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The High Window (Philip Marlowe #3)
4.08 avg. rating
· 17010 Ratings
A wealthy Pasadena widow with a mean streak, a missing daughter-in-law with a past, and a gold coin worth a small fortune—the elements don't quite add up until Marlowe discovers evidence of murder, ra…
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The Glass Key
3.98 avg. rating
· 9722 Ratings
Paul Madvig was a cheerfully corrupt ward-heeler who aspired to something better: the daughter of Senator Ralph Bancroft Henry, the heiress to a dynasty of political purebreds. Did he want her badly e…
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The Dain Curse
3.85 avg. rating
· 5835 Ratings
Everything about the Leggett diamond heist indicated to the Continental Op that it was an inside job. From the stray diamond found in the yard to the eyewitness accounts of a "strange man" casing the …
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The Maltese Falcon
3.91 avg. rating
· 81362 Ratings
Sam Spade is hired by the fragrant Miss Wonderley to track down her sister, who has eloped with a louse called Floyd Thursby. But Miss Wonderley is in fact the beautiful and treacherous Brigid O'Shaug…
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The Thin Man
3.96 avg. rating
· 27938 Ratings
Nick and Nora Charles are Hammett's most enchanting creations, a rich, glamorous couple who solve homicides in between wisecracks and martinis. At once knowing and unabashedly romantic, The Thin Man i…
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Red Harvest
4.00 avg. rating
· 21256 Ratings
When the last honest citizen of Poisonville was murdered, the Continental Op stayed on to punish the guilty--even if that meant taking on an entire town. Red Harvest is more than a superb crime novel:…
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Double Indemnity
4.11 avg. rating
· 20064 Ratings
Tautly narrated and excruciatingly suspenseful, Double Indemnity gives us an X-ray view of guilt, of duplicity, and of the kind of obsessive, loveless love that devastates everything it touches. First…
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Perchance to Dream
3.78 avg. rating
· 1236 Ratings
Robert B. Parker, author of the Spenser detective novels and foremost interpreter of the Chandler tradition, embarks once again into Chandler territory with an all-new sequel to the 1939 classic The B…
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The Drowning Pool (Lew Archer #2)
4.02 avg. rating
· 5007 Ratings
When a millionaire matriarch is found floating face-down in the family pool, the prime suspects are her good-for-nothing son and his seductive teenage daughter. In The Drowning Pool, Lew Archer takes …
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The Galton Case (Lew Archer #8)
4.09 avg. rating
· 2655 Ratings
Almost twenty years have passed since Anthony Galton disappeared, along with a suspiciously streetwise bride and several thousand dollars of his family's fortune. Now Anthony's mother wants him back a…
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The Postman Always Rings Twice
3.82 avg. rating
· 27421 Ratings
Cain's first novel - the subject of an obscenity trial in Boston and the inspiration for Camus's The Stranger - is the fever-pitched tale of a drifter who stumbles into a job, into an erotic obsession…
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The Ancestor
4.29 avg. rating
· 6884 Ratings
A man wakes up in present-day Alaskan wilderness with no idea who he is, nothing on him save an empty journal with the date 1898 and a mirror. He sees another man hunting nearby, astounded that they l…
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The Continental Op
4.18 avg. rating
· 5354 Ratings
Dashiell Hammett is the true inventor of modern detective fiction and the creator of the private eye, the isolated hero in a world where treachery is the norm. The Continental Op was his great first c…
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I, the Jury  (Mike Hammer,  #1)
3.56 avg. rating
· 3182 Ratings
Here's Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer in their roughest and readiest--a double-strength shot of sex, violence, and action that is vintage Spillane all the way. It's a tough-guy mystery to please even…
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The Ivory Grin (Lew Archer #4)
3.99 avg. rating
· 1828 Ratings
A hard-faced woman clad in a blue mink stole and dripping with diamonds hires Lew Archer to track down her former maid, who she claims has stolen her jewelry. Archer can tell he's being fed a line, bu…
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Doing Max Vinyl (Annie Ogden, #1)
Product Description

From Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads
"I have read a great many Indie books recently and every once in a while you find a true gem. DOING MAX VINYL is one of t…
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Funeral for a Friend (Jonathan Stride #10)
You re safe, Stride. I found the body at the Deeps. I buried him.

