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Breeds #18

Lawe's Justice

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In Lora Leigh's scorching new Breed novel, two adversaries are destined to explore the only thing they have in common: an irresistible mating heat...

Diane Broen's lived to protect her younger sister Rachel from harm. But now that Rachel has been mated off, Diane's occupied herself with less fulfilling tasks at the Genetics Council--until she's paired with a new team member, a Breed male notorious for his attitude, and a touch that makes her recoil.

Lawe isn't thrilled with her either. A lion at heart, he prefers a lair of solitude. When it comes to females, he'd rather snarl than purr. And while fate may have paired them to fight on the same team, neither is willing to admit to the obvious: the mating heat between them is positively incinerating.

It's only when danger threatens that they make a hotter-than-hell connection--one so explosive it could destroy them. Or, as providence reveals, bind them together, forever.

356 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 1, 2011

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About the author

Lora Leigh

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Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting. She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared. Lora’s family, and her writing life co-exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora’s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.

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May 12, 2020
This one didn’t have enough of its own story.

One thing I was liking about these Breeds books was that each book had its own sort of standalone story with intrigue, suspense, plot twists and of course steamy romance. Then along with the sort of standalone plot, there is also an overall breeds storyline where the Breeds community began, came out to the public, still is having issues with the Genetics Council, still freeing labs, issues with Philip Brandenmore and his research, etc.

However, in these later books the plots are less standalone with a bit of the ongoing breeds stuff and are now only the ongoing plots with the romance of the two main characters in each book to break up the ongoing plot. I think like a lot of TV shows that start out episodic and end up with ongoing plots this is similar. Look at X-Files, it began with Mulder and Scully looking into crazy monsters and different things in each episode and ended up with one long alien plot going for several seasons. Similarly with Supernatural which started with each episode monster hunting, now is mostly angels and the devil.

This book seems like that, the beginning starts where the last book left off, with Gideon being a shadow figure and Jonas and the Breeds needing to find the 3 missing people that were hiding out with the Native Americans. The entirety of this book is about Diane, who leads a team of mercenaries and is sister to Rachel, Jonas’s mate and aunt to Amber the baby that Brandenmore injected with something that is changing her DNA.

Diane is Lawe Justice’s mate and is looking for the 3 missing people, as is Gideon. Gideon has been killing Council scientists, soldiers and Council Coyotes because when he was in the labs they repeatedly dissected him alive until he died and they revived him.

A large part of the book is Lawe wanting Diane to quit and move to Sanctuary now that they are mated, but he has always wanted to do what she is doing and will feel like a prisoner if she isn’t leading her team. So it is them fighting back and forth about it, quite the running theme in a few of these books lately. Just a bit too much back and forth of the same thing for my taste!

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1,296 reviews117 followers
December 12, 2011
Things I observed while reading Lawe's Justice:

* Lora Leigh has run out of names for her Breeds that aren't ridiculous. Every time I read the names Lawe Justice or Rule Breaker I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I won't even get into Dog, Mutt, Mongrel, etc...

* Apparently in Breedland the soul is extremely important, since it was used in a sentence 31 times from page 29 till the end of the book. (I read the ebook format)

* Next book I'll be counting how many times the title character's dick either jerks, pulses or throbs when the heroine is near. Maybe I'll just count how many times she uses the word dick, that should be interesting.

* Breed's and breedmate's ways of communicating consist of arguing, sarcasm and sex.

* I only read this series for the sex, not for witty dialouge or any great plot.

* Speaking of plot, it would have been nice to have SOME resolution to the ongoing one in this installment.

* When the main characters get around to sex for the first time it's a huge deal that takes up at least a chapter and a half.

* I didn't like Diane at all.

* When your "mate" is sexing you up all the time why would you be confused by lubricant sitting next to the bed?

* I'll more than likely buy the next book because apparently this series is like my crack and I can't stop myself... It's like I can see the disaster on the horizon but I head that way anyway. Sigh.

The End.

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938 reviews
December 20, 2011
Hhhhhmmm...i don't know...as the star ranking indicates...i "liked it"...i just didn't "love it." I DID just finish doing a re-read of Dawn's Awakening though which could have made this one very much pale in comparison. For me, Dawn's Awakening, Mercury's War, Coyote's Mate and Lion's Heat have all been THE BEST in this series...as far as the action/adventure, intriguing storylines and MOST IMPORTANTLY...the romance and emotion. This one had the action and a pretty good storyline but i felt absolutely NO romance between the H and h.

I didn't so much care for the fact that Diane and Lawe disagreed/fought and held each other at arms length for pretty much 75% of the book..yes..they were having sex..Lora Leigh's signature sometimes crude and yes..sometimes very HOT sex...but that was because the mating heat doesn't really give you much choice in the matter. These two were stubborn to the point of annoyance..neither one of them backing down until almost the end..by that point i was kind of like "whatever" when it came to those two making it work..i was ready to let Rule step up w/ his offer to Lawe!!

