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Shopaholic #2

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

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The irresistible heroine of Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Ties the Knot is back! And this time Becky Bloomwood and her credit cards are headed across the Atlantic....
With her shopping excesses (somewhat) in check and her career as a TV financial guru thriving, Becky's biggest problem seems to be tearing her entrepreneur boyfriend, Luke, away from work for a romantic country weekend. And worse, figuring out how to pack light. But packing takes on a whole new meaning when Luke announces he's moving to New York for business--and he asks Becky to go with him! Before you can say "Prada sample sale," Becky has landed in the Big Apple, home of Park Avenue penthouses and luxury boutiques.
Surely it's only a matter of time until she becomes an American TV celebrity, and she and Luke are the toast of Gotham society. Nothing can stand in their way, especially with Becky's bills miles away in London. But then an unexpected disaster threatens her career prospects, her relationship with Luke, and her available credit line! Shopaholic Takes Manhattan--but will she have to return it?

387 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published September 3, 2001

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About the author

Sophie Kinsella

112 books38k followers
Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in more than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.

Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series – The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic). The book’s heroine, Becky Bloomwood – a fun and feisty financial journalist who loves shopping but is hopeless with money – captured the hearts of readers worldwide. Becky has since featured in seven further bestselling books, Shopaholic Abroad (also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan), Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic & Sister, Shopaholic & Baby, Mini Shopaholic, Shopaholic to the Stars and Shopaholic to the Rescue. Becky Bloomwood came to the big screen in 2009 with the hit Disney movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy.

Sophie has also written seven standalone novels which have all been bestsellers in the UK, USA and other countries around the world: Can You Keep A Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl, I’ve Got Your Number, Wedding Night, and My Not So Perfect Life, which was a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist for Best Fiction in 2017.

In 2014 she published a Young Adult novel Finding Audrey about a teenage girl with social anxiety and her madcap family, and in January 2018, Sophie published her first illustrated book for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother-daughter fairy duo, Mummy Fairy and Me (also published as Fairy Mom and Me).

Sophie’s latest novel, Surprise Me, published in February 2018, presents a humorous yet moving portrait of a marriage—its intricacies, comforts, and complications. Surprise Me reveals that hidden layers in a close relationship are often yet to be discovered.

Sophie wrote her first novel under her real name, Madeleine Wickham, at the tender age of 24, whilst she was working as a financial journalist. The Tennis Party was immediately hailed as a success by critics and the public alike and became a top ten bestseller. She went on to publish six more novels as Madeleine Wickham: A Desirable Residence, Swimming Pool Sunday, The Gatecrasher, The Wedding Girl, Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements.

Sophie was born in London. She studied music at New College, Oxford, but after a year switched to Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family.

Visit Sophie's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SophieKinsell...

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3,560 reviews856 followers
January 16, 2022
Now a financial advisor on breakfast television Becky Bloomwood still has three serious problems, she loves shopping, she can't stop shopping and she shops to de-stress, and in this the sequel to Confessions of a Shopaholic, she finds herself in New York with lots of credit.. Ye Gads!!! Sometimes, the writing, the genre, and the core story concepts don't matter, al that matters, as in this case is a likeable but fallible character, and entertaining and relatively wide supporting cast. some great comedic scenes and at the heart of it a a fun and feel-good read.

The massive added bonus for me is that yet again this book is primarily a romantic-comedy minus the romantic, more a modern relationships-comedy. I don't know how anyone can read one of these books and not find themselves cheering our Becky as she yet again escape financial ruin... that's not a spoiler, you always knew she would, we're just here for the fun-ride. It's so refreshing to read a super best selling series and grasp exactly why it has sold so well and reached so many people. 7 out of 12.

2021 read
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September 2, 2009
Love her or hate her, Rebecca Bloomwood is possibly one of the most memorable characters in current fiction. She's so over the top and fabulous even though the poor thing really does have an addiction as bad as any other addiction-she's a shopaholic. I read the first Shopaholic book and absolutely loved how fun and fanciful the whole idea was, and Becky's romance with Luke was unexpected and sweet. However, reading the sequel, I often felt like I was reading the exact same book over again, but with only half of the charm and a less endearing romance story. I wanted Becky to have grown up a bit and have learned from her previous mistakes instead of making all of them over again in the second book. Of course, the author had to find a way to give the reader more of what they loved about the first book, but I just felt like Becky learned nothing the first time around.

In this installment, Becky has a great job as a financial advisor on a London morning talk show, which she is very good at. Her romance with successful and gorgeous entepreneur Luke Brandon is going places. Unfortunately, she still has a teeny tiny problem with overspending which could potentially ruin everything she has worked so hard to gain.

There are truly some laugh out loud moments in this book, and not just the cliched chick lit awkward moments. Becky's faux pas are unique, hilarious, and could only happen to her. Sometimes I couldn't help but feel sorry for her, though, because she shows many signs of a person with a true shopping addiction. She hides her purchases from family and friends, she doesn't remember anything she buys, and she definitely doesn't have the funds to support her habit. I was starting to think it might be time for her to seek professional help. Then other times, I was just so frustrated with her! She has an amazing, fun job that she excels at, and a great boyfriend, supportive friends, awesome parents, and she places more importance on designer clothing than any of that and even risks losing it all for the perfect pair of "clementine" heels.