Jonathan Stride s best friend, Steve Garske, makes a shocking deathbed confession: he protected Stride by covering up a murder. Hours l…
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The Moving Target (Lew Archer #1)
3.82 avg. rating
· 2714 Ratings
Like many Southern California millionaires, Ralph Sampson keeps odd company. There's the sun-worshipping holy man whom Sampson once gave his very own mountain; the fading actress with sidelines in ast…
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The Chill (Lew Archer #11)
4.11 avg. rating
· 3048 Ratings
In The Chill a distraught young man hires Archer to track down his runaway bride. But no sooner has he found Dolly Kincaid than Archer finds himself entangled in two murders, one twenty years old, the…
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The Way Some People Die (Lew Archer #3)
In a rundown house in Santa Monica, Mrs. Samuel Lawrence presses fifty crumpled bills into Lew Archer's hand and asks him to find her wandering daughter, Galatea. Described as ‘crazy for men’ and with…
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Sleeping Beauty (Lew Archer #17)
3.85 avg. rating
· 758 Ratings
In Sleeping Beauty, Lew Archer finds himself the confidant of a wealthy, violent family with a load of trouble on their hands--including an oil spill, a missing girl, a lethal dose of Nembutal, a six-…
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Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam
4.01 avg. rating
· 482 Ratings
Nocturne, Opus 1: Sea Foam
Authored by Norene Moskalski

Hard Cover 978-0-988-38116-2
Trade Paperback 978-0-988-38117-9
Kindle, Nook, & Kobo 978-0-988-38118-6

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L.A. Confidential (L.A. Quartet, #3)
4.20 avg. rating
· 28288 Ratings
Christmas 1951, Los Angeles: a city where the police are as corrupt as the criminals. Six prisoners are beaten senseless in their cells by cops crazed on alcohol. For the three LAPD detectives involve…
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Vengeance is Mine (Mike Hammer, #3)
3.67 avg. rating
· 822 Ratings
He was a nice guy. Now he's dead. That's all Hammer knows about the stiff in the hotel room. But that isn't enough because Hammer suspects murder while the cops are calling it a suicide. Without a lic…
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The Big Knockover: Selected Stories and Short Novels
Short, thick-bodied, mulishly stubborn, and indifferent to physical pain, Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough-guy detectives. He is also the hero of most of th…
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My Gun Is Quick (Mike Hammer #2)
3.68 avg. rating
· 821 Ratings
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"Н" като нож
4.35 avg. rating
· 23 Ratings
- Неизплатената сметка от Ал Райт
- „Н“ като нож от Лорънс Трийт
- Подслушвачът от Рон Гуларт
- Сърбай каквото си дробил от Фредърик Небъл
- Репортер от Ърл Стенли Гарднър
- Мъката на лешояда от…
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The Barbarous Coast (Lew Archer #6)
3.88 avg. rating
· 869 Ratings
Private investigator Lew Archer's pursuit of a girl who jackknifed too suddenly from high diving to high living leads him to an ex-fighter with an unexplained movie contract and a big time gambler who…
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The Zebra-Striped Hearse (Lew Archer #10)
Strictly speaking, Lew Archer is only supposed to dig up the dirt on a rich man's suspicious soon-to-be son-in-law. But in no time at all Archer is following a trail of corpses from the citrus belt to…
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The Instant Enemy (Lew Archer #14)
4.01 avg. rating
· 555 Ratings
Lew Archer is back, careening down the bloody trail of women who were beaten to death, a murdered cop, and a dead hobo who is the key to a 15-year-old family secret that won't die. "(The) American pri…
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The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom (Perry Mason, #33)
When a wealthy man's quickie Mexican divorce lands him in a financial tug-of-war with his fortune-hunting wife, Perry Mason is caught in the middle. But a bullet takes the former Mrs. out of the game-…
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