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Elder Races #2

Storm's Heart

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He's a Wyr warrior, a god of storms. She's the heir to the Dark Fae throne. But desire will bring both to their knees in this all-new Novel of the Elder Races.

During the rule of her murderous Dark Fae uncle, Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle found sanctuary among the Wyr in New York. Her ethereal beauty and sparkling personality won the hearts of the public, but after her uncle's death, there are those who don't want to see her ascend to the throne.

Able to wield thunder and lightning, Wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle has ruled the skies for centuries. His massive build and thunderous power make him one of the Wyr's best weapons. And he's sent to protect Tricks when she's almost assassinated in Chicago.

Soon, both Tiago and Tricks will fall prey to the stormy hunger that engulfs them—a passion that will shake the very foundation of all the worlds.

305 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 1, 2011

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About the author

Thea Harrison

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I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. I taught myself to read when I was four. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work. I wasn't sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day. Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there. My Elder Races series began May, 2011. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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May 30, 2020
Reread on Audible in May 2020

So I decided to go back and re-read this one via audiobook, since I got so sucked back into this series after reading Serpent's Kiss. I reread Dragon Bound, and that inspired me to reread this one as well.

I have to say that I liked this a lot more on the reread. With hindsight, I am able to appreciate it more. I appreciate that each book is different, because the characters are different. With that perspective, there is a lot to love about this book.

I have always loved faerie themed stories, and Niniane's backstory as the lost Dark Fae heir is super intriguing. She comes off as very contemporary and trendy, very human in her values, but it is clear that this is just one aspect of her personality. Beneath is a troubled young woman who lost everything that she loved, and became a refugee from her homeland. There is an interesting metaphor in our society for many who share that commonality with Niniane. How becoming American does require that one adopt Americanness and in some ways shed one's true heritage. But many manage to keep that part of themselves and also integrate those uniquely American traits. With Niniane, it's not just adopting a certain level of human-ness, but also due to being part of the Wyr society, she in some ways adopts some of their values. This is understandable, considering she was very young when she sought refuge with Dragos from her murderous uncle and usurper Urian.

Harrison takes the bright, breezy, coquettish young public relations expert and reveals the traumatized, yet determined Dark Fae Queen who must step into her true destiny. She is paired to a taciturn, regimented, seasoned military commander with a unique heritage as the only thunderbird Wyr shifter. It seems extremely unlikely that these two would fall in love and make a connection. And all of the sudden after a peripheral acquaintanceship of many years, although Tiago is said to have mainly been stationed in South America on campaign for most of that period. Things seem to change fairly quickly right before Niniane prepares to take up the crown. Tiago finds the mating urge awakening in him. He can't keep his mind off of Niniane, and he is driven to protect her. Even to the point that he refuses to let her out of his sight when it becomes apparent that she is being stalked by an assassin. And the blazing attraction they feel for each other flares up very rapidly.

I guess one could say that the believability of their sudden attraction/love connection is questionable. But this is paranormal romance, and that's such a staple that I was okay with it. I have to say that the relationship was good, but I actually appreciated the storyline and the plot, along with the unfolding mystery about who was targeting Niniane. I forgot how that ended, so it was satisfying even on reread. I didn't like what happened with a certain character who I had grown to like quite a bit. It sucked. It was interesting seeing Carling when she's introduced versus in her own book. She's such an intriguing and compelling character.

Thea Harrison is really good with characters. I think that she does deliver what paranormal romance enthusiasts crave in heroes: ultra-possessive, highly sexed, very powerful. I would like to see just a little more depth in Tiago's character, but he does have some layers and textures that are pleasantly surprising beyond being an ancient warrior and powerful mythical beast.

I'm glad I did a reread of this book. I enjoyed it so much more this time around. I think the 4.5 star rating is still fair.

Dragon Bound was an extremely hard act to follow, but I think Thea Harrison did a good job with her second book in the Elder Races series. I wondered how she could top Dragos, because he is so VERY! I am glad she didn't try to do that. She gave us a distinct hero with Tiago, and I like his differences, although he had the crazy/dangerous/possessive/jealous/fierce vibe of Dragos. Honestly, I would have missed that part...a lot. Tiago held his own as a hero, but not quite as compelling as Dragos. Having said that, how many heroes would be? Overall, I felt that he had some nice layers to his character. Lethal but also very caring and loving. The best kind of PNR hero! He reminded me of a mix of a Mack truck and a Golden Retriever.

Niniane, I liked her a lot. She was sort of the anti-urban fantasy heroine in all the best ways. She was soft and needy and vulnerable in a realistic way. But she was also very strong-minded, determined, in her force of will, which speaks to me more. Considering what happened with her family and her exile from the world of the Dark Fae, she definitely put on her big girl panties to go back to reclaim her throne. And that took some serious chutzpah. I liked that along the way, I was able to see an organic reaction to this process. Who wouldn't be scared to death, uncertain, and conflicted? I know I've felt that way even in much less dangerous situations. I could identify with her insecurities in that way, and it made her more lovable and admirable to me. I loved her warm, friendly way with people. I was glad that the betrayal she faced early in her life didn't destroy her capacity for that. I can see her being a very effective, beloved ruler.

Niniane and Tiago as a couple was something I couldn't quite get my mind around after I read Dragon Bound and knew they were next. But they worked together very well. Tiago is at heart a male who needs someone to fight for, someone to protect. Niniane has that softness to her personality that is a very good contrast to Tiago, and they complement each other very well. I would have enjoyed a bit longer book for their courtship in all honesty. But what I got was very enjoyable. Definitely some hot, sexy loving times for this couple! Talking about lightning striking, the earth moving, and seeing stars! I loved that they worked past the issues in their relationship and faced some serious obstacles as a united front.

The storyline was interesting, focused on Niniane's process of assuming the throne of the Dark Fae. A mix of fae politics, but a focus on the main characters and a few intriguing secondary characters. So far, I love me Aryal, the harpy sentinel. I know I said it in my Dragon Bound review, but she reminds me of Xhex from the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward in the best ways. Looking forward to more of her. Some interesting chemistry between Rune and Carling, the Queen of the Vampyres.

Ms. Harrison is a very good writer. She provides a compelling story that kept me reading, with some sexy, swoonworthy romance that keeps a PNR fan more than happy. I feel her world-building is a star element in this series, so along with the aspects of PNR I can't resist, it makes her a safe bet for this fan. I do have to say I was a little disappointed at the very rapid climax and denouement, and not too happy about the fate of a character I liked and hoped to see more of. I wasn't as satisfied with the ending because of those issues. That's why I couldn't quite give this five stars, although it is very close.

Overall, a very satisfying follow up to Dragon Bound, and more validation that Thea Harrison is a PNR author to follow. 4.5/5.0 stars
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731 reviews368 followers
September 8, 2016
DNF @55%


1. The story moved very slowly.
2. The heroine annoyed me to no end.
3. I normally enjoy OTT heroes, but in this case, this OTT hero just rubbed me the wrong way.