As i said...the storyline was pretty good and i am definitely looking forward to seeing how things play out. Gideon is someone i would LOVE to see get a HEA since it seems like he's one of the Breeds who's really suffered. Was fun to see others from past books and i'm still anxiously awaiting future books for Cassie (i would agree with others that Dog has to be her mate!), Dane, Rule..who sure made it sound like he may have a clue who his mate is!!..and THOR!...YUM!...Lora Leigh had better pair HIM up w/ someone!! A hulking blond Nordic warrior!?...again..YUM!!

Even though this one won't end up as one of my favorites in the series i will still always eagerly await any and all Breed books Lora Leigh puts out.
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155 reviews223 followers
December 9, 2011
Before I get into my opinion of Lawe’s Justice, I feel I should probably give you a little of my history with the series that I have been reading for many, many years. I fell off the Breed bandwagon a few books back because of the inconsistencies, errors, typos, and more than a little boredom. But I kept reading them, hoping I might find the spark that addicted me to this world in the beginning. Then Navarro’s Promise came out. RAGE! HULK SMASH! Yeah. It was ugly, I was pissed, and I swore I wasn’t spending another cent on a Lora Leigh book until there were some major changes in the quality of those books.

A friend bought Lawe’s Justice and offered to let me borrow it. I took her up on her offer because I’m still hoping. The prologue was excellent. It shows Lawe as a child in the labs, being forced to watch his mother die. It gives an amazing insight into the Breed that Lawe is today and what formed him. Then I hit chapter one. Ho, boy. The character dump was massive. Character after character is rattled off and this continues for a while. I had to stop reading and ask twitter who some of them were. Some are new, some old favorites, others were mentioned in passing 17 books ago. I was lost. And that’s when the Chart Of Doom was born…

Have I mentioned that there are a crapton of characters in this book? After I finished the chart, I remembered two I left off but I’m not going back. 65 is more than enough. Plus, my son took his colored pencils back.

That is my biggest complaint about this book. Way too many characters and I don’t feel that most of them were needed.

I did love the heroine of the book and I loved that the author left her as the strong, capable woman she was and didn’t force her to change for the arrogant hero. As for Lawe, I liked who he became by the end of the book.

I’m not hopping back on the Breed bandwagon quite yet but I liked this one and I’m even looking forward to the next installment. A new character named Gideon played a big part in this book and I want more on him.

For previous fans of the Breed series, I recommend you give it a shot. For those who haven’t read any of them and are on the fence, I don’t think this book is for you. But if you do decide to read it, at least you have a poorly drawn chart to help you figure out who’s who!
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2,239 reviews3,455 followers
December 13, 2016
Breeds 26
Feline Breeds 15
Featured Couple: Lawe (Lion) & Diane (Human)

I have to be honest: This book is the critical point in which if someone is not familiar with the Breeds’ main story line and with the most important characters names, family relations and occupations, he/she will be lost.

From this book onwards every book will be a wonderful mess and every story will be tangled with the other stories before and after.

So if you are new in the Breeds’ world, you do NOT want to start with this book.

That been said, Lawe's Justice is a pretty good book, a good addition to this long-standing series.

Daine is the sister of Rachel Broen-Wyatt, i.e. sister-in-law of the infamous Jonas Wyatt and aunt of little Amber who is really suffering from the mysterious experiments, the ruthless scientists performed on her.

It is imperative to find a cure for Amber, who has started behaving more like a cub and less like a two years old human girl. For example, she purrs.

Lawe is a high level enforcer and twin brother of Rule (His story will be told in book “Rule Breaker”). Both of the brothers were not really fans of Mating Heat and they really tried very hard to avoid it in the previous books. They usually were making fun of Breeds who could not stay away from it.

Of course when Lawe met Daine, he realized Mating Heat cannot be avoided when you meet your intended mate.

Lawe and Diane will be fighting against the mating in the whole book, while they try to work together to find a cure for Amber.

Graeme/Gideon’s story will also dominate this book. He is a really interesting, tortured, cunning character with an HEA in book “Bengal's Quest”.
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724 reviews317 followers
December 22, 2011
Not perfect but not bad either. I still enjoyed it. There was a lot of repetition with the theme of "he needs to accept I am a warrior and partner who can fight by his side and not sit around useless at Sanctuary" versus him wanting to protect her and not see her run into danger. I have no problem with the theme but the heroine just brings it up over and over and over. There were some things brought up in the story, like maybe Lawe would get to know his maternal family, but then it was never addressed. The psychic thing at the end was neat but I wanted to know more about it, like how the brothers suddenly just "knew" stuff and how they were going to use this ability.

I am very intrigued by Gideon and can't wait to see what happens with him. I guess Rule's book is next?
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855 reviews149 followers
December 18, 2011
Solid 4 stars, better than what's she's cranked out in a while! I'm really enjoying the missing breeds essential to learning about what is going on with Jonas and Rachel's baby storyline and I even like Gideon, the rogue breed running around dispensing justice for his own reasons.