I thought the romance fell flat in this one, even though I loved Becky and Luke in the first book. I know it's not as dynamic since the two were already a couple, and that can't be helped, but I just found myself forgetting why they ever fell for each other in the first place.

Overall, this book was a fun, satisfying escape. By the end I was ready to find my copy of "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" so I could see what happens to Becky and Luke. But I really hope Becky tries to change for the better at least a little!!

Reviewed for: http://inthehammockblog.blogspot.com/

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656 reviews
July 11, 2008
I tried, I really did... but I couldn't get past the first chapter... and knowing that there are, what, 3? 4? more books in the series after this... I just couldn't make myself finish it.

It's probably because I get very irritated by people who are stupid when it comes to managing their money and being irresponsible... so the fact that this dim-wit is now giving others financial advice left a bad taste in my mouth... and the fact that she had dug herself into debt again just made me mad.

I looked at all the other books on my quite-full shelf and decided that I just couldn't waste any more time with Shopaholic!
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9,566 reviews56.6k followers
November 14, 2019
Shopaholic Abroad (Shopaholic #2), Sophie Kinsella
Shopaholic Abroad (also known as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan) (2001) is the second in the Shopaholic series. Life looks good for Becky Bloomwood. She has a great relationship with boyfriend Luke as well as a steady job giving financial advice on television. Furthermore, she is on good terms with her bank manager, Derek Smeath. Life becomes problematic for Becky when Mr. Smeath retires from Endwich Bank and Luke announces he wants to make it big in New York, big changes are in store for Becky. She takes to New York like an angel to heaven. Becky has never been happier and the reader is treated to Becky seeing the Guggenheim in a unique way, winning the attention of employees at Barney's and discovering sample sales. Becky spends a substantial amount of money, but is sure she's financially secure, with the job offers on T.V. piling up. She also justifies her expenses by convincing herself that the items are an investment in the future. ... Becky and Suze go to Becky's new bank manager to ask for a bigger overdraft, but are met with nothing but hostility and disgust. A woman who worked for her former employers Morning Coffee contacts her and asks her to lunch, Becky becomes hopeful, but it turns out she only wants her to come on and be told off by Clare for TV. She becomes depressed and Suze tries to comfort her. On a trip to Luke's office to collect a package for her delivered there, Becky decides that she will see Mel, Luke's secretary, for a bit because she missed her. She collects her package, but also notices how quiet it is with no moral. She hides in Mel's desk just in time so no one catches her in the office. During that time, she overhears Alicia's conversation with her fiancé, Ben Bridges, and another Brandon C. worker, which confuses her. Becky discovers she, along with her colleagues and Bridges, are planning to steal Luke's clients, along with Bank of London, and run the company out of business to embarrass Luke. She waits for them to leave, which they do after a few tense minutes and she safely leaves Brandon C. ...

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهاردهم ماه نوامبر سال 2014 میلادی
عنوان: دنیای رویایی ربکا: ربه‌ کا درسفر؛ نویسنده: سوفی کینزلا ؛ مترجم: الهه صالحی؛ تهران: لیوسا، ‏‫‬‏1391؛ در 424 ص؛ شابک: 9786005138764؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان بریتانیایی - سده 21 م
عنوان: ‏‫دنیای شگفت‌انگیز ربه‌کا در سفر‮‬؛ نویسنده: سوفی کینزلا‏‫؛ مترجمها: شیما مصحفی، الهه صالحی؛ تهران: درسا‏‫، ‏‫‬‏1394؛ در 424 ص؛ شابک: 9786003360266؛