I've had enough of this! I'm sorry, but it seriously wasn't for me.
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1,473 reviews443 followers
June 10, 2016
I picked up the vibes between Niniane and Tiago in book one and was happy to see it catch. Tiago is a warlord full of thunder and lightning. Niniane finds herself in line to be queen and with nobody she trusts. After several attempts on her life she goes missing. That just won't do for Tiago. He finds her and decides to protect her. In order to accept help she has to open up herself to more. I loved their connection and the build up of the relationship. Tiago was super sexy. Their lovemaking was hot! The plot was interesting and pacing was done well. I enjoyed the relationships built with others as well as between one another. This series is addictive! Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing. No condoms. Neither are Vs. No rape. Yes to abuse.
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1,838 reviews6,126 followers
October 25, 2017
Meh. It was okay. The main characters were bearable, but the side characters were definitely more intriguing. There is a harpy that I want to go to Vegas with.

When said harpy, Aryal, meets a cute vampire dude:

Ninianne: “Duncan is a very nice guy. Would you let him go, please?”

Aryal: “But I’m not done sexually harassing him.”

When she is given some bad-magic stuff that needs to be destroyed:

“She swears she’ll find a way to destroy them. She’s saying ‘my Precious’ a lot and talking about dropping them into a volcano.”

Sexually harassing hot vampires and LoTR references?

Call me!

Of course I need to address the elephant in the room now. Yes, I said the main character's name is Ninianne. And, in case you are thinking, "Oh, but Jilly I'm sure the pronunciation is much different than you are thinking." And to this I say "NO! She even said nobody better try nicknaming her Ninny. This means her name includes the pronunciation of Ninny in it. I am very unhappy with this. And, to rub salt in my "Ow, the name is so stupid it hurts" wound, we also have a MAN named Aubrey. That's right. It's a girl's name. I kept thinking there was a lesbian couple when they mentioned Aubrey's wife. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Really. But, don't go messing with my head with the weird names.

But, if the names are weird, the sex descriptions are weirder. This description of the male anatomy had me laughing my ass off. I am going to put a spoiler tag on this quote from the book. It is not for the faint-hearted. No virgin eyes allowed.

You've been warned.

Anyway.. that was good for a laugh.

Speaking of which. Apparently, the next book in this series is funny, so I'm off to read that one. Fingers crossed for more harpy sightings.
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December 6, 2011
1. A machine or device that sometimes resembles a human and operates automatically or by remote control.
2. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.

See also: Tiago.

1. not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly
2. unworthy of serious or sensible treatment; unimportant

See also: Niniane.

1. An expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.
2. A person or character whose behavior is predictable or superficial.

See also: Storm's Heart.
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3,496 reviews4,554 followers
August 14, 2011
5 stars – Paranormal Romance

Oh my! I loooved gruff, growly, possessive, sexy, fiercely protective, and surprisingly funny alpha thunderbird Tiago Black Eagle soooo much!!!! Thea Harrison is going strong with this amazing series, and she’s two for two for me in terms of 5-star winners, especially when it comes to her powerful, dominating, mega yummy heroes!

Although I didn’t enjoy the overall story as much as Dragon Bound, Tiago and Niniane were fantastic characters and really great together. Their romance was sweet, playful, passionate, amusing, erotic, touching, and off the charts smokin’ hot! Tiago’s fascinating combination of ferociousness and tenderness, brute strength and gentle care, violent power and worshipful regard, stormy gruffness and hidden sensitivity, and wild sexuality and smoldering sensuality make him an unforgettable, devastatingly sexy, and utterly swoon-worthy hero. And it sure didn’t hurt that Niniane compared him visually to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! YOWZA!

I’m absolutely loving this series, and I’m looking forward to Rune’s book, Serpent's Kiss, coming out in Oct’11. But when is yummy Graydon going to get his book?!?!

These are my favorite Niniane “Tricks” lines:

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. They were the Three Stooges of regret. All they were good for was saying whoop-whoop-whoop and smacking each other over the head.

All of Dragos’s sentinels were mean and barbaric and sexy. Even that weird harpy-bitch Aryal, who she might have a teensy girl crush on. You know, in a totally hetero kind of way.

This passage is classic Tiago:

“Wait,” he said. When the policewoman paused and looked an inquiry at him, he rubbed the back of his neck and glared at the carpet as he tried to navigate in his head the foreign concepts involved in female frippery. “She likes pretty clothes. And lipstick, she likes lipstick and dangly earrings and things like that, with all the colors matching. And chocolate—could you buy her a box of chocolates? Maybe some of the stuff could be gift wrapped.”
Rogers’s gaze softened. Tiago’s face darkened as the policewoman gave him a kind smile that crinkled the corners of her eyes. She asked, “Anything else?”
He scowled as he thought. What was all the stuff that Dragos’s mate got when she was convalescing? Well, aside from the diamond ring and shit. “Froufrou magazines,” he muttered. “You know, the girly stuff.”
“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to go shopping for her yourself?”
His gaze jerked up to meet Rogers’s, and he shook his head. Unless it involved the word semiautomatic somewhere, he wouldn’t have the first clue. “I’m not leaving her,” he said. “You’ll have to do it. I’m sure what you pick out will be fine. I just want you to make sure it’s nice.”

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include some gorgeous Tiago (Dwayne Johnson) eye candy:




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April 30, 2016
*** 3.44 ***

This second installment of the series "Elder Races" did not have a Dragon, which is a tragedy to begin with... However, it did have a snarky Elven Princess who is about to reclaim the throne of the Dark Fae after her ruler parents were murdered 200 years ago by her evil uncle. She has been hiding in plain sight while working for the big bad Dragon from the first book. Now the evil uncle has met with a misfortunate accident, and by accident read has been torn to pieces by flying lizards, and Triksy has been confirmed as the legitimate hair.

Thunderbird is as old as this world, a shift changer walking among humans as a God in Mesopotamia and Egypt... Nowadays he has been leading warriors for the coalition of the Wears of the Elder Races and is the least tame of the Dragon's gang. He has known Tricksy for centuries, and a utube video gone viral catches the attention of the gang. It shows the Elven Princess being attacked right before her reported disappearance. A primal instinct sends Thunderbird on her track. A even more primal instinct keeps him by her side once he locates her and makes her safety his number one priority...

The Thunderbird and the Princess are an entertaining coupling. He is one of the most possessive and overprotective alpha males we encounter, but at least in the beginning his girl gave as good as she got. However, somewhere around the middle of the book, she kind of lost some of her moxy and charm, and with it the sizzle between the lovebirds diminished significantly... The political scene took precedence in the second half and as a game of guess who is trying to kill you and why, it was way too predictable... The bad guy was obvious and there was no tension to keep us on our toes...

