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Belle de Jour #1

Belle de Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl

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Belle couldn't find a job after University. Her impressive degree was not paying her rent or buying her food. But after a fantastic threesome with a very rich couple that gave her a ton of money, Belle realized that she could earn more than anyone she knew--by becoming a call girl. The rest is history. Belle became a twenty-something London working girl--and had the audacity to write about it--anonymously. The shockingly candid and explicit diary she put on the Internet became a London sensation. Now, in BELLE DE JOUR, she shares her entire journey inside the world of high-priced escorts, including fascinating and explicit insights about her job and her clients, her various boyfriends, and a taboo lifestyle that has to be read to be believed. The witty observations, shocking revelations, and hilarious scenarios deliver like the very best fiction and makes for a titillating reading experience unlike any other.

291 pages, Hardcover

First published January 7, 2005

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Belle de Jour

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Brooke Magnanti is a forensic scientist and writer, who, until her identity was revealed in November 2009, was known by the pen name Belle de Jour.

While completing her doctoral thesis, in 2003 and 2004, Magnanti worked as a call girl. Her diary, published as the anonymous blog Belle de Jour: Diary of a London Call Girl became popular, as speculation surrounded the identity of Belle de Jour. Magnanti went on to The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl in 2005 and The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl in 2006. These were followed by Playing the Game, Belle de Jour's Guide to Men, and Belle's Best Bits.

In 2007, the books were adapted for TV as Secret Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper. In November 2009, fearing her real identity was about to come out, Magnanti revealed her real name and occupation as a scientist. Her first book published under her real name was the non-fiction The Sex Myth in 2012.

Magnanti's first crime novel, The Turning Tide, will be published by Orion in 2016.

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2 reviews2 followers
April 16, 2010
This book initially sank its claws into me during the hot sex scene at the beginning. A friend of mine kept recommending the Showtime series to me, but already having enough television addictions, I thought I'd read the book. Big mistake.

I feel that I regressed a little while reading this, and a more appropriate title would be, "The Narcissistic Ramblings of a Nympho." That's right, don't be fooled - Ms. Dujour paints the work of a callgirl as a fun little jaunt between various male's abodes and her own home; she glamourizes the sex industry and provides a distinctly British perspective (sex work is not like this in the US, from what I've gathered). She is not a feminist, as she is willing to be degraded for money. Her banal accounts of her daily adventures between the men who pay to screw her and her ever-rotating list of ex-boyfriends who still remain a huge part of her life, is void of significance to anyone who is not her.

My suggestion? Don't waste you time on this smut. The woman may be a doctor, but her bloggerific memoir is akin to something from the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine. Then again, if vapid prose is your cup of tea, drink up.
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68 reviews6 followers
January 27, 2008
Originally a blog, this book is a collection of diary entries from a London call girl. Belle is a likable narrator, even if I had a hard time believing both her unshakable businesslike nature and her overall good humor.

Being a call girl never really seems to get her depressed; the men never seem ugly, or vicious, or bad in bed. I felt like she had done better as a call girl finding decent guys than most of us do dating. Which is a pretty good recommendation for becoming a call girl, I guess.

One of my favorite things about this book is Belle's underwear obsession, which rivals my own. The other is her running "A-Zed" of call girl life. I think a lot of woman have thought about (if not seriously considered) what it must be like to be a prostitute. Pick this up and see how the other half lives.
Profile Image for Christina.
209 reviews76 followers
September 6, 2008
I was originally planning to give this memoir three stars, but by the final page I couldn't justify why it didn't deserve four. I really enjoyed this. Belle is upfront honest, classy, humourous and intelligent; She has an insight to the world that you wouldn't "expect" from someone in her expertise. Any stereotype you have in mind about call girls will pretty much be banished by the time you're finished reading.

