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The Carrie Diaries #2

Summer and the City

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Summer is a magical time in New York City and Carrie is in love with all of it—the crazy characters in her neighborhood, the vintage-clothing boutiques, the wild parties, and the glamorous man who has swept her off her feet. Best of all, she's finally in a real writing class, taking her first steps toward fulfilling her dream.

This sequel to The Carrie Diaries brings surprising revelations as Carrie learns to navigate her way around the Big Apple, going from being a country "sparrow"—as Samantha Jones dubs her—to the person she always wanted to be. But as it becomes increasingly difficult to reconcile her past with her future, Carrie realizes that making it in New York is much more complicated than she ever imagined.

With her signature wit and sparkling humor, Candace Bushnell reveals the irresistible story of how Carrie met Samantha and Miranda, and what turned a small-town girl into one of New York City's most unforgettable icons, Carrie Bradshaw.

409 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2011

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About the author

Candace Bushnell

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Candace Bushnell is the critically acclaimed, international best-selling author of Killing Monica, Sex and the City, Summer and the City, The Carrie Diaries, One Fifth Avenue, Lipstick Jungle, Trading Up, and Four Blondes. Sex and the City, published in 1996, was the basis for the HBO hit series and two subsequent blockbuster movies. Lipstick Jungle became a popular television series on NBC, as did The Carrie Diaries on the CW.

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660 reviews3,883 followers
October 11, 2016
eh. I don't know how to feel? I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as The Carrie Diaries. I was pretty disappointed, to be honest.

Carrie was really annoying in this one. In THE CARRIE DIARIES, I felt she was flawed but still entertaining. In SUMMER AND THE CITY, I couldn't stand her. I just found her to be really annoying, obnoxious and kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure if she was meant to be, but it ended up really annoying me. Her arrogance was totally unfounded, and I just was going shuut uppp for so much of it.

And I found the romance really kind of creepy, I didn't like the relationship between Bernard and Carrie and even though things "resolved themselves" at the end it was still weird. I just didn't like so much of the relationships between the characters.

Samantha and Miranda were okay, much better than Carrie was but still they couldn't save the story. They didn't capture my interest in the same way Maggie, Walt and Mouse did in the first book.

I ended up skim reading at least half of this, I was just ready to have it over and done with by the end. I don't know, I was quite charmed with the first book -- true, it wasn't remarkable but it was cute and fun and easy reading. I just found this one to be alot more tedious, and the "messages" were kind of force fed down my throat and I noticed. The subtlety of the first installment was lost here.

Overall, disappointed in this one. It was a 1.5* for me.
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160 reviews1,284 followers
June 28, 2011
As I've said in my review for the Carrie Diaries I love this series. It is what "Sex and the City" should have been instead of that horrible book of mini interviews...

But anyway, Carrie is out of school, and is now in NYC. Carrie is Carrie again, she just doesn't fit in well anywhere else in my opinion. She goes through a lot of crazy antics in this book, and it's fun to watch her grow up, and become the lady we love.

At the end of this book I was so excited to see that she is going to be meeting another one of the SATC ladies, probably in the third book.
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782 reviews1 follower
September 27, 2011
I liked the first book of this series, The Carrie Diaries but this one disappointed me immensely. Which still puzzles me for it is centered around the iconic character of Miss Carrie Brawdshaw, is based in New York City and it features both Samantha and Miranda. All the ingredients for a good book is it not? But something went seriously wrong...

Firstly, Carrie becomes the type of person I take all measures to AVOID. She just seems to suck all the energy out of the room around her, so I have got no idea why people stick by her, none. She becomes self-absorbed and obnoxious, a really reallly annoying mix. Especially since the whole book is from her point of view and having to hear all of her thoughts, bleh.

The plot was slightly awkward and extremely predictable, so nothing was surprising but instead you were thinking, just get it over with will you? It really hurts me that I have to be horrible about this book but, it just didn't do anything for me.

