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The Shadow of the Lion (Heirs of Alexandria, #1)
It is the year 1537. The great winged Lion stares over a Venice where magic thrives. The rich Venetian Republic is a bastion of independence and tolerance. Perhaps for that reason, it is also corrupt,…
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A Mankind Witch  (Heirs of Alexandria, #1.5)
To the North of the Holy Roman Empire lie the pagan Norse-lands. It is here that Manfred, Prince of Brittany, and his Icelandic bodyguard, Erik, must venture in the dead of winter, to a rugged land of…
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The Shaman of Karres (The Witches of Karres, #4)
Captain Pausert just can’t catch a break!

First, he became the mortal enemy of his fiancée, his home planet, the Empire—and even the Worm World, the darkest threat to mankind in all of space. All beca…
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Ring of Fire IV
3.96 avg. rating
· 162 Ratings
NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR. CONTAINS A STORY BY DAVID BRIN AND AN ALL-NEW STORY BY ERIC FLINT. Collection #4 of rollicking and idea-packed alternate history tales written by today’s hottest sc…
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The Sorceress of Karres (The Witches of Karres, #3)
A New Sequel to The Witches of Karres. Two Top Writers Continue the Bewitching Adventures Begun in One of Science Fiction’s Most Beloved Novels.

As Captain Pausert had often had occasion to observe, li…
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Killjoy (Buchanan-Renard, #3)
3.99 avg. rating
· 11420 Ratings
Avery Delaney has always tried to put the past far behind her. Abandoned by her rapacious, conniving mother when she was only three days old, Avery was raised by her grandmother and beloved aunt Carol…
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One Night in the Orient
2.75 avg. rating
· 64 Ratings
Penniless and alone, who can she turn to? When Siena sees Nick again she can’t stop the ache of painful memories. Years ago he crushed her innocent heart before disappearing from her life. Since then,…
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Mixed Marriage The Diary of a Portuguese Bride
This is the diary of an English girl who falls in love with an eligible young Portuguese, Afonso. The bride recounts, vividly and hilariously, her and her Mother’s plans for an English country wedding…
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Any Two Can Play
3.89 avg. rating
· 80 Ratings
Attractive, twenty-seven-year-old Natalie Travers has taken it upon herself to rescue her brother from domestic chaos. His wife has left him with twins to care for, and egotistical Julian just isn't t…
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3.77 avg. rating
· 13567 Ratings
A timeless tale from the first name in romantic comedy - Jennifer Crusie!

Must be Rich, Handsome, and Successful

Kate Svenson is attractive, successful, a brilliant businesswoman - an…
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Stepping out of the Shadows
3.00 avg. rating
· 59 Ratings
Marisa Somerville has changed. Now a confident, groomed, successful businesswoman, she's nothing like the scared wife of an abusive husband that Rafe Peveril survived a plane crash with six years ago.…
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The Devil's Bargain
3.10 avg. rating
· 51 Ratings

Hope's stubborn independence had been threatened when she'd first met Keir Carmichael and sensed the strong attraction between them. She had refused to succumb to his ch…
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The Red Wolf Conspiracy (The Chathrand Voyage, #1)
Six hundred years old, the Imperial Merchant Ship Chathrand is a massive floating outpost of the Empire of Arqual. And it is on its most vital mission yet: to deliver a young woman whose marriage will…
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Island of Secrets
3.16 avg. rating
· 51 Ratings
A temptation too far…The only way Luc MacAllister can get his hands on his inheritance is to spend six months on a Pacific island with his stepfather's alleged mistress. Joanna Forman could tempt a sa…
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Assault at Selonia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, #2)
Imprisoned on the planet Corellia, Han Solo finds himself at the mercy of his evil cousin, Thracken Sal-Solo. Thracken plans to restore the Imperial system and seize total power -- no matter what the …
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Tiger, Tiger
2.82 avg. rating
· 39 Ratings
Not only opposites attract!

When Lecia first spotted Keane Paget, his presence burned like a shining beacon. He was handsome, certainly, and profoundly male, but the face that stared hack at her wa…
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Surrender to Seduction
2.97 avg. rating
· 34 Ratings
Geraldine Dacre is beautiful, sophisticated and loved by all, but she's yet to surrender to love. Only one man turns her -- head Bryn Falconer. Gerry falls in love the moment she sees him cradling a b…
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Shadows Past (Borderlands, #3)
4.07 avg. rating
· 727 Ratings
The bestselling Borderlands saga continues

Rabbit is struggling to make sense of his new powers and his new position as King Jusson's heir when a man once scorned by his mother comes seeking retributi…
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Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters, #2)
Talia Hibbert returns with another charming romantic comedy about a young woman who agrees to fake date her friend after a video of him “rescuing” her from their office building goes viral...

Danika Br…
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Parson's House
3.84 avg. rating
· 57 Ratings
For Jeanne, Parson's House on the cliff-top had been a seaside haven. Years later, returning there from Canada divorced and with twin four-year-old daughters, she could hardly expect the place and the…
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Iris in Winter
3.97 avg. rating
· 73 Ratings
It's winter, and Caroline West has come to the little town of High Ambo to get away from her late husband's relatives - and her own suitors. Then comes Robert with Polly, his sweet, ingenuous fiancee,…
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All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother
We all know the story of Cinderella. Or do we?

As rumors about the cruel upbringing of beautiful newlywed Princess Cinderella roil the kingdom, her stepmother, Agnes, a woman who knows all too well abo…
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Dance Away with Me
3.95 avg. rating
· 2878 Ratings
At long last, the legendary New York Times bestselling author returns with a heartfelt novel of womanhood, a wild heart, and the healing power of love.

Run, run, as fast as you can!

When life throws her…
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Sisters by Choice (Blackberry Island, #4)
Cousins by chance, sisters by choice…

After her cat toy empire goes up in flames, Sophie Lane returns to Blackberry Island, determined to rebuild. Until small-town life reveals a big problem: she …
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The Greenwood Shady
3.95 avg. rating
· 60 Ratings
Tourists found it hard to imagine a quainter, more lovable spot than Deepwood Village; but the villagers were not quite as lovable as their surroundings. Deepwood House, too, was chiefly known as the …
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The Marrying Kind
3.91 avg. rating
· 93 Ratings
When Laura Seton travels to France she runs into Finch Falconer. Their mutual attraction causes complications as Finch is the new owner of the Seton family home.
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Recipe for Persuasion (The Rajes, #2)
3.80 avg. rating
· 2127 Ratings
From the author of Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors comes another , clever, deeply layered, and heartwarming romantic comedy that follows in the Jane Austen tradition—this time, with a twist on Per…
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The Kingdom
3.84 avg. rating
· 3887 Ratings
Welcome to the Kingdom... where 'Happily Ever After' isn't just a promise, but a rule.

Glimmering like a jewel behind its gateway, The Kingdom is an immersive fantasy theme park where guests soar …
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The Relentless Moon (Lady Astronaut #3)
Mary Robinette Kowal continues her award-winning Lady Astronaut series, which began with The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky, with The Relentless Moon.

The Earth is coming to the boiling point as t…
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A Shadow in Summer (Long Price Quartet, #1)
The city-state of Saraykeht dominates the Summer Cities. Its wealth is beyond measure; its port is open to all the merchants of the world, and its ruler, the Khai Saraykeht, commands forces to rival t…
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To Have and to Hoax
3.50 avg. rating
· 1196 Ratings
In this fresh and hilarious historical rom-com, an estranged husband and wife in Regency England feign accidents and illness in an attempt to gain attention—and maybe just win each other back in the p…
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