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Sinners and the Sea: The Untold Story of Noah's Wife
In the spirit of Anita Diamant, this ambitious and unforgettable novel about the story of Noah blends Biblical history, mythology, and the inimitable strength of women.

Cursed with a birthmark that ma…
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A Different Kingdom
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· 130 Ratings
A different kingdom of wolves, woods and stranger, darker, creatures lies in wait for Michael Fay in the woods at the bottom of his family's farm.

Michael Fay is a normal boy, living with his grandpar…
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Daughter of Jerusalem
3.85 avg. rating
· 374 Ratings
She was a widow, a businesswoman, an adulteress.

In her lifetime, she knew murder, prejudice, and faith. She transformed from a Jewish girl longing for family to one of the closest friends of Jesus of…
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3.84 avg. rating
· 267 Ratings
They’ll pay him a fortune to find a killer tornado for their movie.
He knows the risks all too well, but he never imagined just how dangerous the perfect storm could get.

Chuck Rittenburg was one of…
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Ruth, Mother of Kings
4.06 avg. rating
· 163 Ratings
The story of Ruth has captivated Christian believers for centuries, not least of all because she is one of only two women with books of the Bible named after them. Now, Diana Wallis Taylor animates t…
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Mania: The Story of the Outraged and Outrageous Lives That Launched a Cultural Revolution
By the time Lucien Carr stabbed David Kammerer to death on the banks of the Hudson River in August 1944, it was clear that the hard-partying teenage companion to Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Ca…
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City of Strangers (Luis Chavez, #2)
4.17 avg. rating
· 334 Ratings

When a priest is brutally gunned down in front of St. Jerome’s Chinese-American Catholic Church, Father Luis Chavez is asked by the archdiocese to lead an inquiry. With the confessed killer already i…

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Daughter of the King
4.10 avg. rating
· 40 Ratings
This is a powerful love story from the Bible. Princess Michal was the youngest daughter of ancient Israel's first king. Thirty-five centuries ago, she fell in love with a hero named David. As told in…
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Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs, #1)
4.00 avg. rating
· 1269 Ratings
Sarai, the last child of her aged father, is beautiful, spoiled, and used to getting her own way. Even as a young girl, she is aware of the way men look at her, including her half brother Abram. When…
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Ostara: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for the Spring Equinox
Celebrate the season of returning sunlight and the bursting forth of the birds, bees, and trees

Ostara—also known as the Spring Equinox—is a time of renewal, a time to plant seeds as the earth once ag…
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The Burying Ground: A Thaddeus Lewis Mystery (Thaddeus Lewis mysteries #4)
Someone is digging up the graves at the Strangers’ Burying Ground in Toronto — the final resting place of criminals, vagrants, indigents, and alcoholics — and the only person who seems to care is the…
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My Irish Table: Recipes from the Homeland and Restaurant Eve
The debut cookbook from Cathal Armstrong featuring 130 recipes showcasing modern Irish fare, along with stories about Armstrong's journey from Dublin to Washington, DC, and becoming an internationall…
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Dreamwielder (The Dreamwielder Chronicles #1)
In a world shrouded by soot and smoke, young Makarria has literally been forbidden to dream.

Legend has foretold the demise of Emperor Thedric Guderian at the hands of a sorceress with royal blood, an…
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To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day
Live fully as a Pagan every day of the year, not only at full moons and holidays. With practical tips for incorporating Pagan spirituality into every aspect of life, To Walk a Pagan Path teaches read…
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Roses Have Thorns: A Novel of Elizabeth I (Ladies in Waiting, #3)
From the acclaimed author of To Die For comes a stirring novel told that sheds new light on Elizabeth I and her court. Sandra Byrd has attracted countless fans for evoking the complexity, grandeur, a…
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Cliff of the Ruin
3.98 avg. rating
· 59 Ratings
There are three good reasons why dashing Civil War hero and New York lawyer William Teague cannot tell artist Mae Kendrick he's in love with her. One, she told him he was dull. Two, she is the niece…
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The Devil in Her Way (Maureen Coughlin, #2)
When Maureen Coughlin first appeared in The Devil She Knows (2011), the New Orleans Times-Picayune called her "unforgettable" and "the character of the year." Booklist named The Devil She Knows one o…
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Irish Paganism
4.23 avg. rating
· 66 Ratings
Irish Reconstructionist Polytheism is an often misunderstood path, but it is one with great richness and depth for those who follow it. This short introductory book touches on the basic beliefs and p…
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Friends at My Table: Recipes for a Year of Eating, Drinking, and Making Merry
Alice Hart is a genius at effortless entertaining and serving up delicious food for a crowd. In Friends at My Table she’s crafted 12 complete menus—3 for each season—and 70 perfectly delicious recipe…
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4.11 avg. rating
· 1722 Ratings
In Jesus, Judas believes he has found the One—a miracle-worker. The promised Messiah and future king of the Jews, destined to overthrow Roman rule. Galvanized, Judas joins the Nazarene’s followers, r…
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David and Bathsheba
4.06 avg. rating
· 115 Ratings
David and Bathsheba is a spellbinding story of a gifted king and the woman he loved but could not have.  Told from Bathsheba's perspective, author Roberta Kells Dorr bring to life the passion that al…
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3.36 avg. rating
· 147 Ratings
Kaaren Christopherson's brilliantly observed novel captures the glamour and grit of one of the world's most dazzling cities during one of its most tumultuous eras--as seen through the eyes of a singu…
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