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Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Tintin #1)
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Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

(Tintin #1)

3.66  ·  Rating details ·  12,805 ratings  ·  435 reviews
In his debut adventure, Tintin is pursued by Bolshevik agents trying to prevent him from exposing the new Soviet regime. Punctuated by slapstick and political revelations, this story is based on the writings of an anticommunist Belgian ex-consul to the Ukraine. Herge's early style revealed strong graphics, influenced by photo-reporting from the period, marking the historic ...more
Hardcover, 120 pages
Published March 1st 2003 by Last Gasp (first published 1930)
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Ahmad Sharabiani
Tintin au pays des Soviets = Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Tintin, #1), Hergé
Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (French: Tintin au pays des Soviets) is the first volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy, who are sent to the Soviet Union to report on the policies of Joseph Stalin's Bolshevik government. Tintin's intent to expose the regime's secrets prompts agents from the Soviet secre
Dirk Grobbelaar

Despite suffering from a lack of any cohesive plot, poor art (compared to later entries) and political naiveté, Tintin in the land of the Soviets is still a worthwhile read for Tintin completists.

Even so, it’s not a book I would ever recommend to first time Tintin readers. It is worlds away from the genius of later entries. I would suggest reading it along with a companion work like Tintin: Herge and His Creation, which explains the troubled publication history and the influences prevalent in t
Oct 28, 2017 rated it really liked it
3.5 stars
Originally written in French, I read the English version.

I have seen the movie and heard a lot about the comics but never read one. And I think if you haven't read Tintin, this book is a perfect way to start, it being an introduction to Tintin, his dog snowy and their adventure!!

Being the first book in the series I was lucky enough to get the beautiful colored edition which added to the pleasure of reading this.

One thing hit me squarely after finishing this is how it portrays communism
Fuchsia  Groan
Sep 17, 2018 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: cómics
Primer y relativamente desconocido álbum de Tintín. Comenzó a publicarse por entregas (como todas las demás aventuras) en enero de 1929, finalizándose en mayo de 1930 y viendo la luz ese mismo año como álbum completo.

La obra fue un encargo a Hergé de Norbert Wallez, sacerdote y director del diario belga “Le Vingtième Siècle”, y se incluiría en el suplemento infantil, como clara propaganda anticomunista. Lo cierto es que es poco más que eso, acompañada además de un dibujo bastante rudimentario, e
J.G. Keely
It can be an odd experience to look at the early work of an author (and artist) who later proves to be innovative and masterful. The work here is sou rough, the plotting so silly, and the characters unrecognizable to fans of the later series.

But then, no artist emerges into the world fully formed, and even Moebius had his awkward stage. In this fisrt story, Tintin himself is less the clever, charming figure of the later books. Much like Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, the character starts off
Nandakishore Varma
Aug 23, 2014 rated it did not like it
OMG! I never knew Tintin was such a right-wing fanatic! No wonder this book was never published in India!
Jul 02, 2018 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
از نظر گرافیکی، هنوز پخته نشده بود که چیز طبیعیای هست چون اولین قسمتاش بود. از نظر داستانی هم به قدرتِ بقیه قسمتها نبود ولی باز هم جذاب و جالب بود. فرار کردناش از موقعیتها گاهی تخیلی میشد و مثل قسمتهای دیگه هوشمندانه نبود.

تمام قصه این بود که میره شوروی و هی بدبیاری میاره و ازشون فرار میکنه و ازاخر برمیگرده به شهرش.

از نظر محتوایی هم نقدهای زیادی به سیاست نکرده بود و صرفن نظام کمونیستی رو بد جلوه داده بود و به نشون دادن وضعِ بدِ مردم شوروی اکتفا کرده بود.
Luís C.
Tintin discovering Russia, escaping from the Soviet policies and the Cold War.
Jun 18, 2018 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Reseña completa:

Los protagonistas de estas aventuras son Tintín y su perro Milú, aunque probablemente son unos personajes que no necesitan ni presentación ya que siguen todavía muy presentes. Como personajes secundarios están el Capitán Haddock, los hermanos Hernández y Fernández y el profesor Silvestre Tornasol entre muchos otros.

