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Baby Be-Bop (Weetzie Bat, #5)
4.06 avg. rating
· 2325 Ratings
Everyone has a story to tell ...

Dirk McDonald's life was almost perfect. He lived with this grandmother, Fifi, in a beautiful gingerbread cottage in Hollywood. He had the beach, and his surfboard, and…
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Fear of Flying
3.46 avg. rating
· 15780 Ratings
Bored with her marriage, a psychoanalyst’s wife embarks on a wild, life-changing affair

After five years, Isadora Wing has come to a crossroads in her marriage: Should she and her husband stay together…
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The Ghost Tree
3.80 avg. rating
· 1437 Ratings
When people go missing in the sleepy town of Smith's Hollow, the only clue to their fate comes when a teenager starts having terrifying visions, in a chilling horror novel from national bestselling au…
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101 Exercises for the Soul: Divine Workout Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit
In this follow-up to 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Dr. Bernie Siegel uses his trademark humor and insight to guide readers toward self-healing and an inspired life. He presents himself as a workout …
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The Midnight Witness (Louise Rick #1)
3.34 avg. rating
· 938 Ratings
Sara Blaedel returns with another thrilling novel in her series featuring homicide detective Louise Rick--a strong-willed police investigator perfect for readers of Lisa Gar…
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I Heard the Owl Call My Name
3.98 avg. rating
· 5244 Ratings
In a world that knows too well the anguish inherent in the clash of old ways and new lifestyles, Margaret Craven's classic and timeless story of a young man's journey into the Pacific Northwest is as …
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Alle fugler
4.36 avg. rating
· 14 Ratings
Det fins stier og fugler der inne.
Det fins osp og bjørk som rammer oss inn med løvverk og lysende blader.
Og der inne under buskene vil ordene prøve å kysse deg med sine doble munner og ta på deg med b…
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You're Not Crazy - You're Codependent.
If your life has been affected by addiction (yours or someone else's), abuse, trauma or toxic shaming, you may also be struggling with another invisible problem - codependency. Without you even being …
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Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day
From the acclaimed author of the perennial favorite Boundaries, Where to Draw the Line is a practical guide to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in many different situations.

With every e…
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How To Be Successful By Being Yourself: The Surprising Truth About Turning Fear and Doubt into Confidence and Success

Everything you need, to achieve anything you want, you already have within you
Welcome to a truly unique book, an interactive experience that will change your life in whatever way you want, just by re…

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Mannen som elsket Yngve (Jarle Klepp, #1)
Romanen handler om et stort dilemma for bokas hovedperson - en tenåring som går i andreklassen i Stavanger.

Sammen med kompisen Helge og kjæresten Katrine utgjør Jarle Klepp den tøffeste gjengen på sko…
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Panic Attacks: What they are, why the happen, and what you can do about them [2016 Revised Edition]
The bible for people who experience panic-attacks, this new edition, released in 2016, has been updated to include the latest research findings.

‘Panic Attacks became my bible. It explained how to face…
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When Strangers Meet: How People You Don't Know Can Transform You
Discover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don’t know—how these beautiful interruptions can change you, and the world we share.

When Strangers Meet argues for…
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Pietr the Latvian (Maigret #1)
3.45 avg. rating
· 3137 Ratings
A gripping new translation of the first novel in the famous Inspector Maigret series. What he sought, and what he waited and watched out for, was the crack in the wall. In other words, the instant whe…
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Love Smart: Find the One You Want--Fix the One You Got
In Love Smart: Find the One You Want -- Fix the One You Got, bestselling author Dr. Phil tells people who are dissatisfied with their love lives to stop making excuses and start taking action.

You dese…
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Jeg vet ikke helt hva det er
3.69 avg. rating
· 95 Ratings
Det føles rart. Alt vugger. Jeg lener meg forover og faller ned på gulvet. Dette er første reaksjonen hovedpersonen i Silje Bergum Kinstens debutroman, Jeg vet ikke helt hva det er, får på en av roman…
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3.91 avg. rating
· 1934 Ratings
Snøsøsteren er nominert til ARK barnebokpris 2018 – en litterær pris som deles ut til årets beste barnebok.

En rørende historie fra suksessforfatteren Maja Lunde med illustrasjoner av Lisa Aisato.

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The judge's wife
3.99 avg. rating
· 3760 Ratings
With her whole life ahead of her, beautiful young Grace's world changes forever when she's married off to a much older judge. Soon, feeling lonely and neglected, Grace meets and falls in love with an …
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Panikattacken und andere Angststörungen loswerden: Wie die Hirnforschung hilft, Angst und Panik für immer zu besiegen
»Ein Großteil aller Traumata, Neurosen, Phobien und Angststörungen kann in weniger als 10 Sitzungen vollständig aufgelöst werden.« Klaus Bernhardt
Der Angstexperte Klaus Bernhardt stellt die hierzuland…
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Du dør ikke
3.98 avg. rating
· 256 Ratings
Eva lever et forholdsvis normalt, gjenkjennelig og godt liv. Jobb, egen leilighet, nye og gamle venner og så videre. Ingen grunn til bekymring, ytre sett. Men så en dag, på baderomsgulvet, får hun et …
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Menn i min situasjon
3.57 avg. rating
· 487 Ratings
Keiner schreibt über private Katastrophen so ddiskret und behutsam wie Per Petterson - sein bestes Buch nach "Pferde stehlen"

Arvid Jansens Ehe ist gescheitert, seine Frau mit den drei Töchtern auf und…
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Small Pleasures
4.13 avg. rating
· 307 Ratings
So often, we exhaust ourselves and the planet in a search for very large pleasures – while all around us lies a wealth of small pleasures, which – if only we paid more attention – could daily bring us…
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Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays
J. K. Rowling achieved astounding commercial success with her series of novels about Harry Potter, the boy-wizard who finds out about his magical powers on the morning of his eleventh birthday. The bo…
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Reading Harry Potter Again: New Critical Essays
As was argued in Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Praeger, 2003), interpreting the underlying messages and themes of the Harry Potter series is vital for understanding the ways in which we perce…
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J.R.R. Tolkien: Myth, Morality, and Religion
Here is an in-depth look at the role myth, mortality, and religion play in J.R.R. Tolkien's works such as The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion--including Tolkien's private letters a…
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Death at Wentwater Court (Daisy Dalrymple, #1)
This first installment of a cozy mystery series transports listeners back to the bygone era of 1923 Britain, where unflappable flapper and fledgling journalist Daisy Dalrymple daringly embarks on her …
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Seeking Whom He May Devour (Commissaire Adamsberg, #2)
In this frightening and surprising novel, the eccentric,wayward genius of Commissaire Adamsberg is pitted against the deep-rooted mysteries of one Alpine village's history and a very present problem: …
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When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress
In this accessible and groundbreaking book--filled with the moving stories of real people--medical doctor and bestselling author Gabor Maté shows that emotion and psychological stress play a powerful …
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Looking Glass (The Chronicles of Alice)
In four new novellas, Christina Henry returns to the universe she created for Alice and Red Queen, where magic runs more freely than anyone suspects, but so do secrets and blood.

Lovely Creature
In the …
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L'homme aux cercles bleus (Commissaire Adamsberg, #1)
Depuis quatre mois, des cercles bleus surgissent la nuit, tracés à la craie sur les trottoirs de Paris. Au centre de ces cercles, un débris, un déchet, un objet : trombone, bougie, pince à épiler, yao…
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