If anything, I'd say I admired her - not her chosen lifestyle, per say, but definitely her healthy mindset. There's no wrong or right in this book, but it will definitely make you think about your own morals. Just how far are you willing to go?
4 reviews1 follower
February 29, 2008
Still reading, maybe, but now I remember why I stopped reading her blog: "the boy."

People who say "the boy" to refer to their significant other come across as a) insecure and b) not fooling anybody about the long-term prospects of that relationship. Also, they're as annoying as a toddler discovering a new word.

While I can award 9 out of 10 for her maintaining focus on the (theoretically) titillating bits that (theoretically) everyone wants to read, where is the human side of Miss BdJ? Does she have any feelings beyond mild amusement and mild annoyance?

Then again, you have to respect a book that inspires you to put it down and get your housework done. Thanks!

Update (2 days later): I'm giving up. What with not being trapped on a deserted island, I can't think of a single reason to push through with such an "on" yet empty character when there are thousands of books on the "to do" list.
Profile Image for Kristina.
1,214 reviews477 followers
October 12, 2013
I don't know why this piece of trash is subtitled an "Unlikely call girl" because it seems prostitution is perfect for her. I don't know how much of this crap is "real" or how much sprang from her fevered, over-active and knickers-obsessed mind, but it's all garbage. I don't recommend this book to anyone. It's awful.

As I was on vacation last week and reading Gladwell's kind of meh David and Goliath, I decided to try something more fluffy. So I bought this ebook. What a waste of $9.99. The diary itself isn't interesting and it fails as a narrative. Belle says she is intelligent, well-read, has A-levels (I don't know what that means but I infer it is desirable), attractive...but lazy. Too lazy to actually apply her university knowledge and training to her field of study. So, because she apparently has quite a talent for physical acrobatics, she slips into the field of prostitution. That's the whole book...Belle carelessly describing her sessions with her clients or her marathon shags with various one-night stands. It's tedious and not interesting. If some guy hitting her or shitting on her face turns her on, then whatever. That's her thing. I read the book thinking there would be some kind of introspection or humorous observations, but no. This is merely the diary (real or fictional) of a self-absorbed woman who has no deeper thoughts than admiring her lacy knickers (descriptions of her underwear are endless) and who she's going to boink next.

Aside from the lack of substance in this book, the author's habit of naming her boyfriends (current and past) with initials is confusing and annoying. There is the series of As (A1-A4), all past boyfriends whom she is now friends with (although she would, with little encouragement, shag any of them or all of them just as a way of passing the time) and the Boy (her current boyfriend) and N (close male friend). All of her relationships (except with her parents) are of a sexual nature. She relates to everyone sexually. That seems troubling to me and indicative of some kind of emotional/psychological damage, but it's also boring. Her descriptions of sexual activity are clinical in nature (not sexy at all so if that's why you want to read this book then you're going to be disappointed) and I began skipping passages just to finish this tedious mess.

