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The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1)
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The Digital Photography Book

(The Digital Photography Book #1)

4.11  ·  Rating details ·  5,124 Ratings  ·  415 Reviews
This text tackles the most important side of digital photography - how to take professional-quality shots using the same tricks today's top digital pros use.
Paperback, 219 pages
Published August 1st 2006 by Peachpit Press
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Rolf Häsänen
Jan 03, 2009 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: photography
Scott Kelby aka Mr Photoshop dishes out some no-nonsense and excellent tips for improving your photography skills. I have added some of my pics, so you can judge your self ->
Cedar Pride outside of Aqaba





I think my photos have improved after reading both of his books, some tips were so simple but oh so good. I still get crappy pics but the ratio of good pics is much higher and i can plan for my shoots now.
The books are not for the pro photographer but for us that are coming back to photography in the digital age and
فهد الحربي
اذا كنت مهتم بالتصوير الفوتوغرافي فلابد ان تقتني هذا الكتاب, فهو يحتوي على نصائح وتجارب احد اهم المصورين في العالم "سكوت كليبي", ستسفيد منه اذا كنت تملك كاميرا مدمجه وستستفيد اكثر بكثير اذا كانت كاميرتك احترافيه.
مازلت اردد عبارة "حادّة كالمسمار" منذ ان قرأتها في الصفحات الاولى من هذا الكتاب ( :
Oct 07, 2007 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: beginners and hobbyists
My veteran photographer friends would laugh at me if they knew I bought this book. I'm a real novice, and many of my friends are professional art and event shooters. I liked this book, though, because it reminded me a lot of having a conversation with a photographer friend. In fact, this is a goal clearly stated by the author: he wanted to cut out the technical explanations and write as if he and the reader were out shooting, giving flat advice and instructions. It works for what it is, I picked ...more
Mar 08, 2013 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
رآئع ~ تعلمت منه مبادئ ومصطلحات التصوير بطريقه ممتعه ومبسطه
آعجبني جداً آسلوبه في الطرح ، هو لطيف ^^ وغير ممل آبداً

آنصح كل هواة ومبتدئي التصوير به

Jan 12, 2016 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction
Nors šioje knygoje patarimų ir įvairių smulkių tricks'ų yra pakankamai nemažai, ji nebėra tokia naudinga, kaip pirmoji knyga, nes yra daug labiau orientuota į nuosavos studijos kūrimą bei vestuvių fotografiją. Nieko nesakau, reikalingos temos, bet tikrai ne pirmaeilės svarbos. Šiaip geriausia abi knygas skaityti kaip vieną, tada skirtumas tarp jų ne toks žymus.

Kažko naudingo iš jos, be abejo, išmokau, bet pirma buvo žymiai geresnė bei suteikusi daugiau žinių. Na ir žinoma, medinių bajeriukų kie
Feb 12, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
من صفحة إلى صفحة ، ومع كل خطوة تتحسن صوري بشكل كبييير
عملي جدا ودقيق ، ومناسب للمبتدئين
Hayel Barakat
كتاب جيد للمبتدئين في التصوير الفوتوغرافي
Jan 03, 2010 rated it it was amazing
I love this book! I have been shooting my pictures in auto and without a tripod for way too long. I have a basic understanding of photoshop, but I was ready to begin understanding my Nikon, and stop shooting in auto (or a preset). This book got me hooked, I have a better understanding of aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, and white balance--as well as a better understanding of all of the "tools" out there to use. I love photoshop, but knowing how to take a great picture in the first place is just as i ...more
Jan 22, 2009 rated it really liked it
This guys writing will drive you nuts at the beginning because he is constantly joking. He calms down towards the end though. And in the meantime, he gave great PRACTICAL advice with shooting digital. For example, he doesn't use complicated words when explaining how to get great flower shots. He just tells you as a friend would. Set your camera at this setting, do this, do that, and there you go.
I want to try out everything he explained. It's one of those books I would like to have on hand to h
Aug 08, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
الكتاب ممتاز، ومفيد جداً للمبتدئين والراغبين في دخول عالم التصوير الفوتوغرافي، ولو لم يكن بنية الاحتراف
يفترض بمن لديه الرغبة بقراءة هذا الكتاب، أن يعلم مصطلحات مثل سرعة الغلق وزاوية العدسة ومداها وتوازن الأبيض والأسود وغير ذلك من المفاهيم الأساسية في عالم التصوير.
من يعلم ولو بشكل متوسط هذه المبادئ، فالكتاب سيساعده حتى لو كان يصور بكاميرا متوسطة الجودة والميزات.
أسلوب الكاتب جميل وسلس أيضاً.
الكاتب ينصح القارئ بعدة نصائح سواء على مستوى كيفية التصوير، أو على مستوى البرامج والمعدات، والتي يؤكد دائماً
Chuck Slack
Jan 14, 2014 rated it it was amazing
A great book for a novice photographer. It demystified some of the photography lingo.

