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Battle Heroes: Voices from Afghanistan (Ten True Tales)
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Battle Heroes: Voices from Afghanistan (Ten True Tales)

4.34  ·  Rating details ·  160 Ratings  ·  41 Reviews
In a remote Afghan village, Marine Lieutenant Stephen Boada picks up a chilling Taliban message on his radio scanner: "The Americans will never make it out alive." Can the outnumbered Marines fight their way out? Medic Mark DeCorte jumps from a chopper on a nighttime rescue mission. Can he save the life of a badly wounded soldier -- and escape from a deadly enemy? These an ...more
Paperback, 159 pages
Published January 1st 2010 by Scholastic
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Justin Gerade
Apr 10, 2013 rated it it was amazing
In Battle Heroes Voices from Afghanistan, the author’s purpose for writing this book was to tell the world about the courageous members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines who risk their life every day to protect and preserve freedom for the United States of America. These brave Americans have risked their lives to carry out missions in a deadly world of roadside bombs, ambushes, and suicidal terrorists. The author, Allan Zullo, has written ten stories that reflect the herois ...more
Zachary Peeters
Oct 11, 2016 rated it it was amazing

Personal Response- I thought this book was a great book. All of the stories were very detailed and showed how hard it was to be in Afghanistan at that time. Some of the soldiers in this book lost a lot to protect the United States.

Plot- The main point in this book is to show how difficult times were for these soldiers who fought for our freedom. There are ten stories in this book that show a lot. All these stories are true, from the voices of real soldiers telling their stories of when they were
Wyatt Smith
Jan 04, 2017 rated it liked it
Battle Heroes is about 10 stories about men who helped people in war. The main character saved a crowd from a suicide bomber. He distracted him so he would not be in the crowd of people so not as much people would get hurt or injured. Then the bomb went off and 5 people were injured and they were helping the worst injured people.
Two people were seriously injured and the people who weren't they helped them and they survived. Another time a suicide bomber jumped on a hummer and hurt 2-3 people a
Dec 06, 2015 rated it really liked it

If you want a realistic story of unbelievable feats of bravery, then you should read Battle Heroes: Voices from Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan involving US troops was caused by the Nine-Eleven terrorist attack. This book of numerous stories creates an ideal book about America fighting terrorists with a great purpose, strong theme, and a straightforward writing style.

The author's purpose in this book was of many, but mainly to educate us of soldiers bravery and bring upon us thankfulness
Ethan Ankenbrandt
Dec 01, 2015 rated it really liked it
Battle Heroes Voices From Afghanistan

The authors purpose for writing this book is to tell readers some of the true stories of soldiers that were in Afghanistan and some of the things they went through and seen that changed their lives forever. I think this is the main purpose because not very many people know what its like to be in the military and a lot of soldiers don't forget things that they see when fighting for our freedom. Also, this book is able to show people how some of the soldiers
Mar 02, 2011 rated it really liked it
Battle Heroes Voices from Afghanistan Scholastic Inc., 2010, 159p.p., $4.99
Written by Alan Zullo ISBN 972-0-545-20642-6

