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Unremembered #2


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Some memories are better left forgotten...

After a daring escape from the scientists at Diotech who created her, Seraphina believes she is finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await Sera and her boyfriend, Zen, at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and Sera’s extraordinary abilities make it more and more difficult to stay hidden. Meanwhile, Diotech has developed a dangerous new weapon designed to apprehend her. A weapon that even Sera will be powerless to stop. Her only hope of saving Zen’s life and defeating the company that made her is a secret buried deep within her mind. A secret that Diotech will kill to protect. And it won’t stay forgotten for long.

Packed with mystery, suspense, and romance, this riveting second installment of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered trilogy delivers more heart-pounding action as loyalties are tested, love becomes a weapon, and no one’s memories are safe.

416 pages, Hardcover

First published February 25, 2014

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About the author

Jessica Brody

50 books2,566 followers
Jessica Brody is the author of more than 20 novels for teens, tweens, and adults including The Geography of Lost Things, The Chaos of Standing Still, Amelia Gray is Almost Okay, A Week of Mondays, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, the Unremembered trilogy, and the System Divine trilogy which is a sci-fi reimagining of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, co-written with Joanne Rendell. She’s also the author of the #1 bestselling novel-writing guides, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and Save the Cat! Writes a Young Adult Novel as well as several books based on popular Disney franchises like Descendants and LEGO Disney Princess. Jessica’s books have been translated and published in over 20 languages and several have been optioned for film and television. She’s the founder of the Writing Mastery Academy and lives with her husband and three dogs near Portland, OR.

Visit her online at JessicaBrody.com or WritingMastery.com. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @JessicaBrody

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January 3, 2016
"The eternal knot.
It’s an ancient Sanskrit symbol that,according to Zen, represents the flowing of time and movement within all that is eternal.
To me it represents Zen."

It appears that this series is getting better and better.And just like Project Paper Doll,the second book in the series doesn't suffer the middle book syndrome-it's actually waaaay better than the first one.I kinda knew that things wouldn't work out ,but I didn't know that it would be that bad.Also,we're introduced to a new character,Kaelen,who I suppose will be a big part of the story in the next book.I kind of liked Kaelen and I wanted to find out what exactly is the connection between him and Sera.However,since Zen is .But the most important thing is that

Really great read,can't wait to read the last book.I have a feeling it will be messed up.


Favourite quotes:

"It occurs to me that I’ve just discovered our first similarity: it appears I can’t be trusted either."

Whoa,whoa, whoa. Back up. You disappear for nineteen years and then show up at my lab looking like you haven’t aged a day, with a comatose boy in your arms dressed like he just got back from the Renaissance Fair, and all you can say is ‘he needs help’?