My ebook is 202 pages and I couldn't believe how slow-going it was. I would have given up on it, but it was only 202 pages! The longest 202 pages I've ever read. Nothing happens in this book, there is no story, there is no character development, there are barely any characters--just phantoms of people represented by letters boinking each other senseless while drinking lots of alcohol. I'm amazed the BBC could even pull a television show from this (The Secret Diary of a Call Girl) flimsy material. The show, starring Billie Piper, is enjoyable froth. Piper's Belle is funny, smart, and introspective. The show has a heart and shows Belle making tough choices in her life and dealing with the consequences of those decisions. This book is pure rubbish.
Profile Image for LaFleurBleue.
841 reviews37 followers
July 12, 2013
Difficult to know where to start: it's a diary, supposedly real, so there's no storyline, no beginning, no end and especially no point.
I did not manage to understand why the author kept this diary and why she felt compelled to write something in it every day give or take. Probably because she is just in love with her tonsil.
Her string of former boyfriends identified with stupid monikers like A1 to A4, then Boy. None of them seemed real, and even less interesting.
I hated the way it was very poorly written. Each new sentence made me cringe.
BTW no hot scenes is worth it, they're all very short, clinical and uninteresting.
I stopped at over half of the book as there was no chance it could redeem itself. Read one every three lines in the second half - no redemption to be expected.
Profile Image for Kate Alexandra.
80 reviews16 followers
February 2, 2016
I had been wanting to read this book for what felt like years, the only thing that was holding me back was that no bookstore near me ever carried it. In the meantime, I watched the show and absolutely loved it. I finally got around to ordering it a couple weeks ago, to say the least I was very disappointed.
The most disappointing thing to me was the main character (and author) Belle de Jour. This book was put together from her own, real life events that she posted about on her blog. You would think that since someone is pretty much writing about themselves, the main character would be at the very least tolerable, however this was not the case at all. Belle had two personality traits; annoying and detached. I thought the book would have dove into why she chose this as a career and why she liked it, however I don't believe these topics were ever mentioned. Belle was not the only character I couldn't stand throughout the book, all of her friends and conquests had absolutely no personality ('the boy', 'N', 'A1', 'A2', 'A3', 'A4'). The most personality that was shown through this book was when a client asked if he could stick it in her butt.
The book states "erotic bestseller" right on the cover, however the word "erotic" is exaggerating. The sexiest this book gets is along the lines of this; "he put himself inside me and then peed on me" (seriously). What was advertised as a book about a taboo career, focused more on Belle's (for lack of a better word) pathetic personality, her pathetic friends, and her pathetic relationships.
I often find myself comparing books to television shows and movies, although very rarely I feel these actually turn out better than the book. The show gave the characters personality, it made me LIKE Belle while I absolutely hated her while reading the book.
Verdict: skip the book, watch the show.
Profile Image for Efka.
453 reviews253 followers
March 6, 2016
I think I'll go with the Tv-series, thank you very much. It's just that this novel, it's not really a novel - as the title says, it's a diary. Yeah, I know, you're probably thinking now "If it's written in the title, what were you expecting?" Honestly, I did not have any expectations, but I hoped that since it is published as a book, there will be a structure and general resemblance to a book, but it seems my hopes were too high.

The main problem, which leads to further problems with this book is that it is not a book per se. It is a blog, printed as a book, and it shows. It's like a car wipers: left-right-left-right, and not a hint of a simple, straight narrative line. In just a couple of pages you can read how she met her boyfriend, "The boy", as she calls him (how cheesy is that?!), fucked someone for money, fucked someone for fun, but it happened before meeting "the boy" (despite the fact that just a couple of lines earlier she's been talking about having one), went shopping and then fucked a client again.

I don't have a problem with hookers, pornstars or libertines, but I do have a problem with this writing: it's a bleak, superficial and plain boring book. If you're looking for some juicy smut, read Insatiable: Porn - A Love Story or something, but don't bother with Belle de Jour - she should've continued spreading her legs for money instead of trying to earn some coin by pretending to be a writer.
Profile Image for Amar Pai.
960 reviews101 followers
September 4, 2018
I didn't expect this to be great literature, but I did expect hot stories of freaky sex and interesting details about the high end of the world's oldest profession. Instead we get glib, tossed off diary entries (referring to her boyfriend as The Boy... ugh) mixed with mundane vulgarity and platitudes about love and wage slavery. There are greater insights about sex/love/money in any random episode of Sex & the City.

I know Belle de Jour is a real person but this book doesn't feel real. As bad as The Price was, at least it felt like you were really getting a slice of life.
Profile Image for Lani.
788 reviews34 followers
February 20, 2009
This was pretty much complete trash. Apparently they made it into a TV show!? WTF... Dear everyone, please stop making blogs into books. The only one I found even remotely entertaining was Candy Girl, and that wasn't great either.

I just didn't find Belle very likable, and the whole thing just seemed annoying. The sex was either very vague or very graphic and just liked being shocking. Was this marketed as soft-core erotica? Did women read this? I just don't get it. Seemed like a Sex in the City inspired fuckfest.

