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Death: The Time of Your Life
4.24 avg. rating
· 12995 Ratings
Death incarnate, as defined by master storyteller Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN), is a genuinely likeable young girl with a fondness for ankhs who truly cares about people. It's small wonder then that when…
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Death: At Death's Door
3.83 avg. rating
· 2611 Ratings
It's the party from hell - literally - at Death's door.

Everyone's favourite Goth girl, Death, practically gets pushed out of her own realm when sisters Delirium and Despair throw a wild party for the …
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The Dreaming Vol. 1: Pathways and Emanations
One of four books expanding Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman Universe. There is a place where gods are born and stories are spun. Today its walls lie slashed and bleeding. Twenty-three years after he w…
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The Dreaming, Vol. 3: One Magic Movement
Simon Spurrier continues the stories of the characters from the award-winning The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

As the second year of the Sandman Universe begins, the sentient algorithm known as Wan i…
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Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook
Award-winning writer and artist Jill Thompson returns to these kid-friendly versions of the characters from the bestselling SANDMAN series. Upset that her sister Despair is unhappy, Delirium throws he…
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The Dreaming, Vol. 2: Empty Shells
3.94 avg. rating
· 578 Ratings
Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely continue the stories of the characters from the award-winning The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman as Lord Daniel is introduced to the cold taste of heartbreak. And as ex…
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The Little Endless Storybook
4.13 avg. rating
· 3387 Ratings
Once Upon a Time...

Little Delirium was lost. Her protector and favorite puppy Barnabas searched the waking world for his tiny princess to no avail. Now, Barnabas must travel to the strange and unlikel…
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The Girl Who Would Be Death
3.07 avg. rating
· 58 Ratings
The Girl Who Would be Death # 1 - 4

Date: December 1998 to March 1999
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Lucifer, Vol. 1: Devil in the Gateway
4.11 avg. rating
· 13568 Ratings
From the pages of THE SANDMAN, Lucifer Morningstar, the former Lord of Hell, is unexpectedly called back into action when he receives a mission from Heaven. Given free reign to use any means necessary…
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The Sandman Presents: The Furies
3.83 avg. rating
· 2614 Ratings
THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THE FURIES is a beautifully painted story about a mother's loss and her ultimate redemption. Years ago, Lyta Hall called upon the mythical Furies to exact revenge against the Lor…
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The Dreaming: Waking Hours
4.24 avg. rating
· 332 Ratings
A new chapter in the Sandman saga begins with both familiar and new faces!

One of Dream's heaviest responsibilities is creating nightmares...and he thinks he may have built his next masterpiece in the…
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Lucifer, Vol. 2: Children and Monsters
4.12 avg. rating
· 8263 Ratings
From the pages of Neil Gaiman's multi award-winning Sandman series...Cast out of heaven, thrown down to rule in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his infernal kingdom for t…
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Lucifer, Vol. 4: The Divine Comedy
4.29 avg. rating
· 4918 Ratings
With the original gate between the two worlds shattered into a million separate gates, beings from all of the worlds in the old Creation now have the opportunity to join Lucifer's recently opened exis…
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Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold
Everything that has happened -- or ever will happen -- can be found in the Book of Destiny, brother to the Sandman. The information contained on even a single page would be priceless, if mortals ever …
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Lucifer, Vol. 5: Inferno
4.23 avg. rating
· 4082 Ratings
From the pages of THE SANDMAN...Lucifer Morningstar returns to Hell in this fifth collection of the acclaimed LUCIFER series, reprinting issues #29-35. Still weak, with most of his power locked in the…
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Lucifer, Vol. 6: Mansions of the Silence
4.27 avg. rating
· 3322 Ratings
The sixth collection of the hit series from the world of THE SANDMAN, reprinting issues #36-41. The strange crew of Lucifer Morningstar voyages on a ship made of dead men's nails in search of the soul…
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Lucifer, Vol. 7: Exodus
4.26 avg. rating
· 3528 Ratings
From the pages of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman graphic novels...With his mission to rescue the spirit of Elaine Belloc successfully completed, The Morningstar must now face a new challenge. God's departu…
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Lucifer, Vol. 8: The Wolf Beneath the Tree
4.23 avg. rating
· 3485 Ratings
The eighth volume of writer Mike Careys beguiling LUCIFER series continues the saga of the Lightbringer, who now faces a deadly new threat to both his Creation and our own. Fenris, the acme of ruin an…
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Lucifer, Vol. 9: Crux
4.35 avg. rating
· 3926 Ratings
Forces in Hell and on Earth prepare for a final struggle for supremacy in CRUX. Reprinting stories from issues #55-61, this volume ventures through space and time and the places outside both, weaving …
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Lucifer, Vol. 10: Morningstar
4.31 avg. rating
· 3998 Ratings
The war in Heaven reaches its universe-shaking conclusion in MORNINGSTAR, the tenth volume of writer Mike Carey's celebrated series. Collecting issues #62-69, MORNINGSTAR gathers together the forces o…
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Lucifer, Vol. 11: Evensong
4.38 avg. rating
· 3283 Ratings
The saga of Lucifer Morningstar comes to a close in EVENSONG, collecting LUCIFER #70-75. In the aftermath of the universe-shaking battle in Heaven, Lucifer and his cohorts return to pick up their live…
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