As to the main couple, Lawe was absolutely yummy in his desperation to keep his emotions in check warring with his desperation for making Diane his own and I like that Diane would not compromise who she was for the sake of what her mate felt was best for her. (Although I like Rachel, who is Diane's sister, and would not want to see Diane with Jonas at all- I cant help but feel her warrior status would have suited the overbearing breed director much better.)

But, it tis what it tis- as I stated in my status, this series is not over, despite the death knell some have been tolling. Things are definitely left unanswered (like why Callen and Merrinus's boy cant abide little Amber!) and I want more! :P

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134 reviews2 followers
December 24, 2011
I think this book marks the end of my relationship with the Breeds books. Books like this are not supposed to be literary gold or anything, but, frankly, I expect more. I don't know why, Navarro's Promise was also less than good. I followed these books because I became emotionally invested in the outcome of the Breeds vs. Genetic Counsel war, and because I enjoyed the romance, even if it was a bit ridiculous.

This book does not advance the storyline; there is absolutely no resolution at all! Not even to the story exclusive to this book. The sex scenes were also completely unsatisfactory. In the past, I've tried to ignore LL's need to use the "C" word (I'm not a prude, I just think that it is a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad word), her overuse of "pussy" (especially when it is used from a woman's perspective), the cliched dialog ("Suck it, baby. Give me that sweet mouth")and her need to show domination through use of anal sex, but it is beyond old 26 books into the damn series!

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1,332 reviews171 followers
December 21, 2011
What can I say. The Breeds are my guilty pleasure. I actually think this one was better than the last couple. It was a good expansion of the Gideon storyline started in the preceding novella "An Inconvenient Mate". If it is as it seems there are a lot of HEA's to come before we get Cassie's HEA, starting a new story arc is a welcome move in the Breed world.

They're not going to win any Pulitzers and despite the inconsistencies and some what lazy editing the Breeds are certainly steamy, unique, enjoyable escapism!
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1,477 reviews157 followers
December 10, 2011

Ms Leigh used to be ranked as one of my top 5 authors but of late her works have not been great so I haven't rushed to get/read them and tick them off my TBR pile. Having said that I haven't been able to ignore any new Breeds releases as I am well and truely hooked despite being extremely disappointed with quite a few of the latest one's.

I really enjoyed the novella in the anthology Tied with a Bow and could see glimpses of the old LL magic so I was eagerly awaiting for this to be released and I definately wasn't disappointed. This book reminded me of the magic we saw in much older books such as Tanner's Scheme, Dawn's Awakening & Mercury's War and I am really hoping that the material Ms Leigh continues to release will be of this standard.

When I first started reading it I didn't realise until around half way through that it was strongly connected to the novella in Tied with a Bow. It is not essential that you read that first but I would recommend that you do.

I know that many of us have been disillusioned with Ms Leigh of late but go ahead and read this one - I don't think you will be disappointed ☺☺☺

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1,767 reviews
April 29, 2012
I was bored. That is basically what this come down to for me. The storyline just bored me. I was reticent to read it because I don't like the "she's the little woman who needs to stay protected" and "I'm a warrior woman who want let a man put me in the kitchen" stories. I don't mind a strong woman who is her own person and can stand up for herself but I don't like the back and forth between the hero and heroine like in this book.

There is the other story line about looking for Honor Roberts, Fawn and Judd but there just wasn't enough of that to keep me interested. Although, I am intrigued by Gideon. What will his fate be?

I think I am over the erotic stuff that Lora Leigh writes. I find myself skimming over most of it. It seems like every scene is the same.

I'm going to continue to read the series because eventually I will want to read Cassie's story (here's hoping it isn't a boring story). Perhaps the other books will have better storylines to keep me interested. Can we please have something other than resisting the mating heat? Maybe a star-crossed lovers, forbidden lovers, type of thing.

The one thing that did intrigue me about the book is Rule's heroine. Curious as to who she is. Hope we find out soon.

Oh and Gideon was actually pretty funny. I liked the thought he had about the ridiculous names of Lawe and Rule. Too true.
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2,816 reviews180 followers
January 6, 2012
As much as I *wanted* to like this book, I simply couldn't. It was just OK.

Mrs. Leigh needs an editor badly. BADLY. I found several typos (for example "here" when "hear" was the intended word) and even one misused word, not to mention the extreme use of the word SOUL once again. SOMEONE BUY THAT WOMAN A THESAURUS!

I tried hard to like Diane. I really did. In the end, my verdict is that she got on my last nerve. She was all take and very little give, with unreasonable expectations of Lawe despite knowing his personality and temperament. Lawe was marginally better, and he at least saw her point of view before it was over, although the way that scene was written made me want to just gag at its over-the-topness.

The only bright spot for me was the very limited storyline addition of our friends from Coyote's Mate - especially Ashley. I so hope she gets a fantastic book of her own. (If I'm going to dream, dream big, right?)

2 stars and I'm being generous.
Profile Image for Catherine.
523 reviews539 followers
January 16, 2012
This series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I accept things from this author that I would harshly ridicule from another. The sex is frequent and over the top, and the characters are a bit overdramatic. The characters and they way they talk aren’t realistic, and the author can be repetitive. I know this, and I just don’t care. I don’t like this author’s other series, but this one is like crack to me. But, I’ve found that I swing back and forth between enjoying these books and not. I continue to pick them up because when they work, they really work, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t disliked a fair share of them. Unfortunately, this book is falls into the dislike category.

