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Mélusine (Doctrine of Labyrinths, #1)
3.65 avg. rating
· 3953 Ratings
Mélusine — a city of secrets and lies, pleasure and pain, magic and corruption — and destinies lost and found.

Felix Harrowgate is a dashing, highly respected wizard. But his aristocratic peers don't …
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Magic's Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage, #1)
4.21 avg. rating
· 25028 Ratings

Though Vanyel has been born with near-legendary abilities to work both Herald and Mage magic, he wants no part of such things. Nor does he seek a warrior's path, wishing instead to become a…
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The Witness for the Dead (The Cemeteries of Amalo, #1)
Katherine Addison returns to the glittering world she created for her beloved novel, 'The Goblin Emperor', in this stand-alone sequel.

When the young half-goblin emperor Maia sought to learn who had ki…
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The Grief of Stones  (The Cemeteries of Amalo, #2)
In The Grief of Stones, Katherine Addison returns to the world of The Goblin Emperor with a direct sequel to The Witness For The Dead...

Celehar’s life as the Witness for the Dead of Amalo grows less i…
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Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner, #2)
4.25 avg. rating
· 13666 Ratings
With the Leran threat laid to rest, Alec and Seregil are now able to turn their attention to the ancient evil which threatens their land. The Plenimarans, at war with Skalans, have decided to defeat t…
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Magic's Promise (The Last Herald-Mage #2)
Groundbreaking epic fantasy series in Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar universe • Lambda-Award winning novels with heartfelt high adventure and magic  
Wild magic is taking its toll on the land. Many Herald…
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Transformation (Rai-Kirah, #1)
3.99 avg. rating
· 6651 Ratings
Seyonne is a man waiting to die. He has been a slave for sixteen years, almost half his life, and has lost everything of meaning to him: his dignity, the people and homeland he loves, and the Warden's…
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Witch King
3.64 avg. rating
· 5638 Ratings
"I didn't know you were a... demon."
"You idiot. I'm the demon."
Kai's having a long day in Martha Wells' Witch King...

After being murdered, his consciousness dormant and unaware of the passing of time …
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4.14 avg. rating
· 5129 Ratings
Thornhedge is the tale of a kind-hearted, toad-shaped heroine, a gentle knight, and a mission gone completely sideways.

There's a princess trapped in a tower. This isn't her story.

Meet Toadling. On the…
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Swordspoint (Riverside, #1)
3.80 avg. rating
· 8721 Ratings
The classic forerunner to The Fall of the Kings now with three bonus stories.

A classic melodrama of manners, filled with remarkable plot twists and unexpected humor, takes fantasy to an unprece…
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The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence, #2)
4.54 avg. rating
· 4416 Ratings
The last member of a murdered House tries to protect his ward from forced marriage to a monster while uncovering clues to his own tortured past. The Tarot Sequence imagines a modern-day Atlantis off t…
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Magic's Price (The Last Herald-Mage #3)
4.27 avg. rating
· 20378 Ratings
The final chapter in Mercedes Lackey's spellbinding fantasy trilogy! The Herald-Mage, Vanyel, and his Companion, Yfandes, are alone responsible for saving the once-peaceful kingdom of Valdemar from th…
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3.77 avg. rating
· 556 Ratings
Dust jacket illustration by David Curtis.

Arkady Martine, the acclaimed author of the Teixcalaan Series, returns with an astonishing new novella.

Basit Deniau’s houses were haunted to begin with.

A house…
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Ocean's Echo (Winter's Orbit, #2)
4.13 avg. rating
· 4838 Ratings
Ocean's Echo is a stand-alone space adventure about a bond that will change the fate of worlds, set in the same universe as Everina Maxwell's hit debut, Winter's Orbit .

"I inhaled this one like I need…
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Wicked Gentlemen
3.97 avg. rating
· 3779 Ratings
Belimai Sykes is many things: a Prodigal, the descendant of ancient demons, a creature of dark temptations and rare powers. He is also a man with a brutal past and a dangerous addiction. And Belimai S…
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Flesh and Spirit (Lighthouse, #1)
3.89 avg. rating
· 3029 Ratings
In the first volume of a proposed duology, Valen, the rebellious scion of a dynasty of pureblood cartographers and diviners, has spent years denying his heritage, until he nearly ends up dead, addicte…
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Breath and Bone (Lighthouse, #2)
4.17 avg. rating
· 2396 Ratings
As the land of Navronne sinks deeper into civil war and perilous winter, everyone wants to get their hands on the rebellious sorcerer Valen -a murderous priestess, a prince who steals dead men's eyes,…
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At the Feet of the Sun (Lays of the Hearth-Fire, #2)
Cliopher Mdang has been appointed Viceroy of Zunidh by his beloved Radiancy, the Last Emperor, who has now left him behind in the Palace to safeguard the world during his absence on a quest to find an…
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Spectred Isle (Green Men, #1)
4.07 avg. rating
· 2548 Ratings
Archaeologist Saul Lazenby has been all but unemployable since his disgrace during the War. Now he scrapes a living working for a rich eccentric who believes in magic. Saul knows it’s a lot of nonsens…
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Lord of the White Hell, Book 1 (Lord of the White Hell, #1)

Kiram Kir-Zaki may be considered a mechanist prodigy among his own people, but when he becomes the first Haldiim ever admitted to the prestigious Sagrada Academy, he is thrown into a world where power…

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Provenance (Imperial Radch)
3.81 avg. rating
· 13134 Ratings
Though she knows her brother holds her mother's favor, Ingray is determined to at least be considered as heir to the family name. She hatches an audacious plan--free a thief from a prison planet from …
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