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The Shadow of the Lion (Heirs of Alexandria, #1)
It is the year 1537. The great winged Lion stares over a Venice where magic thrives. The rich Venetian Republic is a bastion of independence and tolerance. Perhaps for that reason, it is also corrupt,…
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A Mankind Witch  (Heirs of Alexandria, #1.5)
(Starred Review) ¿In Freer's superior heroic fantasy novel, set in 16th-century Scandinavia, allies of a demon try to thwart Christian missionary-magicians from the Holy Roman Empire. Freer ( The Forl…
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The Wonder Engine (Clocktaur War, #2)
4.24 avg. rating
· 7825 Ratings
Pull three people out of prison--a disgraced paladin, a convicted forger, and a heartless assassin. Give them weapons, carnivorous tattoos, and each other. Point them at the enemy.

What could possibl…
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Minor Mage
4.20 avg. rating
· 5679 Ratings
Oliver was a very minor mage. His familiar reminded him of this several times a day.

He only knew three spells, and one of them was to control his allergy to armadillo dander. His attempts to summon el…
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Clockwork Boys (Clocktaur War, #1)
4.18 avg. rating
· 9318 Ratings
A paladin, an assassin, a forger, and a scholar ride out of town. It’s not the start of a joke, but rather an espionage mission with deadly serious stakes. T. Kingfisher’s new novel begins the tale of…
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Paladin's Grace (The Saint of Steel, #1)
4.18 avg. rating
· 10609 Ratings
Stephen's god died on the longest day of the year…

Three years later, Stephen is a broken paladin, living only for the chance to be useful before he dies. But all that changes when he encounters a fugi…
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4.13 avg. rating
· 5571 Ratings
Halla is a housekeeper who has suddenly inherited her great-uncle's estate... and, unfortunately, his relatives. Sarkis is an immortal swordsman trapped in a prison of enchanted steel. When Halla draw…
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Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village
Thinking of a foray to a quaint English village? You'll think twice after reading this tongue-in-cheek illustrated guide to the countless murderous possibilities lurking behind these villages' bucolic…
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Paladin's Hope (The Saint of Steel, #3)
4.18 avg. rating
· 2993 Ratings
Piper is a lich-doctor, a physician who works among the dead, determining causes of death for the city guard's investigations. It's a peaceful, if solitary profession…until the day when he's called to…
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Cherry Cheesecake Murder (Hannah Swensen, #8)
When Main Street in Lake Eden becomes a movie set, a clever killer rewrites the script and bakery owner Hannah Swenson, while trying to decide which marriage proposal to accept, must sift through a ca…
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Last of the Amazons
3.78 avg. rating
· 2422 Ratings


1250 BC
: Theseus, king of Athens and slayer of the Minotaur, set sail on a journey that brought him to the land of 'tal Kyrte', the 'Free People', a nation…
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Nine Goblins
4.26 avg. rating
· 1163 Ratings
When a party of goblin warriors find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, it'll take more than whining (and a bemused Elven veterinarian) to get them home again.

Nine Goblins is a novella of…
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Plum Pudding Murder (Hannah Swensen, #12)
3.80 avg. rating
· 10500 Ratings
Holiday business is booming at Hannah Swenson's Cookie Jar pastry shop, but the mysterious murder of "Lunatic Larry" Jaeger puts a serious crimp in the season of good cheer.

From the looks of it, Larr…
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3.29 avg. rating
· 690 Ratings
Debut novelist Laura Shepperson offers a powerful feminist retelling of Phaedra and her unyielding quest for justice, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller and Natalie Haynes.

Phaedra has been cast to t…
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Paladin's Strength (The Saint of Steel, #2)
He’s a paladin of a dead god, tracking a supernatural killer across a continent. She’s a nun from a secretive order, on the trail of the raiders who burned her convent and kidnapped her sisters.

When t…
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The End and the Death: Volume I (The Siege of Terra #8)
Siege of Terra Book 8

The arch-traitor Horus Lupercal's forces have bombarded Terra and the Imperial Palace lies in ruins. With the Emperor's dream in tatters, he seeks only to rob Chaos of its ultimat…
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Joe Steele
3.69 avg. rating
· 527 Ratings
New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove’s thought-provoking forays into the past have produced such intriguing “what-if” novels as Ruled Britannia, Days of Infamy, and Opening Atlantis. Now…
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The Last Duel: A True Story of Crime, Scandal, and Trial by Combat in Medieval France
The gripping true story of the “duel to end all duels” in medieval France as a resolute knight defends his wife's honor against the squire she accuses of a heinous crime.

In the midst of the devastatin…
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A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking
4.08 avg. rating
· 14928 Ratings

Fourteen-year-old Mona isn’t like the wizards charged with defending the city. She can’t control lightning or speak to water. Her familiar is a sourdough s…
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4.05 avg. rating
· 9532 Ratings
FREEDOM AND JUSTICE -- AMERICAN STYLE 1632 And in northern Germany things couldn't get much worse. Famine. Disease. Religous war laying waste the cities. Only the aristocrats remained relatively unsca…
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Stirring the Storm (The Shapeshifter, #5)
In the finale to the series, Dax must save his friends from being sold as commodities, and in the process find out who his mother really is and how he and his friends ended up with their amazing power…
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