The book is well written, but it feels a bit under researched when it comes to Fairy ... Despite that, it was an OK read and I plan on continuing with the series, although I am not going to make them a priority...

I wish you all fun books and Happy Reading!!!
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Author 15 books593 followers
August 8, 2011
4.5 flames

In Dragon Bound we saw Dragos kill Urien, the Dark Fae king. But as we all know, he murdered the royal family so he could sit on that throne. Tricks (who is really the princess of the Dark Fae) ran to the Wyr for protection, and Tricks became like family to them. during her almost 200 years with the Wyr, she often sees Tiago, whose Wyr form is that of the Thunderbird. What I like is that even though they've known each other and even interacted together before, neither really had much interest in the other until one day (back in Dragon Bound) Tricks tells him off. Apparently that sparked a bit of interest and from that moment on, each is on the others' mind.

So, when Tricks leaves for the Dark Fae headquarters, in Chicago, she goes in alone, without Wyr protection, for political reasons-she can't show with Wyr as it could upset the balance of power in the Dark Fae demesne. Unfortunately her cousin tries to kill her. When Tiago is sent to track her, he doesn't want to admit, it's kind of personal.

When Tiago finds her, she is completely drunk off bubble gum flavored vodka (that is so Tricks). And he is furious. But his goal is to get her back to New York. The last thing Niniane wants is to have it look like she ran back to the Wyr with her tail between her legs. So, while Tiago showers, she bolts. Of course he finds her, he's a warlord after all

One thing I really liked, is the difference between Dragos and Tiago. In paranormal romances, it's all too easy to use the same alpha male with a new name, slightly different story. This is definitely not the case here. Dragos was bored. You know, with that ennui that strikes the oldest of the immortals. Tiago loves life-he loves the hunt, he loves fighting. He gets restless if in his human skin for too long, but he isn't affected with that boredom that Dragos had. Maybe that's why he's so surprised with his interest in Niniane?

What I liked about the court politics was that they were subtle. Niniane is a very reluctant heir. Watching her not only grow into her role as Queen, but as a political force with whom one does not f*ck, was a great part of the plot. A fake company set up in Dragos' name, and a murder attempt by the Wyr really makes it look as if the Wyr are trying to keep Niniane from taking the throne, but we all know that would never happen. The trip to the Fae land Adriyel was fairly uneventful, at first...

I'll stop myself there before I spoil anything, but watching Tricks learn to become the Queen was great. Tricks kind of cries a lot, which would normally bother me, but with what's going on, it's actually really in her character. Seeing her deal with her memories of the night her family was slaughtered, watching her grow into this new, stronger woman, and watching Tiago try to figure her out makes for a fantastic read.

Anyone who loved the first book will love this one. Anyone who hasn't read the first book, will love this one. How can you not? We enter the story with Tricks, reluctant queen-to-be, and we leave the story with Niniane, the Dark Fae Queen.

**ARC courtesy of Berkley Sensation
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2,239 reviews3,438 followers
January 23, 2018
Tiago and Tricks

Her eyes opened and she looked. His hard-edged features were raw, but his eyes had cleared, and they were… Steady. Adamant. Bedrock.
“You will never lose me, faerie,” he said point-blank into her upturned face. “I love you too much.”
Then he pushed his pelvis against her one last time in a slow, hard, voluptuous grind, and the explosion of pleasure was so intense it seared her soul as he destroyed her again. God, she adored him. He was such a walking, talking holocaust of a man.

Tiago and Tricks had been working for Dragos for hundreds of years, but they didn't interact much. Before this book, that is.

Thistle Tricks Periwinkle was handling the PR for the Wyr. But she is really Princess Niniane of the Dark Fae. Princess has been under the protection of Dragos, after her family had been murdered by her uncle.
In this book, she decides to claim her throne, but she does not want to drag the Wyrs with her for political reasons. So she decides to do it by herself and she disappears.
So in the end of last book, Tricks goes missing after an assassination attempt.

Tiago is the one who goes after her and all his protective instincts are suddenly awake.

“Tricks, what the hell? Seriously.”
“I’m gonna be Queen, you know,” she said. “You gotta stop calling me Tricks. It makes me sound like a circus clown. And I don’t think I’ll be a highness for long, so you should practice calling me your majesty.” She hiccupped and waved a hand in the air. “You may begin.”
“I notice how you’re ignoring the important part of what I said,” Tiago told her. He squatted and suddenly his upside-down face was in front of hers. “So I’ll repeat: what the hell?”

Tiago who is a sentinel and the head of Dragos' Wyr army. But once he was a god in Egypt. To an ancient people he was a god of storm and lightning, a prince of the sky.
Tiago is a thunderbird, which means he transforms into a bird the size of an SUV.

Do you wanna know how Tiago looks like as a man?

She asked, “Has anybody ever told you, you look a lot like Dwayne Johnson?”
He scowled. “Who the hell is Dwayne Johnson?”
He tried to take the vodka bottle away from her. She clung to it.
“You know, The Rock? Hot, sexy football player–wrestling guy turned movie actor? Only ... you’re a whole lot meaner.”

Do you want to know how Tiago looks like as a bird?

Then not twenty yards in front of her a gigantic bird of prey with a thirty-foot wingspan plummeted down. For one split second he was caught full in the headlights of the SUV, enormous wings splayed high in the air and razorlike sword-long talons outstretched. He was shaped like a golden eagle, but his color was a dark sooty black.

Needless to say, Tiago is the one that steals the show in this book. Tricks is sweet, funny and she really tries to hold her ground when Tiago behaves like a caveman.

The action moves from New York to Chicago and then to the Fae land of Arydal.

Tiago and Tricks will be a happily mated couple….

He wrapped both arms tight around her and crushed her back against his chest. Here was the necessary place. Now that he had reached it, he said, “Of course. Now I understand.” For the first time in his very long existence, Tiago knew what it meant to come home.

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February 7, 2017
Trough sheer stubbornness, I've managed to finish this book. Trick was a cute and interesting character in the first book. Author took her, changed her named to something that reads like Ninny and turned her into a whining brat with a touch of brain death.I wanted to hit her on the mouth with a blunt object so much!!!

Then there is the hero. He can't decide whether to be rude or formal. He is "burning" with anger or wants to fuck or fighting. That's the whole depth to him.

And of course, the plot. Nothing happens for pages after pages. Everyone running around like headless chicken and then crashing into each other. At that point they start talking and thinking and doubting.

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Author 7 books696 followers
July 25, 2011
Thea Harrison has a gift for writing Alpha heroes. First, she gave us Dragos... And now we have Tiago. (**sigh**) We first met the Thunderbird during the last story and honestly, I was a little disappointed that he would be the next Wyr to get his own book. We didn't really get to know him in Dragon Bound, except as a hulking, intimidating sentinel, who was fighting with Tricks. But sometimes an author knows what we want better than we do. This is one of those times.