"My mouth starts watering and a gurgle emanates from my stomach. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I haven’t eaten since ... well, since 1609."
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305 reviews
April 20, 2014
I dont know if you are allowed to curse on this website or in a review but I am just going to use the word duck to substitute that very strong meaningful word that i assume everyone should know.
WHAT THE DUCK? Like honestly. Okay first let me say that I loved Unremembered so much, like seriously it's one of my favorite books of all time. It was just so action-packed and filled with romance, who could not find it to be thrilling and just incredible? I get to this book and the beginning I am feeling it. I love how Zen and Sera end up in the year that they promised each other as in-scripted on the locket, 1609. I loved seeing the different scenery, and i loved seeing them live this old fashion life together as a couple. But they were troubles because Sera still could not erase her mind of the Diotech and Alixter and the memories and fear haunted her brain giving her nightmares and just making her a mess. Let me just say I loved the beginning, I couldnt wait for Zen to fulfill his promise to Sera, but it hit me so hard when he fell ill and everything changed. Her marking was revealed and they called her a witch and she was said to be burned after her obviously failed trial. That part was still good, it just hurt to read I was so upset that Zen was falling ill and I was afraid there was nothing she could do to stop it and now they were getting separated.
Okay now let me talk about Kaelen. Yeah, the guy's gorgeous, perfect and whatever but hello he is created by science? Just like Sera, of course he is going to handsome and breath-taking but I think Sera seemed to miss the whole part about him coming there to take her new memories and to use her to get the cure then drag her back to Diotech when it's all done. I think this slipped her mind a whole lot as she felt herself being drawn to him. The whole time I am basically like, "I dont like this guy. I dont like this guy. He's a fake. He's a fraud. Dont trust him." But she repeatedly felt drawn to him and I was sick of it. He was touching her forehead to extract her new memories and use them to his advantage and get the information he was sent to get from ALixter. He was using her the whole time I dont care if he somewhat changed him in the end. I dont give a duck. She is meant to be with Zen and Zen only. And with the whole fact that she was getting drawn him, like what the duck? I will return to this matter later on in this rant.
The parts I loved about this book, and there were alot of them, was her following the messages and memories that Maxxer left for here. I loved how she reunited with Cody and he was older and he had a kid and a wife! I loved that reunion so much! Definitely my favorite part to read! The whole video game thing was so cool adn realistic that I loved it sooo much! The more the story went on I began to lose hope that Zen would ever be cured. But they finally figured out that Cody was the key and they managed to get the numbers and time and place where Maxeer would be located. I loved how she was under the ocean in a submarine cool looking thing. At that point in the story, when Sera reunited wit her and all the information was spilled and brought to the table, it was soo much to take in. Like my brain was pounding and it felt like it was going to explode with information. It was alot to process but I managed to understand. She wanted Sera to become a part of some resistance group but in the end Sera refused. She just wanted the cure so it was kind of a waste of time. She went to find Rio, on the information that he is still alive and being held at the Diotech compound. I was really happy to hear and see that Rio is still alive, well unconscious but he is till breathing! I loved how he had a relationship with MAxxer and we find out that Maxxeer is Zen's mom! And all that was really cool! I loved how she found out the location of the vials of cure in Rio's memory with what his child.
So in the end she manages to get the cure but find out Alixer is there too. Kaelen ends up betraying her but not quite because although he handed over the vials, he entered a state and gave one to Cody who gave it to Zen to make him wake up! I wish we seen more of that and Zen waking up but unfortunately we didnt. So he didnt fully betray her but whatever. So then she agrees to be taken by Alixter and erased of her memory to be compliant to him and because she knows Zen is safe. And in the end she is thinking of Zen as her memory is being erased.
So now on to the part that i really ducking hate. I hate books like this where the female main character is torn between two guys and she ends up having feelings for both of them and she kisses both them. I understand some readers may find that interesting and scandalous but I ducking hate it. We are given this first book with the fact of Sera and Zen being together, their promised locket and that beautiful romance story is breath-taking. Then comes in this new character, Kaelen and I am like what the duck? I mean seriously. She constantly feels drawn to him and I understand that because we find out that they are basically the same so it's natural for them to be drawn together that it is in their DNA and she can't prevent it from happening. Yeah I get it. The fact that she removes her shirt and he removes his shirt and she is lying with her face on his bare chest is repulsing. I had a never ending flow of angry tears. Seriously. I literally shut the book and went on my own rant to myself. All i was thinking was what a cheating whore, liar and skank. I am being honest. This book destroyed me and everything I thought between Sera and Zen. Zen is way too good for her, in my eyes she is a slut, seriously, and I am so mad right now writing this review. I just cant even right now. I feel like the next book since she is drawn to Kaelen by science, its in their nature, bound to happen, that their paths will cross again even with her erased memory and she will forget about Zen and I just want to know if that happens what is the point of the first book? Zen was the one who saved her from the horrible compound, who taught her and showed her love again, who gave her a promised future and who did everything from risking his life to saving her from those evil people. And I just think all Kaelen was what he promised ALixter all along he brought her back to Diotech and basically placed her in Alixer's hands and said, "Here you go." Yeah he saved Zen but Sera will never see him again. He is trapped in that year with Cody. I just.... Im going to stop.
If anyone wants to argue, please write me! I am so heated right now by this book. Jessica Brody you are a brilliant writer, honestly but Im just so mad about how it turned out! But some people love Kaelen better than Zen and I just can't like him. Zen is the one. And now my feelings are forever changed because even if Sera ends up with Zen, I will forever remember what she did and how she cheated on Zen. He doesn't deserve and I am just so disappointed. This book made me crazy! But overall really good action and plot line just not the whole romance and relationship part between Sera and Zen and Kaelen. My final thoughts. I end my rant.
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Want to read
August 11, 2016
Since the hardcover of this book is so expensive and the book is so small, I'm waiting to get it at the library. I'll share my thoughts once I get the chance to read it. My pre-read review is below.

I am so excited for this one. I really hope we get to see more of Cody, I liked him alot. I also hope that we find out some more about Sera's past. I'm sure we will.

I'm a bit iffy with the title, but I can tolerate it. The first one seems to have a lot of hate, and I guess I understand why some people didn't like it. Still...


Unremembered Review:

Oh. My. Gosh.
I got Unremembered at a Firce Reads tour signing. I actually went to see Leigh Bardugo, but who am I to pass up on opportunity to get a signed book? I have made that mistake before, and I was not prepared to make it again. I'd entered to win Unremembered on Goodreads in the past, I thought it looked like maybe a 3 star. Worth getting, but not something amazing. But I am glad I was wrong.

