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Ten Little Indians
4.08 avg. rating
· 5262 Ratings
Sherman Alexie offers nine poignant and emotionally resonant stories about Native Americans who find themselves at personal and cultural crossroads. In 'The Life and Times of Estelle Walks Above', an …
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Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City
Anna Quindlen first visited London from a chair in her suburban Philadelphia home-in one of her beloved childhood mystery novels. She has been back to London countless times since, through the pages o…
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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie Summary & Study Guide
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Study Guide consists of approx. 27 pages of summaries and analysis on The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.

This study guide includes the following …
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Always Running
4.06 avg. rating
· 6068 Ratings
The award-winning and bestselling classic memoir about a young Chicano gang member surviving the dangerous streets of East Los Angeles, now featuring a new introduction by the author.

Winner of the Car…
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The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words, 1000 BCE – 1492 CE
It is a story like no other: an epic of endurance against destruction, of creativity in oppression, joy amidst grief, the affirmation of life against the steepest of odds. It spans the millennia and t…
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Roadside Geology of Oregon
4.44 avg. rating
· 34 Ratings
When the first edition of Roadside Geology of Oregon was published in 1978, it was revolutionary the first book in a series designed to educate, inspire, and wow nongeologists. Back then, the implicat…
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The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision
Thirty-five years ago, Kamen wrote a study of the Inquisition that received high praise. This present work, based on over 30 years of new research, is not simply a complete revision of the earlier boo…
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A History of My Times
4.04 avg. rating
· 2376 Ratings
Thucydides' magisterial history told of the unhappy conflict of Greeks against the Greeks in the Peloponnesian War, but his narrative broke off in 411 B.C., seven years before the end, and Greeks were…
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Oregon Geology
3.87 avg. rating
· 23 Ratings
Because Oregon sits on the leading edge of a moving crustal plate, a striking diversity of geologic events have molded its topography. Over a century of study, a deeper understanding of the region’s t…
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A History of the Jews
4.11 avg. rating
· 1636 Ratings
This historical magnum opus covers 4,000 years of the extraordinary history of the Jews as a people, a culture, and a nation, showing the impact of Jewish character and imagination upon the world.
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Sandal and the Cave, The: The Indians of Oregon
Luther S. Cressman offers a brief, lucid introduction to the prehistory of Oregon Indians.
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The Landmark Julius Caesar: The Complete Works
Gallic War - Civil War - Alexandrian War - African War - Spanish War

Between 58 and 50 B.C., Caesar led his army to twice invade Britain and conquer most of the land that is now France, Belgium, and Sw…
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The Founders of the Western World: A History of Greece and Rome
For the 1st time in one volume, preeminent classical historian Michael Grant creates a vivid panorama of the Greco-Roman world by bringing together the most dramatic events on record from its beginnin…
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Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution
Instead of a dying Old Regime, Schama presents an ebullient country, vital & inventive, infatuated with novelty & technology. A fresh view of Louis XVI's France. A NY Times cloth bestseller. 200 illus…
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The Campaigns of Alexander
4.12 avg. rating
· 3689 Ratings
'His passion was for glory only, and in that he was insatiable'. Although written over four hundred years after Alexander’s death, Arrian’s Campaigns of Alexander is the most reliable account of the m…
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A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road
"Most travelogues chart a journey, but in this case it is the author's decision to stay put that lifts his book out of the ordinary."--"Lonely Planet Magazine"Accompanied by a large parrot, a ginger c…
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Molnfri bombnatt
4.19 avg. rating
· 414 Ratings
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A Good Cry: What We Learn From Tears and Laughter
One of America’s most celebrated poets looks inward in this powerful collection, a rumination on her life and the people who have shaped her.

The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements, turned …
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The Effect of Living Backwards
3.06 avg. rating
· 872 Ratings
Does Alice really hate her sister, or is that love? Was she really enrolled in grad school, or was that an elaborate hoax? Is this really a hijacking, or is it merely the effect of living backwards?
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Swede Hollow
3.94 avg. rating
· 206 Ratings
A riveting family saga immersed in the gritty, dark side of Swedish immigrant life in America in the early twentieth century

When Gustaf and Anna Klar and their three children leave Sweden for New York…
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Love Poems
4.27 avg. rating
· 1946 Ratings
In a career that has spanned more than a quarter century, Nikki Giovanni has earned the reputation as one of America's most celebrated and contoversial writers. Now, she presents a stunning collection…
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Cronache del Mondo Emerso. Le storie perdute
Nihal è un ricordo ormai lontano nel Mondo Emerso, ma la memoria delle sue imprese contro il Tiranno è ancora vivissima nel cuore degli abitanti della Terra del Vento e nelle leggende che si tramandan…
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Il talismano del potere (Le Cronache del Mondo Emerso, #3)
Mentre l'esercito delle Terre ancora libere dal potere del Tiranno crolla sotto l'avanzata delle truppe nemiche e degli agghiaccianti schieramenti dei fantasmi, Nihal, l'ultimo mezzelfo del Mondo Emer…
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3.60 avg. rating
· 15 Ratings
Storia di un eroe di oggi: di un ragazzo coraggioso nato per combattere razzismo e ipocrisia.
A rischio del suo amore e della sua stessa vita.

Viene al mondo in automobile, nel pieno di un furibondo tem…
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Io, te e il mare
3.55 avg. rating
· 455 Ratings

Ti sei mai sentito solo al mondo? Ti sei mai sentito senza un senso, diviso a metà, come se ti mancasse qualcosa? Ecco, quando ti ho visto per la prima volta è stato come ritrovare la parte di me c…

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Star Wars: Imperial Sourcebook
3.91 avg. rating
· 69 Ratings
Although the original Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial forces have instituted a reign of terror throughout the galaxy.

The Galactic Empire has many weapons in its arsenal, and every one of them …
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3.63 avg. rating
· 1523 Ratings
Elektronik har inget immunförsvar...

Johan jobbar på en butikskedja för mobilreparationer. Det är något som inte stämmer med de allt fler trasiga telefoner som har lämnats in den senaste tiden. De är s…
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Wicket Finds a Way: An Ewok Adventure (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
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The Best Short Stories
4.21 avg. rating
· 1395 Ratings
First published in 1978, this collection of nineteen of Ballard's best short stories is as timely and informed as ever. His tales of the human psyche and its relationship to nature and technology, as …
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Paddington Bear
4.24 avg. rating
· 1355 Ratings
Forty years ago, a small bear from Darkest Peru set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Carrying a battered suitcase containing several jars of marmalade, and wearing a tag around his neck that read P…
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