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Ryne Taylor was a sexy bad-ass Alpha set on establishing a new pack. Melody Greene was a journalism student researching his work as a photographer-or so she said. But could Mel really be trusted or had she stumbled upon his secret? And if she knew, could Ryne save himself and the pack he'd left behind without enacting a deadly ancient law known as The Keeping? Sequel to The Mating.

347 pages, Nook

First published July 1, 2010

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About the author

Nicky Charles

23 books2,866 followers
Nicky Charles is an independent writer/publisher who became an author quite by accident. She always saw herself as a ‘reader not a writer’ and can thank—or blame, depending on the day—her friend/editor and fellow author, Jan Gordon, for the career she now finds herself immersed in. The tale goes something like this:

In January of 2009, Nicky penned a fanfiction for an old TV series, “Scarecrow and Mrs. King”, and soon became ‘hooked’ on story telling. She joined a fan-based group for the show and through there met Jan Gordon. It was an idle comment made by Jan during a review of Black Silk (Jan’s newly published book) that inspired Nicky to write her first original story. Over the course of the next two months, she hastily scribbled down a suspense driven romance entitled Forever In Time and presented it to the world in August of 2009. Soon after, she wrote The Mating, a paranormal romance and followed it up with The Keeping and The Finding. The three stories formed a loose paranormal trilogy called The Law of the Lycans. Nicky continues to expand the Lycan series and has a long list of possible plots waiting in the wings.

Nicky works full-time and writes in her off-hours, few though they may be! In the next few years she hopes to retire from her day job and concentrate more of her energy on her new passion of writing.

When she writes, Nicky sees the story unfolding in her head like a movie and tries to include enough detail so that readers can ‘see’ the story just as she does. The sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a scene are almost as important to her as the actual plot.

Creating main characters that are ‘real’ is also something she strives for. Nicky tries to make each character different, to give them an interesting back story, to make their actions and feelings logical and to hopefully make the reader actually care what happens to the people in the story.

Nicky lives in Canada and tries to stick to Canadian spelling and punctuation in her work, in support of her country. She is an avid supporter of animal shelters, nature conservancy, food banks and a variety of other charities. Currently she has two ‘inside’ cats and one official ‘outside’ cat though a number of strays seem to take up residence in her garden each year.

When not writing, Nicky enjoys reading – though she often bemoans that she seldom has time for it any more. Her favourite authors are Elizabeth Peters, S.C. Stephen and Cherise Sinclair. She also enjoys spending time out in nature, gardening, taking day trips and eating dark chocolate.

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231 reviews74 followers
March 19, 2013
So I read Ms. Charles’ “The Mating” and I fell completely in love with her (OK, I mean her writing, I really don’t know her personally – though I’m sure she’s a lovely woman) and I got hooked. I love werewolf and wolf shifter stories and I have read A LOT of them. So I’m quite discerning, and I normally would never pick up a book with “mating” in its title (or “bred” for that matter). But I read the synopsis, grabbed it, and read it in one day. Bam! I have a new were author high on my charts. But wait – there’s more! In fact, there are 4 more books in the series.

This book is the sequel. Another 24 hour read. I was quite shocked, because I found it even better than the first. Mel and Ryne are a laugh riot. They have some serious humor going on, even with all the melodrama surrounding them. And I also really liked Anthony Greyson. OK, that’s sort of a spoiler but you can figure it out. Bryan and Daniel are back, as are Kane, Elise and Helen (and there is some heavy drama there). I. Loved. This. Book.

Since now own The Finding (Book #3) I will start it tonight, right after “Dallas” (now there’s melodrama for you). And I will probably be all bleary eyed at work tomorrow, spending a lot of time in the men’s room with the Kindle on my phone!
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598 reviews13 followers
May 3, 2015
I recently reread this story. I am a big fan of Nicky Charles larger stories and the world she has created so I thought I would reread this series from start to finish, in order.

I changed my review from 5 stars to 3 stars. I still really like the broader story here and learning what happened to the photo Ryne took but the interaction between Ryne and Mel came off as much more sexually aggressive and non-consensual this time around.

I understand what is being communicated through the weird sexual exchanges between the two leads. Ryne is supposedly fighting his wolf's attraction and interest in Mel. However, it really comes off as being distasteful in a post-Bill-Cosby world.

3 stars.