Battle Heroes Voices from Afghanistan is a non-fiction action packed book that takes place in Afghanistan. Each chapter is tells the story of leaders from different squads who fought in Afganastan. The first chapter tells the main conflict about how Al Qaeda is trying to take control of Tarin Kowt. The battle takes place in a village know as Tarin Kowt. The main characters in t
Oct 06, 2013 rated it really liked it
I picked this paperback by Allan Zullo because I've always been interested in war stories and war itself. This story consists of various battle heroes' epic tales. It vividly describes their point of view in a place of chaos, and at the same time, gives all the details to allow the reader to experience the battle themselves. The American armed forces are kicking Taliban butt in Afghanistan. My favorite quote would be, "This is Sniper Two-One. Fourteen targets have been neutralized." Basically, ...more
Oct 27, 2012 rated it it was amazing
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a truly elite soldier? Now you can experience the valor and determination of a hero in Battle Heroes Voices from Afghanistan by Allan Zullo! The book takes you inside the life of some of the greatest soldier stories that you can find. There is divine excitement on every page and it is a real “edge of your seat” book. There are ten different stories instilled in the book and they all real you in. One of them is about a squad of gree ...more
Gevork Salmastyan
Jun 07, 2011 rated it it was amazing
This book is just pages full of action and suspense. Allan Zullo gets stories from real soldiers from the war in Afghanistan. Sometimes, they're really hard to believe. Its filled with stories about saving innocent civillians from the Taliban, fighting agaisnt Taliban troops in a village, and much more. Out of all the great stories, my favorite one has to be "Death Struggle". Its about a Staff Sergeant Jason Fetty who gets in a one on one fight against a Taliban suicide bomber. Fetty his on pos ...more
May 19, 2011 rated it it was amazing
Do you love action, adventure, or thrillers? Well if you answered yes this is the book for you. Battle Heroes Voices from Afghanistan/ War Heroes Voices from Iraq talks about heart pumping moments of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is written by Allan Zullo who this time out did him self. You can read about lieutenant from captains, mostly every rank. This is a not put down book, once you get started I guarantee you won’t put it down. It will tell you what it’s like in war, like when you loose a ...more
Cameron Dau
Dec 20, 2015 rated it really liked it
This book is about 10 stories of acts of heroism in the war in Afghanistan. It tells stories like how Marine Lieutenant Stephan Boada was on a mission to a neighboring village to get information on drug lords and al-Queda militants. While they were in the village they overheard on their scanner that the militants were setting up on an ambush on his team. So Boada ordered his team to search for the valley for them so that once they located the militants the troops could call in air support to tak ...more
Kyle Dierks
Jan 11, 2011 rated it really liked it
this book is about heros in battle that are Afghanistan and some of them died in this book and it is a true story. One of the stories is like these two guys are in a battle and one of the guys gets shot in the head and leg and he didn't die! Don't ask how cause i dont know it was like a miricle i guess but anyway he survived but they had to take him to the doctor guy and get him better so that he could go to war the next day again. Most of the stories the guys usually get hit by a bullet but a f ...more
Deroo Vasghanian
Dec 03, 2012 rated it really liked it
Battle Heroes: Voices From Afghanistan is a book that contains ten true stories from veterans that fought in Afghan. When I picked up this book, I knew it was going to be a fun read all the way through. By that I mean this book was written for the fun of reading, so its not perfect. Most of the ten stories I read in this novel were amazing and captured the action directly from the soldier's eyes. Unfortunately, not all the stories were as amazing as I thought they would be. Some stories lacked d ...more
Subhan M
Oct 13, 2010 rated it it was amazing
This book I've just finished is about warfare going on in Afghanistan. The beginning events in this book happen shortly after 9/11, the destruction of the WTC, the attack on the Pentagon, and the plane crashing into open fields. This book in particular is about ten true stories from actuall soldiers expierience in war. It starts out with Jason Amerine, rank Captain being informed from one of his friends that the twin towers have been attacked. A while after he and his Green Beret[Elite team type ...more
Feb 21, 2013 rated it really liked it
This book is mostly stories about heroes from Afghanistan. One of the stories is about a medic helicopter that goes to dangerous zones and picks up wounded people. Another story is about a group of marines that are clearing a house and they come in contact with some Taliban people. Also there is a story about a group of marines are escorting some supply trucks and they hit an IED and it exploded and took out one of the supply trucks.