In the beginning the book was interesting. Not like CRAZY, but it was pretty good. I was curious as to what was going on. I think my favorite thing about the beginning was that everyone thought it was weird that she had violet eyes. In most books everyone's just like 'And I have violet eyes and that is totally normal and you in no way should think that it's odd,' and come on... it kind of is weird. I like how everyone calls her Violet after that (I really think the description on the blurb should have used the name Violet and not Seraphina. It ruins less, but whatever).

After all of the crazy hospital stuff and the mysterious boy she swears she sees while falling asleep, we meet her new foster family. YAY... sort of... It's interesting enough. It also raises many questions about her tatoo and was she really on that plane, and math and things as time goes on. (I loved Cody, I really hope I get to see more of him later)

So, yes. So far the book is just slightly mysterious.
And then around page 150...

Epic chase! Barn! Zen! Rio! Kindergarten classroom! Ahhhhh!

And then the crzy truths start to roll in.
And, Oh. My. Gosh.
I could not believe it. I was making the craziest noises every time i learned something new. I was scared that when I finally learned what was going on that it was going to be stupid. I am so glad I was wrong. This was just awseome. And even though I didn't like the title at first, I'm okay with it now. It kind of makes sense--

But the next one... Unforgotten I mean... ehh it's okay. I guess it makes sense.

I think that this book could use about another 40 pages in it. Maybe about 20 more in the red sportscar part (around that time anyway) and then maybe another 20 pages strewn here and there. I also think that this book could have been a single book and not a series, but I still have no problem with the fact that it's not.

I also really like the cover. I usually hate it when covers give me an image of the character, but I actually didn't mind this time. It sort of gave you an image, but not a perfect one. It was good.

I also really like the concept, and I usually hate concepts because I find them to be incredibly dull and unrealistic. Of course I still think it's unrealistic in these books, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

So, in conclusion I do suggest this book. It is not perfect, but it is still VERY good. By page 150 I could not put it down. All of the craziness was driving me insane! Can't wait for the next one!
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3,323 reviews1,012 followers
July 12, 2015
3.5 stars

Unforgotten is the second book in Jessica Brody's Unremembered trilogy and picks up a couple of months after the ending of the first book. Seraphina and Zen have fled back to 1609 to escape the Diotech scientists and if they can just keep their heads down there is no way they can ever be traced. Unfortunately while Zen has settled in quite quickly Seraphina is struggling and the villagers look at her with suspicion in their eyes. When Zen becomes ill and an accident causes Seraphina to be accused of witchcraft she suddenly finds herself in more danger than ever before and she may just have to team up with the enemy if she wants to save the boy she loves.

I really enjoyed Unremembered so I was looking forward to continuing the series and seeing what happened to Seraphina next. I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, it was great to see Seraphina and Zen so happy together and I was enjoying the glimpse into the past through their eyes, everything is so different to what they were used to but neither of them cared about missing modern conveniences as long as they were together. Then Zen got ill and things started going horribly wrong, Seraphina's actions caused a record of her existence to be created which meant Diotech were able to track her down and suddenly Kaelen is on the scene. Kaelen was created by Diotech just like Seraphina and he has all of her abilities and then some so Seraphina is in deep trouble. There is something hidden deep in her memory that Diotech wants and when Kaelen promises to give Seraphina the cure Zen desperately needs she has no choice but to travel with him into the future while she tries to unlock her memories.

I hate to say it but I was disappointed by Unforgotten, it isn't a bad book and I definitely still want to finish the series but for me this just didn't quite live up to the potential of the first story. I think I was just disappointed that Seraphina and Zen were apart for so much of the story, after everything they'd been through together I wanted to see them continuing to work as a team. I definitely wasn't happy that it seemed like a convenient way to introduce Kaelen as a potential love interest, I would have been fine with him as an enemy or a potential ally but I didn't want or need a love triangle in this series. Come on authors, how many times do we have to read these trilogies where the main plot point is a love triangle? I'm so sick to death of that trope that I'm actually bored of complaining about it. It's definitely makes me wary of picking up new series and I hate that.

So if I wasn't so annoyed at the triangle I probably would have enjoyed this more, there was plenty of action, some intriguing plot twists and it was interesting to see the future the way Jessica Brody has imagined it. I'm invested in these characters enough that I want to see how things resolve themselves so I will be picking up the final book but I am now more wary about reading it and my expectations have definitely been lowered. Let's just hope that the series can end on the high note that it started with.
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1,822 reviews159 followers
January 4, 2016
Well, I'm glad we got that whole amnesia thing out of the way.

This second book in the Unremembered series starts off with a bang. We're in 1609 with Sera accused as a witch and being burned at the stake - and this after some disturbing dreams. The dreams thread through the book and become the basic line to follow in terms of the plot. This is nice because while they are at first undecipherable, they're a hint. And when they unfold into scenes that actually happen, the device works beautifully.