Again, disappointed.
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647 reviews87 followers
September 10, 2018
This book was surprisingly pretty good! It had a few dull moments but overall I enjoyed it, mostly for the girly dating chit chats lol

- It kinda has the feeling of the book Can you Keep a Secret.
- Lots of around the city descriptions, especially in the beginning
- Very jumpy, one place to another place to another place, not deep at all, skins over things
- Carrie inspires me that I should write something. And Bushnell inspires me to write a book similar to this, but better
- I like how Carrie goes around to the little shops and gets thrifty outfits lol her carpenter belt
- I love the group of the girls Miranda Carrie and Samantha. Where was Charlotte though? I guess she's a later on character. I love their chit chat amongst the girls. Miranda is so blunt and logical, Samantha is a bit ditsy but sexy, and Carrie is pretty self absorbed but she’s so friendly
- It was very very similar feel to sex and the city tv show. I'm on vacation in Mexico right now but when I get home I’m going to rewatch all of it <3
- This book was written in 2011 but it based in the 80’s and Carrie is only 17/18 in this. She thinks that a 30 year old guy is really old ouch lol I’m turning 30 this month >_<
- I love the love interest story lines
123 reviews
June 18, 2011
I much preferred this to the first installment of the teen Carrie Bradshaw. I think it was mainly to do with the fact that the characters from the TV series that I was familiar with were more predominant in this book.

I had to keep reminding myself this book was set in the 80s I felt it wasn't referred to a lot, one instance only comes to mind when the actual year or period was mentioned so I kept imagining New York now rather than back then.

The characters were more interesting, although I felt that the story was quite predictable (the scandal with Li'l and the teacher of the course) and also the eventual get together of Carrie with a certain character.

Overall though it was an enjoyable read. More so than the first, a good teen chick light read. If I happen to get the rest in proofs I will be more than happy, as I would like to see how it integrates into the original novel. I feel a couple more could be done as Carrie only just met Charlotte and her dream to stay in NY was granted. So lets watch this space.
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1,072 reviews233 followers
July 22, 2011
I sincerely, truly adored the first book in this series : The Carrie Diaries

And so, I was compelled to grab the second book. It helped that it had three of my favourite ingredients:
a) New York City
b) The tale of a fledgling writer
c) The coming-of-age journey of the delightfully quirky and iconic Carrie Bradshaw

Sadly, at the end of this fairly chunky read....I had to go... 'eh' .

The plot and characters are predictable. You can immediately tell who is the last-page love-interest, who is going through the throes of a just-divorced rebound, who is the sex-fiend (NOT Samantha), who is the egomaniac and who is the confused feminist.

Obligatory references to Carrie's love for vintage and bizarre fashion (that works!) are thrown in as an afterthought. The author oscillates between her love for The Big Apple and the need to keep things starkly real.

I really wanted to love this book. But...
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Author 1 book62 followers
July 18, 2012
Originally Reviewed at Novel Escapes

Summer in the City picks up right where The Carrie Diaries left off: Carrie Bradshaw landing in New York City for the first time. I looked forward to this novel, having had enjoyed The Carrie Diaries, and wanted to discover how the infamous friendships from Sex in the City began, but unfortunately it just didn’t capture my attention and I actually found it irritating at times.

I found Carrie more needy, demanding and whiny and much less insightful and thoughtful than she was in her high school years. Needless to say, this made the novel hard to read and it may not even come as a shock to some who never enjoyed Sex in the City in the first place. I’d heard these complaints about Carrie’s character before. Thankfully I had never really noticed and enjoyed the series, especially the other characters, but unfortunately their point of view and stories are stifled by Carrie’s teenage angst. I cringed so many times during this novel that I hope when revisiting the television series this doesn’t return to haunt me.

It wasn’t just Carrie’s whining that got to me. The plot just didn’t seem to move me to keep reading, although I slugged my way through just to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything. I didn’t. There were threads back to her old life and family which were touched on, but unfortunately never followed up on again. Her old friends were mostly left behind in Carrie’s self absorbed world which made appreciating the new friendships she was developing in New York difficult. And I wasn’t too sure about the plausibility of them for the most part. It all felt very surface with no depth so I had a hard time believing that such different personalities along with Samantha’s huge age gap would become sociable without something bringing them all together. Although what do I know? I’ve never moved to a new city and not known a soul, so who knows?

So, all in all, not really my favourite read. Maybe I just expected too much, but I doubt I’d read another. I really enjoyed Sex in the City and don’t want to taint it. The scar of the final movie is still healing.
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1,046 reviews148 followers
October 19, 2020
Summer and the City is the second book in the series and it starts off with Carrie Bradshaw's first summer in NYC. She also meets Samantha and Miranda. Like all the other fans of the SATC show, I too have been wanting to know more about Carrie's life and how she came to be, how her friendship started with her gang and everything else about her.

