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Game Programming Patterns
4.51 avg. rating
· 443 Ratings
Game Programming Patterns brings the benefits of reusable design patterns to the world of game programming. Commercial game development expert Robert Nystrom presents an array of general solutions to…
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Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Capturing a wealth of experience about the design of object-oriented software, four top-notch designers present a catalog of simple and succinct solutions to commonly occurring design problems.…
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Game Engine Architecture
4.31 avg. rating
· 280 Ratings
This book covers both the theory and practice of game engine software development, bringing together complete coverage of a wide range of topics. The concepts and techniques described are the actual…
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Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C++11 and C++14
Coming to grips with C++11 and C++14 is more than a matter of familiarizing yourself with the features they introduce (e.g., auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and…
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Game Engine Black Book, Wolfenstein 3D
How was Wolfenstein 3D made and what were the secrets of its speed? How did id Software manage to turn a machine designed to display static images for word processing and spreadsheet applications…
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The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
4.38 avg. rating
· 1920 Ratings
Anyone can master the fundamentals of game design—no technological expertise is necessary. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses shows that the same basic principles of psychology that work for…
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A Theory of Fun for Game Design
3.92 avg. rating
· 2061 Ratings
A Theory of Fun for Game Design is not your typical how-to book. It features a novel way of teaching interactive designers how to create and improve their designs to incorporate the highest degree of…
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Head First Design Patterns
4.26 avg. rating
· 6011 Ratings
You're not alone.

At any given moment, somewhere in the world someone struggles with the same software design problems you have. You know you don't want to reinvent the wheel (or worse, a flat…
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Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
The Barnes & Noble Review
Since early in the 90s, working C++ programmers have relied on Scott Meyers s Effective C++ to dramatically improve their skills. But the state-of-the-art has moved…
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Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
Even bad code can function. But if code isn t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written…
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Code Complete
4.28 avg. rating
· 6927 Ratings
Widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell's original CODE COMPLETE has been helping developers write better software for more than a decade. Now this classic…
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Pro Git
4.14 avg. rating
· 1980 Ratings
Git is the version control system developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It took the open source world by storm since its inception in 2005, and is used by small development shops…
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Game Programming Gems
4.02 avg. rating
· 103 Ratings
For the countless tasks involved in creating a game engine there are an equal number of possible solutions. But instead of spending hours and hours trying to develop your own answers, now you can…
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Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems
Distributed systems have become more fine-grained in the past 10 years, shifting from code-heavy monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices. But developing these systems brings…
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Multiplayer Game Programming: Architecting Networked Games (Game Design)
The Practical Guide to Building Reliable Networked Multiplayer Games Networked multiplayer games are a multibillion dollar business: some games now attract tens of millions of players. In this…
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Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code
As the application of object technology—particularly the Java programming language—has become commonplace, a new problem has emerged to confront the software development community. Significant…
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Unity in Action
4.32 avg. rating
· 79 Ratings
Unity in Action teaches you how to write and deploy games. You'll master the Unity toolset from the ground up, adding the skills you need to go from application coder to game developer. Based on…
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Grokking Algorithms An Illustrated Guide For Programmers and Other Curious People
An algorithm is nothing more than a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem. The algorithms you'll use most often as a programmer have already been discovered, tested, and proven. If you want to…
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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
-- Ward Cunningham Straight from the programming trenches, The Pragmatic Programmer cuts through the increasing specialization and technicalities of modern software development to examine the core…
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Programming in Lua
3.95 avg. rating
· 240 Ratings
Lua is the language of choice for anyone who needs a scripting language that is simple, efficient, extensible, portable, and free. Currently, Lua is being used in areas ranging from embedded systems…
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Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C#
"This book really demonstrates Bill's strengths as a writer and programmer. In a very short amount of time, he is able to present an issue, fix it and conclude it; each chapter is tight, succinct,…
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Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture
Masters of Doom is the amazing true story of the Lennon and McCartney of video games: John Carmack and John Romero. Together, they ruled big business. They transformed popular culture. And they…
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More Effective C++
4.32 avg. rating
· 917 Ratings
More than 150,000 copies in print! Praise for Scott Meyers' first book, Effective C++ "I heartily recommend Effective C++ to anyone who aspires to mastery of C++ at the intermediate level or above."
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Game Programming Gems 4
3.82 avg. rating
· 39 Ratings
Uncover the secrets of the game industry's best programmers with the newest volume of the Game Programming Gems series With over 60 all new techniques, Game Programming Gems 4 continues to be the…
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Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made

Developing video games—hero's journey or fool's errand? The creative and technical logistics that go into building today's hottest games can be more harrowing and complex than the games themselves,…

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The C++ Programming Language
4.05 avg. rating
· 2738 Ratings
More than three-quarters of a million programmers have benefited from this book in all of its editions Written by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, this is the world's most trusted and widely…
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Game Programming Gems 3
3.85 avg. rating
· 48 Ratings
The journey continues with this ALL NEW volume in the Game Programming Gems series! As with the first two volumes, a dynamic group of some of the best game programmers in the industry have generously…
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Game Programming Gems 2
4.03 avg. rating
· 67 Ratings
Blazing through the excitement generated by the first volume, Game Programming Gems II is here with an entirely new set of innovative ideas, techniques,and algorithms. Game developers of all levels…
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Artificial Intelligence for Games (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive 3D Technology)

Creating robust artificial intelligence is one of the greatest challenges for game developers. The commercial success of a game is often dependent upon the quality of the AI, yet the engineering of…

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The C Programming Language
4.42 avg. rating
· 7748 Ratings
This book is meant to help the reader learn how to program in C. It is the definitive reference guide, now in a second edition. Although the first edition was written in 1978, it continues to be a…
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Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual
Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual is a unique guide, offering techniques and practices for a more satisfying life as a professional software developer. In it, developer and life coach…
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