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Immortal Guardians #1

Darkness Dawns

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In this dazzling, sensual novel, Dianne Duvall beckons readers into a world of vampires, immortals, and humans with extraordinary gifts…where passion can last forever, if you’re willing to pay the price…

Once, Sarah Bingham’s biggest challenge was making her students pay attention in class. Now, after rescuing a wounded stranger, she’s landed in the middle of a battle between corrupt vampires and powerful immortals who also need blood to survive. Roland Warbrook is the most compelling man Sarah has ever laid hands on. But his desire for her is mingled with a hunger he can barely control…

In his nine centuries of immortal existence, no woman has tempted Roland as much as Sarah. But asking her to love him is impossible—when it means forfeiting the world she’s always known, and the life he would do anything to protect...

345 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published February 1, 2011

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About the author

Dianne Duvall

29 books3,699 followers
Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the acclaimed Immortal Guardians series, the exciting new Aldebarian Alliance series, and The Gifted Ones series. She is known for writing stories full of action that keeps readers flipping pages well past their bedtimes, strong heroes who adore strong heroines, lovable secondary characters, swoon-worthy romance, and humor that readers frequently complain makes them laugh out loud at inappropriate moments. AudioFile Magazine chose The Segonian (Aldebarian Alliance Book 2) as one of the Best Audiobooks of 2021 and awarded it the AudioFile Earphones Award for Exceptional Audio. It was also a Barnes and Noble Top 5 Indie Favorite Pick. Audible chose Awaken the Darkness as one of the Top 5 Best Paranormal Romances of 2018.

Reviewers have called Dianne's books "fast-paced and humorous" (Publishers Weekly), "utterly addictive" (RT Book Reviews), "extraordinary" (Long and Short Reviews), and "wonderfully imaginative" (The Romance Reviews). Her audiobooks have been awarded AudioFile Earphone Awards for Excellence. One was nominated for a prestigious Audie Award. And her books have twice been nominated for RT Reviewers' Choice Awards.

When she isn't writing, Dianne is active in the independent film industry and has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the psychotic vampires she creates in her books.

For the latest news on upcoming releases, contests, and more, please visit www.DianneDuvall.com, where you can also subscribe to her newsletter.

Be sure to follow Dianne on BookBub so you'll be among the first to know about sales, pre-orders, and new releases! https://www.bookbub.com/authors/diann....

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Profile Image for Val ⚓️ Shameless Handmaiden ⚓️.
1,828 reviews29.1k followers
October 25, 2016
3.75 Seth Stars

Val's Reviewing Alcohol Cup Count:
4 glasses, pinot grigio (don't hate, high tolerance)

I should title this review, "That Time When the Side Character Stole the Show."

Seriously though, I was really liking this story already...then Seth showed up.

And my inner Tom Cruise got all excited.


The only problem with how much I liked Seth...is that this was not Seth's story.

It was Roland's.

And, don't get me wrong, I liked Roland...

...I just wanted Seth to be in every single scene too.





Inner Squeeeeeeee...





Let's just say...it's a good thing this wasn't a Highlander scenario.


Cause ya'll remember the major...caveat with that show, right?


And my ass would TOTALLY be voting for Seth.

Sorry Roland.

And being that, again, this was Roland's book...


But anyway...enough about Seth.

This book.

Roland and Sarah's bok.

I really liked this story.

There was a lot of the first-book-in-a-series world building, which can sometimes make a book suffer from the info dump phenomena, but I didn't feel like such was the case here.

In fact, I really liked how the author laid out the way in which Sarah "discovers" the truth about the whole Roland-not-being-a-human thing.

A lot of times, this moment - the moment where a normal, intelligent female - whom you are supposed to respect, finds out someone is an alien/vampire/immortal/angel/what have you - is totally ridiculous and you are thinking to yourself....


There is no way any intelligent woman would believe that so easily.

Yeah right.


That's great and all....but I wouldn't believe someone telling me that kind if shit so easily, so if my heroine does...


Thus, my respect?


But, they way the author has Sarah "find out" here was very well done.

Seriously, I was impressed.

And I read a lot of PNR.


So there's that.

Also, I like the overarching Seth's story line.

So I look forward to more.

All in all:

A solid start to an exciting PNR series.

Already started the next one...

Find me at:

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475 reviews16.2k followers
February 6, 2011
The stats are in and, unsurprisingly to most people, Romance Novels are pretty much beating out the competition. Despite the poor economy and almost every other genre of book experiencing a general reduction in sales, Harlequin still managed to post a 32% sales increase in 2009. Stats for 2010 show that romance novels account for more than 13% of the market, easily beating out every other genre. Their ebook sales are even better with romance ebooks sitting in second place sales as of 2010.

What does this teach us kids? Sex sells.

Japanese Pillow
Really sells. And that is the LEAST freaky part of this pillow, trust me...don't google 'japanese sexy comfort pillow'

Darkness Dawns is yet another Paranormal Romance, the rising bastard child of the Romance industry whose men go longer, harder and have an excuse to be perfect through their immortality, wealth and badassery.

It follows the predictable formula of perfect (immortal) guy:

Perfect Guy 1
Pictured above - notice I'm on a sex sells trend? Please buy this review!