I love Carrie Bradshaw from the show but I don't know why I can't love the Carrie Bradshaw from books or anything else about these books. Are my expectations too high? Or I can only think of Carrie Bradshaw as SJP? Or something else? I don't know but I am just not liking any of these books about Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie was completely obnoxious and not likeable at all in this. At least she was some what likeable in the previous book but in this, it felt like she had a complete personality change. Her school friends were left behind like garbage bags. Her family life was mentioned only a bit. I fllt like Candace Bushnell doesn't know where to go with Carrie's character and she gives her a bit of this and a bit of that but never deciding on exactly what she wants to do with such an iconic character.

It wasn't a completely terrible book but I just couldn't enjoy it as much as I had wanted to.

2 stars
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36 reviews1 follower
June 30, 2012
Another good summer read; I'm about halfway through this one. The plot brings Carrie to NYC and brings Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda (so far) together. I assume Charlotte will make an appearance eventually.

I finished this yesterday. I was right; Charlotte did make an appearance. Again, if you liked the tv show, you'll enjoy these books. Good, entertaining, mindless summer reads.
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303 reviews4 followers
January 21, 2012
I admit, I wanted to give this book three stars, but then I thought better of it...
Okay, so, I think I finally understand these books. They're satire at its finest. The reason that Carrie Bradshaw is so abhorrent is that the author is trying to poke fun at teenage girls. I think. Or at least I hope...
After being so disappointed in the first of the series, I don't know why I picked up the second one. If only because I am warped and can't leave a series unfinished, even if a rotten one. But because Carrie Bradshaw is such an iconic figure, I want to know more about her roots. I want to know how she went from being a desperate teenager with only care for herself to such a beloved woman. But the thing is... I still can't figure it out. Bushnell is writing characters, especially female ones, who for the most part are... awful...
Take Carrie's friend Maggie, for example. She travels to New York to visit Carrie, is sleeping with two guys back home (one because he's good at it, the other because then she can be seen in public with him), seduces one of Carrie's friends, and proceeds to invite him back to Carrie's apartment (well, Samantha Jones's apartment) only to sneak off into another room and loudly copulate with him while Carrie is in the other room. My hope is that Bushnell intended to say to young girls, "If you are friends with people like this... kindly stop BEING friends with them." Don't get me wrong, I understand hook-ups, but... I couldn't stand reading about Maggie for a moment longer and was thrilled when she was off the map.
Next, let's tackle Carrie herself. Wildly insecure, Carrie complains most of the novel about how no one cares about how her life in New York is going, when really, she doesn't try for a second to ask about anyone else's life. She immediately falls into an affair with a man far too old for her, becomes the desperate self she was when faced with Sebastian in the first novel, and proceeds to keep seeing him even when the obvious evidence is that he is no good. Why, Carrie? Why torture yourself to this extent? I am losing sight here of how Carrie became an icon.
My hope is that Bushnell wanted to write these "early years" novels to show how far Carrie came in her life. How she went from self-centered small town girl to big city maven. My biggest fear is that Bushnell thinks that in Carrie's selfishness people will find indearment, when (in my case anyway), I sincerely hope she's just kidding.
While I know that Carrie soon joins in her group of Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, my wish for the next novel (because I'm sure it will have to keep going...), get better friends. Please.
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306 reviews7 followers
June 1, 2011
The second book in Bushnell's Sex and the City prequel series is a vast improvement over the unremarkable first, The Carrie Diaries, thanks to its addition of some familiar faces and SATC's "Fifth Lady," New York City. And while fans of the show might be confused or disappointed that the books don't strictly follow the show's lore, it still manages to capture the energy and sentiments of the show enough that readers should enjoy this "alternate universe" Carrie and her navigation of dating, friendship and the Big Apple.

Following where the first left off, Carrie is now in New York City for the summer, enrolled in a writing class, before she's to head to Brown in the fall. Living in the apartment of an engaged(!) Samantha Jones and befriending feminist Miranda Hobbes, Carrie discovers the city and herself as she tries to make an imprint on New York's social scene.

Creators of the show have said that Carrie ceased to exist before coming to New York, which made the first book so jarring and, ultimately, pointless. The show rarely went into Carrie's backstory, never introducing us to relatives or hometown friends, and only venturing into her past through what she chose to share. Carrie needs New York because it's her heart and soul, making anything that happened before moot. It's her true birthplace and shaped her into who she is, and this book benefits tremendously from the union of Carrie and New York.