Much time was spent describing the underwear purchased and her ex-boyfriends. Too much drama.

I'm sure this was much more entertaining in blog-form, and perhaps the chronology would have made more sense when the whole thing was un-edited. I can see it being compelling as a blog, and perhaps the character was less irritating and more entertaining. Maybe I'm giving her too much credit.
Profile Image for Maya.
10 reviews9 followers
March 13, 2009
Though I was skeptical, due to the marketing and first few minutes of the Showtime series, I was surprised at the quality of this book.

The diary format makes this book interesting because in truth, there's no story. No arc. No real character development. Just the notes and observations on life and vocation from the point of view of a beautiful British post-grad who just never cut it in the office world. "Belle" tells us about her friends, exclusively males and even more exclusively ex-boyfriends, her clients, and in the most fascinating portions, about herself. Of course the book doesn't dole out the realistic call-girl story (no pimps, no dangerous clients, no grit), she cracks the facade of this sugarcoating with her loneliness, which is at heart, the theme I took away from this book. Those moments when she has a day free and her friends are off with their girlfriends and her clients are satiated, Belle wanders around London, downs the occasional pint, and obviously, writes. Not so different from any other single women. And I found that compelling. I won't lie, the sex scenes themselves are enjoyable in large part to her lack of flowery adjectives. Blunt = hilarious in this work, and that appears to be the formula which leads this book from sociological expose on sex work to modern day Pepys.

More than "chick lit" but less than eye-opening, this book makes for a lovely Sunday in bed (pun intended).
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14 reviews2 followers
July 26, 2018
Originally a blog this book is a collection of diary entries from the summer of 2003 to the autumn of 2004 written by a London call girl - Belle de Jour. 💄

Belle is a witty narrator and at times you feel like you’re listening to your friend talk about her life over lattes at Starbucks.. Not that I or any of my friends are call girls, but I mean Belle is a likeable, relatable narrator with a hilarious sense of humour.

Belle seems to enjoy her job and never really seems to criticise any of her clients, nor does she describe any dangerous or abusive scenarios that a call girl may face..

‘Usually I hold fairly positive opinions on clients - being as they are the water that floats my soap, and usually pleasant enough in a ships - passing -in -the - night kind of way’. (p149)

The reader joins Belle on her day-to-day adventures on and off the field through her blunt, comical award winning web diary.
6 reviews12 followers
April 15, 2008
I was only going to give this book three stars, but I can't justify doing that. It was a great read. True, you can read it all for free on her blog, but the girl put herself out there, blogging about a day-to-day that is much racier and far less legal than most.

Unlike some other reviewers, I thought her tone was perfect. She came off as a bit snarky and certainly intelligent--which isn't a view we're often given of anyone who works in the sex industry.

She's pretty fair about her ups and downs in her personal life, her fears, her toying with the idea of quitting on various occassions, etc.

I was excited to read everytime I picked it up. It's lighter than what I'd normally read, but who cares? It's still great, and better than 95% of chick lit out there.
Profile Image for Lisa.
680 reviews5 followers
March 14, 2012
I'll admit I was only curious to read this because I really enjoyed the t.v show.

I think my main problem with this was the format. Obviously, it's an actual diary and I actually enjoy books in the diary format when they're interesting. I've never read a diary that was as all-over-the-place as this.

I was expecting something different; something better. I didn't think it was awful but I didn't find much of it very entertaining. A lot of the diary entries would be completely random things that happened to her in the past and I always wondered what inspired her to write about these memories. I wasn't annoyed by the random stories, just that there didn't seem to be a point to them.

Also, I was just bored with most of it. I was mostly looking for the dirty bits or the bits that had to do with being a call girl.

I just found the show to be so very entertaining and addictive. The book doesn't compare. I guess it's like when I read Sex and the City, hoping it'd be like the show, only to find out it sucked balls.