Meeting average, beautiful yet unfulfilled woman.

[image error]
Who is standing in a valley doing something useful like posing dramatically as she searches for wild flowers, or some shit like that, until the paranormal hunk shows up.

Danger abounds. Our couple is targeted by evil. Trust begins forming. Bosoms heave. Loins aflame. Climax is reached (in more ways than one). Danger abated. Love fulfilled. Life is perfect. Cue riding into the sunset.

Perfect Guy 3
Depends what you're riding though...

Duvall doesn't offer anything new or original to this formula and the story plays out rather predictably. Though, to be honest, that usually wouldn't be a problem or really a cause for complaint from me. I mean, I'm not expecting Pulitzer prize writing here. Nor am I expecting ground-breaking, thought-provoking storylines and prose.

After all, I've read quite a few Paranormal Romances now. I don't MIND the formula. The formula works and giving this book two stars simply because it follows a highly successful formula, wouldn't be fair.

No. But when you use a very successful, proven and fool-proof formula (that includes sex. I cannot stress this enough) and your book is still boring and painful to read, then you have a problem and I don't think the formula is to blame.

The problem with this book is that it's all so delightful. So delightful that there isn't really a compulsion to read to the end since you're quite certain that, whatever happens, they'll sort it out because they live in Perfect World. A place where problems only exist to display the unshakable love that two complete strangers have formed for each other over a matter of hours.

I don't want to bash a book because the perfect immortal lead only eats organic, has a cat, a house that he built himself, has an interest in interior decorating as well as being a fearsome warrior who heals you with his hands and loves you completely after a few hours of knowing you.

First of all, that wouldn't be fair because I like characterization of men that doesn't restrict them to caveman Neanderthals who like cleaning weapons, whores, alcohol and couldn't read Dr. Seuss if their masculinity depended on it.

But still, when you spend pages reading about a couple's love for Tofurkey and Eggplant Parmesan (This is her favourite dish and he just happens to make it) you can't help but start rolling your eyes. Most of this book is spent showing you how perfect, in a very boring and PC way, this couple is for each other.

In fact, I was wondering if the author wrote a story about two of the most boring characters to ever meet and bond over organic produce, only to be forced to add a couple of hastily slapped together actions points in order to publish it.

I know way more about Roland's love of green, and perfectly designed architecture, and organic eating habits than I do about the actual damn plot of this book. Yes, there is supposed to be an element of perfection and fantasy surrounding a PNR couple. I get that. But never before have I found perfection so unspeakably boring and bland.

If you love PNR and you don't mind predictability meets absurd perfectionism (blended with copious detail) then feel free to read. You'll probably enjoy Sarah as an intelligent female protagonist. Otherwise, there's no harm in giving this book a skip. It's got nothing you haven't read before.

Really, they love Tofurkey. Do I NEED to say anything else?
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1,838 reviews6,164 followers
June 8, 2016
This vampire romance novel brought to you by Captain Planet!
Why, you may ask? Let me give you a few quotes and see if you can capture an underlying theme:

"Those of us who are older (immortals) have a diet similar to your own. Lots of vegetables and fruits. Very little meat. Organic chicken, turkey, or other fowl. None of the heavier meats, processed, or artificial foods that contain known carcinogens or other harmful chemicals."

After peeling off the label, he rinsed the can out and dropped it in a recycle bin...

"I won't freak out. I promise. You drinking blood is no more repellent to me than someone else eating one of those greasy triple beef hamburgers I see advertised on television."

David paused in the midst of basting the organic Cornish hens...

That's right folks, our immortal guardians are environmentally conscious. Sure, they drink blood. But, only the blood of the evil, like pedophiles, rapists, and litterbugs. And, once they kill them, they compost their dead bodies for their organic veggie gardens. Oh, did I mention that our main character drives a Prius?

Bitches love Prius's

I don't know about you, but I like my immortal vampirish guys to be dark and mysterious. I don't want to think about him worrying about his cholesterol levels or spending hours in Whole Foods reading food labels. That's what us normal chumps have to do! The urban fantasy world is supposed to whisk us away from boring mundane concerns like eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. My vampire boyfriend should not be concerned about his fiber intake! That's just wrong!

okay, maybe this vampire could use a little fiber...and maybe some hair gel. Dude!

And, another thing: what's the point in being immortal if you live like a guy who is trying to reverse his heart condition? If I was immortal, you can bet I'd be living in Vegas, eating deep fried Twinkies for breakfast with a Martini, a pack of smokes, and a couple of hookers on each arm. Screw the free-range, grass-fed, organic egg white veggie omelet!

Actually, I think the "immortal" guy is really only 30 years old. It just feels like he's been around forever because he won't shut up about the evils of Monsanto and the genetically altered corn and wheat seeds they sell.

evil bastards!

But, in spite of all of that. I still really liked the book. Both the H and h were likable characters, and although they had the insta-love, I thought they were cute. The sex scenes were pretty hot, too. Much like Global Warming. And, his sweetness made my insides melt - much like the polar ice caps.