Bushnell is great at describing the city and the experience one can have as they're introduced to all its many facets. And coming from someone who currently lives in New York, the details Bushnell throws in of a 1980s NYC are a fun peek into the city's grittier history. It's a crazy city, and Bushnell understands this, but she also understands the exhilaration of coexisting with the often odd characters and scenes you encounter.

Like her column that started the SATC pop culture phenom, these prequels seem autobiographical (this Carrie is from Connecticut and moved to New York at 17; Bushnell is from Connecticut and moved to the city at 19). And while the first book had a somewhat sour taste because of Carrie and Bushnell's condescension of smalltown Connecticut (Why bother with this portion of Carrie's life if she's just gonna drop it and leave it in the dust?), this second one really is a joy to read thanks to the fond memories the author weaves from her journey into Carrie's.
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741 reviews32 followers
August 22, 2016
Daar waar deel 1 nog veel weg had van een highschool drama, is het tweede deel echt een geweldige stap de goede kant op! Eindelijk zijn we aangekomen in NY waar alles gebeurd... leer je de bekende Amanda kennen, en ook de feministische Miranda maakt haar entree. Voor de echte die-hard fans van Sex and the City een absolute must!!!
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75 reviews25 followers
March 2, 2017
Bushnellin kirjoja on vaan niin helppo lukea. Luen samaan aikaan Jane Austenia, ja kyllä tällaisen "helpomman" kirjan lukeminen virkistää. Luin pari sivua joskus vuonna 2016 ja vasta nyt sain kirjan ahmittua loppuun, mutta ahmimalla se loppu sitten menikin.

Se on hassua, miten jokaiseen kirjan hahmoon pystyy samaistumaan omalla tavallaan. Kaikissa meissä on pieni pala Samanthaa, Carrieta, Mirandaa ja Charlottea. Plus tykkään tästä 80's -vibasta ihan mielettömästi!
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204 reviews29 followers
September 11, 2013
I’m a part of what they call the “Sex and the cCty” generation. I grew up admiring the life that Carrie et al. had in New York City, but fully understanding that it was not where my life was going. This allowed me to live vicariously through these girls as a teenager who couldn’t even spell Manolo Blahnik. Few people know that this series was originally a book. Even fewer people have read this book. This is a good thing because it was one of the worst books I have ever read and made New Yorkers seem pretentious and annoying. Utterly gross and unappealing. At some point though, Candace Bushnell had the bright idea to create a series revolving around Carrie as a teenager which, would allow avid SATC series watchers to understand her background more. (This series does not hold a candle to the original.)

I read the first book and it was sweet and entertaining but didn’t do much for me. As part of a reading challenge, I picked up the second in the series to see if Candace could redeem herself from the horror that was Sex and the City. Believe it or not, she did! I enjoyed this book. It was a fun look into Carrie’s first real steps into the city and the crazy life that ensues. But it is also sweet and innocent. Carrie is starting to really discover herself, her love for The City, and her place in this world. At times, her innocence is off-putting, until you remember what it was like to be 18 and when you were on your own for the first time and the hard lessons you had to learn. Then comes the endearing part. It is fun to follow Carrie as she discovers the fabulous Samantha and the buttoned up, liberal Miranda. This book gives us a look into the girls before they were The Girls. If you ask me, skip Sex and the City (actually, avoid at all costs. It will ruin part of your love for the series.) and give Summer and the City a chance. It will provide you with more of the story now that the series is over and the movies are subpar.

