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To Reign in Hell
3.92 avg. rating
· 3237 Ratings
The time is the Beginning. The place is Heaven. The story is the Revolt of the Angels—a war of magic, corruption and intrigue that could destroy the universe.

To Reign in Hell was Stephen Brust's seco…
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The Shining Court (The Sun Sword, #3)
4.17 avg. rating
· 1437 Ratings

those allied with the demons of the Shining Court feared the bargain they'd made. For to the kialli betrayal was a way of life, and every action was a means to gain greater power. An…
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The Bone Sword
3.67 avg. rating
· 72 Ratings
Deserter on the run Malik emerges from the swamps of Plaiden seeking only shelter, food, and the time necessary to take the chill from his bones. But after a barroom brawl lands him in trouble with th…
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To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Riverworld, #1)
To Your Scattered Bodies Go is the Hugo Award-winning beginning to the story of Riverworld, Philip José Farmer's unequaled tale about life after death. When famous adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burto…
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The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, #5)
4.25 avg. rating
· 1118 Ratings
In the fifth novel of the Sun Sword series, acclaimed author Michelle West returns to a war-torn world of noble houses divided and demon lords unleashed...
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On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, #1)
When Zane shoots Death, he has to take the job, speeding over the world riding Mortis, his pale horse/limo, measuring souls for the exact balance of Good and Evil, sending each to Heaven or Hell inste…
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Sea of Sorrows (The Sun Sword, #4)
4.25 avg. rating
· 1200 Ratings
The ancient Powers have awakened, and new allegiances are forged. As the rightful heir of the Dominion seeks to overthrow the man who killed his entire family, the Voyani embark upon the Sea of Sorrow…
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Letters from the Earth: Uncensored Writings
Letters from the Earth is one of Mark Twain's posthumously published works. The essays were written during a difficult time in Twain's life; he was deep in debt and had lost his wife and one of his da…
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The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience and Transcendence
Setting aside the pervasive material bias of science and lifting the obscuring fog of religious sectarianism reveals a surprisingly clear unity of science and religion. The explanations of transcenden…
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The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1)
4.03 avg. rating
· 4891 Ratings
Based on the best-selling CD-ROM game, a fantasy novel fills out the lives of the game's characters, tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his father, Gehn, who wields the power to create wor…
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Fae: The Wild Hunt (Riven Wyrde Saga #1)
Faeries... The fae... The stuff of bedtime stories and fables.

But sometimes the faerie tales are true. Sometimes they are a warning...

For a hundred generations the fae have been locked away from t…
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Shalador's Lady (The Black Jewels, #8)
4.34 avg. rating
· 9497 Ratings
Return to the "intense...erotic...and imaginative" world of the national bestselling Black Jewels novels with this sequel to The Shadow Queen. In Anne Bishop's "vividly painted" realm, witches and war…
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Warlord (Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade, #3)
Marla Wolfblade is reeling from the loss of her closest confidant, Elizaar the Fool, who taught her the Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power, and helped shape her into a force in Hythria. But Marla's p…
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Gods in Darkness: The Complete Novels of Kane
Kane An immortal, cursed to wander the Earth until he is destroyed by the violence that he himself has created. A warrior and statesman: As comfortable in the shadowy halls of courtly intrigue as he i…
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The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed
The recent National Geographic special on the Gospel of Judas was a major media event, introducing to millions of viewers one of the most important biblical discoveries of modern times. Now, a leading…
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The Protevangelium of James (Annotated)
3.67 avg. rating
· 15 Ratings
This oldest of the extant Apocryphal Gospels claims to have been written by James (the Just) in Jerusalem. It was first published in the Latin version of Postellus in 1552. It exists in numerous Greek…
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End Times Bible Prophecy: It’s Not What They Told You
Are We Living in the Last Days?
Are you confused by all the speculation out there about the End Times?
Are you frustrated with how often the predictions fail?
Has the Left Behind interpretation…
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Jesus Before the Gospels: How the Earliest Christians Remembered, Changed, and Invented Their Stories of the Savior
The bestselling author of Misquoting Jesus, one of the most renowned and controversial Bible scholars in the world today examines oral tradition and its role in shaping the stories about Jesus we enco…
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The Good Deed
4.00 avg. rating
· 6 Ratings
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Scientology: A to Xenu: An Insider's Guide to What Scientology is Really All About
What is Scientology really? Behind the glossy logos and sleek advertisements and South Park parodies, what do Scientologists really believe and practice? Is it really a religion? Who was L. Ron Hubbar…
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The Uplift War (The Uplift Saga, #3)
4.07 avg. rating
· 24411 Ratings
David Brin's Uplift novels are among the most thrilling and extraordinary science fiction ever written. Sundiver, Startide Rising, and The Uplift War--a New York Times bestseller--together make up on…
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Strength of Stones
3.37 avg. rating
· 385 Ratings
In a theocratic world far into the future, cities control their own movements and organization. Constantly moving, growing and decaying, taking care of every need their inhabitants might think of, the…
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The Pillars of the World (Tir Alainn, #1)
3.89 avg. rating
· 7248 Ratings

The youngest in a long line of witches, Ari senses that things are changing--changing for the worse. For generations, her kin have tended the Old Places, keeping the lan…
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3.67 avg. rating
· 4919 Ratings
From his triumphant debut with Snow Crash to the stunning success of his latest novel, Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson has quickly become the voice of a generation. In this now-classic thriller, he and f…
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City of Golden Shadow (Otherland, #1)
3.92 avg. rating
· 23801 Ratings
Renie Sulaweyo, a teacher in the South Africa of tomorrow, realizes something is wrong on the network. Kids, including her brother Stephen, have logged into the net, and cannot escape. Clues point to …
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Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia

As astonishing as it is compelling - Steve Cannane's extraordinary insight into Scientology in Australia is investigative journalism at its very best.

From Rugby League players trying to improve their…

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The Escapement (Engineer Trilogy, #3)
3.87 avg. rating
· 1834 Ratings
The engineer Ziani Vaatzes engineered a war to be reunited with his family. The deaths were regrettable, but he had no choice.

Duke Valens dragged his people into the war to save the life of one woman…
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The Black Guard (The Long War, #1)
3.75 avg. rating
· 1434 Ratings
The launch of an heroic fantasy saga set in the lands of Ro, an epic landscape of mountain fortresses, vast grasslands, roiling ocean and slumbering gods.

The Black Guard is the first in a major new fa…
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The Scions of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara, #1)
Since the death of Allanon, life in the Four Lands has drastially changed. Yet Par Ohmsford still has some power of the Wishsong. And when a message from the ancient Druid, Allanon, reaches them, Par …
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Glory Season
3.74 avg. rating
· 3097 Ratings
Hugo and Nebula award-winning author David Brin is one of the most eloquent, imaginative voices in science fiction.  Now he returns with a new novel rich in texture, universal in theme, monumental in …
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The Pilgrim's Regress
3.89 avg. rating
· 6954 Ratings

The first book written by C. S. Lewis after his conversion, The Pilgrim's Regress is, in a sense, the record of Lewis s own search for meaning and spiritual satisfaction—a search that eventually led h…

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