Okay, I need to go now. I don't know why, but I suddenly have the urge to join Greenpeace.

it's so hard to find good volunteers these days!
February 11, 2019
4.5 anti-social stars

first read 5/2014

Reread 2/2019

I have been a moody reader lately. I don't know what my deal is, but I have started and stopped a number of books. Nothing was hitting the spot, so I decided to go back and do a reread. As I was going through my list of books I want to reread I came across Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians and seen a few books have came out since I first read this series. Figuring now was as good as any to catch up, I went to Audible and downloaded Darkness Dawns. I am so glad I did because this is the first time in about 5 days that a book has held my interest. There is something so compelling about Seth and all his Immortal Guardians.

Roland was gruff, anti-social and broody. He had been betrayed many times in his past and that had left it's scars. I love how drawn to Sarah Roland was. How he let his guard down with her. Roland really was sweet and at times funny. He made a great hero. Sarah was amazing. She wasn't one of those air head heroines that you read and think god how stupid can she be. Nope Sarah was smart, had common sense, and compassion. She was brave and a fighter. She also knew when she was in over her head and how to ask for help. I loved that she learned to fight and shoot. Roland and Sarah made a really cute couple. Their chemistry was off the charts. They really fell hard and fast for each other.

The secondary characters in this book were intriguing as well. Seth, Ami, Bastian, Marcus and David were very fascinating to me. I can't wait to learn more about them. The plot was easy to follow and I never felt confused or lost which I appreciated. I think the only thing I didn't care for in this book was the super healthy, environmentally safe, all organic lifestyle that was really hammered home. It was eye roll inducing and a bit cheesy. Don't get me wrong I'm all for eating healthy and taking care of the world but it really tap danced on the border line of preachy. That being said everything else was great and I really enjoyed this book.
Profile Image for MelissaB.
724 reviews317 followers
February 12, 2011
Holy crap this was boring! The relationship had no passion and made me yawn as they waxed poetic about how organic food is the awesome. The story just meandered along, I was not excited to read it because I was never drawn into the main characters. The author also had a really annoying trait of adding random sentences in quotation marks (just like this) which should have been taken out by an editor. The only intriguing part was the wannabe Acheron character (named Seth here - see I can use parentheses too!). There was another Dark Hunters ripoff, the "immortal guardians" have a website they all use! How unoriginal.

I am so glad this was free, it was a paranormal with no excitement, a boring romance and an annoying public service announcement about the evils of non-organic food. Blah!
Profile Image for Laurie Garrison .
711 reviews171 followers
November 29, 2010
Darkness Dawns is a must read for 2011! This is the first book in a series called Immortal Guardians and its a phenomenal start. Action starts off at the get go and leaves you on the edge of your seat through the whole book. I loved how everything is explained where you have no questions, but yet the author didn’t skip out on the passion or action with this adventure. These Immortals have different ability gifts and are like vampires with a twist.

Heroine Sarah is a organic nut and school teacher that never thought her life would be turned upside down in a flash one morning while trying to find a spot for her garden. In the dangerous events to come Sarah will be changed forever, while losing a lot, then gaining so much in return.

Hero Roland is a Immortal recluse that has been burned by a few loved ones in this past. So he tends to stay or work alone. Until one day another Immortal decides he is in need for revenge and Roland is his target. How much damage can one Immortal cause to another? You have to read and find out.

Roland and Sarah doesn’t have a chase romance, but it’s not a boring romance one bit. I loved reading them both and the sex between them is awesome once Sara caves. There are two scenes I really enjoyed, one was their first one, it starts in the shower, and the other involves a wall of mirrors it was really sexy and hot;)They get a great HEA.

I loved reading about the other Immortals and cant wait to read their books. There is a mystery lady and the cliffhanger at the end is about her, so I am now on edge to find out what happens to her and who or what she is. I recommend this book for those that loves a hot paranormal romance and action.
January 13, 2017
Meh, it was ok. I got tired quickly of all the extraneous details put in, like the fact that they were eating organic pizza with organic goat cheese and organic tomatoes while drinking organic juice. How many times do you need to put in organic? I'm pretty sure all of us can deduce if the pizza is organic then all the ingredients on it are organic as well. But more to the point, who gives a flying flapjack? This is a paranormal book about bad vampires and good vampire-ish people called Immortals, do you really think I read this book just to find out if they ate organic or not? No!

Way too much detailed talk about food. It was boring and annoying. I could've reduced this book by 20 pages if I'd cut out the food talk. Just effing say they eat healthy and the only meat they eat is chicken and fish. How hard was that?! The whole book was a lot of detail I could've done without and in a way that annoyed me. I was ready to read action, they were giving me real estate brochures about the decor of each house visited. Another 20 pages could've been edited out that way.

The main couple was Sarah and Roland. She's a music teacher who saves him from being murdered outside her house and nurses him back to health. They fall in love cuz they're both hot and lonely. I didn't enjoy the romance because it was just too cheesy. Too too cheesy! Like choke a wheel of cheese cheesy. It probably didn't help that I stayed annoyed reading this book due to the overload of detail. The smutty parts were better than the romance. Several of those. As to the characters, I liked both of them. Roland was a good hero, knight in shining armor type and had a backstory of all the people who'd betrayed him. Sarah was cool in how she rolled with the punches and could shoot a gun well. I liked her attitude and active participation in the fighting.