Review from 2010:
Oh? Have you not read anything by Nicky Charles yet? You should!

You can't see me, but I'm clapping. Well, applauding - like I just saw a great performance.

Nicky Charles does much more in this book than she did in The Mating. There were several things left open and even a cliff-hanger of sorts at the end. She has opened up the "mystery" portion of the book to include a greater story that will span at least another novel.

I cannot wait for "The Finding" - the next installment of this series - to come out. CANNOT WAIT!

Like The Mating, I found that I didn't really relate to the main characters. In fact, I wanted to berate the hero most of the time. But that didn't deter me from reading and enjoying the story. In fact it didn't make the romance portion of the book any less entertaining. All it did was add an inner commentary from me that sounds like this "oh I'd never put up with that", "Hit. Him", etc. I have put down other books because I don't like the characters, but in this story it's different - like a love-hate, I didn't like the hero but I wanted to see him act better.

This book is on the longer side, but unlike with The Mating, I didn't find I was skimming through a lot of the narrative. And I cannot believe what happened with Lucy, especially since we were set up thinking something was going to go on with Armand. Oh man! And Cassandra is a quite interesting addition to the overall story!

I was sort of hankering for a secondary plot that included a romance this time. A few times it seemed like Charles was going to include something like that, but instead she sticks to secondary plots that focus on the mystery part of the story. Maybe in her future books we might see more than one romance per book.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next story. Nicky Charles does a great job here. So good. She is completing these books quite quickly, but I still don't know how I will wait for the next one.
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7 reviews
December 14, 2012
This book was more like the twilight series out of the whole Laws of the lycans series that was written by Nicky Charles. It would have been probably my second favorite. the order they were written was definatly the order that i liked them. Just the first chapter it was quite long and very pointless but everything else was perfect.
Alright so this book is about:
After make amends with his brother, Ryne takes his pack or "friends" as i like to call back to canada to try to get rogue wolves to join their pack. Right now Rynes pack includes; Bryan, himself, and daniel. In the first chapter it basically tell hows Mel, or melody is trying to get an interview with Ryne. But she starts out in Oregon asking his twin brother Kane. and his wife Elise. Elise just so happens to be her maid for her room that she is staying in, and Elise tries to refer her to somewhere totally off the books where Ryne is not. Because Ryne is on the run, so to speak or hiding from this man named Mr.Aldrich who has been on him since for as long as they can all remember. Also so has his ex-girlfriend and mate Marla. marla is now working with Mr. Aldrich. They thought Marla was dead but she really wasnt. Mel goes to the library and it just so happens that Kane and elise are there to mail out a package, because the post office is right inside of the library. She realized that they know Ryne and she does some very sneaky stuff to retrieve his address. She gets the address and goes to Canada. And finds him, they end up falling in love, and Ryne tried to fight it but cant, Mel tried to also fight it but she couldnt. Ryne knew he could never mate with a human until mel does some research and realized that she is part werewolf, when she phases for the first time. Just out of the blue. Near the end of the book, they find out that Mel is really related to Kane but not Ryne. Since the boys have the same mother but different dads. After fighting with Marla and Mr. Aldrich, they move back Canada and are quite happy in their small town.
I would tell a close friend to read this but some person i barely know, probably not. Only because this book is quite suggestive and it is very very "special".
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,763 reviews38 followers
August 4, 2012
So again, I can't believe these books are free. I feel like I should have paid for this. It was a bit slower moving than the first book in the series but the story was still good. I enjoyed the fact that Kane and Elise made several appearances as well. I also liked that those appearances were usually from Kane's POV, because most of the first book was more from Elise's perspective.

First, I will say that I wished that Ryne had more of an inner struggle with his feelings for Melody. There was definitely a strong battle between his wolf and his sense of responsibility. But I wished he would have examined his feelings for her. He seemed kind of cold in that respect. His wolf wanted her, but did he? I wouldn't have believed him as easily as Melody did after the things he said to her.

I LOVED Melody. That girl had me laughing so many times. At the beginning of the book, when I found out she was a journalist and her sole purpose in existing in this book was going to expose the packs made me think I wasn't going to like her. But she was sort of clumsy and really not the best journalist at all. I just loved her character, I thought she was really well written.