p. 263
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165 reviews3 followers
May 12, 2011
I am a huge, HUGE Sex and the City fan. This is the first book I have read on the Kindle app (holding an actual book and feeding my son is not a talent I seem to possess). This is the second novel in this series, which follows a teenaged Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie longs to be a writer. Every fiber in her tells her that is what she is meant to do. The problem is, she struggles to actually write (something I can relate to all too well myself). Summer and the City begins with Carrie bright-eyed and optimistic in New York. She has been accepted to a writing seminar, and she is determined to become a famous author. Life in New York is exactly what Carrie wanted; she falls madly in love with the city, completes a play, and loses her virginity (quite a busy summer). While neither The Carrie Diaries nor Summer and the City follow the plot of the HBO series, Bushnell does use several character names fans of the show will be familiar with (Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs, Capote Duncan). I really enjoyed Carrie's journey as she desperately tries to be taken seriously as a writer, but I had a hard time getting past how self-centered and bitter everyone is (and that includes Carrie). Because of the show, I expect that kind of cynical mind-set from Miranda...but not everyone. It was actually kind of depressing. All-in-all, I enjoyed The Carrie Diaries more than Summer in the City. However, it is still Sex and the City and quite a wonderful guilty pleasure to have.
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44 reviews1 follower
February 6, 2014
I hated this book. And I don't throw that around often, because let's face it hate is a strong word. I really was hoping for something good in this book. Especially since the ending of the last book made you think that Carrie was going to have a world full of adventures. More like a world full of snooze fests. Every time I thought something interesting was going to happen Candace Bushnell ruined it. 1 step forward 5 steps back. I honestly don't know why I finished it, maybe because I thought something good would come in the end. Was I wrong. Carrie Bradshaw was simply stupid in the first book, in this one she was not only stupid, but selfish and egotistical. Not really a good combo. She kept complaining how no one was noticing how "glamorous" her new life was (because wearing the same outfit three days in a row is TOTALLY glamorous), yet she didn't seem to care about those around us. There was a complete double standard throughout this book. She was mad because her dad finally moved on over his wife's death and was dating a younger girl, meanwhile she was dating someone who was way too old for her. I just, I can't even. I do not suggest this book to anyone. I honestly liked "The Carrie Diaries," show, but now I can't even look at the actor's without getting mad. And I liked AnnaSophia Robb. Ugh.
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700 reviews7 followers
February 9, 2014
OMG you finally know how the girls met. Honestly though Samantha Jones wants to be married???? Someone pinch me. But I guess if you get torched good enough you never want a repeat. I didn't even kow sex and the city was a book I have to get that one next but hey its amazing to read books that have influenced a whole generation of women. I love Charlotte's innocence, I love Carrie's writing, I love Miranda's brain, but I really love Samantha's guts. Now you know in what order they met and how they have changed. read read read need to for sure.
However I am interested to see if she will write another so that we can see the characters take on their final personalities. I mean one bad break ruins Samantha's want to marry gene. Charlotte is really the only character that is still true to themselves. I never thought of Carrie as big headed until this book however I do believe that perhaps we are all a bit big headed at least once in our lives. Miranda a protester, becomes a lawyer and she dies her hair red? It is a bit difficult to picture the characters as themselves but I am looking at the book as a book and not comparing it to the movies/tv shows.
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1,660 reviews41 followers
April 26, 2011
I was very excited to read this book since I really enjoyed the first book. That being said, I didn't like this one nearly as much. This book takes place directly after the first one ends with Carrie arriving in NYC. She meets an older guy, and becomes friends with Samantha Jones as well as not one but two other SATC characters. I felt the plot was a little humdrum and slow moving, and left the reader with little surprises. The book felt like an episode of Sex and the City, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, butI think what I liked about the first book was that it felt like Carrie Bradshaw was a real teen, this book felt like it was written about Carrie the adult. True, she faces some teen issues, but the way she was written made her mature very quickly since the first book. It was a very fast read, and I did enjoy the final pages of the ending, which I had anticipated but was delighted to read (I will not spoil it),it wasn't nearly as good or engaging as the first book. If there was a third, I'd read it and then decide from there if I am done with this series.
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1,021 reviews58 followers
August 11, 2019
Da ich aktuell mal wieder die Serie "Sex and the City" schaue und ich dieses Hörbuch auf Spotify entdeckt habe, dachte ich mir, dass ich gerne etwas zu Carrie Bradshaws Hintergrundgeschichte und ihrem Leben als Teenager erfahren würde. Ich muss an dieser Stelle erwähnen, dass ich den ersten Teil der "The Carrie Diaries" bisher nicht gelesen oder gehört habe und mir da vielleicht entsprechendes Vorwissen für diesen Folgeband gefehlt hat.