The show had emotion and a likeable main character. This book just didn't do anything for me. The real Belle de Jour sounds crazy. I also hated the way she gave people in her life stupid codenames such as "the boy" and "first date". It completely got on my nerves.

In the end, there was no depth and sometimes a book needs a smidge of depth for it to impact. I recommend the t.v show to anyone looking for something to watch that's similar to Sex and the City. I don't really recommend the book. It's just dull.
Profile Image for Suzette.
25 reviews
June 1, 2012
Having watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl before reading this book, I have to say the book wasn't really what I was expecting. The real-life Belle certainly seems to have a better handle on balancing her life. She made time for friends, relationships, family, her professional/academic goals, and still made time for escorting. The majority of the book didn't even have to do with escorting, it mostly had to do with her her friendships and relationships past and present. I was surprised that when they made the tv show that they made the choice to portray her as being so obsessed with her job that she barely had time for any other aspects of her life, when in reality she was much more well-rounded. It seems like an odd choice to make, unless they thought that playing up the escorting aspect would increase viewership because it's more taboo. Also, I was wondering whether or not Ben and Bambi were based on real people or if they were made up. When I was reading about N, all the As, and the Boy, I couldn't help but wonder if Ben was based on one of them or a mixture of a few of them. Does anyone know whether or not it was ever said who Ben was based on, if anyone at all?
Profile Image for Emily.
243 reviews8 followers
March 5, 2018
This book had the potential to be a unique and insightful view into an unusual industry. Unfortunately, it had more in common with 50 Shades of Grey than a memoir or a diary. The main character (and note how I say "character" and not "writer", because I find it extremely hard to believe the two are one and the same) glamorized her life and her job to the point where it was not at all realistic. The whole book was basically just her bragging about all the sex she has and how amazing she is at it and how every man wants her -- with the odd obscure literary reference thrown it because she's not just a pretty face; she's an intellectual as well!

And when she's not having sex, her life is super uninteresting. All of her friends and family know about her job and don't care, so there's no conflict whatsoever. Her friends / ex-boyfriends aren't developed enough as characters for us to care about them at all (and what little we do know about them kinda makes them seem like massive douchebags). And Belle is hardly that likeable herself!

Another reviewer wrote in his/her (damn gender neutral names!) review that this book should have been titled "The Narcissistic Ramblings of a Nympho" and this honestly describes it perfectly. (Full review here)

Recommended for: Anyone who read and enjoyed 50 Shades not just for the sex scenes, but also for Anastasia's otherwise really boring life.
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172 reviews20 followers
November 2, 2009
I would like to first say that I only gave this book 4 stars because of the end. I am not sure if the author had always been planning a sequel and that's why it ended the way it did but it just sort of stopped. On one had it was very much like an actual personal journal, people writing journals don't wrap up the plot before filling it up and moving on to the next one, but this also leaves the reader with very little closure. I finished and felt like, "OK that was odd".
Aside from that I loved this book! The author describes the her life style and world in a way that is both honest and hillarious. Much of the humor comes from the fact that she is very blunt and to the point on issues that people often skirt around or ignore completely. However, she does not use honesty as an excuse to be crass or crude which I appreciate very much. She also describes her life in excellent detail with out making you feel like you are reading a trashy romance novel or porn.
What I liked best is that she is not the person you would expect a call girl to be. She is smart, funny, educated, and doesn't do drugs. Reading her story shines a completely different light on the topic and with out promoting this life style the author is able to make the reader see how a person could choose this position and thrive.
Profile Image for Nicole Hallberg.
15 reviews
February 9, 2013
I thought this was fantastic. I had stumbled upon the show after some Doctor Who intervention (the lead in the show is Billie Piper, who plays Belle in the show). When I found out this was a blog turned book, I just had to scoop it up.