As the story begins, Tricks has left the Wyr kingdom behind and is going to claim her place as the Queen of the Dark Fae. Things go bad quickly, when she is the target of an assassination attempt. So Dragos sends Tiago to find and protect her.

Even though Tiago and Tricks both worked for Dragos for hundreds of years, they didn't interact much. Now that they are thrown together, the fireworks are unmistakable. Tiago is commanding, powerful and sexy. And Tricks eats it up with a spoon. The sexual tension between these two was outstanding! What's more, there were plenty of opportunities for familiar tropes to take hold: lack of communication; big misunderstandings; self-sacrifice for the other person's supposed happiness or safety. I kept waiting for the inevitable, familiar roadblocks to fly up. There was one scene in a nightclub, where I was just so sure we were going to have all three devices take hold at once... I swear I was already rolling my eyes. But Thea Harrison sidesteps the conventional foils, leaving me jumping up and down on the sofa, hooting like an idiot. (Yes, I can admit that.)

In the meantime, there is a great storyline going on. We're treated to lots of action, as Tricks and Tiago fend off her enemies. And we've got a great mystery to solve as our couple works to figure out who is trying to kill her. As much as we learned about the Wyr in the last book, now we're getting a peek inside some of the other Elder Races. Harrison reveals more details about the inner workings of the Dark Fae and the Vampyres. And we travel to Adriyel, the magical Dark Fae land.

This book gave me everything I wanted. A hot Alpha hero, a smart and resourceful heroine... love, sex, action, adventure, strong secondary characters, and world building that is both consistent and easy to understand. The Elder Races series is a PNR fan's dream. Thank you, thank you, Thea Harrison. I'm pretty sure I love you. 5 stars.

ARC Provided by Berkley
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644 reviews358 followers
August 10, 2011
It may be that I probably had colossal expectations for this book and that I had been ardently and vigorously waiting for it since I finished book one when it just came out. Book one IMO was just AMAZING, so I was so sure this one would be just as good, well I'm so sorry it wasn't.Things just never clicked for me. I never completely got to like the romance, the plot or the characters.

The main romance

The heroine, Niniane (Tricks), started out all right, very promising: Next on the royal line on the Dark-Fey kind, who had all her family slaughter by her greedy uncle who wanted to rule by himself. Raised with the most powerful members of the Wyr race as family we have a woman who even thought went through so much, was able to become a clever and charming person. Sounds good right? But then she became this lame Miss Universe who spent time with every freaking person to get to know them and show everybody she was the perfect queen and ruler, that she comprehended them. I don't know, it was so much alike so many books I have already read... what I loved so much about book 1 was that it was invigorating and original, well all that was lost for me with this installment. She also became this shy and unsure-of-what-to-do type of person which I hated because what I liked the most about this character was her spark and charm.

Then we have the Hero, Tiago Black Eagle. He was one of the most powerful Wyr creatures ever created. Most races feared him big time. He could turn into this monstrous Thunderbird who was able to wield thunder and lightning. Again, sounds good right? But then he realized Tricks was his mate and became this sentimental, sensitive spineless being who's only wish was to keep Tricks happy and safe. What I hated the most was that we never really got to see how powerful he was, even the one time the danger really got to the surface of the story he was the only one who didn't do a single thing. I love my heroes all alpha and brave and he did use to be like that, but then changed once the story went forward.

And both of them together just didn't work for me. The way they became an item was just too easy, too predictable. They never really got to know each other, they never really fought or discussed or had a different POV about things, they just were a single happy bubbly item. Not my type of couples. We never get to see strong and fearless responses from them, they just go with the flow and know they will love each other forever and live happily ever after. Again, LAME. I prefer couples who discover each other through the read, who really get to know each other not only the good things but the bad things and still accept each other. Everything we read about the couple was external to them, not really about them, like reasons for why they couldn't be together, etc.

The plot

I thought that what I would like the most about this book was that we would get to know the fey better, but we just got a couple of lines about them and that was about it. We never got to fully comprehend the individuals on this species or understand what made them different from other races. Even when the book ended I just kept waiting to know more about them because I couldn't believe that would be it. Also who the culprit would turn out to be was evident since the beginning, I never had any doubts, which made it a bit boring. Most of the plot developed while they traveled by horse to the dimension or world where the fairies lived. So imagine not many interesting things happened...

The characters

We never really achieve to get to know any of them, we just got a bit of information about each and that was about it. Non of them really caught my attention or sympathy. What I usually appreciate the most about the characters is that they are very distinctive from each other, they have very specific things that let you tell each apart of the other... well, all the characters from this book were kinda very similar. Also I like that, on Series, we get to read about the same characters on all the books so we get to really know them... well, on this book we read about a main couple who was barely mentioned or described on the previous installment, the characters from book one barely made an appearance and we meet some new ones but we know from start that they wont really be important or be mentioned again, just an addition to make the story seem more complex when it really wasn't.

Overall, I waited much, MUCH more and I hope book 3 is better or I'll be royally pissed. It's not that it was a bad read, just a very ordinary one for what this genre has on it. I know this author can do MUCH better.
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924 reviews506 followers
August 4, 2019
★★★★✩ I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the first in this series. There was a lot of political world-building that I believe will come in handy down the road in this series, but I wadded my way through it. I kept waxing and waning on Tiago, too; sometimes he was perfect, and then a poop, and then perfect again. Pretty volatile; but then, I get it; he’s “stormy” – right? I’ll definitely be reading the next by this newly discovered favorite author.
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2,299 reviews722 followers
July 29, 2011
By the end of Dragon Bound, Dragos had killed the crooked Dark Fae King, Urien, setting up Tricks, whose real name is Niniane to be the new Queen. Niniane’s father (the previous king before Urien) and family were slaughtered by Urien, but she escaped and for the past 200 years has taken refuge with the Wyr demesne. During this time, she became family to them – they accepted her, loved her and trained her.

But now she has a duty she must fulfill. It was decided that to show her strength, and for political reasons, to not drag the Wyr with her when she claims the throne – so off she goes alone. But things soon turn dicey. Her cousin and other Dark Fae companion attempt to assassinate her. Luckily her training and poison filled stiletto heels allow her to kill them and stay alive, only with a stab wound. Scared and tired, she flees to a hotel to hideout until she can think straight and heal. When members of Dragos’ Wyr clan see this attack on a viral cell phone video and can’t get in touch with her, Tiago, one of Dragos’ warlords goes to find her.

One of the best trackers the Wyr have, Tiago soon finds Niniane, drunk, wounded, and just silly. Tiago feels a strong, overwhelming need to protect Niniane and becomes determined to get her safely to her coronation. But after another assassination attempt, this one from what looks like Wyr, they have quite the battle on their hands.