Also, I was impressed with the authors ability to make me like Lucy. Usually I don't like a woman in the story who has slept with the male love interest. I have a hard time over looking their former relationship even if the protagonist doesn't. But I really ended up liking Lucy. Which was a first for me.



She didn't like beer and wasn't sure why she'd ordered it except, when Armand approached her, she'd been too in awe of the giant man to think.

"Bear." It was the first word that had popped into her mind and out of her mouth, upon looking at the man. Trying to cover up her faux-pas, she'd quickly coughed and then said "I mean beer."


HAHAHA THIS is why I loved Melody's character. This scene had me laughing out loud.
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986 reviews1,096 followers
March 26, 2011
Wow!! Terrific book and continuation of the series. I loved The Mating, but The Keeping was even better. So different from anything I've read in the paranormal genre, and I have read a lot, YA and adult reads. The main characters in the first book, Elise and Kane, and Ryne and Melody in the second, have great chemistry. The secondary characters are not just in the background, they are significant to the story line, as is re-visiting the beloved characters from The Mating. Such vivid and well thought out descriptions of everything, their surroundings and lifestyle, draws you into their world. I had a hard time putting this book down. Some many questions were answered, yet so much is unresolved, which means that this series has got a lot of life left in it. We know that The Finding is in the works (so looking forward to it), but our other Weres need their stories told too! So, Nicky Charles you have got yourself some serious fans, and we NEED you to continue this story. Thank you for offering your books for free.
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674 reviews109 followers
November 16, 2010
I'm really surprised that novels by this author are FREE.
I mean, they're pretty good reads.
There were a few grammatical errors but not that many to stop you from reading. I could probably count them on one hand.
Definitely not a novel for teens - so is The Mating.
Reading this felt like being on an adventure. It was exciting and interesting and hot.
Kane was hot and intense in The Mating but Ryne... holy hell.
He's snarky and dark and slightly mean, but really and truly he's lonely. Love stories are win.
Also, I'm SO looking forward to reading 'The Finding'...
That preview we got of it in this book has me anxious to see what happens next.
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1,481 reviews158 followers
May 4, 2012
Another fantastic book by Nicky Charles....I am loving this series and very grateful that to get them free so thank you Nicky.

I loved the interaction between Ryne and Melody and am really looking forward to reading Bryan's & Daniel's story too as they are loveable rogues! I also liked catching up with Kane & Elise and had a very sad moment when Kane was forced to send Elise away.

If you like PNR then you should enjoy this series and as it is free you will not loosing anything....They must however be read in order otherwise some parts will not make a great deal of sense.
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Author 39 books17k followers
January 8, 2011
One of my absolute favorite stories, The Keeping, sinks its teeth into you early on and does not let go. With secrets to be kept, lies to be uncovered, and a romance that seamlessly shifts between love, lust and hate, Nicky Charles has magnificently weaved together a story that is funny, fascinating, gripping and incredibly sexy. A must read!
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2,716 reviews391 followers
April 3, 2019
I just did a quick skim through of this one rather than a total re-read.
I wanted to be ready for reading the 3rd book ; )

This book is more cohesive than the first in the series. A nice flow and interesting characters.

The photograph of Kane in wolf form becomes the proverbial 'bad penny'. It was bought by a mysterious collector who hires a woman (Mel) to go undercover and search out the photographer to find out more about the 'wolf'. Mel
Melanie tracks Ryne to Kanes' pack and learns where Ryne has set up his new pack.

Ryne has secrets (as we know)
Melanie has secrets
and her boss has secrets..

It was a suspenseful, nail biting ride as we find out the secrets before the world does.
Because if it looks like the world may find out, the ancient law of 'The Keeping' will be invoked and many will die.

Like the first book. The good guys are interesting characters but the villain(s?) are pure evil caricatures. The world building is nicely done.