نقل نمونه متن کتاب دنيای شگفت‌ انگيز ربه‌ كا در سفر: «بسیار خوب، وحشت نکن. وحشت نکن. موضوع فقط این است که برنامه ریزی کنم و ضمن حفظ آرامش، تصمیم بگیرم دقیقا لازم است چه چیزهایی را با خودم ببرم. و بعد تمام آنها را مرتب و منظم در چمدانم بچینم. منظورم این است که مگر این کار تا این حد سخت است؟ یک قدم از تختخوابم که لباسها و وسایلم روی آن تلنبار شده بود، فاصله گرفتم، و چشمهایم را بستم، و آرزو کردم، به طرزی معجزه آسا همه چیز، خود به خود، به دسته هایی تا شده و منظم، تبدیل شود. درست مثل مقاله های دسته شده ی مجلات، که به شما نشان میدهند چطور میتوانید با یک دست سارونگ ارزان قیمت، به تعطیلات بروید، و بعد زیرکانه آن را به اشکال مختلف به شش دست لباس تبدیل کنید. البته من همیشه معتقد بوده ام که این نوعی کلاهبرداری است، چون این درست است که یک سارونگ تنها ده پوند قیمت دارد، ولی آنها برای درست کردن هر دست لباس یک عالم لباسهای دیگر را با سارونگ ترکیب میکنند که خودشان صدها پوند قیمت دارند و ما مثلاً متوجه نمیشویم. اما وقتی دوباره چشمهایم را باز کردم، کوه لباسها هنوز همانجا بود. در واقع انگار حتی بیشتر شده بود. مثل اینکه وقتی چشمهایم بسته بود، لباسها از داخل کمد و کشوها، خارج شده، و روی تخت پریده بودند. دور و بر اتاقم، هر جا نگاه میکردم توده های بزرگی از... خوب... وسایلم بود. کفشها، چکمه ها، تی شرت ها، مجلات...؛ یک سبد لوازم بهداشتی، که در حراجیها هدیه گرفته بودم...؛ سری کتاب و سی.دی. خودآموز زبان ایتالیایی، که میخواستم شروع به یادگیری آن کنم...؛ یک دستگاه بخار صورت...؛ و درست روی میز آرایشم یک شمشیر و ماسک توری، مخصوص شمشیربازی که روز قبل آنها را خریده بودم، مغرورانه خودنمایی میکرد. من آنها را در یک حراجی خیریه فقط به قیمت چهل پوند خریده بودم! شمشیر را برداشتم، و آنرا رو به تصویر خودم در آیینه، چند بار ماهرانه در هوا حرکت دادم. این واقعا یک تصادف بود، چون با خواندن مقاله ای در روزنامه ی دیلی ورلد، مدتها بود که قصد داشتم آموزش شمشیربازی ببینم. آیا میدانستید که شمشیربازان پاهایی قویتر از ورزشکاران دیگر دارند؟ به علاوه، اگر شما در اینکار تخصص پیدا کنید، میتوانید به عنوان بدلکار در فیلم شرکت کنید و پول هنگفتی به دست آورید! بنابراین نقشه ی من این بود، که همان نزدیکیها، یک کلاس آموزش شمشیربازی پیدا کنم، و به خوبی اینکار را یاد بگیرم، که البته خیال میکردم خیلی سریع یاد میگیرم. و آنوقت ــ این راز کوچک من بود ــ وقتی که نشان طلا، یا هر چیزی که اسمش هست، را میگرفتم، نامه ای به هنرپیشه ی زن فیلم زورو مینوشتم. چون مطمئنا او به یک بدلکار احتیاج داشت، اینطور نیست؟ خوب، فکر کرده بودم چرا این بدلکار من نباشم؟ در واقع او احتمالاً یک بدلکار انگلیسی را ترجیح میداد. ممکن بود به من تلفن بزند، و بگوید که همیشه مسابقات مرا از تلویزیون تماشا میکرده، و همیشه آرزو داشته با من ملاقات کند! وای خدا، این عالی نبود؟ به احتمال زیاد ما با هم تفاهم داشتیم، و جور میشدیم، و معلوم میشد که شوخ طبعی و خصوصیات مشابهی داریم. بعد من به خانه ی شیک و لوکس او میرفتم و با شوهرش مایکل ملاقات میکردم، و با بچه ی آنها بازی میکردم. ما مثل دوستان قدیمی با هم راحت میبودیم. چه بسا بعضی مجلات که مقاله هایی درباره ی بهترین دوستان آدمهای مشهور مینویسند در مورد ما صحبت میکردند و حتی شاید از من میخواستند که... «سلام، بِکس!» از جا پریدم و تصاویر خندان من و مایکل و کاترین در سرم ناپدید شد، و ذهنم به سرعت متمرکز شد. همخانه ام سوزی با پیژامه ی بته جقه ای کهنه اش در اتاق من میگشت. او از سر کنجکاوی پرسید: «تو داری چه کار میکنی؟» تند و سریع شمشیر را کناری گذاشتم و گفتم: «هیچ کار! فقط... خودت که میدانی. برای حفظ تناسب اندام بود.» او بهت زده جواب داد: «آه، که اینطور. خوب، کار بسته بندی به کجا رسید؟» بعد به طرف پیش بخاری رفت، و رژ لبی از روی آن برداشت. سوزی همیشه در اتاق من همین کار را میکرد. پرسه میزد و اشیا را برمیداشت، نگاهی به آنها میکرد و دوباره سرجایشان میگذاشت. او میگفت اتاق من مثل سمساری است و آدم هرگز نمیداند چه چیزی در آن پیدا میکند. البته من مطمئن بودم که منظور او طرف خوب قضیه است. من جواب دادم: «واقعا خوب پیش میرود. همین الآن داشتم تصمیم میگرفتم کدام چمدان را ببرم.»؛ «اوووه!» سوزی چرخی زد و رو به من برگشت. دهانش تا نیمه به رنگ صورتی بود. «آن چمدان کرم رنگ کوچک چطور است؟ یا آن ساک دستی قرمز؟» من چمدان سبز فسفری تازه ام را از زیر تخت خواب بیرون کشیدم و گفتم: «این یکی چطور است؟» آن چمدان را که جداره های سفت و محکم داشت در تعطیلات آخر هفته خریده بودم و جدا بینظیر بود. چشمهای سوزی از فرط حیرت گشاد شد و گفت: «وای، بِکس! معرکه است! آن را از کجا گرفتی؟» در حالیکه لبخندی پهن بر لبهایم نشسته بود، جواب دادم: «از فِن ویکس. فوق العاده نیست؟» سوزی در حالیکه دستش را تحسین گرانه بر چمدان میکشید، گفت: «این باحالترین چمدانی است که تا امروز دیده ام! خ��ب، حالا تو چند تا چمدان داری؟» او نگاهی به کمد لباسم انداخت. یک چمدان چرم قهوه ای، یک چمدان صندوقی لاکی رنگ و سه کیف لوازم آرایش در داخل کمد دیده میشد. من در دفاع از خودم شانه ای بالا انداختم و گفتم: «اوه، میدانی، یک تعداد معمولی.» تصور میکنم اخیرا من تعداد زیادی وسیله ی سفر خریده بودم. اما موضوع این بود که من سالها میشد هیچ وسیله ی سفری به جز یک ساک برزنتی درب و داغون نداشتم. آنوقت چند ماه پیش، درست وسط فروشگاه هرودز، کشفی شگفت انگیز کردم. چیزی تقریبا شبیه کشف پُل قدّیس در مسیر دمشق. از آن پس جبران مافات کردم و به این ترتیب صاحب آن ساکها و چمدانهای سفری شدم. به علاوه، هر کسی میداند که خریدن وسایل سفر مرغوب، خودش نوعی سرمایه گذاری است. سوزی گفت: «میخواهم برای خودم فنجانی چای درست کنم تو هم میخواهی؟» گفتم: «اوه، بله، ممنون. چای با کیت کت؟» سوزی تبسمی کرد: «قطعا با کیت کت.» به تازگی یکی از دوستان سوزی به دیدنش آمده و مدتی هم پیش ما مانده بود. او موقع رفتن یک جعبه ی خیلی بزرگ که در آن صد بسته شکلات ویفری کیت کت بود، به ما هدیه داده بود، که این یک هدیه ی تشکر عالی بود، ولی معنی اش این بود تنها چیزی که ما در طی روز میخوردیم شکلات کیت کت بود. شب گذشته سوزی یادآوری کرده بود، که هر چه سریعتر شکلاتها را بخوریم آن جعبه زودتر تمام میشود. پس به عبارتی بهترین راه این بود، تا جاییکه امکان داشت، شکممان را از شکلات پر کنیم. سوزی سلانه سلانه از اتاق خارج شد و من به سراغ چمدانها رفتم. بسیار خوب. تمرکز کن و وسایلت را جمع آوری کن. این کار واقعا نباید زیاد طول بکشد. تنها چیزی که من لازم داشتم یک سری وسایل اولیه و چند دست لباس مناسب بود، برای گذراندن یک تعطیلات کوتاه، در منطقه ی ییلاقی سامِرست. من حتی فهرستی از وسایل و لباسهایی که لازم داشتم تهیه کرده بودم و اینکار را ساده تر میکرد. شلوار جین: دو تا. یکی دم دستی و دیگری نسبتا مجلسی. تی شرت: راستش بهتر بود بگوییم سه تا شلوار جین. چون لازم بود شلوار مارک دار جدیدم را هم با خودم ببرم، هم نو بود و هم شیک، و میتوانستم در یک بعد از ظهر چند ساعتی هم آن را بپوشم.
تی شرت: اوه، راستی آن شلوار جین که رویش گلدوزی شده بود و تا حالا آن را نپوشیده بودم. لازم بود آن را هم با خودم ببرم. به هر حال چند تا شلوار جین جای زیادی نمیگرفت. بسیار خوب، احتمالاً تعداد شلوارها کافی بود. اگر لازم میشد میتوانستم چند تا دیگر هم به آنها اضافه کنم. تی شرت: گلچین. واضح بود که یک تی شرت سفید ساده لازم میشد. به علاوه ی یک تی شرت خاکستری، مشکی بلند، مشکی کوتاه، صورتی بدون آستین، صورتی صدفی، صورتی... همین طور که تی شرت ها را در چمدان میگذاشتم وسط کار متوقف شدم. این احمقانه بود. من چطور میتوانستم پیش بینی کنم که کدام تی شرت را انتخاب خواهم کرد؟ مطلب مهم در مورد پوشیدن تی شرت این است که شما آن را مناسب با حال و هوا و روحیه تان انتخاب میکنید. تصور کنید که من یک روز صبح با این حس که دلم میخواهد فلان تی شرت را بپوشم از خواب بیدار میشدم و آنوقت آن تی شرت را همراه نبرده بودم. میدانید، اصلاً بهتر بود تمام تی شرت هایم را با خودم میبردم. منظورم این است چند تا تی شرت که جای زیادی را اشغال نمیکرد. من حتی متوجه بودن آنها در چمدان نمیشدم. به این ترتیب تمام تی شرت هایم را در چمدان گذاشتم. عالی شد. کار بستن چمدان به خوبی پیش میرفت. خوب بعد چه؟»؛ پایان نقل. ا. شربیانی
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January 19, 2015
Book 10/100 for 2015!
I loved this book! Rebecca really grew as a character and I am in LOVE with her and Luke. I really enjoyed the change in location from London to NYC as well! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!
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Author 8 books352 followers
September 9, 2021
Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite British authors and the SHOPAHOLIC series is quickly becoming one of my favorites by her (I actually started with her standalones first—which are also great reads.) In this second book in the series, Becky is enjoying success in her television series, is dating Luke, but is still having a bit of an issue managing her shopping habits. Is anyone surprised. The fun in this series is how relatable Becky is, with her Brigit Jones-like scrapes, her attempts to stop overspending that always go awry, and snotty office workers and neighbors who cause her to get into the most comical situations. Just like book one, I ate up every chapter. She and Luke are an item now, so seeing their relationship struggles as they contemplate a potential move to New York was a new and interesting piece.