Sera is a much different main character in this story. She is no longer desperately trying to find out who she is; her identity was established in the first book. Now we have a focus on her relationship with Zen. That said, this installment really does center in on Sera. When Zen gets sick she goes in search of a cure, leading her to the next really interesting character, Kaelen.

I found Kaelen to be at first mysterious. He was like some kind of hit man sent to retrieve Sera. As things went along, however, he got more and more entertaining and flat out funny. The contrast between he and Sera and her observations of him were highly entertaining. That said, I thought that Kaelen gave Sera way too much leeway for a guy "programmed" to bring her back home. He seemed like a cross between a child and an assassin. It made for some interesting action.

Cody was the real surprise here. His basic personality hasn't changed at all but he's now a grownup. And like in the first book, he is highly likable. The whole geeky/smart thing really works for his character. And the bad guys are still the bad guys. Things are ambiguous enough to keep us interested; there's a lot of "why" to their villainry.

The plot does slow down in spots. There are scenes with Cody and his family when Sera is supposed to be diligently searching for answers under a time limit. These were filled with mindless sorts of activities; why is she having dinner and playing video games when Zen' condition is so desperate? While the whole Cody's family thing was necessary on some level, it did seem a bit of a plot device. The action near the end is great, especially since more secrets are revealed and terrible choices have to be made.

On audio the book is narrated by Julia Whelan. She's very good, although I don't care for her lower, "man's" voice. She does distinguish the male voices exceptionally well, though. I ended up speeding the audio to twice the normal speed and surprisingly it worked! Whelan's speaking voice was fast, but that lent itself to the characters and story extremely well, especially when Sera is being sarcastic.

Overall this second book narrowly avoided middle-book-syndrome. There is enough going on to draw us in, but there were elements that seemed to be just filler. This didn't overwhelm the story, though, making this a very enjoyable read. It works because it turns the focus of the story a different direction in terms of finding the answers to Sera. Brody has another winner here and the story holds the promise for a great ending.
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Author 8 books7,270 followers
March 17, 2014
Life in 1609 wasn’t so bad, until Zen was struck by a sudden illness and Seraphina was accused of witchcraft. Barely escaping with her life, Sera finds herself in 2032. Her rescuer? A man just like her – a creation of the power-greedy Diotech. Only he’s better than her. With Zen’s life slowly slipping way, Sera must work to find a way to save the life of the boy she loves. The problem? If she wants Zen to live, she’ll have to work with her enemy. Diotech.

Jessica Brody really knows how to write a story that can leave you breathless, sad, and amazed.

The plot in UNFORGOTTEN is much more fast-paced than the first book, and I’ll admit that this one is way better than the first book. That’s saying a lot, because I thought UNREMEMBERED was also AH-mazing.

Jessica Brody’s writing style is crisp and clean, making it easy to read and understand. Despite it being sci-fi, the scientific explanations made perfect sense and fit together perfectly the first time around – no need to re-read and bang your head over a desk. Which was a big plus. I hate having to stare at a page for so long just to understand the workings of the world.

Read Asma's Full Review Here
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532 reviews42 followers
May 18, 2020
That cliffhanger ending OMG. How people waited for the next book I don’t know. I felt that the love triangle and the romance in general was pretty underdeveloped and the plot twist with Kaelen I called pretty early on. Sera also seemed a bit stupid at times, but I got over that eventually. The second half definitely elevated it to a 4 star from a 3; I wasn’t connecting to the characters initially but I got really into it in the second half. Also, why do books about worldwide diseases follow me round at the moment?! This one was interesting though as it implied that these big wealthy people were controlling the pharmaceutical companies and created the virus. Compelling in today’s world, not as off-putting as I feared when the plot line was introduced.

Finally, I can tick off one of the longest remaining books on my TBR! As in it’s been there the longest. There are other longer books!
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240 reviews7 followers
February 14, 2014
So I was kind of meh about Unremembered, the first book in this series, when I read it last year. I liked it but didn't love it, but I was intrigued enough to want to continue with the series. If it's been a while since you read Unremembered, the book does a fairly good job at throwing in reminders about what happened previously, although it would never hurt to at least skim the previous book before moving on to this one.

I ended up enjoying Unforgotten way more than the previous book. I'm guessing this is because most of the initial worldbuilding was out of the way and the major characters were already established. This one struck a good balance between action scenes and quieter moments, and probably tipped towards more action and less exposition.

