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To Light a Candle (Obsidian Mountain, #2)
To Light a Candle, the second book in The Obsidian Trilogy from Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

The Demon Queen Attacks!

To his own surprise, young Kellen, once the disappointing son of the great Mage…
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Forest Mage (Soldier Son, #2)
3.39 avg. rating
· 15233 Ratings
Dark mysticism and primordial natural magic clash with the ever-expanding boundaries of the "civilized" world in the second volume of Robin Hobb's Soldier Son trilogy, Forest Mage.

The sequel to 2005'…
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The Traitor's Blade (The Blackthorn Key, #5)
Christopher’s homecoming takes a sinister turn when a murderous conspiracy is uncovered in this fifth novel of the award-winning Blackthorn Key series.

Christopher, Tom, and Sally are back in London at…
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Brotherhood of the Wolf (Runelords, #2)
3.85 avg. rating
· 9943 Ratings
Volume Two of The Runelords

Raj Ahtan, ruler of Indhopal, has used enough forcibles to transform himself into the ultimate warrior: The Sum of All Men. Ahtan seeks to bring all of humanity under his ru…
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The Line of Illeniel (Mageborn, #2)
Alternate cover edition of ASIN B005TVVS2E

Mordecai has discovered his heritage and must take up the mantle of a lord of the realm, while figuring out what it really means to be a mage of the line of I…
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The Archmage Unbound (Mageborn, #3)
Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00843Y4DY

Mordecai’s growing power and success have made him a threat, not just to the gods and their minions, but also to the king of Lothion. An unholy bargain has be…
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First Meetings in Ender's Universe (Ender's Saga, #0.5)
Meet Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, the unforgettable boy-hero of Ender's Game--winner of the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for Best Novel--and enter his Universe through this collection of stories.

"The Pol…
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The Seer and the Sword
4.12 avg. rating
· 9817 Ratings
Legend states that there exists a mighty sword that makes its possessor invincible to his enemies. But there is a curse on anyone who lifts the sword for conquest. King Kareed of Archeld goes after th…
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Shaman's Crossing (Soldier Son, #1)
3.46 avg. rating
· 19407 Ratings
Nevare Burvelle was destined from birth to be a soldier. The second son of a newly anointed nobleman, he must endure the rigors of military training at the elite King's Cavalla Academy--and survive th…
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The Battle of Hackham Heath (Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years. #2)

The peace in Araluen is under threat and newly crowned King Duncan must prepare for war. Morgarath is in hiding, recruiting an army of savage beasts known as Wargals …
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Shadows in Flight (The Shadow Series, #5)
Ender's Shadow explores the stars in this all-new novel...

At the end of Shadow of the Giant, Bean flees to the stars with three of his children--the three who share the engineered genes that gave him …
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Orbs of Wisdom (Dragon Gate, #6)
4.70 avg. rating
· 1557 Ratings
The final installment in the Dragon Gate saga!

With his mother’s life at stake and the entire world threatened by powerful dragons, the sand in the hour glass is running out for Jak Freedar. He and his…
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Sky on Fire (Dragon Gate, #5)
4.65 avg. rating
· 1468 Ratings
The dragons of eld, once benevolent allies to mankind, have been infested by a magical parasite that makes them cruel and aggressive. They’ve flown through the ancient portal to invade Torvil and plan…
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A War of Gifts (Ender's Saga, #1.1)
3.67 avg. rating
· 14834 Ratings
Orson Scott Card offers a Christmas gift to his millions of fans with A War of Gifts, a short novel set during Ender Wiggin's first years at the Battle School where it is forbidden to celebrate religi…
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The God-Stone War (Mageborn, #4)
4.25 avg. rating
· 3643 Ratings
Seven years have passed since Mordecai’s battle with the Shining God, Celior, and since that time his control of his abilities has vastly improved. He has at last envisioned a use for the ‘God-Stone’,…
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Magician: Apprentice (The Riftwar Saga, #1)
An alternate cover edition of this ISBN can be found here.

To the forest on the shore of the Kingdom of the Isles, the orphan Pug came to study with the master magician Kulgan. His courage won him a pl…
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The Raven's Revenge
4.67 avg. rating
· 209 Ratings
Christopher finally uncovers the Raven’s identity in this sixth novel of the award-winning Blackthorn Key series.

The stakes are higher than ever when the Raven sets Christopher up for a horrible crime…
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The Final Redemption (Mageborn, #5)
Mordecai has made the ultimate sacrifice to keep his family safe, and now struggles to understand what he has become. Rejected by all, he must learn to master the darkness within if he is to stop Mal’…
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Wizardborn (Runelords, #3)
3.84 avg. rating
· 9038 Ratings
Book Three of The Runelords
Wizardborn continues the story of the struggle of Gaborn, now the Earth King, who has lost his powers but continues to lead his people. He must contend with the threat of t…
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The Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, #1)
Enter the kingdom of Lur, where to use magic unlawfully means death.

The Doranen have ruled Lur with magic since arriving as refugees centuries ago. Theirs was a desperate flight to escape the wrath of…
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Remnant Faction (Peacekeepers of Sol, #5)
It is the first and final duty of any warship to put herself between the innocent... and the enemy.

Henry Wong and Sylvia Todorovich have gathered the interstellar powers of the Ra Sector into a tentat…
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