"Summer and the City" beginnt damit, dass Carrie als 17-jähriges Mädchen einen Sommer in New York verbringt. Die erste Person, die sie kennenlernt, ist Samantha Jones, die eine Cousine einer von Carries Freundinnen ist und ihr ein bisschen Starthilfe in der Stadt, die niemals schläft, gibt. Serienkenner wissen natürlich, dass Samantha später zu eine von Carries besten Freundinnen wird. Obwohl Samanthas Selbstbewusstsein auch in diesem Buch hindurch scheint, hat sie doch wenig mit ihrem späteren Ich aus der Serie gemeinsam. Im Buch ist Samantha verlobt - ein Umstand, der in der Serie niemals erwähnt und damit wohl weggelassen wurde. Für mich hat die Verlobung so gar nicht zu der Samantha gepasst, die ich bislang gekannt habe und deshalb hatte ich Mühe, sie in Verbindung mit ihrem Seriencharakter bringen.
Ganz ähnlich erging es mir auch mit Carrie Bradshaw. An dieser Stelle muss positiv hervorgehoben werden, dass die Sprecherin des Hörbuchs dieselbe ist, die Sarah Jessica Parker in der Serie "Sex and the City" synchronisiert. Damit fiel es mir anfangs leicht, Carrie vor meinem geistigen Auge zu sehen und einen Bezug zu ihr herzustellen. Hier enden die Gemeinsamkeiten zu ihrer Serienfigur aber auch schon, denn Carrie ist in "Summer in the City" beinahe unerträglich. Ich weiss nicht, ob es an der Art lag, wie Irina von Bentheim gesprochen hat, aber Carrie wirkt in diesem Buch wie eine 12-jährige: Unglaublich naiv und hilflos. Wären nicht hin und wieder Gespräche über Männer und Sex in das Buch mit eingeflossen, dann wäre ich von Carries Verhalten nach zu urteilen, tatsächlich davon ausgegangen, dass sie noch ein Kind ist. Immerhin besteht eine Ähnlichkeit zur späteren Serienfigur: Beide Carries sind unglaublich egozentrisch und ständig nur am herumjammern.
Einzig Miranda war ein kleiner Hoffnungsschimmer, denn wie auch ihre Serienfigur, widerspiegelt die junge Miranda ein starke, unabhängige junge Frau, die sich für die Rechte von Frauen einsetzt.

Zur Handlung kann ich gar nicht so viel sagen, denn die ist quasi nicht existent. Carrie besucht in New York einen Sommerkurs fürs Schreiben, denn ihr grosser Traum ist es später eine Schriftstellerin zu werden. Durch die Kurse trifft sie immer wieder verschiedene Männer, einer davon ist Bernard, ein in Scheidung lebender Mann, der deutlich älter als Carrie ist. Ich fand diese Konstellation sehr merkwürdig und war mir nicht mal sicher, ob dieser Altersunterschied in den USA überhaupt legal wäre. Carrie lügt Bernard zwar vor, dass sie Anfang 20 ist, aber ihr Verhalten ist durch das ganze Buch hinweg so kindisch und naiv, dass Bernard darauf hätte kommen müssen, dass sie wesentlich jünger ist, als sie es vorgibt zu sein.
Abgesehen von dem ständigen Gerede über Männer und erste Male (denn das hat Carrie im Buch noch vor sich) gibt es eigentlich keinen roten Faden, der sich durch das Buch zieht. Einzig die Schauplätze in New York sind eine nette Erinnerung an die Serie, ebenso wie das Kennenlernen mit Carries späteren besten Freundinnen. Ansonsten gab es nichts, das mich am Buch gefesselt hätte. Die Ereignisse stimmen leider nicht mit den Erzählungen der Serienfigur von Carrie überein, was ich sehr schade fand. Aber das lag wohl eher an den Serienmachern und ist weniger die Schuld der Autorin.
Ein kleiner Kritikpunkt betrifft noch die deutsche Inhaltsangabe. Die will einem weiss machen, dass Carrie bereits alle ihre drei späteren Freundinnen kennenlernt und sie eine wichtige Rolle im Buch spielen. Das ist aber irreführend, denn Charlotte kommt im Buch quasi gar nicht vor und wird nur im letzten Kapitel kurz namentlich erwähnt.