One of my main complaints about this book is that NOTHING HAPPENS. This is a classic example of a bridge book. The plot doesn’t go anywhere. All it did was setup things for future books. I can understand why the author would need to have a book like this, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was pretty boring. A big deal was made out of Diane’s determination to find a cure for her niece, yet it never goes anywhere. The same goes for the storyline that was introduced with Gideon. I can see that those things will go somewhere in the future, but that doesn’t help my enjoyment in the here and now. The only thing that was actually resolved was getting Diane and Lawe together.

Speaking of Diane and Lawe…I got tired of them. Lawe and Diane spent the whole book arguing and struggling to mesh their personalities enough to work as mates. Due to his past, Lawe is extremely overprotective and wants wrap Diane up and keep her out of the line of fire. Diane can’t accept this because she loves her job and won’t change her personality just to be his mate. The conflict between them was valid, but it went on way too long. I was on Diane’s side, and was pretty ticked off about how many people tried to guilt her into doing things Lawe’s way, but even I got tired of her constant refrain by the end. It stopped feeling worthwhile and just felt whiny. I felt bad for Lawe’s past, but his behavior made it hard for me to like him. At the end he finally came to respect her and her capabilities, but it was too little too late for me.

I liked that the author kept Diane and Law from having sex right away. It gave them more of a chance to talk and try to come to terms with each other before the mating heat clouded their minds. I found their constant back and forth frustrating and a bit boring, but I still appreciate that the sex didn’t push it out of the way. That’s been a complaint of mine in the past with this series. I also liked getting to see what has developed with Amber, Rachel’s daughter. I’m very interested in seeing why David, Callan’s son, growls and can’t stand to be in the same room with her.

I was surprised by how much I ended up disliking Rachel. I can’t say that she’s ever been a favorite of mine, but I almost grew to hate her. Her whiny, emo behavior at the expense of her daughter’s feelings left me extremely unimpressed. I was glad Diane talked some sense into her, but I would have liked it even more if it would have been accompanied by a slap upside the head. I also can’t believe the way Rachel turned on Diane again and again just because she thought she was right. Especially after Diane calls her on it once! They have a make up scene and then she turns right around and does something crappy again. Man, she sucks.

Although the plot didn’t go anywhere, I did like being introduced to Gideon. He was very interesting and kept my attention much better than the main storyline did. I’m eager to see more development with him. Given the way everything was left hanging at the end, I assume we’ll see more of him in the next book. I was also pleased to see a bit of Dog. When are we finally going to get his book? :) We saw quite a bit of Rule here, but he wasn’t as likable as he’s been in the past. I’ve never had a problem with him before, but I was extremely turned off by his desire to swap mates with Lawe. I thought at first he might be trying to pressure Lawe into claiming Diane, but I came to realize he was dead serious. Very crappy of him. I’m pretty sure I remember who Rule’s mate is, but I could be wrong. Whoever it is, I hope she finds out that he wanted to swap her.

*Review originally posted on Fiction Vixen*
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1,028 reviews155 followers
December 27, 2011
Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

The Breeds are up to book #26, and Lawe Justice is the center of this story. His mate is Diane, who won’t even consider being mated which would lead to being coddled or wrapped in cotton and hidden away at Sanctuary. She’s a fighter and that’s probably what I liked most about her. It was a constant struggle between these two, Lawe’s need to keep her safe and Diane’s need to fight. She’s trying to find a cure for her niece, Amber, who’s exhibiting non-human behaviors (a little human baby purring…to be honest it was so adorable just picturing it!) but from what Diane and Amber’s parents, Rachel and Jonas, know, she might not live long enough to see her second birthday if they can’t find cure. The cure they think lies with three people who have stayed hidden for years, but they’re close to finding them and hopefully the information they need for Amber.

Lawe and Diane go back and forth for the whole book fighting against the mating because Lawe will never be able to accept Diane for who she is. He wants her safe and protected and she will never be able to live like that. She needs to be out there in the field, fighting for what she believes in and currently that’s fighting for her niece, Amber. This back and forth goes on for almost the entire book. They finally mate, but it didn’t come across as an intense mating like other pairs in the Breed series. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it just didn’t really hold my attention that well. I liked Diane well enough, but them as a pair – I just never felt that spark on page between them. They’re mates, we’re told they’re mates, and I guess that’s good enough for chemistry.