I loved and adored Dragon Bound earlier this year. Storm’s Heart, book two in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series is a good follow up. I really love her voice, and the way she writes her characters. Tiago is just as bad ass as Dragos is. A hard core alpha, when the mating process starts, everyone better watch out, because he is going to have Niniane no matter what anyone says – even Niniane. He is so intense, so powerful, and he is nicknamed Dr. Death – and he earns that nickname time and time again in this book.

Tricks (as we know her from Dragon Bound) aka Niniane had me laughing out loud in the first few chapters of this book. Her and Tiago have known each other for 200 years, but have never acted on a physical attraction (which is my one complaint – I’ll get to that in a minute) When Tiago tracks her down to her hotel room, Niniane is so drunk, the things that come out of her mouth (and said in her head) made me giggle non-stop. And of course that just pissed off Tiago more that he had to deal with an injured, drunk faerie.

“Whoa,” she said. She looked up – or down, as it were – at Tiago’s crotch, which had stopped right in front of her. He was one scary mean-looking oversized barbarian, in black jeans, black boots and black leather vest. He bristled with weapons and anger, and muscles bulged everywhere. His crotch sported a significant bulge too. A very significant bulge. She licked her lips. She might be drunk but she wasn’t dead. She wouldn’t be forgetting this sight in a hurry.

Obsidian eyes glittered. “Tricks, what the hell? Seriously.”

In Dragon Bound, the romance was quick to happen and I didn’t have a problem with it. But I did question in Storm’s Heart, why now? Tiago and Ninane have known each other 200 years. Why the urgent mating and crazy feelings on both sides? Tiago just seems to come out of nowhere with this uber protectiveness. Now, once we get into the romance, I’m not complaining, I fell in love with both characters and I found their romance sweet and the actual build up – the doubt, the angst, the tension done well. They also have this very entertaining banter throughout the book.

He stopped the SUV dead.

She sat frozen as she stared at him, her mouth open. The fancy hybrid engine bawled a complaint and stalled.

Tiago came around to the driver’s side and yanked the door open, He gripped the edge of the roof with both hands and glared at her. He was already soaked. She watched with eyes gone huge and round as a drop of water slid down one lean, hard cheek where a muscle twitched.

The knife would had hurt too much for her to put on the seat belt. Wincing, she swiveled with care to face him. The rain pelted her bare legs and arms.

Maybe it was time to get cute. Her lower lip stuck out and her forehead wrinkled. In a small uncertain voice, she said, “Sowwy?”

If anything, that seemed to make him angrier.

There are a fewer slower parts in the middle of this one, but I think this is a very solid follow-up to Dragon Bound and my excitement for this series is still very high. Besides the Fae and Wyr, we get a look into the vampire culture, and get a nice glimpse into Rune’s future mate in book three.

Rating: B
April 4, 2016
No dragons in this book. :( I initially thought this entire series was about dragons, but it's about various creatures. This time it's about Tiago, a thunderbird and Tricks, a Dark Fae.

Tiago is a thunderbird, which means he transforms into a bird the size of an SUV and he makes storms and thunder occur. He brings the boom. Hahaha. Anyway, he's a grouchy asshole and he likes to get his violence on, which I appreciate. He's completely ready to kill anyone not a friend.

Nianane (I hate this convoluted name), formerly known as Tricks, is the long lost heir to the Dark Fae throne. In order to be crowned queen, she has to get back into the Dark Fae demense and coronated. That's become a difficult task since everyone is trying to off her. First, her second cousin tries to kill her, then hired thugs, etc. Helping her stay alive is Tiago, her own personal nanny-bodyguard-mercenary.

The story is pretty good, but way weak on the villain. It was very evident whodunit. Until the villain is "revealed", it's a lot of blah blah blah politics, posturing, power plays, arguing, blah. Tricks, as an almost queen, knows she has to be savvy and maneuver things to her advantage. Tiago, he's a sledgehammer with zero tact, and no inclination to change those ways. The only exception is Tricks, he's kind to her.

The rest of the story is all about Tiago & Tricks becoming lovers and working out if they can have a relationship or not.

I liked this book, but not as much as the previous one.
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May 7, 2016
3.75 Thunderbird stars

Things I liked about this book:

1. Tiago (a Wyr-thunderbird, also known as a god in Ancient Egypt)
He could easily slip into the dominant-manipulative category. I think it's his sharp intellect that keeps him from that or something like... I don't know... locking your lover in a house (hints at Sarah J. Maas's idiotic Tamlin).
He always asks Niniane for explanations when he doesn't understand her actions or when he feels something is troubling her. Figure that! An alpha-male who actually likes to talk.

“That is not an adequate response, faerie,” he growled. His Power lay in the room, a heavy brooding presence. “I require a series of words strung together that make coherent sentences.”

Also, when Niniane starts pulling YA-ish bullshit tricks on him (such as trying to turn him away because she thinks it's best for him), he doesn't buy it, and makes her have a conversation with him. And they talk things through.

2. Yes, Tiago is as old as the Solar System, too (or something like that), but Niniane is 217 years old.
I know, there's still a huge enormous age difference there, but at least she's not 17 or 25. *sigh*

3. Aryal, the Wyr-harpy
Stars, can that harpy kick some ass! I love her honesty and her fierceness. I know she gets a whole book, too, and I can't wait to get to it. I'm looking forward to learn the kind of creature man who can handle her.

And I'll leave it at that. I enjoyed this book too much to talk about the things I disliked.
Now I'll move on, to Serpent's Kiss because I'm extremely curious to know what that crazy Vampyre Queen is going to ask Rune to do in exchange for .
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October 31, 2016
3,5 stars

Storm's Heart is the 2nd book in Thea Harrison's Elder Races paranormal romance series.

This story revolves around Thistle Tricks Periwinkle, a.k.a., Princess Niniane of the Dark Fae and PR whizzkid for the Wyr , who has been under the protection of Dragos, after her family had been murdered by her uncle. We were introduced to her in the 1st book Dragon Bound and I found her to be such a fun character.
 photo 0310-twilight-ashley-greene-3-de_zps9xehlupc.jpg
Tiago Black Eagle, a Wyr warrior and leader of the Wyr warriors has been assigned to travel and protect Tricks when she returns to her home to reclaim her throne.
 photo 7b73c8c0-9e5a-43d9-a754-415403c3b9ba_zpspyg642mf.png
The two have a definite chemistry but it's not going to be an easy road to travel for them. The elder races are not keen to have their future queen mate with a wyr. I thought he was pretty awesome ...how he was prepared to do anything to make Niniane happy....what matter the most was that he loved her and he cared for her happiness and safety above all else....
 photo k2.items.cache.4653e069ed7369840191e8bf38ab8dc9_Genericnsp-944_zpsazmouhl0.jpg
This story has a lot of intrigue, and politics between all the different Elder races, action packed, humour, suspense......and romance too......