Looking forward to the 3rd book!

safety is good with qualifications
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1,347 reviews37 followers
October 29, 2011
I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first one. It was still a decent read - especially for a free download - but I was put off by the characters and the storyline dragged in the first half. Most of the beginning of the book is just from Melody's pov and she barely has contact with Ryne so we get a lot of her putting around supposedly trying to dig up info on Ryne but she doesn't really do anything so that begins to get dull. Then Ryne is hot and cold in his treatment of her. This author seems to have a different mentality of how Alphas treat their mates - at least before they are blood bonded - because once again this Alpha treats his future mate horribly until the very end of the book. I don't like reading about alpha's being mean, I like the uber protective, overly caring alpha's in regard to their mates. Hopefully Bryan will be better in book 3.
2 reviews2 followers
August 8, 2010
A fantastic sequel to The Mating and I can't wait to read the next in this series!
134 reviews1 follower
March 27, 2015
This is the second book in a three book story arc in this series. The plot of a soon to be reporter hired to snoop into the life a werewolf was good. The new villain presented in the story is great. The twist at the end will leave you gasping and going What?! I loved the descriptions and depictions of small town life in Canada. The reader will definitely find themselves emotionally attached to these characters.

So why only two stars? The female lead character Mel (Melody). She is extremely naive. Example: let's tear this trespassing sign down, then I won't be trespassing, oh and climb over the fence. Then when chased by two wolves, she faints and wakes up at the house she was trying to sneak into. She assumes the owner won't do anything to her because of the wolves, and then never even asks the owner how he "saved" her. This girl constantly shoves aside thoughts that are important because she doesn't want to deal with them. She forgets important things because she's more distracted by trivial matters.

The romance sucks because of this girl. She can't make up her mind. Should I be with him, or shouldn't I. She's attracted to him, but afraid of him. For this reason she tells him no, he grabs and kisses her anyway and then she gives in. I get that he's an Alpha and all dominate, but last I checked no was no. Oh but your body responds to me and I'm a big, bad werewolf and can smell it (even though she doesn't know that) so that makes it okay. It doesn't! The icing on the cake.....he sneaks in her room while sleeping and gives her an orgasm. She should be running to the police, screw the money for the job and stop chasing the man. He is a criminal, wolf or not!

The first book of the series is excellent, so is the third, but the middle needs a new heroine! The overall plot helps make up for her, enough to get through the book and on to its much better next installment.
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464 reviews
June 13, 2012
Ryne Taylor was a sexy bad-ass Alpha set on establishing a new pack. Melody Greene was a journalism student researching his work as a photographer or so she said. But could Mel really be trusted or had she stumbled upon his secret? And if she knew, could Ryne save himself and the pack he d left behind without enacting a deadly ancient law known as The Keeping? Sequel to The Mating.

I don't know why i stopped, I loved and really wanted to read about Ryne. But the plot, the story, and everything else just didn't caught, and held my attention like how it did with the first book.
I tried and forced myself to read a few more pages, but no interest was the result. The writing in this book was the same as the last book, but the characters just wern't appealing.


Prologue:we are given a little tour of mr.greyson......who seems to be trying to find ryne taylor...i have a feeling he might be a bad guy in this book.
i sort of really hated mel from the beginning. she is a snoopy reporter who doesn't know many of the were lives that she puts at risk by findind ryne. I hated how oblivious she was to everything. Lucy...i thought the beginning with ryne having sex with her was not necessary in the book.
I don't know why i stopped, I loved and really wanted to read about Ryne. But the plot, the story, and everything else just didn't caught, and held my attention like how it did with the first book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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635 reviews23 followers
June 11, 2012
"The Keeping" book #2 of the Law of the Lycans series was another good read by this very talented author.

This part of the story focuses on Ryne & Melody Greene. Melody was hired by a very wealthy man (Greyson) to interview Ryne Taylor about his photographes. Mr. Greyson is who purchased the photo of the werewolf Kane (Ryne's brother). Aldrich is a sleezy & you dislike him from the beginning. I disliked Mr. Greyson as well but as the story unfolds & you get to the last 20% you realize Mr. Greyson's reasons for being so interested in the wolf packs. At that time you have a little sympathy for Mr. Greyson.

Ryne is trying to hold Mel's interview off as long as possible all the while trying to resist her pull on his wolf. Things become increasingly complicated for all involved. Mel is not happy about Aldrich's threat to give back all the money from this assignment including expenses. Mel is trying very hard to get an interview with Ryne. Ryne is a private man & she can not even get to his house without tresspassing & breaking the law. What will Mel do if she can not get Ryne to answer her questions & turn in her report? All Ryne wants is for Melody to drop it & go away. But not so much go away since his wolf wants her in the worst way.
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951 reviews70 followers
June 8, 2013
So I've just finished this book.

Ryne and Melody.

