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Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids, One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty

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With a good dose of spiritual insight, parenting advice, and wry humor, Anna Smith chronicles her life as wife of the lead singer of Delirious?, the history-making band that launched the modern-day worship movement. A feast of behind-the-scenes insights about life as an international celebrity, this book is also a profound look at one family’s quest to foster a rich spiritual life and care for others while living well in a consumption-driven world. This book is about not settling for less—in life, as a parent, and as a rock star—but doing everything with soul purpose. Readers will come away entertained and inspired, ready to surprise the world with their desire to do great things for God.

240 pages, Paperback

First published February 1, 2011

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About the author

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith is the wife of Delirious? lead singer, Martin Smith, and the sister of band member John Thatcher. Anna and Martin founded CompassionArt, which raises money through art and music to help the poor around the world. The Smiths have six children and live in the seaside village of Rustington, England.

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24 reviews
June 20, 2013
It's a good read! I guess, it especially is a relevant read for any woman who has her husband involved in full-time ministry.

I just had read Martin's book before, and so felt compelled to know the other side of the story:)
I recommend definitely to read both books. Written with honesty and humor just like her husband's. I liked it.
February 22, 2020
Missioneries from Go Missions International

I loved your book Anna I read it in 3 days couldnt put it down my wife Shannon and I have 4 kids weve been Married 25 Years and spent most of our years in latín América, your book was relatable, real and honest I loved it and it encourages me and my family to always put that first "Family" even though we are always busy even now on a Bus to a Mountain village with our team for a week when I come home I love to be together with my wife and kids , I'm on to read Martin's book next thanks again See you all someday on Heavens side but for now we keep loving and serving wherever God shall take us.....
175 reviews
December 16, 2017
Loved this open and honest book about life in the Smith family and what it was like for the wife at home looking after the family while the world sees the famous husband. It was a very frank and honest book sharing the highs and lows of life along with how to listen to God and look at how you can make a difference when you have young children. It was set in a different lifestyle from where most of us live but a lot of issues are comparable.
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12 reviews2 followers
January 10, 2018
I really felt like I met Mrs. Anna Smith. Her style of writing kept me engaged, wanting to read more. I enjoyed her humor, the everyday life drama that is played out and the truthfulness of her relationship with her husband Martin and with her six children. The moving moments when Anna miscarried to the brutally honest account of holding the door shut to keep her child in the bedroom hoping that they would go to bed. She kept it real!!
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4 reviews
August 26, 2020
Loved this, obviously written a while back but a refreshingly honest account of life with 6 kids and a husband who’s away a lot. I loved Delerious? and really enjoyed being taken behind the scenes a bit!
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44 reviews20 followers
June 4, 2018
Vibrant and cheerfull. A great chance to get to know the inside story of one of my favourite bands.
June 26, 2019
Loved it!!!

I loved this book! Smith is an inspiration to Christian women. Read it, you will love love love it !!
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Author 2 books46 followers
July 10, 2015
Anna Smith is the wife of Martin Smith, the frontman for the Christian rock and worship band Delirious? and now God’s Great Dance Floor. As the subtitle suggests, Meet Mrs. Smith tells the story of her marriage to Martin, the growth of their family and the origin of their desire to help orphans in India - and elsewhere.

The book reads a bit like a diary, sharing Anna’s experiences and thoughts about her journey with Martin. Anna records it all; from their meeting at her sister’s wedding (Martin was the wedding singer) and the birth of their six children to the more painful moments like the strains on their marriage and her miscarriage. Martin and his mates formed what would become Delirious? shortly after his marriage to Anna and the band broke up two years before Meet Mrs. Smith was published, so the band forms the center of their lives and the majority of the book.

Because of the challenges Martin’s career placed on the Smith family, the book will resonate with any stay-at-home mother whose husband spends a lot of time on the road. Anna returns to the topic several times, writing: “Life can get lonely with Martin away and children to raise. It’s hard when Daddy says good-bye, the door closes, and I’m left with children crying, wanting him back.” In a lighter moment, you can feel her exasperation: “I know I should be saying ‘Praise God for such a great and godly man,’ but sometimes I want to ram that microphone where the sun don’t shine.” And in another, you can feel the pain: “What brought blessing and inspiration to thousands of people around the world also brought pain and resentment to our home.”

Anna also talks about the growing desire she shared with Martin to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. The introduction recounts a phone conversation between Martin in India, whose heart was breaking from the poverty all around him, and Anna at home in England, pregnant and in the midst of “general supper-time craziness” and unable to sympathize. But later, in what she called one of her “favorite days ever,” the entire Smith family visited the Hyderabad slums where she said “God broke my heart.” What started as a disconnect between them ended as something they tackled together. With Delirious?, she felt her primary role was just to be supportive, but with the charity work she took a more active role, which she clearly relished.

