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Beware the Fish! (MacDonald Hall, #3)
4.19 avg. rating
· 1457 Ratings
Macdonald High is having some serious cash flow problems. Everything is being cut back - evening snack is gone, the lab equipment is decrepit and the dorms are freezing at night. Worst of all, Bruno W…
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Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives
Who are the men committing the rising number of serial homicides in the U.S. -- and why do they kill? The increase in these violent crimes over the past decade has created an urgent need for more and …
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The Anatomy of Motive: The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Explores the Key to Understanding and Catching Violent Criminals
From legendary FBI profiler John Douglas and Mark Olshaker -- authors of the nonfiction international bestsellers Mindhunter, Journey into Darkness, and Obsession -- comes an unprecedented, insightful…
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The I-5 Killer
3.99 avg. rating
· 5882 Ratings
As a young man, Randall Woodfield had it all--a star athlete, good looks, and an award-winning student. Working in the swinging West Coast bar scene, he had more than his share of women. But he wanted…
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Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe
Putting this powerful message into print for the first time, visionary pastor Louie Giglio and songwriter Matt Redman team up to write a heart-stirring book about the mysteries of God’s creation. Inde…
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Airborn (Matt Cruse, #1)
4.17 avg. rating
· 21436 Ratings
Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a huge airship that sails hundreds of feet above the ocean, ferrying wealthy passengers from city to city. It is the life Matt's always wanted; convinced he's …
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Grayling's Song
3.22 avg. rating
· 517 Ratings
Like all Karen Cushman's gorgeous novels, "Grayling s Song"delves into the past to let us know what we must ask of our future. Lena DunhamIt s time for Grayling to be a hero. Her mother, a wise woman …
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The Cremation of Sam McGee
4.34 avg. rating
· 785 Ratings
In 1986 Kids Can Press published an edition of Robert Service's "The Cremation of Sam McGee" illustrated by painter Ted Harrison, who used his signature broad brushstrokes and unconventional choice of…
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O Canada
4.24 avg. rating
· 21 Ratings
"O Canada" was first heard in 1880, but it was not until 100 years later that it became Canada's official national anthem. In this, the first illustrated edition of "O Canada," acclaimed Canadian pain…
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The Black Notebook
4.34 avg. rating
· 59 Ratings
Fans of Becky Albertalli and Rainbow Rowell are lining up to get The Black Notebook!

Trust is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s great to be trusted by your friends, but when practically the entire school - …
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The Call of Earth (Homecoming, #2)
3.57 avg. rating
· 10345 Ratings
As Harmony's Oversoul grows weaker, a great warrior has arisen to challenge its bans. His name is Moozh, and he has won control of an army using forbidden technology. now he is aiming his soldiers at …
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The Empress of Salt and Fortune (The Singing Hills Cycle #1)
Librarian's note: This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN: B07VH6Y4JD.

With the heart of an Atwood tale and the visuals of a classic Asian period drama The Empress of Salt and Fortune is a tightly …
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4.21 avg. rating
· 12474 Ratings
For love of country, for love of maiden, for love of freedom ... he became the hammer and scourge of England.

In one of history's darkest hours there arose from humble beginnings a man of courage and h…
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A Mutiny in Time (Infinity Ring, #1)
3.75 avg. rating
· 5962 Ratings
Scholastic's next multi-platform mega-event begins here! History is broken, and three kids must travel back in time to set it right!

When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera Froste stumble upon the secret…
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The Rule of Three (The Rule of Three, #1)
One shocking afternoon, computers around the globe shut down in a viral catastrophe. At sixteen-year-old Adam Daley's high school, the problem first seems to be a typical electrical outage, until stud…
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A Moment of Gray
4.78 avg. rating
· 9 Ratings
The most recognizable symptom of depression is sadness, but does that mean depression and sadness are the same thing? When 17 year old Adeline Gray is forced to attend group counseling to receive the …
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Duncan's War (Crown and Covenant, #1)
4.02 avg. rating
· 733 Ratings
Young Duncan M'Kethe finds himself caught in the web of Sir James Turner, the former Covenanter turned military leader of the persecutors. Duncan is torn by his hatred of Turner's Dragoons, who have t…
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Bedknob and Broomstick
4.06 avg. rating
· 9167 Ratings
In The Magic Bedknob, Carey, Charles and Paul 6 find prim Miss Price injured by falling off her broomstick. For their silence, she bespells a bedknob to carry them where-ever and when-ever. In Bonfire…
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Alice (The Wanderland Chronicles, #1)
3.75 avg. rating
· 147 Ratings
Alice Carroll hardly remembers life before the plague. When the undead first crawled from their graves, it was like a nightmare. When they killed her mother, the nightmare became shockingly real. Now …
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Gravity (The Taking, #1)
3.79 avg. rating
· 7712 Ratings
In the future, only one rule will matter:

Don’t. Ever. Peek.

Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed — arrogant Jackson Locke, t…
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Alexandria of Africa (Alexandria of Africa #1)
For Alexandria Hyatt having a fabulous life is easy: she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Being glamorous and rich is simply what she was born to be. When Alexandria is arrested for s…
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The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story
Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever! And it features a captivating, up-to-date artwork style—making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture. 
The Action Bible presents 215 fas…
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Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food
The fully updated and revised edition of Baby-led Weaning is a practical and authoritative guide to introducing solid food, enabling your child to grow up a happy and confident eater. It shows parents…
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DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 5: Out of The Bottle (DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novels #5)
Harley Quinn is center stage in the newest volume of the DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel series, DC SUPER HERO GIRLS VOL. 5: OUT OF THE BOTTLE!

For an assignment in Ms. June Moone’s art class, the gi…
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Thank God I'm Fired
3.71 avg. rating
· 302 Ratings
What do you do when you think you are trapped in the wrong job? Leave the job and do what you love. Simple, isn’t it? But what if you neither have the guts to leave the job nor know what you love to d…
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Defy (Murder of Crows Book 1)
3.67 avg. rating
· 15 Ratings
Raven lives in the Conurbation, a society where, at the age of seventeen, Defects like her are killed at seventeen. This is part of a government program designed to root out rebellion before it has th…
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If She Only Knew (The Cahills #1)
3.88 avg. rating
· 6002 Ratings

Not only has Marla Cahill survived a deadly car accident, but her beautiful features have been restored through plastic surgery. She should be grateful. Instead, she's co…
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A Radiant Womb
4.31 avg. rating
· 13 Ratings
Haiku in 2 sections: "As Above" and "So Below"

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All About Sam (Sam Krupnik, #1)
3.86 avg. rating
· 1304 Ratings
Everyone knows Sam Krupnik. He's Anastasia's pesty but lovable younger brother.

This is Sam's big chance to tell things exactly the way he sees them.  He has his own ideas about haircuts, nursery schoo…
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Anastasia at Your Service (Anastasia Krupnik, #3)
A long, boring summer--that's what Anastasia has to look forward to when her best friend goes off to camp. She's thrilled when old Mrs. Bellingham answers her ad for a job as a Lady's Companion. Anast…
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My Friend the Enemy
4.17 avg. rating
· 594 Ratings
Summer, 1941. For Peter in rural Britain, the war is a long way away, being fought by a faceless enemy. Until the night a German plane is shot down over woods that his missing dad looked after before …
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