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4.09 avg. rating
· 461 Ratings
This jewel-like vignette from Sandra Cisneros's best-selling The House on Mango Street shows, through simple, intimate portraits, the diversity among us.

A Dragonfly Book in English and Spanish.

A Paren…
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The Piano Teacher
3.63 avg. rating
· 6471 Ratings
The Piano Teacher, the most famous novel of Elfriede Jelinek, who was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in Literature, is a shocking, searing, aching portrait of a woman bound between a repressive society …
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Esperanza Rising
4.01 avg. rating
· 89790 Ratings
Esperanza thought she'd always live with her family on their ranch in Mexico--she'd always have fancy dresses, a beautiful home, and servants. But a sudden tragedy forces Esperanza and Mama to flee to…
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Martin Luther King Jr. (Volume 33) (Little People, BIG DREAMS, 33)
In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Martin Luther King Jr., the inspiring minister and civil rights activi…
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Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

As the sun sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight.

One by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work a…
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I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
Perfect Mexican daughters do not go away to college. And they do not move out of their parents’ house after high school graduation. Perfect Mexican daughters never abandon their family.

But Julia is n…
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Inheritance: A Visual Poem
4.51 avg. rating
· 2315 Ratings
They tell me to "fix" my hair.

And by fix, they mean straighten, they mean whiten;

but how do you fix this shipwrecked

history of hair?

In her most famous spoken-word poem, author of the Pura Belpr-winni…
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Tar Beach
4.14 avg. rating
· 8662 Ratings
Ringgold recounts the dream adventure of eight-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot, who flies above her apartment-building rooftop, the 'tar beach' of the title, looking down on 1939 Harlem.

Part autobio…
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Where Are You From?
4.38 avg. rating
· 1262 Ratings
In which a girl who is asked where she's really from turns to her abuelo for the answer.
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Goa: A Daughter's Story
4.10 avg. rating
· 20 Ratings
In December 1961, Indian troops marched into Goa putting an end to over 450 years of Portuguese rule, the longest spell of colonialism on the subcontinent, and Goa became part of the Indian union. In …
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A Raisin in the Sun
3.83 avg. rating
· 75550 Ratings
"Never before, in the entire history of the American theater, has so much of the truth of black people's lives been seen on the stage," observed James Baldwin shortly before A Raisin in the Sun opened…
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When I Was Puerto Rican
4.05 avg. rating
· 9981 Ratings
Esmeralda Santiago's story begins in rural Puerto Rico, where her childhood was full of both tenderness and domestic strife, tropical sounds and sights as well as poverty. Growing up, she learned the …
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The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World
The popular comedian and outspoken star of The View offers a humorous, alphabetical guide to the rise of Donald Trump.
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Extracts From: The Second Sex
4.15 avg. rating
· 1719 Ratings
Vintage Feminism: classic feminist texts in short form

When this book was first published in 1949 it was to outrage and scandal. Never before had the case for female liberty been so forcefully and succ…
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Maisy at Home: A First Words Book
3.59 avg. rating
· 49 Ratings
We're keeping tabs on Maisy! Explore the many things in her world with this tabbed board book that babies and toddlers will love.

Wondering what toys Maisy likes to play with at home? Just look for the…
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Happy Hippo, Angry Duck
4.26 avg. rating
· 2788 Ratings
Bestselling author Sandra Boynton’s board book tackles the concept of moods with her charming, trademark sense of humor.

Clever animals exemplify a wide range of emotions in this hilarious story about …
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Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses
4.23 avg. rating
· 425 Ratings
An adorable English/Spanish bilingual eBook that proves that love is the same in every language.

Read-Aloud functionality [where available]

Book Description:
Everyone has kisses for Baby, from M…
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Blue Hat, Green Hat
4.22 avg. rating
· 10869 Ratings
Three earnest animals and one misguided turkey learn about colors, clothes, and getting dressed in this Sandra Boynton classic board book.

This whimsical first concept book, featuring a delightful read…
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My First Day and Night
3.19 avg. rating
· 16 Ratings
This board book for babies introduces the first concepts of time with familiar events that structure a child's day, week, month, and year. My First Day & Night brings recognizable images and clear wor…
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I Hate my Curly Hair
4.43 avg. rating
· 56 Ratings
I tug till my head's black and blue!
But nothing can tame
This wild, curly mane!

Curly haired girl does everything she can to straighten her stubborn curls-after all, everywhere she looks she sees heroin…
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My Shoes and I/MIS Zapatos Y Yo: Crossing Three Borders/Cruzando Tres Fronteras
The experiences of young migrant children traveling to the United States are poignantly portrayed in this bilingual picture book.
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Hoodoo and Voodoo: Secrets of Folk Magic, Rootwork, Witchcraft, Mojo, Conjuration, Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo (Pagan Beliefs)
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Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit
3.53 avg. rating
· 314 Ratings
The greatest hero of the new generation returns in an all-new solo adventure! After an explosion of interdimensional proportions at her cousin’s lab, Kamala Khan suddenly has a doppelgänger to deal wi…
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American Born Chinese
3.89 avg. rating
· 83176 Ratings
All Jin Wang wants is to fit in. When his family moves to a new neighborhood, he suddenly finds that he's the only Chinese American student at his school. Jocks and bullies pick on him constantly, and…
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How the García Girls Lost Their Accents
3.66 avg. rating
· 22356 Ratings
Uprooted from their family home in the Dominican Republic, the four Garcia sisters - Carla, Sandra, Yolanda, and Sofia - arrive in New York City in 1960 to find a life far different from the genteel e…
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