The action - there was a lot of fighting going on because the leader of the vamps has a vendetta against Roland and keeps trying to kill him over and over. A lot of attempts, with Roland, Sarah, and other immortals all fighting against the bad guys. I think more detail could've been used here. I know I rather read about the fighting than the paint selection of the walls (there is a time and place for paint sample discussion and that's in design magazines, not paranormal books!)

The best and most interesting parts about this book were the secondary characters, specifically Seth and the mysterious person he rescues. Also David, the pharaoh looking dude with dreds sounds like a bag of Egyptian mystery. I want their stories. So I might continue the books in order to find out what they're all about.

The book was short and I liked both characters, but I wanted to slap someone over how much detail was put in that it didn't need + the romance was very insta-love and cheese. Not bad, but not winning any medals from me. Maybe the next book is better. I will cut someone if I have to read the word organic fifty times in a row again in the next book. Just saying, watch out book two.
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714 reviews45 followers
November 2, 2011
1.5 stars

It's a bad sign when before you get to 5%, you are already hitting your head against something hard - and if you end up pissed and frequently ranting for 95% of the book. Granted, this was partially due to my general crankiness for the majority of the time I was reading this, which may have affected how I perceived this book, but it also had to do with the things I've read previously. Or maybe it was just the book.

Within the first 5%, I immediately saw the world's resemblance to the world of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series:
Fanged night-walkers who kill innocents? Check.
Fanged night-walkers who killed the killers? Check.
The good fanged night-walkers led by the oldest and most powerful and omniscient (or nearly so) good fanged night-walker? Check.
The good fanged ones supported by humans in the know? Check.
The organization's use of the Internet and message boards to communicate? Check, check, check, dammit!

I think I have a headache.

Given the fact that I have for a few years now been tired of the Dark-Hunter series (although it mostly had to do with the distinct author's voice), this resemblance was an unwelcome surprise to me.

My first thought? Not creative.

In the interest of fairness, I will say that I really liked the author's efforts to explain vampirism/immortalism in terms of science and whatnot. It was pretty interesting, and on the surface, made a bit of sense. But the author pushed it too far when

So, this explanation to make her fanged ones extra speshul? 0.5 star. At least they don't sparkle.

1 star for entertainment value. There were a few funny parts, and when things didn't irritate me or reminded me too strongly of the Dark-Hunters, I enjoyed it.

Aside from the irritating similarity to Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, there were several other factors that kept me from enjoying this book - and close to DNF'ing it (and I really try not to DNF books).

1. The author seems to think heroines should be small and delicate. The heroines, not just the main one but the other ladies of interest - at least the more human ones - are all described as being small. Small hands this, tiny feet that, small and delicate bodies. I remembered reading other readers' opinions complaining of this but had never really came across it until now. Nearly every single time a body part was mentioned, it was accompanied by the descriptive words synonymous to small. What-the-hell. Heroines apparently should also weep in sympathy for the hero's pain when they don't even know said hero to show just how good she is. Eye-roll moment here.

2. The author used this book as a vehicle to preach about vegetarianism and eating organically. When I read a paranormal romance, I don't want to be lectured and told I eat artificial crap, thank you very much. It puts me in a bad mood, makes me have very unhappy feelings about the book, and encourages me to write a very ticked off review accompanied by a really low rating.
Roland stared down at it as she sliced it. "That pizza is organic."
Here we go. "Look, I know it doesn't contain artificial crap, genetically modified organisms, irradiated vegetables, recombinant artificial bovine growth hormone, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals, but if you'll just give it a chance--"
"I don't have to give it a chance," he interrupted. "I eat this all the time. It's delicious."
As Sarah gaped at him in astonishment, he grabbed a goat cheese - and vegetable-laden slice and practically swallowed it whole.
Holy crap! This man might very well be perfect!

But the part that made me this close to toss in the towel?
"There are a lot of commandments regarding diet in the Bible. Not drinking blood is just one of them. So if you two are damned for drinking blood, then anyone who eats rabbit, pork, meat with blood in it, shellfish, things that swarm, and birds of prey or scavenger birds is damned too. And those are just the restrictions I can remember off the top of my head."
It was a surprisingly logical and pragmatic approach to take.
Marcus raised his eyebrows. "Do you eat any of those foods?"
She wrinkled her nose. "No. If you ask me, that crap just isn't healthy, which is probably why it was banned in the first place."

The author also felt it was important to mention that the Immortals used "environmentally safe dishwashing soap". When I read this part, I was cranky and hadn't had my morning coffee yet. You can imagine for yourself how well that particular line was received.

The way everything fell in to place was not unexpected. After all, it was a paranormal romance, and an HEA was a requisite. But silly me, I'd hope that there was another way to resolve this than a deus ex machina in the form of Sarah's abilities that had not been mentioned in the entire book until the very end. And the mention of time traveling in this world? Not a bonus since I am not fond of that plot device, and the author never explained it - guess she was waiting for Marcus's book, which I most likely will not be reading.