Now the supporting characters, they kept my attention and I wish they’d have had more page time. Gideon is an interesting addition and we get a few scenes from his point of view. He’s a complex character and he’s out for revenge against the people who tortured him and in particular one young female whose blood kept him alive when all he wanted to do was die after being tortured for so long. He lived and he wants her to pay. Gideon is very angsty and that’s pretty much all it takes for me to be interested in a character. Amber is the other character I want more about. She’s the young daughter of Rachel and she’s showing signs of behavior that no baby should be having after being used in a Breed experiment when she was taken from Rachel shortly after her birth. There was something really sweet about the way she was written, although I wanted Rachel to stop being so dramatic around her all the time. Because Amber is what’s driving the plot, especially for Diane, there’s a good amount of Jonas (who I love) but no Cassie. I was a little letdown by that, there aren’t many characters in the series right now that I’m really looking forward to a book about, but Cassie is one and now Gideon is the other.

The series storyline really didn’t go anywhere. It’s at times confusing to follow, and there wasn’t much overall progression in Lawe’s Justice. In fact, at the end of the story, I felt like there was a big “To Be Continued…” for not only the series storyline but the book as a whole. It felt very abrupt at the end, and it was a lot of build up for nothing. There’s an epilogue that doesn’t offer much for closure for Lawe and Diane, yes they get their mated HEA, but it felt like I finished reading part 1 of 2.

Ultimately, I was underwhelmed with this latest installment in the Breeds series. The main love story was slow and hard to get into and the ending didn’t leave me excited to see what’s to come. I may take this as a sign that it’s time to step away from this series for a little bit, or at least until Gideon or Cassie’s books come up. Those I am still looking forward to reading. I can’t recommend this book, fans of the series may want to check it out to see where the overall story arc is heading, but for me, the main romance was a miss and that’s not a great thing when it’s the driving force behind these books.
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189 reviews5 followers
December 10, 2011
Liked it well enough, but found Diana just a little annoying. Granted Lawe needed to accept her as she was, but so did she vice versus. She failed, I thought to see that she would be who she was regardless of what he did. All the previous heroines in all the previous books became or continued to be who they were. It's not like their basic personalities changed. So her ongoing battle with all that seemed pointless. Additionally Diana did not respect her sister or the other women as being worthwhile in my opinon either. On the other hand, to be fair, why was her sister so weepy which was in conflict with the strengths SHE had shown in HER own book. Anyone keeping Jonas in line would not be weak and weepy. Otherwise, I would like to know who Rule's mate is. Hope its someone worthwhile. Also I would like to know more about the relationship and past of Lawe and Rule. Most of all, am I the only one who would like to see Dog mated? He keeps popping up and I would like to see him dangling on the mating heat hook.
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1,371 reviews341 followers
December 12, 2011
*slight spoilers*

Lora Leigh is back in her game with this one! The others have been disappointing but this one, me likey alots! Finally we get Lawe Justice HEA. And Diane is a great partner to/for him.

I wonder who Rule's mate is? Haven't a clue. We see briefly Dane Vanderale and Rye(yay!) Can't wait for their stories. Also we see Dog, who, IMO, is Cassie's mate. Gideon is an interesting character and I hope he gets a HEA.

Also the ending kinda left with a cliffhanger. What did Jonas sense on Liza?
Profile Image for Nonieღserenity2bliss.
1,805 reviews335 followers
November 28, 2011
I want to give this 3 1/2 stars, but I'm feeling generous today because it's a holiday so yeah, 4 twinkling stars for Lawe's Justice!.

Stubborn and annoying heroine aside, Lawe's Justice is one of the better book in the Breeds series. I still could not get over the stupidity of the hero's name, despite his reason. His twin's is no better either.

While Lawe's character is an alpha, he's not the worst of the lot. He does not come across as a pompous asshole (most of the time, anyway) which is a plus since the heroine is tiring enough.

Plot wise, it was okay. They're still looking for cure for little Amber, Diane's niece, because she purrs due to some nasty injection given to her by a bad man in Lion's Heat. This time around, they're hunting for some women who may have the answer to said problem. Along the way, the hero and heroine have to fight the bugger known as the mating heat. I'm sure you can figure out already by now what happens when mating heat comes calling ;)

I'm really fascinated by Gideon, a new character (I think) introduce in this book. I have to say that he's the most interesting part of the entire book.
Profile Image for Mitzi.
1,056 reviews84 followers
December 19, 2011
If I were a teacher, I’d give this book an A just because it’s such an improvement over the last few books…it isn’t missing important chapters, paragraphs and the editing/spelling is acceptable. But the story (although interesting) is not a page turner. I liked it….but didn’t love it. Final Grade C+.
Profile Image for Denise H..
2,927 reviews208 followers
December 13, 2016
*** Lora Leigh's amazing series continues here ! *** Read last year.

I've read the whole series, and loved each one. How can you not like these wild characters,

marvelous action packed stories, and super hot, sizzling sex scenes ! WOW !

I do agree, you must read the from the beginning or you'll be lost.

Profile Image for Melanie.
515 reviews140 followers
January 5, 2012
Well, after the last few "full-length" letdowns in LL's 'Breeds' series, I'm happy to say that she's back on her game! Is 'Lawe's Justice' my favorite? No, 'Coyote's Mate' is still the benchmark 'Breeds' for me, but LJ can definitely hold its own when you look at the series as a whole.