I still don't necessarily love Sera and Zen as a couple, because I still feel like they're two people who we were told were in love, but we never really saw it. I just don't feel the chemistry between them, but ultimately their relationship isn't what drew me into the book, anyway. I like his devotion to her, though, and wish we could have seen more of that firsthand rather than being told about it. Regardless, Zen's illness takes him out of the picture for a good chunk of the story, and Sera has to carry it mostly on her own. Things get interesting as she starts to unravel the many secrets of her existence and why Diotech is chasing after her this time. There's a new character who is introduced as an antagonist to Sera, who for many reasons will remind you a lot of how Sera was at the beginning of the first book, and it's interesting to see them play off of each other.

I do like that we were given a lot of answers in this book. Sci-fi type series can often draw things out for too long, leaving you unsatisfied with all the loose ends from book to book, but here, we've already started to learn the truth about Sera's origins, how she wound up in the year 2013, etc. It was a good move to start handing out more answers, even while creating more questions to be resolved in the trilogy's final installment.

While there were some aspects I found predictable -- and a few guesses I've made for the next book already -- overall I was really satisfied. Unforgotten answers many questions that you were left with from the first book, brings back some old characters, and raises the stakes for the third book. Unforgotten is a quick, easy read, thanks to Brody's brisk writing style, so it shouldn't take too much of your time.
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3,287 reviews72 followers
February 12, 2014
UNFORGOTTEN was a fast-paced, intriguing middle book in a trilogy. Sera and Zen are on the run from the evil Diotech corporation which wants to recapture her. After all, they are the ones who created her and made her beautiful, fast, smart and able to travel through time. They have escaped to England in the year 1609. And, while Zen fits in, Sera is still learning what it means to be a human with freedom and choices. However, their idyllic respite is soon threatened when the wife of the man who took them in and gave them jobs accuses Sera of witchcraft and Zen falls ill.

Sera is rescued from being burned at the stake and taken to the future - 2032, in fact. Her rescuer is also a created being like her and a programmed agent of Diotech. His name is Kaelen. Sera feels an immediate connection to him despite his connection to Diotech. His task is to help her recover some memories buried in her mind by Maxxer, a scientist who defected from Diotech and who holds secrets that Diotech wants. In 2032, Sera also connects with her foster-brother Cody who is now a scientist doing research for Diotech.

Sera is determined to follow the clues to Maxxer in order to get the cure for Zen who is dying because he was given the time travel gene. But it kills humans!

The story was action-packed as Sera searches for a way to save Zen. It also gives Sera a chance to explore what she wants in life as she tries to free herself from Diotech and live a life that lets her make choices. Right now she is stuck between two opposing forces that both want to use her to further their own agendas.

Fans of UNREMEMBERED won't want to miss this story. I can't wait for the final book in the trilogy to find out what happens next for Sera, Kaelen and Zen.
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329 reviews
July 4, 2017
( Here you go, Paige. :P)

Two things:
1) I did not absolutely loathe this book
2) I never actually finished this book.

There. Done. Okay, so I went into this book really wanting to love it. I enjoyed the first book very much, and was eager to find what would become of Sera and Zen. Well, the beginning was good. The middle not so much. And the end? I guess I'll never know.

At the beginning of the novel, Sera and Zen are staying low in 1609. That part was interesting; seeing how they coped in a world where Sera would be considered a witch. It got better when Zen fell ill and Sera was sent to trial. To make a long story short, everything was really good in the year 1609. And then Kaelen came and kidnapped Sera to the future.

Now, by this time we've nearly hit the middle of the book. Of course, Sera is frantically trying to find a cure for her beloved Zen. Kaelen is pretty much her genetically engineered soulmate, so she can barely control herself around him. (Might I say, gross?). And then we meet Older Cody and Older Cody's gorgeous wife and child. It was still good by then. And then I just couldn't stay focused on the book. I don't know- for some reason I wasn't interested anymore. I guess I was starting to feel like the book was beginning to be a bit bland. Maybe it's just me. And it very well could be! So don't let this review deter you from reading the first book, because it's a really good book. :)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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529 reviews75 followers
August 10, 2015
First of all, I can’t believe how long it took me to get to this book, and then I didn’t even read the hardcover I won from Jessica Brody herself! I went for the audiobook instead, because I knew I’d be able to listen to that much sooner, and I’m glad I did. The narrator, Julia Whelan, is one of my favorites — so, total thumbs up to the audiobook version of Unforgotten!

Coming to this book so long after reading Unremembered wasn’t even a big deal. I was able to ease right back into the story (it did help that it started with Sera and Zen in a totally new… situation). One thing I like about this series is that there is a lot of action, and we don’t always get that from YA sci-fi series. The swift pace was enjoyable, increasing the tension at just the right times, and I had a hard time pausing the story when I had to!

I enjoyed getting to know a new character, as well as seeing new facets of old favorites. There were some bits that I found bothersome, especially toward the end, and that’s why I didn’t rate this one higher. It was fun, but I think I needed a bit more explanation about some things.