The ending leaves us with a cliff-hanger relating to another Wyr Sentinel, Rune, who is the hero in the next book, Serpent’s Kiss.

I enjoy becoming familiar with the characters and world in this series and I did like this story...but, to be honest, not as much as I did Dragon Bound. I missed Dragos and Pia!!!!!! Not enough of them here.
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August 18, 2011
Because of the circumstances at the end of the first book of Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series, the faery known as Tricks is frightened to leave the safety of the shifters under Wyr Lord Dragos’s authority. But leave she must, because The Dark Fae King- her power hungry uncle- is now dead thanks to Dragos and its time for her to become the next heir to the Dark Fae Throne.

Only someone doesn’t want that to happen.

After two attempts on her life in 36 hours, Dragos and his Army commander, Tiago, decide it’s time to send in the reinforcements for their old friend.

Tiago is a shifter of the Elder race- once revered as a God, he’s about to step into something altogether new as well, body guard for one erotic little Faerie. However, intimacy- and certainly not love- is the last thing on his mind, but it’s what he gets when forces join to keep he and Tricks, nee Ninianne, glued to each other’s side.

Its obvious to everyone they'r destined as mates- but how can Ninianne ask this powerful man to step down as a God and become her Consort?

Okay 1? Tiago. Thunderbird shifter. So Cool.
2? Big lug breaks down and takes the embattled little faery under his massive power. Awwwww!
And 3? You cant beat the heat when an uber alpha male decides he cant live without his mate beside him for another minute. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sure there’s a lot of blahdy blah blah about who’s after Ninianne and what are the councils and creatures gonna do with a faery queen and a shifter consort, but who gives a rip? I was lost in their world the entire time I read it, because these stories are all about the characters. (Whether the author knows this or not.)

Loving this series. :P
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September 1, 2011
I didn't really think I'd enjoy this book as much as Dragon Bound, because how could a fairy princess and an eagle possibly be as appealing as a dragon and a--don't read this if you haven't read the first book!--? Besides, so many great debuts turn out to be one-hit wonders. But that's not the case here. Somehow Thea Harrison has pulled off another smart, sexy paranormal romance novel that's completely original and completely fun.

"Tricks," who made a brief but memorable appearance in the first Elder Races book, is the central character here, as is Tiago, one of dragon lord's sentinels. He turns out to be a big Thunderbird, and darned if this relationship doesn't turn out to be almost as appealing as Pia and Dragos', with lots of crazy animal sex (hee hee) and strength and humor between them. The kidnappings and fight scenes were pretty good, and all in all this was another extremely readable novel with strong characters and an interesting central plot.

With this second book, Thea Harrison has truly proven she's a star in the often lackluster PNR genre...and I will definitely be checking out anything she chooses to write next. Yay for great authors!
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November 12, 2018
Ok, so this one was maybe more of a 4 star read but I really loved Tiago so I bumped it to 5 stars. I loved Niniane (Tricks) and Tiago. Their characters were wonderful and their relationship was so well written that is felt very real. Tiago is so freaking sweet, and you don't expect that all at the start of the book. He is basically a soldier, that's all he has been for a very long time, so it was extra special that he was so tender, sweet and funny with Niniane. I loved Niniane to, she had a great sense of humour which helped lighten the story, which was really needed. My only real issue with the book was the storyline going on around Tiago and Niniane, it was a little slow and it took away focus on the relationship. It would have been fine if it was a more interesting storyline, but it was all just court stuff and politics with a few fights thrown in. And the book seemed to end abruptly too. It was like, one last big fight, brief description of the palace, gloss over her coronation, and that's a wrap. It just seemed like it was wrapped up quick, I don't get why, the book has 20 chapters, if a few more were needed to close the book properly then I think the author should have done that. But, even with all that I did really enjoy the book. Niniane and Tiago are now a favourite couple for me, and I would recommend the book so that people can enjoy their wonderful relationship. I look forward to the next in the series, Rune's book! Yay :)
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August 20, 2011
5 stars! A fantastic read! I actually enjoyed this one more than the first. Tiago is *very* yummy, and Niniane (Tricks) is adorable, girly, and very gutsy! I love the way Thea Harrison is building this world of hers. It's *so* much more interesting than most other PNR series. Though BDB and the Fever series are still my #1 favorites, this series is beginning to come in a close second. It's very, very well written. It's intelligent, sexy, funny, and adventurous. I cannot wait for Rune's story, which is up next. I love who he is being paired with!! Ms. Harrison is writing a really great PNR series, so if you haven't tried it yet, you really should!
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October 24, 2021
Me gustó mucho, a pesar que no tiene la fuerza y la pasión del primer libro de esta serie. En esta entrega, el fuerte son los conflictos e intrigas asociados a mantener el equilibrio de poder entre las Razas Antiguas que, por supuesto, es lo que pone trabas a la relación de Tiago y Tricks, heredera al trono de las Hadas Oscuras.

Lo que más me gustó fue la posición de Tiago, que a pesar de todos los problemas políticos que conllevará su unión, no claudica y se mantiene inquebrantable al momento de defender los sentimientos por su Hada.
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February 20, 2015
When former member of Dragos' New York City cadre and lost heir the Dark Fae throne, Tricks, goes missing after an assassination attempt, Thunderbird shifter Tiago's anger and his protective instincts go into overdrive - he's going to find her and neither Tricks' protests, nor Elder Race politics are going to stop Tiago from seeing her safely to the the Fae Land of Ariyal to collect her crown, - and with the dark scary shifter at her back, Tricks' enemies better beware.

I have to admit that when I discovered, after reading Dragon Bound, that the heroine of Storm's Heart was going to be Tricks I wasn't very excited - I really wanted one of the griffins to be the lead in this next book - but I am happy to say that it is well worth waiting for the others in order to get this story.

Sometimes when I like a book as much as I did Storm's Heart, I have a hard time putting my reasons into words. It's not that the components of Storm's Heart are so different from a lot of other paranormal romances I've read - dark dangerous protective alpha hero, great chemistry kicked into overdrive by a mate bond between the leads , and (being hero-centeric, this is not a deal breaker for me) a great heroine. It's just that somehow in the story that Harrison delivers, all of those pieces fit together so well and even better, they come together without feeling like a rehash of the previous book.

The hero Tiago who is the head of Dragos' Wyr army starts out uber protective and a bit scary, even to the heroine Tricks (aka Niniane) who has pretty much grown up around big scary Wyr. Fortunately though, Tiago doesn't end up with a one note performance but chills a bit as time goes on - initially he is all instinct but as the relationship makes it past a certain stage, he starts to use his head (and heart) as well as his hormones. This shift enables the pair to truly become a partnership, which was a big plus for me. I also got a kick out of how this deadly shapeshifter gains an appreciation for all things froufrou - as long as they are connected with his heroine - and how he gleefully thrives on the conflict that will be ever present in Tricks' new life.