Highly recommend to one that is learning their digital SLR.
May 15, 2011 rated it it was amazing
This is one of the first "general" digital photography books I've read that isn't specific to my camera. I'd heard many good reviews on Kelby's series, so I knew going into it that I'd get some good advice and information.

This book is extremely well-written - not a stuffy textbook written with explanations of aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation that would put an amateur photographer to sleep; rather, Kelby uses humor and "recipes" to show tips on how best to set up shots. His appro
Abdurrahman AlQahtani
Apr 20, 2011 rated it did not like it
I wouldn't recommend this book for both beginers or pros. I'm a beginner my self, but the style of this book can't match any of those categories. What I hate about this book is two things:
- Humor/jokes that are not funny at all, unfotunately :(.
- Telling the basics in too much elaboration.

I highly recommend you to go and read the 1- and 2-star evals of this book on Amazon, and you bet you'll agree with them 100%.

A book that I believe is ourstanding in photography is "Understanding Exposure - Ho
Mar 26, 2009 rated it it was amazing
This book is great. I am 16 and I am very into photography as a hobby. I have checked out many books about photography from the library but most books I checked out were boring, dry, very hard to understand, and full of a bunch of technical terms; this is not the case with this book. This book is easy to understand and it give simple tips to improve your photography. Scott Kelby also uses a lot of (not so funny) humor to get his point across, which makes the book enjoyable to read. This book als ...more
Sep 16, 2008 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: photography peopel, Amature and Professional
This is a great book or I can call it a Guide to get in photography or even to improve your photgraphing ability. this books starts from choosing the cameras and their accesories to printing good photos you have. It helps in knowing the way to get better photos; to know what you need for diffrent cases ( weddings, people portraits, nature, citylife .. etc )and for diffretn places ( city, mountains, islands, inside rooms .. etc) [ cases .. places .. I like how I am good in Rhythm's stuff lol :]. ...more
أريــج كيـوان
كتاب بسيط و سلس ..
تحتاج فقط لمعرفة المصطلحات المهمة عن التصوير لفهمه جيدا
يتناول نصائح مختصرة عن كيفية التقاط صور مثالية لمناسبات واماكن مختلفة للتصوير
( المناظر الطبيعية , حفلات الزفاف , تصوير الاشخاص و الزهور الشوارع اثناء التجوال و السفر و الابنية و غيرها )
متشوقة لتطبيق توجيهاته مع كاميرتى و رؤية نتائجها ^^
Motaz Nachwati
Apr 19, 2010 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
لقد كتب في زاوية الغلاف ..
ممتــاز لمستخدمي الكاميرات الرقمية المبسطة,أيضاً!

حسنـاً .. لا تصدقوا هذه العبارة

هذا الكتاب لهواة و مستخدمي الكاميرات الرقمية الإحترافية DSLR فقط

و لكنه رااائع و خاصةً للمستجدين و الهواة
لقد جعلني أفكر بشكل جدي بشراء DSLR

اذا كنت من هواة التصوير الإحترافي .. لا بد من شراءه
و إن لم تكن كذلك .. فلا تقترب منه
عبد القباني
مترجم الكتاب للعربية يستحق عشر نجمات !!
Jan 30, 2018 rated it really liked it
Lots of simple, well explained tips for getting better pictures without a lot of extra editing in software programs. Geared more for the novice who wants to take picture taking to the next level. I would recommend this book to someone fairly new to photography but wants to learn more, but not to someone well versed on the subject.
Feb 28, 2012 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fotografi
Saya cukup skeptis saat pertama kali melihat judul buku ini: The Digital Photography Book. Judul yang sangat lazim ditemui dan terkesan tidak berbeda dengan buku-buku fotografi lainnya. Awalnya saya menduga buku ini tidak berbeda dengan buku fotografi abal-abal yang membahas istilah-istilah fotografi mendasar seperti diafragma, kecepatan rana, iso, atau istilah-istilah lain yang biasanya ada dalam fitur dasar DSLR. Awalnya saya kira buku ini tidak lebih dari terjemahan buku manual kamera yang di ...more
Cedric Jean-marie
Nov 25, 2012 rated it liked it
I originally bought this trilogy for my wife when she got into photography, shortly after however I got suckered into it as well and am now more involved in it then she. Since we had these books I figured I'd give them a once over. I believe if the books reach their intended audience they are sure to be a valuable asset.