All I can say is that reading this book just opens up the knowledge that surrounds the Lycans or the types like Kane and Ryne

Melody is the supposed reporter hehe which didn't do much for her *coughs*.

I'm not really drawn to her as a character. She's okay but just not that into her character. Even though she was a bit annoying I guess it came with Ryne playing her around. Even though Melody worked for the creep Aldrich I was totally like wishing that she would just tell him where to go but no money was more important to her. I wasn't going to finish the book cause of Melody but I'm glad I did. Now knowing what I know how and why she was sent to interview Ryne.

I love how Kane and Elise and the pack are still in the stories. Then we have Bryan and Daniel. Oh boy I hope they are both in the other books that I'm reading next.

I like how Nicky Charles has connected everything. Especially towards the ending with the newest characters. Looking forward them. Thankyou Nicky Charles. The Keeping (Law of the Lycans, #2) by Nicky Charles
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1,228 reviews
July 4, 2013
I didn’t like this book as much as THE MATING. I thought it took A LONG time to get where it was going (especially in the first half) and it dragged quite a bit in places. I also didn’t care for the many different POV’s--although I suppose some of this was necessary to the story, but a lot of it went on too long and in too much detail. And, I didn’t like the romance as much as in THE MATING--it didn’t ring as true and seemed quite a bit more seamy. I wasn’t as convinced of the feelings in this book. And I thought the pacing was a bit off with the romantic encounters. Actually, the pacing was kind of off in general. TOO MUCH time was taken on some of the more mundane/frustrating aspects and not enough time was taken on more interesting/important events/exchanges--especially near the end. Like the first book, this one has sexual content that’s more explicit (and this time it’s not exclusively within a committed relationship and not always very tastefully done). I did like the parts with Elise and Kane, though, and the mystery/motivations in the story proved interesting. I’ll probably read the next book in the series, because I do want to find out what happens next and THE KEEPING has a lot of rather large loose ends at the conclusion.
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203 reviews
March 30, 2013

So I'm reading book 2 and the Female lead is having a dream. First it's a nightmare, then it's erotic, and when she wakes up she'd like "Wow" what a dream. Then come to find out the lead male snuck into her room and molested (Fingered) her while she slept then snuck out before she woke.


When the hell did it become OK to be a perverted, basically rapist? Am I supposed to fall in love with him after that stunt? I'm so not digging dude anymore 'cause of that. Unless a woman in her right mind consents, It's Rape! - Which is SOOOOOO UNCOOL!!! - Would you be interested in a guy who did that to you? *SMH*

I was enjoying the series ... not the best, kinda slow at times but liked it enough I was willing to truck on through. I'm at a dead stop now.

Glad I didn't pay for it...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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939 reviews88 followers
February 20, 2011
This was a free ebook I got a long time ago. It is worth buying the book, but no. It is only offered as a free ebook. Cool eh?

I loved the Canadian style of writing! Awesome werewolves with great romance!! It is not a short story.

This is the second book to The Mating. It is a continuation of the series with a different set of main characters. This story was different than the first; meaning some writers write exactly the same things over and over, but there were no skippable parts to this one ; ) !! When I read these last spring, I kept looking for the third to come out!!! It finally did this month. The best part, is that they are all free!!!

This book ends having developed the pending plot and characters for the next book.
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Author 27 books1,307 followers
November 12, 2010
This book entertained in fits and starts. A slow beginning and it seemed to take ages for Ryne (the book hunk) and Melody (the leading lady) to meet. Worse, Melody seemed...a little slow. But then, boom, the passion and intricate relationship between the leading couple was hot like fire, and the bar sex scene had me jumping my boyfriend bones. My thumb protested loudly the next day, for I sat for five hours straight flicking through the pages on my iPhone, unable to stop reading. Nicky can work a plotline and her characterizations are fresh and original. I will be backtracking and reading her previous work, The Mating.
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371 reviews40 followers
April 20, 2012
Again, this is a free ebook, so no complaints!

The Keeping was a great sequel; Nicky Charles enriched her already elaborate world of Lycans. That said, it kind of dragged in the middle - or maybe that's just me being impatient. I also had some really good laughs with this one, particularly when I read "were-bear", lol. The ending was a cliffhanger, but I didn't have a problem with it because I had The Finding all set.

I loved the tension between Mel and Ryne, whether it be sexual, or the fact that Ryne has to keep their secret from Mel without wanting to push her away (though he denies it at first).