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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October 12, 2019
Well... I am also a bit of a shopaholic and when I go on a trip, I also have big trouble selecting clothes and always end up hauling a too big and heavy suitcase to the airport.... So yeah, this topic is familiar to me. Walking into a shoeshop and having to resist taking more than one set of shoes with me out of the shop... And also, I love New York! This all made this book entertaining for me, but I have to say, on the other hand, it doesn't get any more interesting along the way and it's not really a challenge. Predictable it is too. You know how it's gonna end up any way don't you. And the story about this intelligent business woman being so utterly irrational when it comes to clothes does go a bit far for me. However, 3 stars because it was an entertaining, funny book for me and because it's a nice light book going on holiday to destress and a nice change from the darker themes of for example Cormac McCarthy. There you go, that's my review. Guess I may read more shopaholics in the future, but not sure yet.
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April 10, 2023
These books are total escapism and I'm here for that.

Becky Bloomwood is so full of life; she really does leap of the page.

These are great books if you are looking to switch off from reality for a bit.

Five stars.
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March 16, 2012
Off the bat, I'm yet to warm up to Rebecca Bloomwood.

I didn't connect with her in Shopaholic, or in Shopaholic & Sister (I read it before Manhattan).

You would think that with the second book, Rebecca has at least grown some or gained depth. Instead, she's the same Becky we met in Shopaholic: a pathological liar, a trait that makes her look insecure rather than someone to be pitied

She's still dumb, daft, dense, shallow, whiny and a hypocrite who dishes out what she can't take.

Rebecca is also SO aggravating, infuriating and unlikeable that at page 120, I needed time off from her just so she doesn't rub off on me and then I'm tempted to kick her around. Which, unfortunately, is impossible.

It just makes me so furious that after everything in book one, she's still digging herself into a financial hole out of her inability to use common sense - wasn't she bankrupt in book one? Why the hell do you buy your friend cushions when you're receiving letters from banks about overdue payments?!!

There's a sick and deep need in this GIRL to be accepted by someone or something, and it's leading her to act completely immature that it's not at all endearing. If Sophie Kinsella was addressing the dangers of living beyond your means, congratulations to her! I got the message.

Rebecca doesn't deserve to have a job or live in a posh (or close to) flat. Or even be allowed to have credit card extensions or whatever. What is that teaching people? That you can dick around with money but still be able to be GIVEN money by a financial institution to afford a £50 hat?

Sophie should've bankrupt this silly child completely such that she'd be trying to dig herself out of the financial mess for years on end, just to teach her a friggin' lesson that she would never forget. That would have been real enough.

I have an urge to burn this book.
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February 25, 2022
Reread 2022

God these books read so fast!

A couple of thoughts I had during my reread.

1. Luke is kinda useless
2. Becky is the most chaotic character I've ever read
3. I used to find it weird that a character starts dating her cousin until I read a couple of biographies about rich people who married their cousin
5. This book is both dated and timeless...somehow.

I think I like this book more than book 1 and it might be my favorite book of the series. I didn't realize just how many of my favorite scenes from the series are from just this book.

No rec but I love this series so much!
_ ______ ____

Original Review

I really really needed to reread the Shopaholic series right now. I need something light and fun as I stay home fighting the Flu. The only things keeping me going are Thera-Flu, The X-Files and Becky Bloomwood.

Last night I decided to read some of the 1 & 2 star rating for this series and it made me laugh. Apparently those readers seem to think that this series is just fluff and Becky is a terrible role model who makes terrible decisions.


Sophie Kinsella isn't Tolstoy. She writes cotton candy books. I'm high on Thera-Flu, I don't need a book that's going to make me think.

In Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Becky bring her overspending habits to a city that was made for overspending New York City. As always Becky get in over her head financially and has to find a way to pull herself out. Becky is annoyingly optimistic even when it seems all is lost and she is as always hilarious.