Overall, I liked it and went right into the third book from this one!
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407 reviews24 followers
January 3, 2015
Much better than unremembered. Yet I am still disappointed that the author doesn't dive into her science fiction world more.

Time travel in a whole different level; one moment you're in the year 2013, then 1609, then 2032. 2115 is a time where science as succeeded in fully understand genes and DNA, where people can genetically manipulate others and where man can create human.

But alas, the author's story is about true love, blah blah blah. It's a good book, with moments where you wish more books give you a glance into the future of past characters. Yet, the authors idea and imagination of DNA is so interesting, but so little of the book.

Also, I feel that the author wants to include a story of Sera finding herself, but it's not really there. The focus is on the escape, the hiding, the searching, and the curing. It's about the loving, the soul mates not the take down and the survival. With saying that, I feel that book three will counter my beliefs of the series.

I'm very excited for the next book and hope others will enjoy this as much as I have.
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412 reviews288 followers
February 6, 2016
Avant de commencer "INOUBLIABLE", j'aurai donc dû relire la fin du tome précédent (un comble vu le titre) car ma mémoire me faisait défaut.
En ce qui concerne ce second tome, j'ai trouvé l'évolution de l'intrigue intéressante, mais trop lente et surtout si prévisible.
La forte propension de Séra à tromper ouvertement Zen avec ce grand inconnu, tout en continuant à éprouver des sentiments forts pour son grand amour, ma fortement déstabilisé (même si on a l'explication de ce comportement à la toute fin du roman).
Roman dont la résolution est assez rapide et comporte encore trop de questions. Certes il reste un tome 3, mais certains paramètres essentiels à la résolution de l'intrigue de ce tome n'ont pas totalement été clarifiés (je sens que je vais encore oublier des détails d'ici ma lecture du tome 3).

Ma chronique : http://unjour-unlivre.fr/2016/02/inou...
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2,670 reviews701 followers
October 14, 2013
Fast paced and action packed. I loved that we got some serious answers and it wasn't a filler book like some second books in a trilogy are.

The ending is a killer. It's not exactly a cliffhanger, but it definitely makes me crazy that I have to wait over a year for the last book.
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131 reviews
January 10, 2016
I didn't find this book to be near as interesting as the first book, but it did have its moments of making me curious as to what will happen next. I wouldn't call it a waste of my reading time it just could have used a little more suspense. Maybe book #3 will knock my socks off?
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Author 8 books623 followers
June 10, 2013
Fast-paced, packed with twists and surprises, unforgettable. Can't wait for the final installment in the trilogy!
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14 reviews
July 12, 2020
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419 reviews12 followers
March 10, 2018
Rolling my eyes times thousand. I don't know why these love triangles always need to happen. It isn't interesting. It's annoying. It's a bad plot to fill up empty space.
Luckily I read the blurb beforehand so I didn't need to be extremely disappointed whilst reading it, but heck, it was so annoying. The MC became this lust-filled girl who basically wanted to rip apart anyone and everything as soon as she looked at her new love interest. Even though literally one line before that, she was telling how much in love she was with her current boyfriend and she would give up the world for him. Like?????
I will never understand these type of plots.

Anyway, back to the story. Forgetting about that whole mess of a love triangle, the story was okay. It was interesting to see the original story line develop and yes, it did make me curious to read the final book. But if it's going to contain the same over horny thoughts as the second book did, that one will probably get not more than 2 stars as well.
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March 27, 2017
This one is better than the first in my opinion. The plot is just brilliant, however I still have some issues with the protagonist. She is supposed to have this higher intelligence, but she can sure make some less than smart decisions. Also, it bothers me how she jumps to the worst conclusions and spirals down with the gloom and doom when she doesn't even know for sure what the outcome is. I will say that this series keeps me reading and if not for the issues with the protagonist, I would rate it higher and I would be telling everyone to read this.
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July 1, 2021
I have not read the 1st book - this is the middle book in a trilogy. but found this one fast-paced& intriguing- romance with a love triangle - YA - Fantasy with mystery - Interesting tie in with world happenings!!
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March 23, 2014
Read the full review on Defying Impossible's Blog HERE

Characters, man! It's all about the characters for me! And Miss Jessica Brody didn't only reach my incredibly high standards for 'great characters', but even surpassed it! And that's a very hard thing to do. Because I'm picky. And negative. But whatever.

First we have the complicated Sera, who is the leading lady for our story, and I think she is the epitome of well-written YA female heroines.

There's a huge, constant war of how our girls should act and think in novels. Some say "They should be soft-spoken and pretty and happy!", while other's say "She should have two guns and should scowl a lot and not take no crap from anybody!"