Als grosser "Sex and the City" Fan war ich sehr interessiert daran, in "Summer and the City" mehr über Carrie Bradshaws Hintergrundgeschichte zu erfahren. Leider ähneln die Charaktere im Buch sehr wenig ihren späteren Serienfiguren und Carrie verhält sich im Buch so kindisch, dass es fast nicht zum Aushalten war. Einen interessanten Plot sucht man hier auch vergeblich, denn die Story plätschert die meiste Zeit vor sich hin, ohne nennenswerte Ereignisse. Das Buch kann man sich (selbst oder gerade besonders als SATC-Fan) sparen. Von mir gibt es 2 Sterne.
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25 reviews
July 21, 2022
Друга книга цікавіша від першої. Напевно тому, що було більше описано пригод та стикалися такі характери, що їх не назвеш простими. А ще я прямо відчула, як авторці вдалося показати дорослішання Керрі, хоч і не без драм.
Книга наповнена емоціями і почуттями, які я час від часу теж відчуваю, тому мені було знову ж таки цікаво читати. З якимись думками я не погоджуюсь, інші мене дивують, але однозначно напишу - впертий, трошки істеричний персонаж Керрі надихає не здаватись. Навіть якщо ситуація повний провал. Йди до мети і все тут.
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81 reviews34 followers
August 18, 2020
Superb! Love the ending 💛 I wish there were more.
March 19, 2023
легенька історія про те, як все починалось: як Керрі приїхала з маленького містечка у Нью Йорк, як почала відвідувати класи писемної майстерності, як зустріла Саманту і Міранду, і навіть Шарлотту (спойлер: наприкінці історії :)). а ще стає відомо про сім’ю Керрі.

але от Керрі якось мені була не схожа на ту Керрі, яка у фільмі. я припускаю, що то є нормально, бо ж герої дорослішають і розвиваються. хоча от Міранда і Саманта якраз дуже схожі на тих особистостей, до яких я звикла.

в цілому непогано, щоб розважитись і дещо дізнатись про улюблених героїнь.
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4 reviews
March 13, 2013
Šo amerikāņu rakstnieces Kendaisas Bušnelas grāmatu "Vasara un lielpilsēta" izvēlējos, jo tā ir sērijas "Kerijas dienasgrāmatas" otrā daļa. Lasot pirmo daļu, mani ļoti ieinteresēja stāsts par jaunu meiteni Keriju, kura, dzīvodama mazpilsētā, par savu hobiju uzskatīja rakstīšanu skolas avīzei. Otrajā daļā turpinājās tas pats stāsts, taču Kerija ir tikko pabeigusi vidusskolu un sākusies vasara, kuru meitene nolēmusi pavadīt savā sapņu pilsētā Ņujorkā. Tur viņa iestājās jauno rakstnieku programmā, un cītīgi sāka apmeklēt nodarbības. Sākums lielajā pilsētā nebija viegls, meitenei gadījās iekulties dažādās nepatikšanās, taču visas šīs situācijas viņu noveda pie jaunu cilvēku iepazīšanas, kas vēlāk kļuva par tuviem draugiem. Tieši tā Kerija iepazina arī ņujorkietes Mirandu un Samantu, ar kurām draudzība un kopīgie piedzīvojumi vairāk aprakstīti plaši pazīstamajā grāmatu sērijā "Sex and the City".
Lai gan rudenī paredzēts uzsākt mācības Brauna koledžā, Kerija ar katru dienu arvien vairāk iemīl lielpilsētu, rakstīšanu, savus draugus, kā arī attiecības ar jauniepazīto puisi Bernardu.
Grāmata sarakstīta no galvenās varones Kerijas skatu punkta, un man ļoti patika tās "dienasgrāmatas" formāts un stils. Sižets likās aktuāls mana vecuma meitenēm, jo tieši tāda ir Kerija. Viņa stāv lielās dzīves priekšā, iespēju ir tik daudz un tas rada apjukumu. Arī sarežģītās attiecības ar ģimeni, mīlestības problēmas un uzskati par dzīvi liekas tuvi un saprotami. Man patika, ka šajā grāmatas daļā bija vairāk aprakstīta pati Kerija, viņas personība un domas, apņēmība un mērķtiecība. Valoda bija viegla un saprotama, ne uz mirkli neradās vēlme pārtraukt lasīt. Noteikti iesaku izlasīt šo grāmatu sava vecuma meitenēm, jo Kerijas panākumi liek arvien vairāk tiekties uz saviem mērķiem.
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May 26, 2011
If you are looking for a fun, entertaining and lighthearted book to read this summer you need to pick up Summer and the City. This novel continues where the Carrie Diaries left us, as Carrie Bradshaw begins her relationship with NYC. Being a long-time lover of Bushnell's original Sex and the City book and a fan of the show, it was interesting to learn how the character of Carrie developed into the phenomena that we know and love. In fact, one of the most satisfying components of this novel is the development of Carrie's relationship with Samantha and Miranda. Bushnell constantly weaves components of the show into this novel, for example the character of Capote Duncan, to provide reference points that viewers of the show can identify with. Fans of the show will not be disappointed with this prequel to the part of the story that they are already familiar with.