The writing style of blog/journal is one I admit I am not usually fond of, but she just made it work so well for her story. I was hooked immediately of course, and though I loved the inclusion of the A's, I was sad to not see her best friend from the show (whom I am going to assume is one if the A's, just changed up a bit), all in all I really did enjoy seeing the naked truth if her life. She doesn't hide her jealousy and issues, or try to sugar coat anything. Belle is simply a determined, independent woman who did what she had to do to survive without crushing her spirit and conforming into someone she knew she wasn't. I admire that in a big way.
Profile Image for Kelly.
43 reviews13 followers
February 24, 2017
Clever, witty, hilarious and shameless in the very best way possible. I want this woman to be my best friend.
Profile Image for DrunkenCherry.
622 reviews98 followers
May 19, 2022
Dieses Buch ist bei mir eingezogen, weil es die Vorlage zu einer meiner Lieblingsserien ist. „The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl“ hat mich damals sehr gut unterhalten und so wollte ich auch das lesen, was die Macher zur Serie inspiriert hat.
Allerdings ist mir schon auf den ersten Seiten der plumpe vulgäre Schreibstil aufgefallen. Klar, bei einem Buch, in dem es um eine Escort-Lady geht, erwarte ich keine blumigen Umschreibungen. Aber es gibt billig vulgär und sexy vulgär – und hier war es einfach nicht sexy.
Dazu kam leider noch, dass mir das Buch storytechnisch auch einfach nichts geben konnte.
Bei einem Buch über ein Callgirl erwarte ich eigentlich sehr ausgearbeitete erotische Szenen, um einen guten Einblick in die Arbeitswelt zu bekommen. Allerdings hatte ich das Gefühl, der Autorin seien erotische Szenen unangenehm, denn sie wurden meistens sehr schnell abgehandelt. Dafür wurde dann sehr ausführlich über ihr Privatleben schwadroniert, was leider oftmals sehr langweilig war.
Ja, es gab auch ein paar interessante Einblicke, etwa, wie man sich in dem Job verhält, wenn man von einem Kunden in ein teures Hotel bestellt wurde, aber bei vielen Passagen hatte ich das Gefühl, die Autorin wollte nur die Seiten füllen, egal womit.
Auch konnte ich mit der Protagonistin nicht besonders viel anfangen. Sie wird als dauergeile Frau dargestellt, die selbst in ihrer Freizeit lieber mit dem Vibrator spielt als uns etwas tiefgründiges von sich zu erzählen. Es ist für sie völlig normal, dass ihre Partner ihre Slips tragen und es ist auch völlig normal, für Golden Showers herzuhalten...ich hab kein Problem damit, dass diese Dinge hier thematisiert werden und für normal befunden werden, aber wie diese Sachen an mich als Leser rangetragen wurden, wie sie von der Protagonistin nie hinterfragt wurden, war schon seltsam. Denn ich denke, die wenigsten Frauen würden es ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken gut finden, wenn ihr Partner ihre Dessous trägt...Für mich kams eher so vor, als würde hier ein feuchter Männertraum geschaffen werden. Wirkte auf mich nicht besonders authentisch.
Dass die Nebenfiguren auch nur Bezeichnungen wie W., A1-4 oder „Der Boy“ bekamen, war zudem ziemlich seltsam.
Insgesamt waren es zu viele Dinge, die mir sauer aufgestoßen sind und ich hatte das Gefühl, überhaupt keinen Mehrwert aus dem Buch ziehen zu können, sodass ich nach ca. 100 Seiten abgebrochen habe.
Profile Image for Sana Abdulla.
462 reviews17 followers
February 24, 2020
3.5 stars, an unlikely call girl as she calls herself, braves the career of prostitution after aeveral attempts at working at whatever unsatisfying jobs she finds. Desperate for cash she does join an agency and works away, giving us insights on her daily life, out of work relationships etc...
As a theme, sex is an extremely readable topic, but the book was more about her than the pros and cons of her job, which has always been an intriguing subject for me, with many partners one is bound to get sick, uncomfortable or find oneself in dangerous situations. Nothing for this girl, who seems adept and a most likely candidate for the job given her sexual appetite, lack of inhibition and experience in all kinds of sexual shinanigans.
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149 reviews45 followers
May 21, 2010
Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl follows a high class London escort named Belle de Jour – obviously not her real name. Belle writes journal style entries for each day that depict her encounters with peculiar clients, her interactions with friends and ex-boyfriends, and her everyday life.