Probably my biggest surprise though was that I also really liked Tricks. As she reclaims her name and reinvents herself as princess Niniane, Tricks manages to hold her own with Tiago without having to be super kick-butty or hardheaded and I liked that that she sometimes allows Tiago to take care of her and other times holds her ground in order to get him to back down and give her space - as future Queen of the Fae, she has to have some power in the relationship. I also really liked how Tricks relates to other characters in the cast - even the minor ones - she really turns out to be a very charming and likeable character when all is said and done.

Since the action for the story moved from New York to Chicago and to the Fae land of Arydal, Dragos, Pia and crew - with the exception of Gryphon Rune and Harpy Aryal - have no more than a brief cameos here. Harrison does however expand her world and introduces us to another Elder Race, the Vampyre, and their leader Carling is fascinating and terrifying both. It is Carling who, along with Rune, is slated to star of the next book, Serpent's Kiss, and even though I can't imagine how that is going to work out, I can't wait to see how Harrison pulls it off. (Oh and as you read Storm's Heart keep an eye out for Khalil, who makes a very brief blink-and-you-will-miss-it appearance in the story, he's supposedly the hero for book 4 Oracle's Moon.)
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March 15, 2012
Such mixed feelings!! Sigh. I’m still a fan of the series as I LOVE the world building, but I was a wee bit disappointed in the romance part of Storm’s Heart.

3.5 - 4 stars.

Short summary:
Niniane/tricks inherited the Dark Fae throne and now someone is out to stop her from becoming the Queen. When she goes missing, Wyr sentinel Tiago volunteers to find the spry little fae.

My Thoughts:
In truth this was better than I hoped and it started off great, but once the romance took off I found myself slowly not caring. It became harder to stick with the story toward the end.

Tiago and Tricks started out with a great deal of tension between them and I loved how protective he was of her, but then they turned into a sappy couple which ultimately didn’t work well for me. I had high hopes for these two characters as individually they were such interesting and fun people full of life and pithy comments. But toward the end, I just wanted to slap Tricks for all of her over thinking, and slap Tiago for turning into her doormat. I can’t imagine him truly being happy in his new life, which is partly why I had issues believing in this couple.

The story read more like a suspense than a romance, so we spend a great deal of time trying to guess who wants to kill Tricks. This part of the story was well done, and the end surprising. For the romance, Tiago essentially claims Tricks. It was romantic, but then instantly they are now a devoted couple. The rest of their romance is focused on should-they or should-they-not mate for eternity. It didn’t feel much of a mystery to me as we know darn well they will, and I didn't really see the obstacles they supposedly saw.

Despite not loving Tiago and Tricks, I absolutely loved the world building and think this series has such great potential. There are some great characters I want to see more of. One of the reasons I have trouble getting into many PNR series is I find too many flaws with the world building, but in this series it all fits. You can tell it is well thought out and plotted, and for that I look forward to more in this series.

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August 7, 2011
Fun book. I was looking for something fun and sexy and this fit the bill perfectly. I loved the uniqueness of getting a Thunderbird hero and thought his constant urge to battle something was funny. I liked the heroine, but she cried way too much and kind of grated on me. I think the vampire councilor was the most intriguing character in the book and am looking forward to getting to see more of her. I'm really ready to see what this author can do with a heroine as capable and strong as the hero.
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April 12, 2012
The second book of Elder Races series

5 stars

Might be contain spoiler from the 1st book.

Thistle Periwinkle or Tricks, is a well known and lovable Cuelebres Enterprises Public Relationship. We first meet her at Dragon Bound , a lovely faerie with kick ass attitude. After the last event in the same book -when Dragos Cuelebre kill Urien, the Dark Fae King, because Urien harmed his mate, Pia Giovanni and their unborn child - its revealed that Tricks's real identity are Niniane Lorelle. The long lost daughter of Lorelle's family and the real heir of Dark Fae Throne. Because of that, Tricks or Niniane (ugh, she will be Tricks for me!!) must left Cuelebre Enterprises and all her Wyr friends. She must take her responsibility, to become new Queen of The Dark Fae demesne. But the situation not so easy as its seems to be. Since there are attack to Niniane by her Dark Fae cousin, forced her to left New York. Knowing this, Dragos ask to one of his Sentinel, Tiago Black Eagle the Thunderbird Wyr, to search Niniane.

Tiago, once a God, now a loyal Sentinel, never expected he will fallin' hard to the infuriating Dark Fae heir. Oh yes, they'd met, but just briefly. Now, seems like their passion rose and Tiago recognized Tricks is his Wyr mate. But, that's not just their only problem. Despite their difference, Tricks afraid. If she'd coronated, her people never accept Wyr as ruler. Not to forget that its her own people who want she dead. With all her publication ability, Tiago's protectiveness and her Wyr's friend's help, its a long journey for Niniane to become Queen of Dark Fae demesne..

First thing I want to say is..


Wow, he's better than Dragos! Even both have caveman attitude, but Dragos more annoying, while Tiago make me melt until I become pile of goo. Tiago is alpha, demanding,infuriating, but also caring, gentle and so tender to Tricks. He always tend to Trick's need first then him. And he's willing to not become Dragos sentinel again, rather than left Tricks, when he realized Tricks is his mate. And Tiago have a sense of humor too, not too strict as Dragos. I think its Tiago the reason I keep reading Storm's Heart. Even I need more than one week to finish read this, despite I just graduate, my BF come and I have job test (ops, must stop babbling!). The story itself are less action and too much politic talking. Tricks herself is kinda annoying here, but not so much. Sometimes she act mature, sometimes childish (what with that sowwy, phoey, ew ). Sometimes she looks regal, like a Queen who she supposed to be, sometimes she so wary, don't know what to do, don't know who she must believe. So, lucky to her, to have Tiago beside him, because he's her rock, and her foundation to face her new responsibility..

The other characters I love are Rune Ainissethai and Aryal the Harpy. I don't like Aryal at the first. She's bitchy and meanie,esp to Pia, Dragos's mate. But maybe because she can't accept the fact her boss are mated. Aryal in Storm's Heart more lighthearted and playful, maybe because she and Tricks are long friend and they know each other for a long time.Rune himself still charming, but he's worried about Tiago and Tricks future, due of their difference. Some his advice make he almost fight with Tiago, but that just because Rune care about them and don't want both Tiago and Tricks suffer with uncertain future. The last event of this book is open to Rune's story and his will-be-mate, Carling Severan, the Elder Tribunal Councillor and ruler of Vampyres demesne. Carling is a crazy-spooky woman, and she often make Tricks uncomfortable. She have an unpleasant past with Tiago, when she just a mere human. It will interesting to know more about her in the next book.