If you loved book 1 you'll this one even more. If you hated book 1, why would read this one?
October 16, 2022
2,4 stars.
Continuamos com a história de Rebecca, que agora vai viver para New York com o Luke.
Não consigo entender como estes livros são tão bem classificados, vou contra a maré.
A personagem é fútil, zero empatia com os outros.
Luke é um banana, pode não ter muito tempo para ela, mas Rebecca é irresponsável e dependente.
Não consigo gostar de nenhuma personagem aqui.
Tarquim e Suze são super amorosos.
A vida de Rebecca transforma-se num desastre de proporções épicas e nessa altura ela vai ver os amigos que tem...
════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════
2.4 stars.
We continue with the story of Rebecca, who is now moving to New York with Luke.
I can't understand how these books are rated so highly, I go against the tide.
The character is futile, zero empathy with others.
Luke is a wimp, he may not have much time for her, but Rebecca is irresponsible and dependent.
I can't like any characters here.
Tarquim and Suze are super loving.
Rebecca's life turns into a disaster of epic proportions and at that point she goes to see the friends she has...

════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════
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August 10, 2020
For my full review, visit me at https://mrsbrownsbooks.wordpress.com/...

Reaching for another Sophie Kinsella book is like grabbing a blanket and snuggling under it: you know it will provide warmth and comfort. And this is exactly how I’ve come to view one of my favourite, go-to authors. I could read Sophie Kinsella all day! This second book in the ‘Shopaholic’ series continues to delight, even more so as it is now the second time I have read it.

For my full review, visit me at https://mrsbrownsbooks.wordpress.com/...
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June 6, 2018
It’s like leading an alcoholic to all the best hidden bars. Oh, Becky. I liked this one even more than the first. A funny, engaging series with a heroine who has zero self-control when it comes to spending money she doesn’t have. Cringe-worthy at times but written with entertainment in mind and well-meaning underlying themes.
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March 5, 2022
It’s a whole new beginning. It’s yellow taxicabs and skyscrapers, and Woody Allen and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The weird thing is that although I’ve never actually been to New York, I already feel an affinity toward it.


Then she turned to me and smiled brightly, and said, “I’ve always thought you would suit New York, Becky. It’s the perfect place for you.”


Tiffany’s. It’s Tiffany’s, right in front of me! I mean, this is what New York is all about. Little blue boxes, and white ribbon, and those gorgeous silver beans.


I mean, visiting any shop for the first time is exciting. There’s always that electric buzz as you push open the door; that hope, that belief, that this is going to be the shop of all shops, which will bring you everything you ever wanted, at magically low prices. But this is a thousand times better. A million times. Because this isn’t just any old shop, is it? This is a world-famous shop. I’m actually here. I’m in Saks on Fifth Avenue in New York.


I dump my stuff on the table and look around the bright, buzzing room at the girls milling about, grabbing at merchandise, trying on scarves, piling their arms full of glossy new gorgeous things. And I feel a sudden warmth, an overwhelming realization. These are my people. I’ve found my homeland.


But at the same time, half of me wants to run away, give up on the idea, and buy myself a nice pair of shoes to commiserate.


The reason my stomach feels so hollow and my hands feel so damp is that this really matters to me. I can’t tell myself I don’t care and it’s not important, like I do about most things. Because this really does matter.


Limos and flowers; waxed eyebrows and designer clothes from Barneys; a purse stuffed with business cards of TV executives. These are my people; this is where I’m meant to be. My old life seems a million, zillion miles away, like a tiny dot on the horizon.


And to start my life all over again. Another chance. That’s all I want.


I feel as though that whole part of my life is over. Luke, America, television, everything. Time to start again.


It’s feng shui! You have to let things out of your life to allow the new good things in.
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June 25, 2022
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ four stars -

I originally read this one back in 2001 when it was first published, and when I was still viewing Kinsella’s Shopaholic series as compulsory 😂

I am a Kinsella fan, and her first published works under the Kinsella name (not the earlier M Wickham books) are fantastic, escapist, romantic comedy, and thoroughly enjoyable reading. This second book in the Shopaholic series is no exception and falls firmly in with Kinsella’s winning chick lit formula.

This book sees our madcap Becky moving to Manhattan with our often mentioned, but not the star of the show, Hero. In this series number two book, their romance is still cute, Becky is still tolerable, and her antics are still engaging. Later books, when we get to Becky in book four of this series or so, I personally want to slap some sense into her 😂

“Shopaholic Takes Manhattan” shows us more of the Hero, Luke, and I love that we get more of him here. The story is truly more chick lit than romance and all the action centers around the intrepid Becky and her hijinks in the glamorous New York City.

Fans of classic Kinsella, as well as those newer to this series, will surely enjoy this trip back in time to the early twenty first century - fun times, and NY was definitely the place to be in those days. It’s fun to watch our English Becky get into all sorts of trouble on the other side of the pond, all in high style, of course 👌

A solid four stars. Anyone new to the series should definitely read in order, so go pick up Book I, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” first.

Highly recommend for Becky’s shenanigans alone. Enjoy! 📚
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July 15, 2021
Becky and Luke are a couple now. I honestly didn't care much about the romance in the first book and still didn't really care about it in this. Becky still has a tiny addiction with shopping.

Becky really annoyed me in the first book but I found narration to be enjoyable but this felt a little too flat and parts of the book felt very similar to the first book. Becky hasn't grown up at all.

I wanted to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first book but it just didn't happen. I will still read the next book in the series.

2.5 stars
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August 8, 2016
Following Becky Bloomwood's life with her little issue of overextending herself with credit cards and her need for the designer offerings.