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836 reviews52 followers
February 12, 2011
Excellent! Brilliant Writing! HOT Erotica!

I absolutely loved it. I could hardly put it down and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I now have a new and great vampire series I am addicted to. I loved the concept of these Immortal Guardians and how they slightly differ from the vampires. The romance erotica scene between Roland and Sarah is absolutely fantastic and so HOT! Their romance story had me smiling all through out the book and I even laughed out loud when Sarah stabbed one of the Immorals in the Ass - LMAO The book was filled with action pack - kick ass action that kept me glued to the page and best of all it had a great HEA for Roland and Sarah.

This is a must read, if you are a fan of J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole etc... than you will love this author's writing just as much if not even better. Dianne Duvall definitely has a new fan and I can't wait to pick up the next book of hers to find out what becomes of Ami, the NOT human/vampire/immortal guardian being they rescued and all the other characters involved in this series.
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Author 7 books700 followers
November 10, 2015
PNR fans, you should be reading this series. I’m pretty sure I love it. In a sea of books with similar themes, the Immortal Guardians stand out as something… I don’t know, just… better than most others. It features a group of immortal warriors who protect the world from vampires who have gone crazy and destructive. They’re pretty much vampires too, but they have a little something extra that allows them to stay sane and have a special gift or two. I know it sounds like a hundred other series out there, but it’s written really well, with such great characters and a good romance. The world building is really well done. The series arc is interesting. I may be late to this party, but I’m glad I’m finally here.

Sarah is a just a regular woman, going about her life when she is bowled over by Roland, as he fights off a group of attacking vampires. She has no idea there is anything supernatural to the men who stake him to the ground and stab him in the gut. She just reacts on instinct and saves the beautiful man who appears close to death. She takes him back to her home and helps nurse him back to health, unknowingly sticking herself right into his world.

Roland is a man cut-off from everyone around him. He’s been betrayed too many times by people he thought he could trust. But there is something special about Sarah. She puts herself on the line to save his life more than once. Even more, she still looks at him like a man after she finds out what he really is. She brings back to life something in him that he has long thought dead, while he makes her feel things no man ever has.

I loved Roland. He is so cranky and untrusting with everyone else, but with Sarah, he’s all warm and gooey inside. I loved watching her earn his trust and seeing them fall for each other, despite the odds against a happy ever after. Sarah is a little less fleshed out, maybe a little too good to be true, but not enough to annoy me. The danger plot is good. It makes the pages fly by, with pacing that’s just right.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most was the wealth of great secondary characters. I’m really interested in learning more about Seth, David, Marcus and so many others. Dianne Duvall has crafted such a rich landscape that no matters she goes next, I want to follow.

My only complaint was an overindulgence in everyone’s love of a super-healthy diet. There’s only so much praise I need to hear about organic foods, tofurky, and clean eating. I may have rolled my eyes once or twice. But otherwise, I was all on board the Immortal Guardians train.

I started this series with book 6 and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to go back to the start and capture the magic from the beginning. I am so glad I did. I would definitely recommend this series from what I have seen so far. I can’t wait to jump back in with book 2.

Rating: B/B+
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965 reviews54 followers
February 24, 2011
This book is clearly...hands down a five star +++ all the way. It grabbed ahold of me right from the first page and didn't let me go until the final page. My god what an awesome f---ing read. Ms Duvall you out did yourself. Your writing is so fluid, and engaging...you are definitely in my top ten favs.
The characters drew me in and held on tight and I didn't mind one damn bit. They are quick witted and intense and so engaging. I loved the world building, it was so easy to follow, not once did I have to go back and re-read something...I just got it.
You'll love the characters...all of them; Roland and Sarah, Seth, David and Marcus; and all the others.
There is humor, and love, and intensity in these pages, and the sex scenes are so damn hot and well done.
You have to go out and get this book; I guarantee you're absolutely going to love it. I can't stress strongly enough how much I loved it. Please do yourself a favor and get it, read it, love it.
Loved it, loved it, loved it.
I highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Amanda.
1,376 reviews317 followers
May 16, 2014
3.5 stars

This one is a very pleasant read albeit I find both the H/h a tad too sweet and too perfect for my taste. There is a lack of surprises and intensity in the romance, but the action scenes did help to speed up the pacing of the book. The thing that irked me most is the short time frame that it took for Roland and Sarah to start proclaiming their love. I just can't wrapped my head around on the fact that they get all chummy and start trading life stories within 24 hours and then planning the future in less than a week.

Roland is an immortal guardian who hunt the vampire that threatens the humanity. He is known to be an antisocial person, but he grown attach to the human woman who save him pretty quickly. It was implied that he had serious trust issue due to having been betrayed repeatedly by his loves one. Honestly, this man is simply too nice, too sweet and too perfect. I felt like corrupting him a little. If you like gentlemanly hero, Roland is your man.

Sarah is a music professor who lives in the middle of nowhere. She came across Roland when he was brutally attack and decided to save him. Her life turn upside down upon knowing this strange man who is actually an immortal who drank blood. Sarah is also too nice, too accepting and too trusting. The way she manage to deal with such a big revelation by Roland, I don't know is something good or bad. I thought she should freaked out for a much longer period.