I liked Belle’s writing style immediately. She’s clever and humorous in her observations, and she keeps things light. One of the things I liked best about Belle is that she doesn’t fit the trashy, unintelligent image which people can form about prostitutes. Any preconceived ideas about prostitutes that the reader has will be tossed out the window. Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl also doesn’t push a moral agenda about the lifestyle. Belle isn’t trying to collect sympathy based on a horrible childhood, bad choices, being forced into the sex industry, etc. because that’s not her. She’s there because she wants t be, so there is no big moral conclusion. The book is a comical look at one London escort’s life, that’s it.

While I did find the book enjoyable, I found myself getting a bit bored with it by the end. I didn’t find any of her entries regarding her clients or work dull, but Belle spent quite a bit of time talking about other men in her life such as ex-boyfriends and friends, and I wasn’t quite as interested in that aspect. I picked up the book for the prostitution angle (I know that sounds bad, but I’m just being honest), so by the last third of the book I was mainly skimming the bits about her life outside of work. It seemed to me that she spent more time talking about her life and ex-boyfriends during the last half of the book than she did about her work. I’d still recommend the book for a light, funny read, but if you are looking for a serious or insightful memoir about escorts keep looking.

On a side note, there is a British TV series based on this book called Secret Diary of a Call Girl starring Billie Piper. The show is quite entertaining, but definitely for an adult audience only!
Profile Image for Tocotin.
761 reviews108 followers
November 19, 2010
A book about the life of a call girl, boring? Yes. I understand it was a blog first, but looks like the author didn't bother to review the entries and compose a more interesting and well-constructed story out of them.

I didn't expect anything especially revealing or insightful, but a little more substance would have been nice. Surprisingly, the author wrote a lot about her private life (boyfriends, parents, travels), and much less about her work, and this was what I wanted to read about. All right, there was sex and stuff, but it was all the same: great, exhilarating, full of passion or at least of dedication. The men also all the same, all more or less acceptable and desirable. (The girls, on the other hand, nonexistent, apart from the annoying Angel, who I don't know why was given so much space in the story.)

I understand that the author thinks prostitution is a great career choice, but why exactly, she doesn't say. Looks that it works for her because she genuinely likes sex and all people who are able to provide it. That's cool, but not interesting enough, and given that she glosses over any unpleasantness or potential trouble, it also doesn't feel very authentic. That doesn't mean I wanted her in trouble or anything, no. I just think that some shadows in the overall picture would have made it more engaging; and I don't mean problems with her boyfriend, which were kinda confusing.

Also, the style was a bit too pretentious at times, and what's with the dates in French? Lol.
Profile Image for M0rningstar.
133 reviews5 followers
June 14, 2011
I really wanted to give this book three stars. It's refreshing to see someone write about their sexuality in such an unfettered manner. In a way, the author normalizes sexual desire, framing it as a natural appetite to be sated and enjoyed where and when appropriate, much like a penchant for good food and fine wine. Sex is taken off its oft-unquestioned pedestal, stripped of its usual moral and mystical raiment, until we can look into its bare face as just another basic drive, a sibling of thirst, hunger, and sleep. It's an intriguing perspective.

The author includes a good number of passages about her personal relationships (platonic, familial, and amorous), and if/how they've been affected by her choice of employment. She also writes about formative episodes in her childhood, as well early lovers who expanded her sexual horizons. This all helps the reader form a fuller picture of her experience and is interesting to read.