The growing desire led to CompassionArt, a charity founded by the couple to assist in the relief of suffering around the world by generating income from art. It started in January, 2008 when when a dozen well-known worship songwriters met for two days at a Scottish hotel and put together an album of 14 songs that would be nominated for a Dove Award in 2010.

In the final chapter, Anna writes that “something new and different began to stir inside of Martin and me. Delirious? had been the centre of our world for sixteen years, but we began to talk about how our life would look without it.” I found myself wishing there could have been a few more years of separation between the end of Delirious? and what’s next because when she wrote this book, there wasn’t much to mention. The breakup of Delirious?, which she had been building to throughout the book, was recounted in the last chapter by posting the band’s press release, which was a little deflating.

Meet Mrs. Smith is intimate and engaging, providing a glimpse of an ordinary family, where the father just happens to be known by millions of people. By the end, it’s impossible to dislike Anna, in part because she so embodies many of the biblically-sourced “Top 10 Survival Tips” listed at the end. It would be interesting to pick up Martin’s book, Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers, which came out at the same time to see how their perspectives differed on the events they experienced together.
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Author 21 books22 followers
June 15, 2013
This really should be a 2-star review. I am giving it the benefit of the doubt. I expected something different, I suppose.

Alright, out of complete honesty, I have several basic problems with this book:
1) The narrator is normally a very super-positive, Godly woman. However, when faced with adversity, her memoir (for this is what the book really is and the core of why I don't like it, I suppose) devolves into...well, nothing. She comes to the cusp of anger, disappointment, and general malaise and then it goes away, gets ignored, or is explained away by something positive but totally unrelated. In other words, we get no practical resolution. We don't even get any advice on how to get through these obstacles. When Martin is dreaming, flying off to India, and wants to adopt a child while basically ignoring his 5 children at home, she gets frustrated and upset. She even defines her disappointment. Her feelings of abandonment. She just never deals with them. It is empty. It is almost like someone cut those parts out. All we get are references to pillow talk and more pregnancy. Is that how a Godly woman handles abandonment? I am a man and a Christian. I think this is unrealistic.
2)She juggles all these children and keeps making more but is completely overwhelmed. I am not saying the children are the source of her issues in life. But, adding more does not solve anything. It only compounds problems. I love my 4 children. After Isaac was born, we knew we had enough. God was calling us to give these children our best and part of fulfilling that expectation was to stop having more children.
3)Everyone is a cardboard cut-out except Martin. He is the rock star of the book and we aren't necessarily given the best picture of his contribution to his family. Granted, he has a calling to reach the world, but we all do. I think sometimes we have to make sure to tend to our home as well reach out to others. His rock-star status comes as much from the fact that everyone else seems to be dependent upon his whim. The children: I can barely remember their names and I just finished the book. The narrator: since she never deals with her issues, I never get a feel for her as an individual because she is an extension of Martin. I know this is true of many happily married couples, but in terms of reading a book, I almost would prefer just an autobiography of Martin.

So why did I give this book a 3 star? Well, because of 3 things. 1) She points out an irony that often impacts our lives. While we worry about hair appointments, internet connection speeds, sports, and eat take-out pizza, there are people in the world who are starving. Sometimes just across town. 2)She is genuinely in love Martin. Perhaps this is why she so annoyingly omits the make-ups, compromises, and arguments. 3) She genuinely wants to give advice that will encourage others who raise lots of children or have a rock-star hubby. Although this does not appeal to me, I can see that some people would be helped by some of her practical experience.

I cannot recommend this to everyone. I also cannot bash it too harshly. Wish that I had read something else, though.
6 reviews1 follower
March 2, 2017
Anna's conversational and descriptive writing style brings her beautiful, moving story to life with the ease and grace most professional authors can only hope to achieve. This book has taught me so much about family, faith and well-learned lessons! Highly recommend.
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216 reviews34 followers
March 18, 2011
"Meet Mrs. Smith: My Adventures with Six Kids,One Rockstar Husband, and a Heart to Fight Poverty" by Anna Smith, is the story of a devoted Christian woman and her life as the wife of a Christian rockstar. Mrs. Smith opens her home and her heart to share what life is like when her husband is leading worship on stages all over the world. Anna is not only the wife of Martin Smith but she is also the mother to six children.
Anna's story begins with a terrible car wreck that seriously injured Martin as they drove home late one night. It was during his recovery that he decided to make his Christian rock band a full-time endeavor and Delirious? was born.
Mrs. Smith shares incredible insights and behind-the-scenes adventures that she has experienced over the past 20 years. Many time Anna was left behind to care for the children while Martin toured the world. The Smith family was often separated but they always stayed connected and devoted to each other. The entire family would sometimes join Martin on his foreign tours. They traveled to America, India, Australia, Cambodia, Africa and many other destinations. The entire Smith family experienced a close-up look at extreme poverty when they visited India, Cambodia and Africa. Anna and Martin worked together to form CompassionArt, which raises money through art and music to help the poor around the world.