MY FAVORITE PART was Mel getting drunk XD
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Author 37 books125 followers
October 22, 2013
These books are delicious. Sink your claws into them and enjoy the ride. The characters are intriguing and you will feel you know them by the time you're finished. Nicky Charles is a genius. I absolutely loved these books. The Mating is my favorite, but I did like them all. I started this series in hopes of getting out of my own writer's block, and I must say Miss Charles sufficiently helped inspire me--so thank you! She's got a way with words, sex, and romance. I am definitely a fan. I recommend these books if you're into supernatural romance, werewolves, and steamy passion.
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827 reviews14 followers
June 30, 2016
I recently reread this book and it was still just as good as the first time around. I like all of Nicky Charles' writing so far. This is classic PNR with a touch of erotica. Great stuff.
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25 reviews1 follower
May 4, 2013
Ok nicky charles doesnt dissapoint in the keeping ok i usually dont like werewolf books but this was definitely one of the ones that i highly enjoyed it has some slow points but it defintely gets you up with some steamy sex scenes great great book the only reason i gave it 4 stars and not 5 was bcuz of the kinda slow start but i have read all of the lycan books he has and they ARE ALL GREAT cant wait for the one after the finding comes out!!!!! Spoilers!!!! ok this storie's main focus is on Melody who is hired by a mysterious millionaire to find a photographer who took a picture of a loan wolf with very different features unbeknownst to mel which she preffers to be called she is paid an obscene amount of money to track down the mysterious none other than Ryne taylor!! As the alpha Ryne has started his new pack with friends bryan& daniel who is now following the alpha to venture out in Canada to start anew. And Melody hears from the hateful lawyer aldrich who has told her that she needs to get moving since they have fronted her some money to get her started and the lawyer has told her her where to start Smythson and so her journey as an investigative journalist starts.... Little does mel know she is putting everybody that she doesnt know in jeopordy... after she finds out where she can start looking for the mysterious Ryne Taylor, Stymp River Canada melody heads to canada once she gets there trouble insues as she desperately tries to investigate the Alpha (she has no idea about werewolves)!!! And ryne is informed by his brother another alpha that he has to take care of the problem!! or they are gonna have to iniate the keeping law the keeping law is that no human is allowed to kmow their secret unless they are family of a pack member and if someone does find out and they will have to send the women and children away and then the senior members of the pack will have to committ suicide to keep from doing this ryne tries to get melody to run off and leave his innerwolf is drawn to her!!!! ok this is all i am gonna give yaall for now
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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811 reviews4 followers
February 26, 2013
This was much better than the first as far as the writing goes. Story was good but dragged a bit. Characters were stronger and the plot was a little more interesting. Ryne's personality was not at all as it seemed upon his introduction. The author's attempts to make him heartless and all BA from the first book didn't fully carry over. He was definitely a jerk, and ran very hot and cold. While there was method to his madness, it still came across a little flat. But there were a few quirks the author installed that I really liked. He refused to use her nick-name and he noticed little intimate things in her personality that endeared her to him. Melody or "Mel" to all by Ryne, was reserved and a little to submissive for all the "spunky" acclaim she was noted for from other characters observations. It's a fine line between naivety and stupidity, and takes a seasoned author to pull it off to the degree that just boarders one another. The author never should have skimmed over the point in which he finally tells Melody the truth of his feelings and missed out on a perfect opportunity to give the story some emotional depth. Another point of missed opportunity is the fate of Lucy and the separation of Kane and Elise, again just glided right over what could have been significant points in which to give heart to the story. The emotional connection between the two main characters really needed some work. Their intimacy consisted of two very casual hook-ups and several "almosts" that did nothing to set the sexual tension the author was obviously trying for. The relationship-build became tedious rather than agnsty, taking way to long to form the attachment mates should have establish on some level.

