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The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New, 1950-1984
'Rich's writing has always lifted her naturally toward a unifying transcendental vision, a dream, but a dream simultaneously wrenched and weighted by its moral embodiment, called by her at different s…
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The Children
3.91 avg. rating
· 285 Ratings
Retired people are like nuclear power stations. They like to live by the sea.

Two retired nuclear scientists in an isolated cottage by the sea as the world around them crumbles. Then an old friend arri…
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4.29 avg. rating
· 244 Ratings
Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime…
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4.20 avg. rating
· 2922 Ratings
Winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

“A powerhouse drama. . . . Lynn Nottage’s beautiful, hideous and unpretentiously important play [is] a shattering, intimate journey into faraway news reports…
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Appropriate and Other Plays
4.31 avg. rating
· 59 Ratings
"The deftly crafted blend of shocking exaggeration and believability, politeness and fury...makes Appropriate land with th ekind of thump you rarely encounter in the theater."—Chicago Tribune

"So energ…
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Women, Race & Class
4.55 avg. rating
· 17949 Ratings
From one of our most important scholars and civil rights activist icon, a powerful study of the women’s liberation movement and the tangled knot of oppression facing Black women.

"Angela Davis is herse…
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Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness, #4)
4.25 avg. rating
· 82224 Ratings
From Tamora Pierce, the final book in the Song of the Lioness Quartet, honored with the Margaret A. Edwards Award.

Having achieved her dream of becoming the first female knight errant, Alanna of Trebon…
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The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness, #3)

"Let her prove herself worthy as a man."

Newly knighted, Alanna of Trebond seeks adventure in the vast desert of Tortall. Captured by fierce desert dwellers, she is forced to prove herself in a duel …

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But What If We're Wrong? Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past
We live in a culture of casual certitude. This has always been the case, no matter how often that certainty has failed. Though no generation believes there’s nothing left to learn, every generation un…
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Shit Cassandra Saw
3.95 avg. rating
· 2022 Ratings
Margaret Atwood meets Buffy in these funny, warm, and furious stories of women at their breaking points, from Hellenic times to today.

Cassandra may have seen the future, but it doesn't mean she's resi…
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In the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness, #2)
Disguised as a boy, Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire, to none other than the prince of the realm. But Prince Jonathan is much more to Alanna; he is her ally, her best friend, and one of the few who …
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The Last True Poets of the Sea
3.97 avg. rating
· 6171 Ratings
The Larkin family isn't just lucky—they persevere. At least that's what Violet and her younger brother, Sam, were always told. When the Lyric sank off the coast of Maine, their great-great-great-grand…
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3.71 avg. rating
· 11464 Ratings
Against the backdrop of the Korean War, a young man faces life’s unimagined chances and terrifying consequences.

It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War. A studious, law-abiding, inten…
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Dream Stuff: Stories
3.71 avg. rating
· 210 Ratings
Here are nine haunting stories from the award-winning author of Remembering Babylon, in which history and geography, as well as the past and the present, combine and often collide, illuminating the la…
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Call Us What We Carry
4.41 avg. rating
· 10217 Ratings
Formerly titled The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, Amanda Gorman’s remarkable new collection reveals an energizing and unforgettable voice in American poetry. Call Us What We Carry is Gorman at her fi…
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The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde
4.42 avg. rating
· 2998 Ratings
"These are poems which blaze and pulse on the page."—Adrienne Rich "The first declaration of a black, lesbian feminist identity took place in these poems, and set the terms—beautifully, forcefully—for…
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Time Is a Mother
4.16 avg. rating
· 5740 Ratings
In this deeply intimate second poetry collection, Ocean Vuong searches for life among the aftershocks of his mother's death, embodying the paradox of sitting within grief while being determined to sur…
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Alanna: The First Adventure (Song of the Lioness, #1)
From now on I'm Alan of Trebond, the younger twin. I'll be a knight.

And so young Alanna of Trebond begins the journey to knighthood. Though a girl, Alanna has always craved the adventure and daring al…
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Night Sky with Exit Wounds
4.23 avg. rating
· 21971 Ratings
Ocean Vuong's first full-length collection aims straight for the perennial "big"—and very human—subjects of romance, family, memory, grief, war, and melancholia. None of these he allows to overwhelm h…
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Armageddon in Retrospect: And Other New and Unpublished Writings on War and Peace
To be published on the first anniversary of Kurt Vonnegut's death, Armageddon in Retrospect is a collection of twelve new and unpublished writings on war and peace, imbued with Vonnegut's trademark ru…
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4.37 avg. rating
· 4269 Ratings
A beautiful, arresting short story by Toni Morrison--the only one she ever wrote--about race and the relationships that shape us through life, with an introduction by Zadie Smith.

Twyla and Roberta…
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The Jasmine Throne (Burning Kingdoms, #1)
4.20 avg. rating
· 8818 Ratings
Author of Empire of Sand and Realm of Ash Tasha Suri's The Jasmine Throne, beginning a new trilogy set in a world inspired by the history and epics of India, in which a captive princess and a maidserv…
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The Swimmer
4.03 avg. rating
· 2974 Ratings
"He was not a practical joke nor was he a fool but he was determinedly original and had a vague and modest idea of himself as a legendary figure."

Neddy Merrill decides to swim home from a friend's…
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Going Postal (Discworld, #33; Moist von Lipwig, #1)
Arch-swindler Moist Van Lipwig never believed his confidence crimes were hanging offenses - until he found himself with a noose tightly around his neck, dropping through a trapdoor, and falling into..…
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The Wee Free Men (Discworld, #30; Tiffany Aching, #1)
Librarian's Note: For an alternate cover edition of the same ISBN, click here.

"Another world is colliding with this one," said the toad. "All the monsters are coming back."

"Why?" said Tiffany.

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4.29 avg. rating
· 8589 Ratings
Mary Oliver, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, celebrates love in her new collection of poems  

“If I have any secret stash of poems, anywhere, it might be about love, not anger,” Mary Oliver once said in …
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The New Negro
4.11 avg. rating
· 773 Ratings
From the man known as the father of the Harlem Renaissance comes a powerful, provocative, and affecting anthology of writers who shaped the Harlem Renaissance movement and who help us to consider the …
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Exile and the Kingdom
3.93 avg. rating
· 8189 Ratings
These six stories, written at the height of Camus' artistic powers, all depict people at decisive, revelatory moments in their lives. Translated from the French by Justin O'Brien.

The six works feature…
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Joe Cinque's Consolation: A True Story of Death, Grief and the Law
In October 1997, a clever young law student at ANU made a bizarre plan to murder her devoted boyfriend after a dinner party at their house. Some of the dinner guests – most of them university st…
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Signs and Symbols (Stories of Vladimir Nabokov)
"For the fourth time in as many years they were confronted with the problem of what birthday present to bring a young man who was incurably deranged in his mind..."

Signs and Symbols is a short sto…
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3.60 avg. rating
· 5647 Ratings
Lope con esta obra aparece como el escritor que descubre al pueblo como personaje colectivo que actúa en escena de una manera conjunta.

La obra se interpreta como el levantamiento del pueblo en su reb…
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