Roland and Sarah together is a sweet and endearing couple, though I find they lack the emotional intensity and the WOW factor.

In order to keep Sarah safe, Roland decided to keep her with him until they manage to sort of the situation. There is a villain named Bastien who was leading an army of vampire and human to attack Roland and his pursue is relentless. I'm trying to understand why he wanted Roland to be dead and what's the deal with all the scientific research going on.

The surprised I got from this book is actually Marcus. I love that guy. He is Roland's buddy, though they were not exactly chummy, but definitely someone you can depend on when the need arises. He is supposed to be bitter because he lost his lover, right? But he was full of sarcasm and humor. Everything that came out from his mouth make me laughed or snickered.

What Marcus got from public upon learning his identity,

"We get shrieks, curses, pants wetting, bowels releasing, religious recitation...
'Get thee back, ye spawns of Satan. Return thee to the bowels of hell where ye belong!"

Even Bastien intrigued me. I find myself more interested with the side characters much more.

Overall, this is a decent debut PNR series, but I was not blown away. The action was engaging enough to keep me turning the pages. I'm looking forward for the next one, which is Marcus' story. I hope the romance is better. Give me more UST or some conflict.
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1,386 reviews470 followers
March 15, 2012
Quick review

Cover: Hot
Rating NC-17 for the sexiness of it all.
Thumbs Up 5 shiny stars
Overall: Brillant read!
Characters: Love the characters.
Plot: Fresh look at old tale.
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes, definately.
Recommend Yes
Book Boyfriend: Roland

SUMMARY (50 word or less)

Dianne Duvall is truly a gifted writer. Darkness Dawns is a fresh take on an old legend. Diane has breathed life into vampires without making them sparkle. Her vision is a mesh of the old and her own vision of the new. I have to say it was simply brilliant.

For my full review see my blog post and pick for Roland. YUM!


Kirsten Potter does a fantastic job with the voices. She has no problem bringing to life all the different characters in the story. I almost feel like I'm watching tv with my eyes closed while listening. Great Job!
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February 17, 2011
Guess what I did after reading this book? I deleted a large portion of the paranormal-romance books I had marked as to-read, solely based on the fear of duplicating my experience with this book. I refuse to read any pnr unless I am largely confident in my ability to enjoy the book some how or other.

Many reviewers have enjoyed this book. I am happy for them. Really. But I do not understand why. Maybe if this were my first pnr book ever, I would have found something resembling originality. This is a cookie-cutter book. Insert race of men with paranormal abilities. Insert strong yet vulnerable female. Yada yada yada.

I might have even rated 2 stars based on the knowledge that my tastes change. A book I rated 5 stars a few years ago has an excellent chance of earning only 3 stars now. I try to stay true to rating how i felt immediately after reading a book. As my pnr-read list grew, I became more critical, vocal in my complaints, and wanting something unique. This book is like so many series already out there. And since I equate reading pnr to eating plain ol' sugar, I obviously can not live off of plain ol' sugar and occasionally need a fat piece of pie or milkshake. Simply, it's all sugar.

This book irked me. Other reviewers have mentioned the organic diets of the main characters. I would rather say the pretentious diets of the main characters, which were ineptly thrown at the reader at every opportunity. My second and more legitimate gripe is the characters. Bland, boring, and in the case of the main female, annoying.

And, why oh why, how was it even possible, did the characters fall asleep together at the start of the book with no hanky panky going on? Really? When I read pnr, a genre far, far away from reality, I do not want to be thinking how ridiculous and unreal a book is.

Anyway, I obviously did not like this book but I can understand why other readers may. Just give it a few more series and/or authors and you might be feeling the same as me.

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December 2, 2016
I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked the world building and the suspense. I really liked Roland and Sarah and I liked them together. I didn't like Roland's past with women. As a mortal he was married to a woman he loved and had 2 children with. He doesn't currently have warm and fuzzies for her because she betrayed him, but had she not betrayed him he would still love her. After he became an immortal guardian he had a fiancée that he loved- again no warm feelings remain because she also betrayed him. However he did tell Sarah that he lost his head over this woman so at one time his feelings were strong. Thankfully Sarah had a few long term relationships in her past to even it up. Oh and also Roland has had ONS and used prostitutes in his long time on Earth. Even with all this info I did believe that the love Roland has for Sarah is more than what he has felt in the past. I just didn't like that the betraying exes were brought up often.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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October 8, 2017
Just listened to this on audible and liked it even more! The first half did not bother me like it did when I read it (see below comments). The narrator did a really good job. So I improved my score!


I cannot lie. There is no way I thought this book would get 4 stars from me. I just was not diggin' it. The dialogue was strange. The H and h had no time to bond or really be together because of constant attacks by vampires. And the overall premise was pretty different from other books so I was not comfortable with it initially. It just was not coming together. But it was a fast read so I stuck with it.

Then at about 50% it clicked. The H and h finally had some time to sizzle and I felt the chemistry and the love. They were so sweet together! The other characters finally had enough personality for them to not be annoying distractions. I started to appreciate the world Ms. Duvall built and the differences from other vampire books were interesting. I also got over my "mate" issues. This book does not subscribe to the mate principal and the term is not used.