Now I think that these both are fair suggestions, along with all of the other arguments that are going on for female characters, but, honestly, there shouldn't be a debate on what YA girls SHOULD or SHOULDN'T be. Each characters is different, as each person is, and who they are is who they are, whether they have big daggers or a fluffy stuffed bunny.

But Sera is like this magical combination of all of them. She's kind and caring but strong and stubborn, but it's never annoying. I hate the characters that act all big and bad, like "Don't even look at me the wrong way or this bullets going in your face!", because, honestly, where's the character in that? Women can be whoever they want to be, but there is a line that crosses that--even if it was a male character, I guarantee I would still roll my eyes.

Sera has so many good qualities, and it's thoroughly interesting just to see what she's thinking and find out more and more of who she is. I love Sera. Obviously.

Then we have the wonderful Zen who, honestly, is one of the best written male love interests I've ever read. He's not just there to make this book a romance--he's there as a character who is loyal and funny and just all around perfect. And I shipped he and Sera with all of my giant, feelsy heart, until...

Until Kaelen.


Yes the size IS necessary. Deal with it.

Even when I shouldn't have, I loved this character. I fell for him at the very beginning and now he has to be my absolute favorite out of them all.


He's just so freakin' adorable and--Nope. I can't say anything else without spoiling something. literally his entire existence is a huge spoiler. Just know that I have an undying love for him. Just know. Ah.

The plot in this one is probably even quicker and more shocking then the first one, and THAT'S saying something. I was gasping and staring at the pages, and I finished the entire second half in one sitting because I literally couldn't stop.


We see some awesome, familiar characters, and get introduced to some epic new one's, and the threats are higher and the danger is for real intense. It's full of romance and beautifully woven words and action-packed excitement. It's full of great, unique characters and realistic, rough lives that jump out of the page and slap you upside the head with the book. Like I still have a bruise. Seriously.
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February 25, 2014
Since I finished reading Unremembered I have been desperate to read Unforgotten, I wanted it there and then but had the torturous wait of a whole twelve months before I got a copy of Unforgotten in my hands, and what a fantastic bookish day it was when I got the book through my door.

****Before I begin this review I am warning you now that it will contain spoilers for the previous book and possibly for this one, so carry on reading at your own risk****
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September 23, 2014
Jessica Brody's Unforgotten was definitely an unforgettable read and was just amazing! I am left stumbling, trying to figure out how I will survive the coming months until I get my hands on the finale! February cannot get here soon enough!!

Sera and Zen are in 1609 in the outskirts of London, finally living in the time of their desires. But their lives are anything but glamorous working on a farm, but they are together and happy. Then Zen gets sick and even with what little medical help there's available in 1609, he's in danger of dying and when an accident leads Sera to expose her abilities, she gets in some hot water! All in part one too!

After that predicament Sera is back to jumping through time trying to find someone who can help her rescue Zen. Instead, a guy named Kaelen finds her and he just so happens to work for the same company she was working with. There's something strange about Kaelen and he's definitely a mystery all on his own! His character reveals itself on one front, but then slowly he begins to turn into someone else. So yeah, I'll leave that vague little tidbit up to you to decipher!

I was tickled with glee to find some returning characters in this story, and I don't just mean the obvious Sera, Zen, and their enemies! Another character from Unremembered comes back and it was truly a delight to see. Things are really coming together for the trilogy in this one. Ties and connections are being made and revealed and it's definitely going to set a precursor of sorts for the finale!

I was a little upset to see that Zen wasn't around much in this book. Since he takes ill in part 1, he pretty much remains as such and is out of it for the entire book. The other guy, Kaelen is around, true, but yet he's so puzzling. I can't honestly say if we're facing a love triangle or not. It's one of those complicated love "messes" that occasionally pop up. But since it's not a traditional love triangle for Sera, I'm thrilled! I can't say I'm rooting for Kaelen either, like I said, the boy confuses and confounds me! But I do like that about him. He's an enjoyable character in some sense, but I can't be sure if I want to see him end up with Sera.

The pacing to this one was just as exciting as the first, if not more. Now Sera knows who she is and what's going on. What the dangers are. And now the dangers are back in full force and to make matters even more tense, Zen's health continues to worsen! So there's definitely a lot of tension surrounding this storyline! Everyone seems to be harboring a secret of some sort. And how that will all play out in the end will have to wait until the final book!