The honesty of this book really touched my heart. Anna provides a realistic look at what it is like to be the wife of a rockstar. She admits that things are not always easy, but she is devoted to her family and adjusts to all the challenges that come her way. She makes it clear that God is first in her life, then her marriage and children and finally her husband's career. Anna does not let the fact that her husband is a celebrity go to her head. She keeps her priorities straight and is leading a very rewarding life. This book is a real inspiration.

Martin Smith wrote a companion book: Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers

Thank you to the B & B Media Group for providing a free copy of this book for me to read and review
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49 reviews2 followers
February 26, 2011
Anna lives the normal life of any mother of six married to the lead singer for a hugely popular Christian band. In her book she opens up and talks about the challenges she’s faced managing the household while Martin’s been on tour. She talks about her miscarriages and the desire she and Martin have for their kids to have compassion for others. She talks about how she loves having people over though you may be asked to pitch in! She shares the story of each of her children’s births and how she was just as nervous with the last one as with the first. And she wraps up the book by talking about her and Martin’s future with Delirious? now behind them. “So right now, our future is unknown. Uncertain but hopeful. I want to find a new way of living, to find a new way of life with Martin, my children and, with my heavenly Father. I want to reconnect with my soul, feel my heart beating again, and feel the breath of God flow through me.”

I loved hearing Anna's thoughts on her marriage with Martin! It was fun comparing stories with the book Delirious he wrote. Hearing her side and his gave me a better picture of what life was like for the Smith family during the seventeen years Delirious? was together and what they're doing after the band. Their heart for others is obvious and they seem like such a real couple. Loved the book!
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124 reviews
December 16, 2013
2.5 stars, really. A friend lent me this book because I am also a Christian wife with a traveling husband who loves India (and because I am also a Smith)! Anna's story is straightforward and simply, humbly told. Despite the fact that she is no doubt rather wealthy and has the resources and support system to raise a large family and fly them all over the world on tour and for missions, Anna manages to sound quite relatable. Her story is about meeting her husband, getting married, having kids, seeking God's will for their lives, and doing their best to impact others with love and selflessness. The story was hard to stick with for many pages; perhaps it would have meant more if I had known Anna personally. As the narrative continued, I began to get interested in the development of the band and its charitable projects. The book ends with some tips from Anna on parenting and housekeeping: while these subjects are relevant to me, I didn't feel like she was sharing anything new or groundbreaking. My biggest takeaway was my surprise in finding that the wife of a Christian rock star could spend her life in ways and with concerns that seemed so familiar to the life I know. It provoked some musings on Christian culture, that's for sure.
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388 reviews10 followers
May 18, 2013
Anna Smith is a mother of six and the wife of Delirious? front man Martin Smith. Delirious? was an extremely successful British Christian rock band that played live in over 40 countries during their career (1992-2009). For the families this meant a lot of time spent apart whenever the band was touring the planet although they did try to take their wives and kids with them whenever possible.

This book tells the Delirious?-story from Anna's point of view and focuses on the daily challenges she was facing at home while her creative husband made history. Her personal account is full of fine British humour, authentic dealing with struggles and hardship and spiritual encouragement without sounding preachy. I greatly enjoyed this read.


So both of us were back at work - one performing to crowds of over four hundred thousand and the other wiping bottoms and keeping Pampers in business

Where there is tension there is movement. Where there is movement there is life. Where there is life there is love, and love must be the center of every decision we make. It's our motive for doing something that counts...
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416 reviews12 followers
February 26, 2011
Curious about a rock stars wife? Here is the end to your curiosity. Anna Smith, wife of lead singer Martin Smith of the group Delirious? and sister to member Jon Thatcher opens up her life. This is great! It is such an easy and enjoyable read about their life and God's impact. She shares experiences of being a mom of 6 and the joys of all this. She encourages each us to embrace life and our callings in Christ even when life is unpredictable or messy. She speaks to people to embrace the talents and passion that God has placed in them to do the kingdom work with all their strength. There are parts that will make you giggle in this book. Honestly, I could not recall one song this group has sang (this only speaks to my ignorance in this area of particular music, not the groups lack of talent) I now want to listen more closely to the songs I hear. Through this book you are allowed to glimpse the heart of the writers and their passion for the things God has put before them to accomplish.