When the IED exploded a ton of Taliban people popped out from
Cash Muir
In the book battle heroes by Allan Zullo Mark DeCorte is the main character and he is a marine medic.
When lieutenant Stephen Boada Finds the death message from the Taliban he is startled. That is when they attack, the marines are out gunned and can do much more then one of them gets injured and they have to call in a medic or he will die. That is when Mark is sent on a helicopter for a rescue mission. It is night so it will be easier to go there undetected but it will still be difficult. He fin
Mitch W.
Oct 24, 2012 rated it it was amazing
This book is very inspiring and it shows ho hard It is to be an American soldier. The tales help people understand that everyone over in the Middle East is not our enemy and most want to help us get the terrorists out of that region and out of our lives. This book I think had a lot of meaning to it and I would rate it a 10 out of 10 beachside of how it was written and the realism. This book also got me thinking and I want to get a copy and annotate and read it again to get a better understanding ...more
Collin Pigors
Nov 14, 2012 rated it really liked it
Shelves: biography
I recomend this book besause it tells true stories about soldiers who went and fought in Afghanistan. It tells about tight situations that soldiers have to go through. Not every one survives though. My faveorite part was when someone took an RPG rocket to the side survives. People who would like to read this book are people who are interested in learning about war and to get an idea of what it is like.
Aug 28, 2011 rated it it was amazing
every time Boada poked his head in, he aimed his weapon and flashlight ready to shoot anything that moved. he kept thinking. "i hope i see them before they see me." Although Boada had been in the marines for seven years,and been involved in a few skirmishes, this was his first real taste of combat in Afghanistan. Suddenly during the cave clearing, he heard a burst of AK47 fire about 25 yards away and then heard screams of "I've been hit" and "help me."
Tyresha Jones
May 14, 2012 rated it it was amazing
I really loved this book because it has so much action and the stories are true! The great thing about this book is it shows how much courage a American soldier has to save his country. I read this book because I am really interested in the military. My grandpa served in the military, now my uncle and cousin are currently serving in the U.S Navy.
Mar 03, 2012 rated it it was amazing
This book was amazing, and it went by so quick. It was about what some of the soliders did when they were out deffending our country. One example was a man had a rocket lodged into him, but he lived. Anyone that wants to know how they are free should read this book. I hope that the soliders from this book are proud of what they did out in the battle field.
Cameron Gibbons
Sep 15, 2011 rated it liked it
This was a interesting book and it contained lots of information. I learned alot about the war in Afghanistan and how it affects the soliders and people of Afghanistan. I liked that it was broken into small stories based upon each solider and their squad. I think anyone who is interested in the war in Afghansitan and wants to learn more about it would enjoy this book.

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Thomas Swartout
Apr 26, 2013 rated it it was amazing
This book is an all around outstanding novel. It has the true stories of some of the battles and missions of Afghanistan, and the stories of troops in Afghanistan. This book has action and adventure, plus it has what true heroism is really like. I gave this ooh 5 stars and would recommend anyone to read it.
this book inspired me in every chapter. all of the characters showed me to never give up and to keep on going. the same rule but in a different way.each character had a different way of their knowing and rule. the characters were all so unique in their jobs and action even though some were kia (killed in action). the book had a force to keep on reading.
Sep 24, 2012 rated it it was amazing
I thought It was a great book it had lots of detail and I would recommend it because like I said lots of details interesting parts and each time I flipped the page I was wondering what's going to happen next
Kelsey Nauert
Nov 17, 2011 rated it it was amazing
The author writes true stories of soldiers serving in Afghanistan. It can be said that the soldiers represent the army as a whole. This is a good book because it discusses a current event and how it affects our society.
Jun 25, 2014 rated it really liked it
It was a good book. It had 10 short stories instead of 1 big one. I like that because if you don't like one story there are nine others. It told the story of people in Afghanistan and what they did to fight or help the people.
Turner Pline
Sep 13, 2015 rated it it was amazing
This book follows various people and what their life was like in Afghanistan. It ranges from snipers to medics. This is a good book for people who aren't afraid of blood and are interested in reading about war.
Jan 16, 2016 rated it really liked it
It is amazing what these men and woman are willing to go through for our freedom! Brave doesn't even begin to express their actions! The last story "Saving Private Moss" was gripping!! Beyond a miracle what they were able to accomplish! These men and women deserve more recognition than they get!
Jun 17, 2011 rated it really liked it
biographical short stories war hero Afghanistan
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Allan Zullo is an American non-fiction writer. He is the author or co-author of more than eighty paperbacks for adults and children.

A native of Rockford, Illinois, Zullo graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1969 with a degree in journalism. His books include The Baseball Hall of Shame and Baseball Confidential (both co-written with Bruce Nash), A Boomer's Guide to Grandparenting (co-writ
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