I first saw the movie and it set a pretty high bar. when I read book 1 I didn't find the movie in that book, but it was definitely lurking inside this one.

I was happy to find the familiar workings of Becky's mind in full glory in this book. I liked the book enough to move on to book 3.
September 21, 2021
“Look into your heart- and go after what you really want.”

Poor Becky. She keeps on trying to hide who she really is and what she really likes, to the point where she feels forced to hide her truth from everyone, even her loved ones. Just be yourself, girl! We love you for who you are... messy, funny, flawed... a lovely disaster!

For the whole book I kept hoping Becky would finally accept who she is and be herself unapologetically. Start to stand for herself a bit! And also learn to ask for help when she really needs to. I mean, I admire her will to take everything in her own hands, but she just has so many people surrounding her who love her and are ready to support her if only she would ask!!!

Well, I guess she finally managed to do all this and turn her life around :) You go girl!
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November 24, 2020
I loved this book, it’s so funny, just what I needed at this moment. It took my mind off all the troubles in the world and all my worries about Christmas and whether I’ll get to see my lovely family. I have read this book before many years ago but, I’d forgotten a lot of it so it was like a first time read.
Ok so some of it is silly but, that’s all part of it’s charm a little bit of escapism.
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March 1, 2021

Non metto in dubbio che le avventure di Rebecca/Becky e i suoi maldestri tentativi di tenersi lontana dallo shopping possano essere ripetitivi, ma leggere le sue avventure una volta ogni tanto, fa sicuramente bene all'umore. In più in questo secondo capitolo, oltre a farci una cultura su vari negozi presenti a New York, ho trovato una crescita dei personaggi. I rapporti personali cambiano, le situazioni lavorative evolvono e i personaggi si adeguano, non rimangono piatti.
Becky, con la sua ingenuità per quanto riguarda i "rapporti bancari", i suoi contorti discorsi con se stessa che la portano sempre a considerare un oggetto indispensabile o utile in un prossimo futuro, continua a cacciarsi nei guai e, anche se aspetta un pochino troppo per risolverli, sa quando è il momento di rimboccarsi le maniche e dimostrare al mondo che non è una sciocchina. Come dice

È proprio vero quello che dice "Sweetie Smeathie", alias Derek Smeath, direttore della sua banca di fiducia:
"Quando decide di usare il cervello è insuperabile!"
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February 6, 2017
I am glad that I re-read this book, but feel disappointed overall with how the earlier books in the Shopaholic series no longer stand up. I think it's because I have already read these books and the latest, that I just feel nothing but flat out annoyance towards Rebecca (Becky) and her hare-brained schemes to not pay her bills, to cover up when she's in over her head, and somehow through sheer luck to get out of trouble. And then somehow is in the right in the end when she is 100 percent in the wrong.

I read the first book several years ago and remember being charmed by it. In this second book, we now have Becky and Luke dating. Becky has convinced Luke to go off and take a mini-break to the country. While there she realizes that Luke has plans to expand his company to America, specifically New York. Becky after the events in the last book has paid off all of her debts and thinks she finally has her shopping bug under control.

Spoilers, she does not.

Pretty much Becky acts as if she has paid her bills off, that apparently if she uses her credit card that means her balance stays zero. Considering that Becky is a financial expert (seriously this was always funny to me) on a morning television show, you would think she be a bit smarter. I think readers are supposed to find Becky endearing. I just found her to be hopelessly immature.

Becky's relationship with her parents is to keep them in the dark (though you of course realize they are not that dumb) and she wants Luke to make a public declaration of his love for her. Honestly, I never got to be much of Luke fan until the later books. He feels like a non-person in these earlier books. We are given bare bone facts about him and you can feel yourself sympathizing with him. But then we are supposed to ignore his need to prove himself in America cause Becky gets her feelings hurt when they go to New York.

There are secondary characters long time readers know about like Tarquin and Suze. They also don't age very well in this second book in my opinion.

The writing was okay, but the flow was pretty bad. I think it is because you are just waiting for the characters to move along to New York. Of course once we move from London to New York I was bored senseless. You don't get a real sense of the city, crowds, movement, the uniqueness of New York. That's cause all Becky is focused on is shopping and hiding it from Luke.

The ending at first I thought redeemed itself. But when we go to two months later and things are just kind of hand-waved away and Luke telling Becky how right she is (after once again having her finances get to threat level midnight levels) I just yawned myself through it.

I read this for Romance Book Bingo 2017 square: Second Chances

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126 reviews
January 13, 2009
I am (slowly) working my way through this series and re-reading it before the movie premiers. I laughed my way through the books the first time and really got a kick out of it. And I am laughing again the second time 'round too; however, I am starting to realize that Becky is - to put it quite frankly - DUMB! Who does the things that she does? And then gets by with it? Pure dumb luck is the only thing that pulls her out of the strange and contradictory situations that this girl gets herself into.