Thank you B&B for this review copy.
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308 reviews10 followers
September 3, 2011
This is the companion book to Delirious (see previous post), and tells the story of Anna Smith, wife to Martin, former lead singer of the Christian band. It's an interesting read that describes what it was like to be along for the ride, building a family and keeping the home fires burning when the kingdom work of the music ministry grew bigger than the two of them. It gives a perspective that complements (and in some ways, differs from) the first book, and is good reading for anyone who wonders what it would be like to be married to a "rock star." The mother of six children, Anna is an incredible woman who surely has done better in her role than I could hope to have, had I been in a similar position. She sounds like someone who would make an excellent friend and this book is written as if she is sitting with you in her living room, sharing a chat and a cup of tea.

My review of this book was not influenced by the fact that I received it for free, courtesy of The B & B Media Group, Inc.
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268 reviews44 followers
February 22, 2011
Anna Smith writes a "companion book" called, "Don't Settle for Less" that is a perfect companion book to read back to back with "Delirious". Focused on having a rich, spiritual life, while surrounded by a worldly based society that is about materials and buying, Anna Smith had me thinking....how do we balance things while reaching out to a world that is in need....
Witty, it was an interesting look into her life as both a wife and mother and balancing the life they have with reaching out to others.

I like how she gives a behind the scenes glimpse at her life as a wife and mom of six kids and she writes in a way that is more of a girl talk discussion.

It's fun, encouraging and a great companion read!
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Author 11 books
December 6, 2013
This was a book my wife downloaded to her kindle but never got around to reading. I picked it up and started reading it and was drawn into the life a a well known Christian band and their lives. Though it took me several weeks to read it was well worth it. The drama and stuff that went on in this family is a touching reminder of how busy life can be, especially for entertainers and ministers of the Gospel. This is a fun book, a touching book and a reminder of just how important family and friends are.
941 reviews5 followers
December 17, 2013
A boring and mundane book. Nothing of much interest sounds like the essay of a middle schooler- how do you take your family on month's long trip and never describe a single place or thing you saw. The last two chapters were interesting, but other than that this book should have been sent back for a redo.

And there is almost nothing about their mission or faith considering it is labeled faith based.
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118 reviews
June 23, 2013
I kept reading and reading this - i'm not sure why, since I don't know or particularly care about the author and her family (nor had I previously heard of them . . . Thanks Wikipedia for the enlightenment!) but there were enough interesting tidbits/moments that I related to that I kept plugging along.
Profile Image for Jenny.
40 reviews
October 6, 2013
A freebie from Gospel Ebooks, I was just reading this to pass time. Wow! Seeing God at work in the Smith family was a blessing. Witnessing poverty through their experienced was impacting. The 10 survival tips (characters) Anna talks about having in the home (near the end of the book) are convicting, and it helped me to reprioritize my day and thoughts. Great read!
69 reviews
May 8, 2013
An easy read that gets a bit preachy at times. It's not until nearly the end of the memoir that the author is clear on how much help she actually has in raising all those six children. But she's someone I feel would be a fun dinner companion.
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243 reviews9 followers
May 30, 2013
This makes 23rd books that I read this year. Good book but 3 stars. Not my type of book to read. I did rather be reading a different type of book than this one. Very interesting about raising 6 kids while her husband is being a trotting trotter.
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98 reviews5 followers
October 30, 2013
A very honest and transparent story of a journey of life. Anna shares her heart, her griefs, her changing philosophy of life as a believer in Christ with wit and wisdom. A great book for every mum or mum at heart!
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54 reviews20 followers
August 27, 2016
What I enjoyed most about this book is the candid glimpse it gives you into the harried life of couples who are passionately involved in and immersed in a vocation or calling while simultaneously raising children.
65 reviews11 followers
April 12, 2011
Such an inspiring, heartwarming, motivational, hysterical book! Love this family!
Profile Image for Tracey.
15 reviews
August 3, 2011
Really good and some excellent practical advice at the back. The coach holidays sound like a nightmare to me!! 6 kids!! Arghgh
5 reviews
December 26, 2012
Loved this book. Anna is an amazing woman of God. She tells it like it is. Would recommend this book.
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