What I liked:
1) Finally a (somewhat) "standard" mating again! Lately, it's been like Leigh has been going out of her way to over-complicate the mating process; with storylines focusing on "when's a mate a mate" scenarios in place of actual plots. Well in LJ, Leigh hasn't tinkered too much with the mating formula... and there is an actual story playing alongside the mating games.

2) Lawe Justice! A Breed who's been around (in the background) pretty much as long as Jonas, is FINALLY getting his HEA. For some unknown reason, Leigh keeps putting these more interesting characters on the backburner in favor of stories featuring relative unknowns (*cough* Navarro *cough*). Personally, I've always liked the smart-mouthed Lawe (and his brother Rule) and as a hero, he was as alpha and yummy as the best of them. Now if LL would just get going with stories for other longstanding and favorite characters - that's right, I'm talking about Cassie(!), Dog, Rule, Brimstone, Ely...

3) Diane Broen! Think Mercy from the Psy-Changeling series - that's who Diane reminded me of. She was a perfect heroine for Lawe and it's nice to read about a kick-a$$ heroine. Yes, Leigh has written tough 'Breeds' heroines before, notably Sherra, Dawn, and of course Harmony, but it's been awhile and those chicks were, well, 'Breeds' themselves and Diane is human.

4) Gideon! When I first started LJ and this Breed I never heard of, Gideon, started getting book POV time, I was... disgruntled. I thought, NO! not another half-baked character with issues - because let's face it, Leigh has a bad habit of muddying up the overall series arc with too many players and not enough plot lines. BUT as I kept reading, I found myself liking Gideon. He was a tortured guy, emotionally as well as physically, and that, in my book, equals interesting. I would be very much on board for a Gideon book - 'Gideon's Fawn' perhaps, or some other cheesy title along those lines?

What I didn't like:
1) Repetition, repetition, repetition! LL has this incessant need to hammer into our heads, shove down out throats and overall just repeatedly REPEAT the emotional issues (thoughts and feelings) using the same sentiments and language throughout her books. I suppose it's her way of emphasizing the "soul" wrenching anguish her characters have to go through before the inevitable HEA, but it gets damn annoying!

2) Inconsistencies! Every single Leigh book I've read is wrought with inconsistencies - within the book itself and within the series. For instance, in LJ at the top of one page it states that Lawe and Justice are identical twins and then at the bottom they're fraternal. Also, all those hormone treatments that played such a huge role in previous books to help temper mating heat and prevent conception weren't even mentioned in this one (and no explanation as to why).

All in all though, 'Lawe's Justice' really is a good addition to a long-standing series, with plenty of the naughty and spicy fun we all anticipate and enjoy when picking up a Lora Leigh novel. I hope she continues with this higher standard and stays out of the rut she's fallen into in the past, because it really is a great series!

September 11, 2015
This review was posted at Under The Covers

This might be one of the most anticipated Breeds release and I can only say that the wait was well worth it! This is the best book in this series by far that we've gotten in a while. With some of the original magic that the Breeds were able to give us and with some great characters.

We first met Diane in Lion's Heat, she's Rachel's sister. She's also pretty kick ass and leads her own group of secret ops. I always though of her as a bit rough around the edges but in reality she's tough but very sweet. I liked her character a lot in this book. She shows a vulnerability but that doesn't make her stupid or take away from her take charge attitude.

Lawe is an amazing hero as well. I see a lot of Jonas in him, which might be because he's being groomed to be second in comand to the sneakiest Breed ever to be made. He's known Diane was his mate for a while but refused to accept the mating because of his past and the labs. He saw the horros that mates endured and swore that he would never do that to someone he cared for.

Of course he can only fight it for so long! When Diane puts herself in the lead while searching for a feral Breed that might hold the clues to Amber's cure (Jonas and Rachel's baby), then the big bad Breed that is Lawe has to claim her as his.

This book had a good romantic suspense feel to it. There was the main storyline and a few sub-plots as well. I especially want to see more about Gideon and I'm hoping they're able to turn him around. We also get to see more of what happened in the labs, which is always very tough to read and especially in this book.

A great part of this book was that I realized the story overlaps An Inconvenient Mate (Tied with a Bow). It was great to see another layer to that story as well since I loved that novella. And just as we see them again, we see plenty of Jonas and Rule in this book. Have I mentioned before how much I love Jonas?

And last but certainly not least, this is my favorite cover in the whole series. Love it! Just hot and romantic and the color is great! Great job.

I'm very happy as well that I didn't find any problems with the continuity of the story or any editing problems as I've seen lately with Ms. Leigh's books.

Great job Ms. Leigh, this book is bringing back my love for this series and I can't wait for more.

* ARC provided by Berkley
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February 14, 2012
3.5 out of 5 stars for this one. I'm addicted to Ms. Leigh's breed series. I realize we are on book 26 and I'm still hungering for me. Yes, the book is virtually the same over and over. The mates are resisting each other. Either the guy is resisting because he's afraid of hurting the woman. Or the woman is avoiding the man because she's afraid of losing her independence. Lawe's Justice is because of the latter. Diane is a warrior who needs a man by her side, not some asshole chauvinistic pig. Lawe received the memo but he's a bit thick in the head...like most of the men in the breed books. Honestly, I have no idea why I like these books when I really want to hit some of the characters upside the head with a 2x4.

