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Eastern Standard Tribe
3.50 avg. rating
· 3265 Ratings
A comedy of loyalty, betrayal, sex, madness, and music-swapping

Art is an up-and-coming interface designer, working on the management of data flow along the Massachusetts Turnpike. He's doing the best …
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The Palace (Simon Riske, #3)
3.86 avg. rating
· 294 Ratings
In his greatest challenge yet, international spy Simon Riske must face a ring of ruthless masterminds and foil a plot with global implications as he becomes the world's most wanted man.

Life is good fo…
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The Kaiser's Web (Cotton Malone, #16)
4.26 avg. rating
· 1800 Ratings
In New York Times bestseller Steve Berry’s latest Cotton Malone adventure, a secret dossier from a World War II-era Soviet spy comes to light containing information that, if proven true, would not onl…
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Chasing Cosby: The Downfall of America's Dad
The definitive account of Bill Cosby's transition from revered father figure to convicted criminal, told by a veteran crime reporter and former senior writer for People magazine

Bill Cosby's decades-l…
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Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam
Zainab Salbi was eleven years old when her father was chosen to be Saddam Hussein's personal pilot and her family's life was grafted onto his. Her mother, the beautiful Alia, taught her daughter the s…
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On Pandemics: Deadly Diseases from Bubonic Plague to Coronavirus
Authored by a leading epidemiologist, this engrossing book answers our questions about animal diseases that jump to humans -- called zoonoses -- including what attracts them to us, why they have becom…
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AOC: The Fearless Rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and What It Means for America
With a preface by Keegan-Michael Key. Seventeen writers explore the multiple meanings of a young Latina politician who has already made history. From the moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat a ten-ter…
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PANDEMIC HISTORY: The Worst Pandemics That Changed History
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टाटायन [Tatayan]
The Tatas is the story of one of India's leading business families. It starts in the nineteenth century with Nusserwanji Tata - a middle-class Parsi priest from the village of Navsari in Gujarat, and …
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Another Bloody Century: Future Warfare
3.87 avg. rating
· 119 Ratings
How the wars of the near future will be fought and who will win them

Many nations, peoples and special interest groups believe that violence will advance their cause. Warfare has changed greatly since …
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Ink and Shadows (Secret, Book, & Scone Society, #4)
Controversy erupts in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, when the owner of the local bookstore tries to play peacekeeper—but winds up playing detective instead...

Nora Pennington is known for her window …
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Ill Fares the Land
4.05 avg. rating
· 2621 Ratings
Something is profoundly wrong with the way we think about how we should live today.

In Ill Fares The Land, Tony Judt, one of our leading historians and thinkers, reveals how we have arrived at our pres…
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Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat
Farm animals have been disappearing from our fields as the production of food has become a global industry. We no longer know for certain what is entering the food chain and what we are eating – as th…
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The Prisoner in His Palace: Saddam Hussein, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid
In the haunting tradition of In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s Song, this remarkably insightful and surprisingly intimate portrait of Saddam Hussein lifts away the top layer of a dictator’s evil and…
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Murder At The Palace (Movie Palace Mystery #1)
Welcome to the Palace movie theater! Now Showing: Philandering husbands, ghostly sidekicks, and a murder or two.

When Nora Paige's movie-star husband leaves her for his latest co-star, she flees Hollyw…
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Murder in the Balcony (A Movie Palace Mystery #2)
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The Deep
3.80 avg. rating
· 14276 Ratings
The water-breathing descendants of African slave women tossed overboard have built their own underwater society—and must reclaim the memories of their past to shape their future in this brilliantly im…
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Thicker Than Water
4.20 avg. rating
· 1670 Ratings
From the hero whistleblower of the infamous Theranos scam, Thicker than Water is a look at never-before-revealed details behind closed doors at the company, revealing a cautionary tale of corporate bu…
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Culture Warlords: My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy
Talia Lavin is every skinhead’s worst nightmare: a loud and unapologetic Jewish woman, acerbic, smart, and profoundly antiracist, with the investigative chops to expose the tactics and ideologies of o…
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Vertical Run
3.93 avg. rating
· 2047 Ratings
You think YOU had a killer workday. . .
Get ready for the FASTEST thriller of the summer!
Each morning in his 45th floor executive office, David Elliot savors the quiet moments until the workday begins…
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3.68 avg. rating
· 164 Ratings
A tense, powerful thriller from the bestselling author of Six Four

1985. Kazumasa Yuuki, a seasoned reporter at the North Kanto Times, runs a daily gauntlet of the power struggles and office politics t…
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Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience During World War II
On the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor comes a harrowing and enlightening look at the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II— from National Book Award finalist Albert Mar…
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TED Talks
3.00 avg. rating
· 8 Ratings
Are you looking to give a memorable and inspiring TED Talk? TED Talks are popular for a reason -- they captivate, inspire, and take the listener on an emotional journey. Even if you're not preparing t…
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3.41 avg. rating
· 2675 Ratings
The stories in Emma Cline’s stunning first collection consider the dark corners of human experience, exploring the fault lines of power between men and women, parents and children, past and present. A…
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City of Scoundrels (Counterfeit Lady, #3)
Elizabeth Miles finds herself in a position no con can help her escape. Her beloved fiancé, Gideon Bates, is awaiting his turn in the draft to fight in the Great War. Elizabeth is finding it hard to t…
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A History of What Comes Next (Take Them to the Stars, #1)
Showing that truth is stranger than fiction, Sylvain Neuvel weaves a scfi thriller reminiscent of Blake Crouch and Andy Weir, blending a fast moving, darkly satirical look at 1940s rocketry with an ex…
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Atmosphæra Incognita
3.93 avg. rating
· 886 Ratings
For more than two decades, Neal Stephenson has been the reigning master of the epic fictional narrative. His vast, intellectually rigorous books have ranged in setting from the distant past (The Baroq…
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The Missing American (Emma Djan Investigation #1)
Accra private investigator Emma Djan's first missing persons case will lead her to the darkest depths of the email scams and fetish priests in Ghana, the world's Internet capital.

When her dreams of r…
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Sontag: Her Life and Work
4.14 avg. rating
· 630 Ratings
The definitive portrait of one of the American Century’s most towering intellectuals: her writing and her radical thought, her public activism and her hidden private face

No writer is as emblematic of …
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Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex
Harvard Professor Abraham Morgentaler, MD, offers a rare view into the secret world of his patients, providing a startling new perspective on men, sex, and relationships

What really drives men to do wh…
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Set My Heart to Five
3.80 avg. rating
· 458 Ratings
A delightfully entertaining, deceptively poignant debut novel about a humanlike bot named Jared, whose emotional awakening leads him on an unforgettable quest for connection, belonging and possibly ev…
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