El primero que he leído ha sido "Tintín en el país de los Soviets" y es el primero que se publicó. Es el único que no está en
Maria Carmo
Jan 01, 2015 rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Everyone.
This Tin-tin adventure is quite comic, albeit the exaggerated picture about the Soviets - like a caricature of sorts! In fact, I did not know this had been the first of the series, so I assumed it was Tin-tin in Congo - less fun...
I loved reading this book and had a lot of fun with Tin-tin and Milu's fights and adventures...

Maria Carmo,

Lisbon, 2 January 2015.
Είναι το κόμικ που δημιούργησε αυτό που ξέρουμε σαν γαλλοβελγική σχολή. Σε 2 χρόνια κλείνει τα 90 και είναι κακογερασμένο εν συγκρίσει ακόμα και με μεταγενέστερα έργα του δημιουργού του.
Kimia carstairs
Oct 03, 2014 rated it it was amazing
I'm 16 but still a child :))
I love this series
I love Tintin
and his smart dog.I love every single thing about this series
Jan 30, 2016 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
I'm revisiting this classic series in Franco-Belgian comics. Among Belgians, Tintin is something of a national symbol, almost a source of pride. In a country this small and inconsequential on the world stage, one has to savour his nation's small victories, in whichever field they may transpire. Anyway, as a result, it hardly was possible to get away from the character in one's youth. Luckily, I was -and still am -rather fond of the series.

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets , the first instalment
Dr Rashmit Mishra
Re - read this today and i gotta say i still like it , ofcourse having been first published during the 1930s the book has it's fair share of problem like the whole Soviet propaganda and being focussed more on a goofy take on adventures of tintin rather than the later days mystery / detective style . To be fair the Comic hasn't aged well at all and yet , there's something about Tintin that i really like ,the adventure of Tintin is especially fun as no matter how many tough corners Tintin found hi ...more
وائل المنعم

لماذا الآن؟
بعد خمسة وعشرين عاما تقريبا أعود لقراءة تان تان، القصص المصورة المفضلة لدي، قرأت في طفولتي وحتى المرحلة الابتدائية المئات من القصص المصورة (ميكي وسوبرمان وجرينديزر وغيرها الكثير) بعدها اقتصرت قراءاتي للقصص المصورة على أعداد ميكي التي احضرها لأطفال العائلة.
أعود لقراءة تان تان الآن لسببين:
الأول أنني في انتظار طفلي الأول (عليا) - باقي لها من الزمن حتى تراني ثلاثة شهور بإذن الله - والصورة الأكثر جاذبية لفكرة أبوة طفلة صغيرة هي طف
Mar 26, 2018 rated it did not like it
A lookalike-cousin-prick masquerading in Russia as the real Tintin!

Didn't know a so much loved character was so badly presented in its debut!...and that its launch was part of an ugly propaganda!

Tintin in the Land of Soviets appeared first in the The Little Twentieth, a children's supplement of a conservative and fascist Belgium-based newspaper, The Twentieth Century, for which Herge (Georges Reni) worked as an illustrator. In the disguise of reporting current affairs to the young readers thro
Vicente Ribes
Aug 16, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: tintin
Divertido cómic con el que las aventuras de Tintín dieron comienzo.
El estilo de Hergé se empieza a construir en esta primera aventura en Rusia, donde vemos a un intrépido reportero pelear y huir de los rusos del partido comunista, que aquí es pintado como un régimen totalitario y cruel con los pobres.
A parte de la crítica política, que en los inicios de Hergé venía delimitada por la corriente política que seguían los periódicos donde publicaba, asistimos a una divertida aventura donde los gags d
Nabila Tabassum Chowdhury
কেউ কেউ ভাগযকরমে কখনোই পুরোপুরি বড় হয়ে যায় না। আমার বলতে ভাল লাগে আমি তাদের একজন। টিনটিন রিভিশন শুরু... ঝকঝকে সকযান করা সবগুলো পিডিএফ হাতে পড়েছে তাই। যদিও আমার সংগরহে পাঁচটি অথবা সাতটি (পাঁচটি দেখতে পাচছি, হিসাবে আরও দুটো থাকার কথা কিনতু পাচছি না) বই রয়েছে। তবে এবার সিরিয়াল অনুযায়ী পড়া যাবে। যেগুলোর কখনো নাগাল পাইনি সেগুলোও পড়া যাবে। খুউউউউশিইইই!! ...more
All Tin-Tin's adventures are great fun. I read them all in my early teenage years and had such a great time with them. Fast and fun is exactly what they are. Love them!
Jan 03, 2018 rated it liked it
Shelves: graphic-books
১৯২৯ সালে শুরু হওয়া কমিকস সিরিজটির ১ম গলপের পটভূমি ১৯২২ এ নবয সংগঠিত দেশ সোভিয়েত ইউনিয়ন। এ গলপে লেখক সোভিয়েত সরকারের সামযবাদী কমিউনিসট দের সবরগ ভূমি গড়ে তোলার ফাঁকা পরতিশরুতির আড়ালে চলা পরশাসনের দুরাচার ( কমিকসে জোর করে কমিউনিসট সরকারকে ভোট পরদানে বাধয করার চিতর, কমিউনিসট বাদে অনযানয রাজনৈতিক মতাদরশীদের ওপর চলা অতযাচার – যেখানে অনাহারে থাকা গরিব শিশুদের মধযে রুটি বনটনের সময় অনয রাজনৈতিক মতাদরশী দের বঞচিত করা হয়) এবং দেশের আরথিক ( কমিকসে দেখা যায় আমেরিকান কমিউনিসট দের কনভিনস করার জনয একটা মিলের ব ...more
Metin Yılmaz
Tüm seri böyle gitmiyordur umarım :)
3.5 stars