From the get go Kelby explains his thinking behind these books as a casual conversation between friends where he leaves out much or all of the theory and just tells you straight
Dec 08, 2010 rated it liked it
For the pro or serious amateur on or two stars, for intermeidate photographers three and for novices four to five: This book has one photo "hint" or recommendation per page. If you are a pro or very serious amateur in digital photography you will get little out of the book. Hence it may be of only a one or two star value. If you are an intermediate photographer you have probably heard much (if not most) of what is in the book. Hence it may only be a three star value. If one is only a novice to d ...more
May 20, 2009 rated it liked it
This is a very light read and not something for someone who wants to know the ins and outs of photography.

I would describe it as a book of handy hints and tips for getting a good shot composition-wise, as the emphasis is on the end result rather than the process. If you want to learn about exposure, shutter speed et al look elsewhere first as this book merely touches on them.

Admittedly, Kelby's writing style was rather wordy and I found myself scanning pages at times, trying to find the tips amo
Ramzy Shrayyef
Oct 27, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
بعيداً عن الشروحات التقنية المملة، يقدم سكوت كيلبي في هذا الكتاب العملي مجموعة من النصائح حول أساليب التصوير الاحترافي كما ينصح أي مصور محترف صديقه في رحلة تصوير!.

الكتاب لا يتطرق لمعاني المصطلحات الرقمية أو يقدم الشروحات حولها، فالقارئ بحاجة لمعرفة أساسيات التعامل مع الكاميرات الرقمية الاحترافية ومعاني المصطلحات المستخدمة قبل البدء في قراءة الكتاب.

الكتاب هو الجزء الأول من السلسلة المؤلفة من أربعة أجزاء.
Sep 29, 2012 rated it it was amazing
I absolutely loved this book! It's full of so much useful information for amateurs like me who wish to learn more about photography. The book is very readable; interspersed with all the photography wisdom, know-how, and tips, are funny scenarios, sarcastic sentences, and downright silliness, that made me bust out laughing many times. The author, Scott Kelby, is a riot and very fun to read! I just wish I had read this book before the recent trip I took. I will for sure be reading the other 3 book ...more
May 07, 2008 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: novice photographers, beyond the point n shoot, not ready for multiple cameras
Recommended to Antigone by: Lisa E.
This is a great book but isn't for the advanced photographer..... its for those of us who got a spiffy Nikon DX40 and are trying to harkin back to the old SLR photo classes we took in highschool to remember what ISO and Aperture and such mean. He is an amazing read - very funny and direct. But again.... this ISN'T a book for advanced users - though I kinda thought by the awesome cover it would be.

Also, he has an amazing blog you should subscribe to. And this week, I learned from his blog, all hi
Jan 13, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: photography-arts
Even though I am not a complete digital photography novice, I do have a lot to learn still, I looked at the reviews of this and decided to give it a go.

It gives good practical advice which is written in an easy to understand manner. His humor may not be to everyone's taste, but it does lighten the mood of the book, making it very readable. It is the type of book that you can just delve into the sections that you want to find out more information about. He does not waste time on technical explan
Mar 01, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fiction, kitos
Gera knyga, jei nori sužinot ar išmokt kažką ir jei esi dar žalias fotografas, bet esi padaręs bent štukelę kadrų ir žodžiai "diafragma" ar "kintamo židinio objektyvas" jau neskamba baisiai. Paprasčiau sakant, knyga pradedantiesiems, bet kažką žinot ar suvokt jau reikėtų, nes ši knygą neturi jokio įvado ar supažindinimo su terminologija, tai tik praktinių patarimų rinkinys - bet visai visai geras. Vienintelis nepatikęs dalykas - erzinančiai didelis kiekis medinių bajeriukų. 9/10.
Amy Fisher
May 23, 2013 rated it it was amazing
I loved it because it's written in such a way I can almost flip right to the page I'm looking for. Nice large photo at the top of each page references what is taught there. Easy read style packed with much information! I get the author's desire to be funny and engaging, sometimes it's a little much is all. I'll be putting it in my gear bag to take with me. Time to practice these tips in the field!
Jul 28, 2012 rated it really liked it
I have been into photography recently (very original, I know) and sometime last week, I decided to browse photography books. Browsing turned to reading of course. I think the guards at Powerbooks Greenbelt recognize me already.

I certainly have picked up a lot of tips from the book. I like that it's very easy to read and doesn't use "photography jargon." I'm looking forward to applying what I've read the next time I take my camera for a spin.
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Scott Kelby is an American author and publisher of periodicals dealing in Macintosh and Personal Computer software, specifically for design professionals, photographers, and artists.

Kelby is editor and publisher of Photoshop User and Layers magazines, president and co-founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and is president of Kelby Media Group, an Oldsmar, Florida-ba

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