We are still trying to find a solution to Amber. We haven't heard from Cassie in a while. Gideon is still at large. Now Rule, Lawe's brother has a mate but we aren't sure who it is. We know that Leo is some how involved in the whole fiasco but is unwilling to share. What ever happened to the avian breeds? I haven't seen them in any stories as of late. I'm wondering if I will ever get any answers. It would be nice for once to have more than one pair mated in a book. And it would be especially nice to learn more about the storyline too. I don't know if this series will ever come to an end. I guess I'm just going to have to read the same two variations over and over again with sometimes anal thrown in and sometimes not. The sex is even starting to wear thin a bit, even if it is smexy. How about some bondage? Maybe a little outdoor sex? More than the throbbing glands under the tongue would be nice. How about a menage? Two breeds to a human? Or three breeds together? Or something more than the IKEA sex we are slowly dis-integrating into. Still this book is recommended to Breed fans.
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January 8, 2012
NO one writes erotica like Lora...hands down one of the best.
I loved Lawe even though he was a bit overbearing and controlling.
Diane on the other hand drove me nuts, to whiny for my taste.
Nothing gets resolved as far as Amber is concerned...I kept thinking Diane was going to pull off something really big, the way she carried on...
We find out some interesting things about Lawe...so I can't wait for Diane to get with child/children to see how things go in that respect.
Not much in the way of fighting at least not fighting with the bastards that have tormented and killed the Breeds. There was to much fighting between Lawe and Diane though. It got a bit tiresome after awhile.
Loads of hot and heavy sex...now that I did enjoy.
I think this was a book that was more of a bridge between books because nothing gets accomplished but there of a lot in things set in motion for the next one.
I really liked Gideon and I can't wait for his story. And Rule's story has got to be coming soon, at least I'm hoping.
I love the Breeds and will always be a loyal fan. I will continue salivate waiting for the next book. I will always be one of the first in line to buy the next book.
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December 6, 2020
Котешки Породи #15 - Даян Броуън (Човек) и Лоу Джъстис (Порода - Лъв)

След смъртта на родителите й, които са били шпиони, Даян и Рейчъл биват отгледани от чичо им. Углавяващ отряд наемници, чичо им взима Даян под крилото си и я учи на всичко, което знае, превръщайки я в дясната си ръка. След смъртта му Даян поема водачеството на екипа наемници, приемайки опасни мисии, и съсредоточавайки се върху това да работят за породите, след като сестрата на Даян, Рейчъл става половинка на Джонъс Уайът, директора на отдела за породите. Когато Даян е заловена от враговете на чичо си, тя осъзнава, че в редиците й има предател, няма шанс да бъде открита по друг начин. От пленничество я спасява лъвската порода Лоу Джъстъс, и Даян скоро разбира, че Лоу е нейната половинка. Но Лоу е мъж, който няма да й позволи да бъде себе си, той ще иска да я затвори в златна клетка, някъде далече от опасността и тя не е готова да го приеме. По-скоро ще бъде без него, преди да му позволи да откъсне една толкова важна част от нея.

Преживял ужаса да види как собствената му майка, обвързана с койтоска порода бива подложена на вивисекция, измъчвана и убита в ръцете на Съвета по генетика, без нито той, нито брат му Рул Брейкър да успеят да я спасят, Лоу Джъстъс се заклева, че никога няма да си позволи да го е грижа така за някой. Щом разбира, че Даян е негова полвинка, той се старае да стои далеч от нея. Не си позволява дори да я целуне, въпреки,ч е животното в него, настоява да ги обвърже. Когато обаче Даян тръгва на опасна мисия, той не може да си позволи да стои повече далеч от нея, и това слага начало на разгонването им.

Книгата е адски заплетена. Мисля дори, че е редно да се чете преди книгата за Малакай и Изабел. Тук се слага началото на търсенето на две човешки момичета и една бенгалска порода. Хоуп, Фоун и Джъд са били деца, докато върху тях са провеждани експерименти, и са инжектирани със същата субстанция с която Бранденмор инжектира Амбър, дъщеричката на Рейчъл и Джонъс, племенница на Даян. Амбър започва да показва промени, които не са присъщи за човешко дете на нейната възраст, тя разбира повече отколкото би трябвало, усеща повече, развива се по-бързо и от време на време мърка, ужасявайки майка си и карайки баща й да загърби всичко, за да намери трите деца, които вече би трябвало да са възрастни, и да разкрие тайните на това как им се е отразило инжектирането на този серум. Тук научихме толкова много нови неща.

Запознахме се с Греъм, научихме какво е преживял и какви са подбудите му, за това да контактива тайно с Даян и защо търси трите изчезнали деца, с които е бил някога в една лаборатория. Тук е доста сложно, и дори на мен ми е трудно да си проследя с точност мислите.