But Luke Brandon - I just adore Luke. Even if he is an obsessed, over-the-top workaholic who is attracted to airheads. Kinsella writes Luke so well that you really don't need to hop into his head to know what he is thinking. And I just loved it when he gives Becky the special scarf that he secretly bought at her clothes auction. It made my heart go pitter patter. =) Only a man like Luke would overlook something as stupid as FedEx-ing your clothes to a hotel and not packing a small bag "just in case".

I have high hopes for the movie. The script re-write appears to be funnier and smarter than the books.

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December 8, 2021
I'm going on leave in three days time, and there's nothing like these lighthearted, almost over the top Shopaholic books to let my brain know that it's holiday time. I'm not reading these sequentially, so this is actually the oldest in the series I've read, and I must I prefer the newer editions as they don't focus on shopping quite as much. I adore Bridget Jones, and this is the poor man's version - perfect beach reads.
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January 21, 2019
Becky Bloomwood the addicted to shopping girl is back for instalment two. Starting from the beginning again are the hilarious bank manager letters (the replacement bank manger is so different but still so fun to read about).

''Only buy what you need'' This was bound to last possibly for five minutes.

Her and Luke in this book are a little hot and cold, he's off not telling her about New York but it's brilliant when he turns up at the awful wedding. The lowest Luke got to me was when he cared more about his cow of a mother and impressing her to get a New York business over how Becky felt with the press reports. Yes she was in the wrong spending so much but a little support with tough love would be a better approach. I'd have been more annoyed she didn't take in all the sights just went to all the designer sales. I'm still not his greatest fan (I liked Micheal better) but his proposal at the end was starting to get me to warm to Luke.(Only a little) ''Will you be my personal shopper?'' Maybe he'll continue to grow on me.

Suzie and Becky's mum and dad all grew on me in this instalment i'm starting to like the connection between all the characters. Tarquin also returns and is as lovely as usual.

I liked the second story in the set a little more than the first, let's hope it will continue to get even better through the rest of the series.
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June 15, 2007
I know I know - I hated the first one, why read the second? I actually really TRIED to like these since my friend just LOVED them and raved about them and continuously wanted to discuss them. *sigh* I wouldn't have finished if I didn't have this obsessive tendency to HAVE to finish a book I start. Our favorite whiny, self-destructive, vacuous character on a rampage in Manhatten - despite finding the "job of her dreams" she manages to be miserable. Bah. I don't think I disliked it because of the genre, though it's not my favorite, I just hated the main character...still.
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August 30, 2015

Once again, Sophie Kinsella does it: she creates a funny, romantic and original novel.

I loved the first book in this series. Its idea is so original, so well-thought and so addicting that I know that, no matter how long it takes me, I'm going to read this series to its end, because it's really amazing. The continuation of the story in this book is just great. Becky is more aware of her tendencies, even though that doesn't mean she doesn't make mistakes again ('cause she makes A LOT of them in this book). I loved how she tried, in vain sometimes, to refrain herself from buying something. Her pride in doing so made me laugh so much sometimes, because I know how it feels to be proud of doing something that people don't even need to think about and we've got to support each other.

Becky's character is incredible. While she isn't perfect at all and she gets on my nerves (and on most readers') when she's so wrapped up in shopping that she spends way too much on clothes, accessories, makeup or simply random stuff, she's a character I absolutely love. We've all got our own faults and Becky's are pretty inoffensive, to anyone but her, if you think about it. She just gets herself in bad situations, but little by little, she learns.

I loved how Becky and Luke's situation progressed in this book, because I have to admit I was scared when I learned that they got in a relationship in the first book of a series and I'm always scared of reading more about some characters' relationship when I'm already satisfied by it. However, I feel like everything that happens in this book was necessary and I'm definitely happy with the way it ends.

There's just something about Sophie Kinsella's writing that's SO DAMN FUNNY! I swear, she's probably the author who cracks me up the most, and that's saying a lot. Whether it's what Becky's saying or doing or simply the way it's described, it's hilarious and I love this series for making me decompress. In this book, I felt a lot more sadness than in the first one, because there's some injustice that made me really angry and sad at the same time. I wasn't expecting to tear up while reading this, but a person's life can't always be great, even when it's a fictional character's. I absolutely loved the ending, though, and I'm so happy and proud of Becky. I feel like she grew up a lot in this book, maybe even more than in the first, no matter how subtle it is.

If you haven't started this series yet, please do.
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December 22, 2018
After multiple attempts ending in did-not-finish, I finally made it to page 20 before firmly putting it on the 'for donation' box.

It is just a wiring style that maybe I have outgrown. The writing style is light, fluffy and entertaining it is obviously not meant to be taken seriously, it is meant to be a fun, lighthearted, girlie read for a bit of a laugh. Probably it's target audience is young women who do shop to excess...a little bit.

While looking for a humorous book, I did not find this humorous, I found it grim. The opening letters from the bank manager, regarding an overdraft in the thousands, apparently run up in order that the leading lady be able to feed her shopping addiction do not make me laugh, they make me squirm and it all goes downhill from there.

Maybe I got old and cranky, but this book is emphatically not for me.
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April 24, 2023
Simpatica Becky, ma un filino esagerata! Leggerò comunque gli altri, immergersi nel suo mondo è come tornare a casa.
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