I really liked the heroine. Sarah was brave, caring and committed. I loved that she really loved Roland. I felt it and it was great to be able to enjoy their time together without relationship drama.

Of course I loved Roland too. His past experiences with women were terrible. I understood his hesitancy to trust. But aside from one brief moment of distrust, he bravely put his heart on the line for Sarah. It was so sweet. And because she was kind hearted and felt the same way, she did right by him. Even in the beginning when things were really scary. It made for a stress free read. No matter how many vampire attacks, their story was sweet and easy.

I really hope this couple shows up in future books and I really, really hope they find a way to have babies!

Safety Gang Safe

Kindle Unlimited


An annoying editing issue to be aware of. The scene will change from one location and group of people to a completely different location and different characters without any notice. You will be reading and start the next paragraph and it will make no sense. That is because it is a different person in an entirely different scene! Once you get used to it, it is not terrible, but it requires some patience.
May 29, 2021
I honestly do not know what I just read. It started out as a solid 4-star read, then went down to 3.... and now, I am not sure. It was like the author couldn't decide what aspect of paranormal/fantasy to go with, so she chose all of them. I'm still trying to figure out how time travel is at all applicable to this world, but I may never know.

I'm gonna need some time to digest and figure this one out.
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April 1, 2018
This was one of my audio books - the narrator did a fantastic job - I almost thought she was my girl Gabra, but it was Kirsten Potter. IMO for audio books the narrator is key - I'll ignore some bad writing and plotting if the narrator is top notch. This book is definitely a paranormal romance - after the excitement and danger of the first third of the book, there's quite a bit of sex - I like things more fade to black but that's what the fast forward button is for ;).

I enjoyed the world and the characters very much and will pick up #2 because of them - in audio of course! I had one problem with the book, which is why it's 4 and not 5 stars.
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January 22, 2021
Why have I never read this series before?! This was so good! YES, I did feel it lacked some of the world-crushing tension that might have made for a more gripping tale, but sometimes it's nice to just read a romance about two people who are just honest, nice people who want to be together. The end.

So many angsty romances be like, "He betrayed me ten thousand years ago and now I will kill him! But first, lots of sex. Ooh, now I love him, though I will continue to verbally abuse him!" And vice versa. And I just find it hard to turn off that little part of my brain that is like, "Hmm, not exactly a strong foundation for a healthy relationship there, guys." Roland and Sarah I can genuinely believe will live happily ever after together and THAT FEELS NICE. Don't take that away from me, okay?!

Also, veggie organic-eating environmentalist over here, and I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, I enjoyed the not-so-subtle diet suggestions.

Also... SETH. 😍 I think I liked him more than the main characters. Oops.
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November 25, 2015
3.5 This was a pretty interesting read!

Ok, of course there are all those stuff you expect from a vampire story: from the "love at first site" to the "good vs bad" vamps, they're all there.
But you know the good thing? I didn't mind! I really liked the main female character, she was pretty funny and I liked her attitude. The male char wasn't special but he wasn't bad either.
The story was ok, there were some interesting factors, but I absolutely loved the overall plot. It made me so damn curious, and I really like it when that happens.
So yeah, this is a vampire book I'd recommend. :)
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October 12, 2021
The plot and romance is nothing I haven't seen before but I see a lot of potential for future books. I am definitely continuing this series.

3.5 stars.
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June 7, 2022
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

Darkness Dawns is the first book in this series, and this is an author that I have been wanting to pick up for quite a while. As she also has a good sci-fi series she has started to write. I feel like I had read this book or at least started it last year or maybe even the year before as the first few chapters felt so familiar but I decided to finally read this all the way through and I am glad that I did. I really liked this style of paranormal that this author writes and I was so intrigued by the way in which it was written The story does draw you in pretty quickly, it starts off with the heroine saving her hero who is an immortal guardian, and gets jumped by vampires and is being staked to the ground. Sarah is brought into the world of vampires and immortals and introduced to a love she never imagined. There is a bright connection between Sarah and Roland, but they also have a fight on their hands with an enemy who is one of their own but commands an army of vampires. I really got a kick out of this story and saw the way that this author introduces the reader to the world. The world-building is light and not plot-heavy which I really enjoyed. Sometimes the first books can be a brain overload, but in this one, it was more balanced with the story and the romance which I really enjoyed, There is plenty of action and some fun character building and plenty of laughs along the way. There is a bond between these immortals that was beyond charming and I am eager to explore this series and see what more this author delivers. A great start to an intriguing paranormal series!

 photo Addicted To Romance Reviews 2_zpsplp8m0tb.png

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986 reviews1,094 followers
March 9, 2011
Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I got this book as a Kindle freebie, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I got was a terrific first installment in this new series. I was hooked from the first page, the story moved along nicely with just enough detail to hold your interest, but not bore you out of your mind. The H and h, Roland and Sarah, had sizzling chemistry that exploded when they finally acted on their feelings for each other. HOT! The secondary characters, especially Seth and Marcus, left you wanting more of them, and hoping that future books will focus on their intriguing past. Although this book wrapped up nicely, there is so much more to explore. This series definitely has a future and I for one am looking forward to it. Nice job Ms. Duvall.
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2,685 reviews369 followers
August 28, 2020
This remains a fave of mine that I revisit from time to time.