Still, the unmissable improvement in writing and story construction gives me hope for this author. And the for free, it would be hard to pass up. It was entertaining and I will read the next in the series. The potential is absolutely there.
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259 reviews8 followers
March 30, 2013
Ive got to say these books are great, Ive enjoyed all the books from the series so far....did i mention they are free!?!?
So The Keeping was slow at first but i really got into it, some of it had me sat here open mouthed (Ryne sneaking in Mels bedroom during a dream) that bit of the book didnt appeal to me what so ever i actually found it a bit disturbing.
I thought Mel was a quirky and stubborn character and i quickly came to like her, Ryne on the other hand (although the good looks and muscles were the good part ;-) with my imagination anyway lol) he was abit split personality, i think he just needed time to come to terms with the feelings ;-) then he was a decent character (other than the dream bit).
I liked the way the book was written from a few pov it made for interesting reading. I liked all the characters from stump river they was all very sincere and just like how i imagine people to be in a close knit community :-) Bryan and Daniel were great characters i loved them and hope to see more from them in future books. It was also good to see bits from Elise and Kane in this book and how they are progressing in their lives together (even though the epilogue at the end of The Mating gave us an insight into where they was going to be a few years down the line)
Ive read these books a few years after they came out so i can read them in the reading order with the more recent books added in (from goodreads reading order) so im off to read Betrayed next which is number 2.5, im hoping its as good as Bonded, The Mating and The Keeping (thats the order in which ive read them) :-)
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October 6, 2013
we learn more about Ryne
We learn more about Melody - she is a penniless student - so why did Greyson choose her

She is paid a shitload of cash to get an interview witha reclusive photographer, Ryne

Ryne and Melody get their HEA moment and Ryne's pack continues to grow
I have the next book **gleeing grin** I AM SLIGHTLY INSANE (JUST SO YOU KNOW)
I want to know what happens next
bless the human language

the written word has this much power
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June 22, 2013
3.89 stars. I was loving this book btw. I didn't think I'd like it but then I put it on hold to go online and I realized I kept looking back at it wanting to read it, wondering what was going to happen next,. Turns out I liked the story more than I thought. This book would have scored a perfect 4 or more but the ending sucked ass. It was horrible. Didn't like it. I ended up skimming the ending because the narration leading into the ending I was already iffy. The ending ruined a large chunk of the book for me. Bitter taste in my mouth. Pdkfmaej k BLEH. I hate happily-ever-after quickies. What, it's all rainbows and sunshine now? Lame. And the way Cassie just up and left after her guardian who I'd assumed she held great or at least some affection for died she would up and leave? Her knowing to leave, the fact that she went back home, packed, and then ran (and keep in mind she's supposed to be terrified of this murderer were-guy who might be chasing after her. And he'd run fast too, he's a wereWOLF.), it made the author seem like she was DESPERATE for us, the readers, to know that there would be a sequel to "The Keeping". Not that we weren't already heavily clued in that there would be another book. Hints were dropping here and there, everywhere! in OBVIOUS locales. Thinking about the ending makes me want to knock off more stars so I'll stop before this book becomes a one star. Ciao!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 21, 2011
While I enjoyed this book I didn't think it was as good as the first one. I never did warm up to the couple that was the focus of the book, Ryne and Mel.

There were lots of things that skived me out. Lucy and Mel talking about sex with Ryne and how he was like a pair of pants that don't fit and you give them to a friend who might fit better and Ryne's night time B&E.

What I really liked about this book was the town. They were charming and the small town nosiness had the ability to be overwhelming, but it didn't got that way.

I liked the introduction of new pack members and learning where they came from. It will be interesting to see how they fit in.

The action at the end of the book surprised me on a couple of different fronts. I was sad to see what happened to Lucy and even sadder for the bartender. It was nice to learn why the old guy was so obsessed with Ryne's picture and it will be interesting to see how that dovetails into the next book. I also can't wait to see what trouble lawyer and his secretary will bring, because you know there will be trouble!
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December 10, 2018
I can not believe I was able to finish this book. I really couldn't get into this book, it just wasn't for me.
It starts out with Melody finding Ryne to do an interview about his photography. But when she does find Ryne she discovers it's not going to be easy to get this interview. He is a very private person, and he doesn't want her snooping around his house, or his life. Ryne just wants Melody gone, but something is attracting him to her, and he can't figure out what it is. Melody also can not stand Ryne but something is bringing her closer to him, and she's constantly wanting to know what he is hiding.

I thought the idea of this book was good. But I felt that it was way too long for what the main story actually was. It seemed the story was just drawn out for no reason at all, a lot of the things that happened I could have done without because it was keeping the story from being "on track" and I got quite bored with at these times. Towards the end it did get better, but overall I am not a fan of this book, and I will not be reading the next one.
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