What make me sad is

Some readers find Storm's Heart not as good as the first, but I enjoy this more. Maybe because I already know the term, the character, and the world building. Tricks and Tiago relationship are kinda like "friend-to-lover" even they rarely meet.I think maybe some readers were thinking why just now they recognized and attracted to each other. For me, its better Tricks paired with Tiago not to Rune or the other sentinel, because it will more awkward. Beside Tiago or Dr Death or walking, talking holocaust man, is yum,yum. I want him to myself!!

Elder series not "wow"ed me, but I enjoy the story and how Ms Harrison tell the story. She another author I will put in my auto-buy list. Can't wait to read Serpent's Kiss, Rune and Carling's story. For paranormal romance and urban Fantasy's lovers, Elder Races series is a series you can't be missed =)

And because Tricks said Tiago is like Dwayne Johnson..

[image error]

No, I'm not Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock fans, but can't imagine another men as Tiago. Beside, my friend is his fans =P
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August 4, 2011
(Dislaimer: if it seems ranty, please note that i was hungry and sleep-deprived (and possibly moody) when i set out to write this review :O)
2.5 stars

In a nutshell: Tricks has to leave the Wyr to go off and become the Dark Fae Queen. Tiago is sent with her for her protection. Things happen. Tricks (now known by her real name, Niniane) and Tiago fall in love. More stuff happens.Then comes their Happily ever after.

The characters:

Tiago in one word: brutish. and rude. and crabby. and always running roughshod over things/people. All the time, and mostly for no (justifiable) reason. He is all the things we hate about so-called alpha male heroes, with none of the endearing qualities that makes us gloss over forgive their worst faults. I did not like him at all. The only scene where he made me smile was when he was thoughtful enough not only send for clothes for Niniane, but also to request some chocolates and magazines and earrings for her. That was sweet. There were also a few moments here and there when he was not a complete jackass. The rest of the time, he was plain unlikeable; crude also(it was NOT sexy). I felt his behavior was inexcusable, being old and primal be damned. Heck, Dragos is even older and more primal, but he happened to be endearing. Tiago is not. Irksome is what he was. Running around like a petulant child throwing tantrums when things don't go his way and just generally being a pain (ick!) I did not think he deserved Rune's friendship, nor Dragos, nor any of the Wyr. What he mostly deserved was to have some sense and manners chuck-norris-roundhouse-kicked into him.

Niniane in one word: Hmm - I don't quite know a good one. Mebbe simpering(?) I saw a different Niniane than we had met before in Dragon Bound, when she was Tricks. Tricks was funny and spunky and take-charge; Niniane was flaky, tantrum-prone, and rather shallow (not a good combo). In short, she was a ninny (hah!). For me she was not a very empathetic character. Even the extenuating circumstances could not garner sympathy. I was more like "get it together woman and get serious. you effing have a job to do, do it!" Actually, i wish they had another candidate for queen, because I don't think Niniane has what it takes, nor did I get the feeling she would be a good queen (ie what the Dark Fae need, not one who is liked/loved by 200% of the people, which seemed her primary purpose in life). And oh yes - it really bugged me that all it took for Niniane to start doubting the Wyr (read: Dragos and the sentinels) was a few statements from Carling. Really? No matter how stressed you are, you do NOT doubt the people who have taken you in, treated you as family, and protected you when your own wanted to kill you -people who gave you safe haven for what, TWO HUNDRED YEARS?! and ESPECIALLY when the seeds of doubt are being sown by someone you a) don't trust/know that well, and b) who would have a stake in you not getting along with said people who took you in. I would think by now you know without a shadow of a doubt that they got your back. But no. we doubt them and then chalk it all to stress. smh.

The secondary characters: Dragos and Pia made me smile the scant times they were on; Rune was cute as always. Aryal I found slightly more endearing in this one than in Dragon Bound. So in a sense, it was only the old supporting cast that I enjoyed seeing. None of the new characters were memorable/people i think i would enjoy/care reading about some more. Carling I didn't like one bit (why oh why is she going to be my darling Rune's mate?), nor Arethusa or whatever her name is. Just... no.

The Plot: The "love" between Niniane and Tiago didn't do it for me. Additionally, I ended up skimming rather large portions of this book because I found it hard to keep interested in the Dark Fae elements and the "mystery" aspect - ie, who was interested in killing Niniane. Heck, I wanted to kill Niniane. And Tiago. Most especially Tiago.

Ms. Harrison's quirky and fun writing is what ultimately makes this book likeable.
But I was sorely disappointed with the story and even more so with the characters. I will not be re-reading this one. I will be continuing with the series, because the writing is good, and I love Rune, so I gotta read his book :).

Favorite Quotes:
"I know. I'm sorry. I was scared too. I was so scared. Thank you for coming after me. Thank you so much for finding me" - Niniane to Tiago.

"I will have every part of you, until I live with you underneath your skin" - Tiago to Niniane

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August 11, 2011
Ok so I officially LOVE Thea Harrison and The Elder Races has been added to my list of favourite and must read series.

I've been banging on about Dragonbound over at DDLF for a while now (www.DDLF.net), seriously I think people thought I was some crazy nut job (maybe they still do?) but the point is I got people to read it-and they loved it.

So myself and a number of other DDLFers have been counting down the days until Storm's Heart came out. I must admit, I was a bit nervious. I adored the first book and a small part of me was worried that I wouldn't love the second book as much-but I did.

The second book really expands the Elder Races world and gives us an insight into the structure and politics-its clear that Thea has lots of potential characters from all of the different races described in her new book.

What I really loved about this book was that it was so different to the first. Some series use the same basic story and re-hash it using different characters, but that isnt the case with Storm's Heart. The book stood up on its own-it felt darker definately-but still retained its humour.

Tiago is ridculously hot and Tricks (don't call her Ninny) was as funny as ever.

The book nicely sets up the next book Serpent's Kiss which will feature Rune(swoon)and Carling and I cannot wait.

And on that note I will leave you with my absolute favourite quote of the book:

The sparkle in his eyes turned smoky as her curvy body wriggled against his. "oh I don't want to pat you on the head faerie" he said low in his throat in a deep purring growl that vibrated through her body. He bent closer until his lips brushed hers. " I want to fuck your mouth."

Enough said...go out and read it people!!

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August 22, 2011

I thought the previous book was phenomenal.This book is beyond words! What a great series.Once again,I fell head over heels with the H/H. Tiago and Tricks.....There's so much to say about them.I loved their characters with a passion.As much tension these two released,when they did release,I was flaburgasted! I wish I could say more,but I'm just downright Speechless!

Thea Harrison did a great job writing this series.I'm a content and happy reader.I surely can not wait for the next installment to this wonderful series.

My next top favorite characters are Arayal and Rune.It's a dead giveaway,there will be something between Rune and Carling. My biggest concern is who is good enough for Arayal? She's a tough diesel Harpy.Who on earth can manage to handle her? Can Thea Harrison pull off her character with a nice kick? I hope so!

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