However, even those who are unfamiliar with the show will easily follow and identify with the characters and the story. Summer and the City is, in many ways, a coming of age story. Carrie is trying to identify who she is and who she wants to become while uncovering the New York City landscape. There are a number of new characters introduced in this novel that add interesting complications to Carrie's life, as well as some old friends from the first book that she now finds trouble connecting with.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book!
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Author 1 book7 followers
July 9, 2012
I love the 'Sex in the City' series, so I enjoy reading the books the author is now writing.
I love the characters, and they are well developed. The story flows quickly, and is easy to read.
It is also entertaining.

The book, like the series, finds its strength from dealing with human drama. The problems the girls face are problems we all face, one way or another. The City treats them like it treats us all, and that reality and universality is what keeps the plot and the book going. We care for the characters because they bear a little bit of ourselves. Also, because they are well written.

I highly recommend this book.

The only thing I did not enjoy in this book was that sometimes Carrie is not the nicest person. She acted very nasty towards her family and her Dad. She wanted them to gush over her, but she wasn't willing to pay attention to their needs. At times, in the book, she acts that way towards a few people. She acts as if her life back in her hometown wasn't any good, when it's that life and that family what made her. She wasn't born in NYC, a fact I wish she would be kind about. But, I guess Carrie can't be perfect. She has to have some flaws. However, I kept expecting her to "soften her heart" a bit about her Dad and her hometown.

Other than that, I am glad I read this!
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June 6, 2013
Summer and the city by Candace Bushnell, had a lots of reputation and recommendation because it is a Carrie Diaries novel. This book established as a young adult book reader, which my expectation was not as exactly the book should be. There are three main characters in the story, who is Samantha, Miranda and Carrie. They are all young woman of age of 18-20.But Carrie is the storyteller and the most the story is about her. She tried hard to convince her father to spend her summer in New York. The three women decide to settle the summer in New York City, and spend the time between shopping, hanging out and nightclubs life. In addition, each of these young women has her way of lifestyle and each one of them have her own story in this diary. The language of this book was easy, but the story of these girls is unsuitable to read for young adult. Furthermore, in my opinion every book should have purpose or goal from it. Summer and the city were aimless. I think summer, the City is the deal to west the valuable time, and the real destroyed the idea of enjoying NYC summer in useful things.
I want to mention to parents that this book includes lot of imagination of nightclub life, alcoholic habits and some other unsuitable acts.
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June 7, 2011
I liked this book very much. I have read it in 4 days during my weekend trip and I can tell you.. I couldn't stop reading!
I love that it's set in the 80's, i love that it continues just where it ended in The Carrie Diaries 1. I love that you get to know how Carrie met Miranda and some other people :) (i don't want to spoil anything!)Oh, and i like the end of the book! :)

What I didn't like that much was the fact that Carrie behaves in a way that is totally uncommon for her in the series. She seems totally insecure but then she tries to act super confident about herself and has an ego which is way too big and makes her "fight" with people. Tell me what you think of this fact, please.

I think this book is a big gift to all the SATC fans who wanted to know more about the characters of the series. You get to know them way better and it's just amazing. There's parts where Samantha talks that I laughed out loud !

It is a fantastic and quick read because it is easily written. To me it was as if I was watching a movie while I read it because I could totally imagine the places described by Candace Bushnell.


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May 23, 2011
Maybe I'm biased since I read this on a bus tour to and from New York city, but this was a great book! I loved it. It's the second novel of the series about Carrie Bradshaw before SATC; when she was 18.

The first book was a bit disappointing. She was still in high school and no mention of anything from the show was in the book. The plot was also very teenager oriented. I wasn't even sure I was going to read the 2nd, but I'm glad that I did. In this one we have Samantha and Miranda. As well as other minor characters. We start to see how Carrie got to be a writer and how her "sex and the city" subject got introduced and the plot was more mature. The fact that I was just in New York also made the book more interesting. The mention of places where I had been just a few hours ago was really cool. (I loved New York city!).

Every Sex and the City fan needs to read this series. Get through the first one because this one is worth it. I'm hoping there will be more.
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February 13, 2015
No me gustó porque, como persona inteligente que soy (nótese el sarcasmo), lo leí sin saber que era un segundo libro.
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