The ending was pretty spectacular too! Kind of having a shocking twist to it because one moment I thought we were going down path a but then suddenly we're already on path b! That was definitely a twist I didn't see coming and it was awesome! Of course, the final few words leaving you hanging. So yes, it's a cliffhanger ending, beware! The wait until February is going to be dreadful in full force people! Read at your own risk!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars
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August 11, 2016
This was good, but there were a couple things that really aggravated me. While the memory scavenger hunt was interesting, that plotline felt kind of thrown in there. They had to follow these memory triggers, but I was sitting there wondering what all of that had to do with a cure. Sera wasn’t even questioning this quest they were on and it left me feeling like I’d missed something important. Eventually, it all made sense and all the pieces came together, but I just wish it hadn’t taken half of the book for it to be revealed. As it was, all the events seemed random, like . I still was into everything that was happening, but without any context, it was all a little weird to me.

Zen was unconscious for most of the time, so it seemed like Kaelen played as a stand-in love interest. I don’t think that I can discuss this really without spoiling things. That said, . Kaelen was just super bland and I loved the dynamic between Sera and Zen a hundred times more.
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July 23, 2014
SO. Im stuck between 3.5 and 4 stars. Obviously 3.5 (sadly) doesn't exist so 4 stars it is. I gotta tell you the first half of this book... Wasn't feeling it. 1609 was about as romantic as diarrhea. I mean just because your favorite poem was written by a guy who lives in a certain year doesn't mean you should live there. There's no correlation between them. The 17th century was laborious and unfair and disgusting. Why not the 20th century? I don't know. And 1609 Sera was pathetic and whiney. I was raging when she didn't fight back during her stint in prison. She was so quick to think zen was dead! Where's the faith? Where's the strong willed girl we met in unremembered? Just because you think the guy you love is dead doesn't mean you should give up and be burned to a crisp. That's pathetic. Fight back. She could have totally gotten out of they cell, snatched her necklace from that ugly man, and transessed out of there. I literally dont think I've ever been so pissed off at a character before. But things started looking up when Kaelen entered the picture. It was fascinating seeing basically what Sera went through when she was first introduced to the world through what we see with Kaelen. I wasn't expecting him at all, though its quite obvious from the summary of the book now. He rocks and I'm rooting for him, even though Sera will pick Zen in the end. I don't know what it is about Zen, maybe the fact that we never really got that first meeting him feeling. We never experienced them getting to know each other, only saw a few memories and we're basically told this is your soul mate. deal with it. So that's why I like Kaelen, because they meet each other for the first time and get on each other's nerves and learn how to navigate around each other (Let's not forgot their connection, even if it was scientifically formed in a lab). So the action, swoon worthy scenes with Kaelen (stop judging me), and major twists in the last half of the book saved it. And there is SO much in this book yet Brody manages to smoothly transition through them, which I was impressed by. This book looks small but the amount of information we get is crazy. Excited for the next one!
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February 28, 2015

• Efter afslutningen på bog et, troede jeg ikke, vi ville se mere til Cody. Jeg tog fejl. Det er jeg virkelig glad for, for Cody er den bedste karakter i den her serie, synes jeg. Han er så virkelig, så reel og bare så…god. Han betyder enormt meget for serien, som slet ikke ville være den samme uden ham.

• Action. Det går så stærkt i den her bog, men uden at gå for stærkt. Man kan sagtens følge med, men siderne vender sig selv og på grund af kapitlernes størrelse sidder man hele tiden med den der “bare lige ét kapitel mere”-følelse.

• Alting bliver lidt mere gråt i den her bog, det er ikke bare sort og hvidt. Folk der er gode, er alligevel ikke helt så gode, og de onde er måske ikke så onde alligevel.

• Der er et twist omkring slutningen af bogen, som jeg virkelig burde have set komme, men alligevel ikke helt havde regnet med. Det tror jeg får enorm betydning for næste bind i serien, og jeg glæder mig så meget til at høre mere om det! Det handler også lidt om, at folk måske hverken er gode eller onde…

• Kærligheden er gemt lidt væk, for selvom bogens omdrejningspunkt er, at Sera skal redde Zen, så er der ikke rigtig fokus på deres forhold. Det var virkelig dejligt, at få en bog med masser af action og tidsrejser og robotter(?) uden at de ting mistede fokus til fordel for Sera og Zen.


•Zen er ikke nok med i den her bog. Okay, han ligger og er døden nær, så han kan ikke så meget, men jeg savnede ham nu alligevel.

• Vi introduceres for endnu en mandelig person i denne bog. Hvis man har læst et par ungdomsbøger før, så tror jeg godt, man kan regne ud, hvor det fører hen, og det var jeg på ingen måder glad for. Det var der bare for at være der. Der var ikke rigtig nogen mening med det. Det irriterede mig desværre.

• Hvis man har været i én tid, kan man ikke rejse tilbage dertil. Men…det kunne Kaelen? Det forstår jeg ikke helt. Det kan godt være, det bare er mig, der missede et eller andet, men det virkede i hvert fald lidt underligt, synes jeg…
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