I stumbled across this cute little extra of Roland and Sarah on the author's website;
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August 25, 2019
5 stars

I loved this book. Roland and Sarah are great! I've actually read it a few times (this is just the first time since I started reviewing book) and it's still a fave of mine and always worth the read. :D

Sarah is a music professor living in the boonies in North Carolina. She's a good woman and she has courage as well. Sarah's outside one day at the break of dawn to dig a garden when something draws her attention. When she investigates, she finds that 2 men have another tied down and are stabbing him. Without another thought, Sarah knocks the bad guys out with her shovel and saves the man they had tied down.

Roland is an Immortal Guardian. Immortal Guardians hunt vampires and protect humans from the vampires. Roland finds himself in a bad situation when he gets ambushed and tied down. He's in the process of getting tortured to death when he's unexpectedly saved but a woman he's never met before.

After the rescue, Sarah helps Roland back to her house and tries to patch him up. They get to know each other and find they actually have a good amount in common (he does have to lie to her saying he's CIA to convince her not to call the cops). When it's decided that Sarah is in danger from the men she knocked out (but got away later) leading more bad guys to her home, she ends up deciding to leave with Roland. When trying to leave Sarah's house, they're attacked and Sarah discovers that Roland isn't human. She's rather freaked at first but actually calms down decently after the initial panic is over. When Roland explains what he is and the differences between Immortals and Vampires, she decides she can trust him and they become more deeply involved.

Roland has had a brutal past. He was betrayed multiple times by people he trusted implicitly and has had a lot of trouble trusting since then. He knows falling for Sarah isn't a good idea (mostly because she'll age and he wont) but can't stop his attraction and eventual fall. Sarah is very interested in Roland and jumps into their relationship quicker than she normally would have but the intense situation seems to amp things up. They discuss the difficulty of their situation and know it'll probably end badly (with the whole Immortal/human thing) but eventually their emotions are too much to fight and they decide to be together regardless of what comes. While Sarah and Roland are getting more deeply involved with each other, the bad guy is discovered but no one knows why he is targeting Roland. Danger is averted and info is discovered as the situation progresses. Just when the Immortals are getting ready to end the threat, Sarah gets kidnapped and Roland has to save her and then apprehends the bad guy. Once things settle down, Roland and Sarah get some good news that allows them to progress in to a sweetly satisfying HEA.

I love this book. Roland is wonderful, he's so gruff but yet sweet with Sarah. Sarah is just a great heroine, hands down one of the better heroines I've read. Together they make a great couple. The secondary characters are interesting as well and make me anxious to read more about them all. The story is interesting and engaging enough that I had problems stopping...I always wanted to see what was coming next. I'd highly recommend this book as it's an all time fave of mine. 2 thumbs up! :D

* note - I listened to the audiobook of this and the narrator did a great job.

8/21/15 - This is another reread of the book (and series) before the release of # 5.5 & 6 from this series. I still love this story and Roland and Sarah are both great characters. :)
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March 24, 2016
Darkness Dawns is the first book in the series and is very light on the world building. I grasped things quickly but it was weaved into the tale instead of the typical information dumps we find at the beginning of some of these series. Duvall followed a tried and true formula and it worked. Her characters are interesting and I loved the banter and snark between fellow Immortals and the humans who side with them.

Sarah Bingham was a hoot. I love strong, independent, kick-ass, take no shit woman. Sarah fits the bill, but is still sweet, perceptive, and compassionate. She is a music professor, who lives alone in rural North Carolina. Up before the birds she is turnings soil over to create a garden when something moving very fast breaks from the woods and knocks her down. By the time she uprights herself, she dismisses it as hunters chasing a wild animal. As she continues to turn the earth, she hears the hunters and realizes they are about to kill a man. Instead of running to get help, she grabs her shovel and sets out to aid him. Annnd right away I like Sarah. Roland the victim soon finds himself trapped in Sarah’s home and from there our tale unfolds.

I adored Roland from the onset. He is of course gorgeous, and I appreciated the descriptions Sarah gave as she tended his wounds. Roland of course is an Immortal. He is a little anti-social, has trust issues and owns a cat which made him adorkable. He can cook, decorate and has a healing touch. I wanted to bite him. Roland is also a fierce warrior and seeing him in action was riveting. *sighs* The romance is typical of PNR and fast-moving, but Duvall made me feel their connection, the heat and friendship as it developed.

Darkness Dawns focuses on attacks directed at Roland by an unknown predator with an army of minions as well as a few side mysteries that proved to be interesting. I enjoyed the overall arc of the Immortal Guardian series and found thw secondary characters interesting. This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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October 20, 2017
Thought this would be a bit more unique maybe? Wasn't a bad read just not more stand out like I was hoping it would be I guess. I was more interested in Marcus than I was in the main characters for some reason.

Not a bad read at all, just not what I was looking for at the time.
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