastrophe, with weather and water, wildness…
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Nine Lives: My time as the West's top spy inside al-Qaeda
As one of al-Qaeda’s most respected scholars and bomb-makers, Aimen Dean rubbed shoulders with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden himself.

As a double agent work…
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The Davros Mission (I, Davros, #5)
3.50 avg. rating
· 92 Ratings
After his capture on Necros, Davros is destined to face the justice of the Daleks. He sits alone, isolated in his cell. His creations will no longer listen to him. But out of the darkness comes a voic…
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Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are
Foreword by Steven Pinker

Blending the informed analysis of The Signal and the Noise with the instructive iconoclasm of Think Like a Freak, a fascinating, illuminating, and witty look at what the vast …
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Chaos on CatNet (CatNet, #2)
4.15 avg. rating
· 496 Ratings
In this follow-up to the award-winning near future YA thriller Catfishing on CatNet, It takes an AI to catch an AI…

When a mysterious entity starts hacking into social networks and chat rooms to instig…
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After Atlas (Planetfall, #2)
4.15 avg. rating
· 2727 Ratings
Acclaimed author Emma Newman returns to the captivating universe she created in Planetfall with a stunning science fiction mystery where one man’s murder is much more than it seems...

Govcorp detectiv…
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3.19 avg. rating
· 3028 Ratings
What if your life were defined by a number?

What if any crime could be committed without punishment, so long as you could afford to pay the fee assigned to that crime?

Theo works in the Criminal Audit O…
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Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World
An artistic collection of more than 50 drawings featuring unique, funny, and poignant foreign words that have no direct translation into English.

Did you know that the Japanese language has a word to …
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The Postmistress
3.33 avg. rating
· 36209 Ratings
CDs, 9 CDs, 11 hours

What would happen if someone did the unthinkable-and didn't deliver a letter? Filled with stunning parallels to today, The Postmistress is a sweeping novel about the loss of innoce…
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Fireheart Tiger
3.42 avg. rating
· 3266 Ratings
Award-winning author Aliette de Bodard returns with a powerful romantic fantasy that reads like The Goblin Emperor meets Howl’s Moving Castle in a pre-colonial Vietnamese-esque world.

Fire burns br…
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The War in the Air
3.63 avg. rating
· 643 Ratings
* Illustrated

(This title belongs to the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series. The STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES comprise an illustrated selection of classic Victorian speculative fiction, with each title being chosen…
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50 Fearless Women Who Made American History: An American History Book for Kids
50 women who shaped American history―how will they inspire you?

Women have always been at the forefront of American history―and now it’s time to hear their stories! This look into American history for …
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Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless - Part 2
The Earth Alliance is on the brink of victory in the Kedru System. But at what cost?

Meanwhile, deep within the Dalek Empire, Susan Mendes prepares for her latest mission...
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Viva Durant and The Secret of the Silver Buttons
Viva Durant, New Orleans’ youngest detective, is on a quest to solve a jazzy mystery involving hidden treasure, while exploring the city’s unique culture, history, and music. This family-friendly audi…
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Twelve Years a Slave
4.18 avg. rating
· 71360 Ratings
Twelve Years a Slave, sub-title: Narrative of Solomon Northup, citizen of New-York, kidnapped in Washington city in 1841, and rescued in 1853, from a cotton plantation near the Red River in Louisiana,…
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The Carrying: Poems
4.45 avg. rating
· 3899 Ratings
From National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist Ada Limón comes The Carrying—her most powerful collection yet.

Vulnerable, tender, acute, these are serious poems, brave poems, …
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We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices
4.39 avg. rating
· 701 Ratings
Fifty of the foremost diverse children's authors and illustrators--including Jason Reynolds, Jacqueline Woodson, and Kwame Alexander--share answers to the question, "In this divisive world, what shall…
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Shards of Earth (The Final Architecture, #1)
The Arthur C. Clarke award-winning author of Children of Time brings us an extraordinary space opera about humanity on the brink of extinction, and how one man's discovery will save or destroy us all.…
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The Space Machine
3.43 avg. rating
· 351 Ratings
From the back cover:
The story of the War of the worlds as it has never been told before.

Mars was invading the earth!

Giant, long-legged machines, operated by gruesome, octopus-like creatures, were movi…
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Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Green Hair Don't Care
Who is Lottie Person?
Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this first collection from New York…
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Light Chaser
3.71 avg. rating
· 1152 Ratings
In Peter F. Hamilton and Gareth L. Powell's action-packed sci-fi adventure Light Chaser, a love powerful enough to transcend death can bring down an entire empire.

Amahle is a Light Chaser - one of a n…
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Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless - Part 1
The Daleks are conquering our galaxy. Nothing can stop them. But Commander Agnes Landen has an idea.

On the outer planet Talis Minor, Salus Kade is struggling to keep his colony alive. The last thing h…
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Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless - Part 3
On board the star cruiser Amorist, the outcome of the war with the Daleks hangs in the balance.

Kade knows what he has to do, but has he been told the truth?
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Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless - Part 4 	(Doctor Who)
The Daleks have devised a plan to that will deliver a decisive victory. General Landen and her fleet are all that stand in their way. And then there's Kade...
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