Тази книга е пълна с предистория, с връщане назад в миналото, виждахме какво е преживял Лоу, докато е слушал предсмъртните писъци на майка си. Виждаме Рул, който до такава степен се бои да отдаде сърцето си на своята половинка, че предлага на Лоу, той да вземе Даян, а Лоу да вземе половинката на Рул, така, взимайки половинката на близнака си, никой от тях няма да изложи на риск сърцето си. Виждахме борбата на Даян да накара Лоу да я приеме такава каквато е, да гледа на нея като партньор, а не да се опитва винаги да я защитава. На моменти бях истински отчаяна от това колко упорит бе той да я напъха някъде на сигурно място, а тя се бореше да бъде на първа линия. Тази книга слага началото на няколко следващи книги. След тази ще имаме книгата за Хоуп. След нея Рул най-после ще се предаде и ще предяви претенции над половинката си. После Греъм най-после ще намери Фоун и ще разбере, че тя е негова половинка. Много ще ми интересно. В тази книга той е обзет от желание за мъст вярвайки, че давайки му кръвта си, Фоун му е "направила нещо", а аз подозира��, че просто е отключила разгонването в него. След това ще е книгата за Джъд, и той ще е с приятелката на Хпуп и сестрата на Изабел, Челси. И на края, биже нямам вече търпение, най-после на края ще е единствената книга от поредицата, която все още не съм чела, а именно книгата за Каси. Тук в книгата на Лоу, вече се изясни статута на Дог, който вече знаем, че е двоен агент и работи за Джонас. В тази книга той къса връзките си със Съвета по генетика, но много искам да прочета повече за него, не само кратките объркващи срещи които имахме с него до сега.

Като цяло книгата беше страхотна, но колебанията и недоразуменията между Лоу и Даян на моменти доста ме дразнеха, затова й давам 4 звезди.
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January 29, 2020
Lawe & Diane

I actually really liked this one. Lawe wasn't nearly as bossy as I was expecting!
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December 20, 2011
I am so torn between a 3 and 4 star. But I would only give it a 4 star based on the fact that I love the breeds. There was a lot unnecessary drama between Lawe and Diane. The powerful love they claimed to have for each other just wasn't convincing. More annoying was the fact that 50% of the story focused on whether or not Lawe could accept Diane for the warrior she was. And why Diane was gonna kick his ass to the curb because he did not respect her as a warrior.

I was wary when I started reading this story. The breed novels in the last few years have not lived up to my expectations. The storyline has barely moved forward since Lion's Heat. There were no great revelations in this story that I really gave a crap about.

I have a feeling that the breed novels are being dragged out in a diabolical plan to get us to pay for teasers and anti climatic plots.

That was the bad. Now the good. I have always loved Ms. Leigh's writing. What little storyline there was it was a fairly good one. Her sex scenes are always off the charts. I still care deeply about the breeds. This story is as dark and intense as the previous books. The book continues to weave together our favorite characters who are working toward a common goal. Characters who I would love to see get some kind of vindication for the horrors they have had to deal with. The storyline gives enough mystery that I still am anxious for the next book.

Note to Ms. Leigh: At some point, Ms. Leigh, some shit has got to hit somebody's fan.
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December 12, 2011
Ok so where to begin. I always thought lawe was funny. When I read Mercury's War and he said he would like to go to a monistary to avoid the "mating heat infection". It was great to learn more about him there just wasn't enough. What we learn more about Lawe is mainly in the beginning of the book. But in the end I still liked that he decided he wanted Diane by his side rather than behind him.

Now Diane peaked my interest in Lions Heat when Diane and her men of mercinaries helped Jonas and Rachel get to a safe heli jet. I still don't know what happened on how exactly they met. I have to read the novella before this book according to rumors. But I liked how she did not give up her independence just because she mated a breed. She stuck to her beliefs and made him see who she is and that she is not some weakling to shield within the confines of sanctuary.

I can't wait to learn more about Gideon. I think in the end when he finds honor and the other two he will find his mate that will ease his feral fever. He will be complete. I also feel Thor will mate a female coyote breed. Can't wait for the next books.
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December 16, 2011
The being the 26th story in the Breed series, you come into this story knowing pretty much how the romance between our hero and heroine, Lawe and Diane, will play out. If this is your first Lora Leigh Breed book, stop and go back to number 1. There is too much back story and too many repeating characters to try and start with this book. I enjoyed this story but it is not my favorite in the series and left too many questions for me to really enjoy it. There has been an overlying plot line in the past few books that is dragging on a little too long for me. I was ready for it to be wrapped up in this story but we've introduced a new character/villain so this will continue for at least one more story but most likely two. Even though I wasn't that thrilled with this novel, I will of course pick up the next one because I'm still loving all of Lora Leigh’s stories.
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December 7, 2011
Lora Leigh is a must-buy for me. However, if the stories keep going downhill like this, I am going to quit reading this series. Somehow, it feels to me, like its lost its way. The love stories are taking a back burner to these convoluted plots that don't make a lot of sense. To me, at least. As I said, these book have always been a must-buy. So maybe I'll try one more. Not sure.
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