I know these books are quite colonial, racist and derogatory. But, these are the very first French comics I fell in love with as a teen, so it does have sentimental value. Going back to Tintin, I've realised quite disconcertingly that all I feel is annoyance for Tintin. I'm a forlorn mother, thinking, "No Tintin, you cannot blow up shit in another country and avoid prosecution" "No, that's not how gravity works" "What are you doing ramming full speed into a train HAVE YOU NO BRAINS, TH
Patrick Fisackerly
Unlike the other Tintin books, this was written in daily (or possibly weekly?) installments and not as a "graphic novel" (for lack of a better term). And it reads that way - it's incredibly episodic and repetitive (how many times will Tintin dress up as the bad guys to fool them? A lot), but it's cute and there are glimpses of the kind of humor for which the series would later come to be known. Not a great book, but cute for what it is.
Jon(athan) Nakapalau
Written in 1929 this Tintin adventure gives us a glimpse into the recent Bolshevik revolution in Russia. As such it is a very important document that will be enjoyed by those who are interested in the history of modern Russia.
Nov 04, 2015 added it
Shelves: other, art, tintin
اولین تن تن و شروعی بر این شخصیت همیشه جذاب.
Jan 18, 2012 rated it did not like it
Recommends it for: No-one, not even Tintin fans
This was so horrible that I'm worried that my review will sound like the typical 'looking at the past through a modern lens' type of thing, which I can’t stand.

I hope my reaction is not based in the clumsy political propaganda that the book exhibits, that is obviously one of the reasons for the book being written in the first place (it was commissioned for the purpose of distorting the negativity of life in Soviet Russia). Nor, I hope, is it based in the poor humor – I get that language, humor a
Magnus Meling
Tintin is a fucked up dude. He doesnt give a shit. He just crashes vehicles, beats up public officials and fights a polar bear like its nothing. I dont know if its badass or just being an asshole. I think he is kind of a dickhead in this comic strip.
But the entertainment value here is crazy good. There are things happening on every page and I was never bored while reading it.
There are some very outdated racist caricatures of Asians, russians and some very stereotypical germans, and I know this
Dec 31, 2009 rated it liked it
Shelves: 2009
This very early Tintin is all black and white line drawings. The art is quite expressive and there is a lot of physical comedy. This is sort of the Three Stooges Tintin, I think. The story is even more ridiculous than in later Tintin adventures and while Tintin shows signs of the sanctimonious little guy he becomes later, he's actually a bit of a jerk. I think this is a must for any Tintin fan, if only for historical interest.
On s’aperçoit ici des efforts d’un jeune écrivain qui est en train de se découvrir à soi même. Une histoire plutôt naïve qui manque un peu plus de complexité et cohésion, mais qui vaut la lecture car elle marque le début de la légende de Tintin au monde.
Nov 14, 2017 rated it really liked it
crude black and white cartoon from 1920s but nevertheless same fun
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Georges Prosper Remi (22 May 1907 – 3 March 1983), better known by the pen name Hergé, was a Belgian comics writer and artist.
His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from 1929 until his death in 1983, leaving the twenty-fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph-Art unfinished. His work remains a strong influence on comics

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