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Italian Folktales
4.19 avg. rating
· 3143 Ratings
One of the  New York Times ’s Ten Best Books of the These traditional stories of Italy, retold by a literary master, are “a treasure” ( Los Angeles Times ).
Filled with kings and peasants, saints and …
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Ascolta il mio cuore
4.37 avg. rating
· 2104 Ratings
Quando la nuova maestra viene soprannominata Arpia Sferza, e quando ogni giorno di scuola si trasforma in un giorno di battaglia, potete credere che in IV D ne succedono davvero di tutti i colori! Ma …
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The Watsons
3.51 avg. rating
· 2537 Ratings
The Watsons by Jane Austen and John Coates, Signet paperback, 1977
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Favole al telefono
4.38 avg. rating
· 1164 Ratings
"C'era una volta il ragionier Bianchi, di Varese. Era rappresentante di commercio e sei giorni su sette girava l'Italia intera vendendo medicinali. La domenica tornava a casa sua e il lunedì mattina r…
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La luna e i falò
3.72 avg. rating
· 6582 Ratings
Pubblicato nell'aprile del 1950 e considerato dalla critica il libro più bello di Pavese, "La luna e i falò" è il suo ultimo romanzo. Il protagonista, Anguilla, all'indomani della Liberazione torna al…
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How Fiction Works
4.01 avg. rating
· 4995 Ratings
In the tradition of E. M. Forster's Aspects of the Novel and Milan Kundera's The Art of the Novel, How Fiction Works is a scintillating study of the magic of fiction--an analysis of its main elements …
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3.44 avg. rating
· 4352 Ratings
En nous lançant aux trousses de David Bell, l’inquiet et séduisant narrateur du roman, Don DeLillo nous entraîne dans les arcanes d’une société où l’on bascule facilement du confort de l’establishment…
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Earth Afire with God: Celtic Prayers for Ordinary Life
Here are prayers and blessings to sanctify your daily life. They will remind you to look for the holiness of the everyday; they will show you the real presence of God in Creation.

Kenneth McIntosh, aut…
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Capitalism & Slavery
4.23 avg. rating
· 962 Ratings
Slavery helped finance the Industrial Revolution in England. Plantation owners, shipbuilders, and merchants connected with the slave trade accumulated vast fortunes that established banks and heavy in…
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The Timeless Way of Building
4.36 avg. rating
· 2140 Ratings
In The Timeless Way of Building Christopher Alexander presents a new theory of architecture, building, and planning which has at its core that age-old process by which the people of a society have alw…
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Celtic Praise
4.18 avg. rating
· 17 Ratings
This collection of hymns, poems, and meditations for everyday activities will help the reader connect the spiritual life with daily life -- the sacred with the profane -- and have a sense of "praying …
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Canale Mussolini
4.06 avg. rating
· 1379 Ratings
Canale Mussolini è l'asse portante su cui si regge la bonifica delle Paludi Pontine. I suoi argini sono scanditi da eucalypti immensi che assorbono l'acqua e prosciugano i campi, alle sue cascatelle i…
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Minority Report and Other Stories
3.95 avg. rating
· 3306 Ratings

Viewed by many as the greatest science fiction writer on any planet, Philip K. Dick has written some of the most intriguing, original and thought-provoking fiction of our time. This collection include…

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Hand-Turned Tales
4.10 avg. rating
· 105 Ratings
A lady smuggler, an escaped slave, a maiden in a gold-mining boom town and a gothic story of a forced marriage and wicked relatives Hand-Turned Tales is designed so that readers can try Jude’s story-t…
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The Ernest Lamb Mysteries: The Blind Side, Who Pays the Piper?, and Pursuit of a Parcel
Three intriguing World War II–era whodunits featuring the Scotland Yard detectives from the “timelessly charming” Miss Silver Mysteries (Charlotte MacLeod).
Inspector Ernest Lamb and Det. Frank Abbott…
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The Europeans
3.63 avg. rating
· 3472 Ratings
Eugenia, the daughter of American expatriates, is the morganatic wife of a German prince, who is being urged to divorce her in favor of a state marriage. She and her artist brother, Felix, travel to B…
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La bambinaia francese
4.19 avg. rating
· 1284 Ratings
Parigi, 1832. In una sera d'inverno Sophie, nove anni, bussa alla porta della 'étoile' dell'Opéra Céline Varens per consegnarle alcune camicie confezionate dalla madre nella poverissima soffitta di Mo…
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The Unassuming Curator (Georgian Gentlemen #5)
Emily Norton loves nothing more than losing herself within the pages of a good book. But the solitary pastime is poor preparation for participating in the dreaded London Season. Her trepidation over f…
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La Guerre des Boutons
3.92 avg. rating
· 1570 Ratings
Entre les Longeverne, menés par Lebrac, et les Velrans, du village voisin, la guerre est aussi acharnée qu’immémoriale. Mais, le jour où les Velrans surprennent Grangibus et Tigibus dans le bois et le…
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3.87 avg. rating
· 60970 Ratings
A timeless classic to be read over and over.

This is the story of Pinocchio, filled with harrowing yet inspiring adventures. Carved by a poor man named Geppetto, Pinocchio is a wooden puppet that comes…
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Honorably Engaged (Bradwell Brothers #3)
Henry Bradwell has a secret, and Marianne Hutton is the only one who knows what it is.

Henry has worked hard to maintain his secret identity, keeping his occupation private from everyone, including his…
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