Unfortunately, about 1/3 into the book, the author starts spending an increasing number of pages cataloging diners/lunches/nights out with her buddies where they ceaselessly lament their lack of a steady girlfriend or boyfriend, or mope about a breakup that occurred ages ago. I realize that the book was originally a blog, but couldn't the editor have at least nixed the part about defrosting the freezer? The book read less and less like the autobiography of a woman in an unusual trade, as touted in the title, and more and more like chick-lit (a genre which I avoid with assiduousness.) So two stars it is.
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January 27, 2012
I am a little bit over sexual adventuress books, to be quite honest (see In My Skin: A Memoir; The Bride Stripped Bare) but I'd always meant to pick this one up at some point, as I had seen the telly show with Billie Piper (very scarred at seeing Rose's boobs - what would the Doctor think?). One of the reasons why I liked this one much better than those other books is because Belle du Jour approached the topic and experiences with a sense of humour - Gemmell and Holden taken themselves so seriously even when they are trying to make a joke that I just find them and their approach to sex and sexuality rather tiresome. This, on the other hand, was a good-humoured (but not necessarily comic) account of a woman who makes money from doing what she loves best, and which happens to explore other sorts of issues, ideas and experiences along the way. I'm not going to rush out and read more, but I'm happy to have ticked this one off the list.
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October 31, 2014
This is the story of prostitution from a candy-coloured specs perspective. It says something that the ITV series added more depth.

Entertaining enough but Belle is a lot like friends that I avoid - always on about her exes and the dramas associated with same. Preoccupied with knickers and makeup - slipping public school french into every sentence. Not a protagonist I relate to.

Save yourself some time and watch the series instead, the book is only a parade of similar encounters with identical thoughts scribbled in between - plus one semi-abusive though consensual relationship that made be uncomfortable.

As for people saying Belle isn't a feminist - they need to look up the definition of the word. Belle acts as equal to men, because she is. she takes pleasure from sex and from sometimes quite extreme acts of sado-masochism. But she does these things because she wants to.

So, dull and public school these ramblings of a designer, giddy whore might be - but they aren't anti-feminist.
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July 8, 2011
I must be honest and say that I only read up to page 201.
In my opinion this book is written by a transexual. I have friends that are strippers that don't go through all the make-up, shaving, and deodorant that this person does.
Maybe I would have enjoyed the book more if the author was honest and said that they were a transexual call girl, but I just can't get into a book where I feel like the author is lieing about who they actually are.
There was also a story about her masturbating that sortive gave it away. I wont get into the details...
I also found out that this author is going to write a third book about their life as a call girl but it is going to be completely fictional. Well in my opinion this whole thing is fictional.
I will be removing this authors second book from wish list as well...
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April 26, 2013
I'm sorry to be blunt but I found this book dull and hard work to read. I kept reading waiting for something exciting to happen. Like someone else wrote, I got sick of hearing (well reading!) her say "the boy" too. I really expected her to lead a more adventurous life - maybe I was too conditioned as I have had a friend who worked in the industry for a few years, but she certainly made it seem more exciting than Belle did! I already bought the sequel before reading the first so now I guess I have to plough through that!
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June 8, 2014
I expected something similar to the tv show, and it turns out that, just like Sex & the City, the show is awesome and the book is terrible. It's so bad, so boring and so annoying that I couldn't get half through it.

She basically tells us how amaaaaaazing she is because she enjoys doing EEEEEEEVERYTHING you can imagine, and she gets paid for it! And she has a boyfriend and she has an amaaaaaazing relationship with her thousand ex boyfriends, etc.

She's just a self obssesed pretender.

Don't read this crap, watch the show.
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July 30, 2013
Why has this been written I just wonder?! To tell about life of a call girl? No, for that too little information. To write hardcore sex, erotic book to get you in the mood?No, too clinical for that. To show that she is nice and witty girl allthough a hooker?She isn't either. There is no story, no plot, just scenes and here and there taboo words like fistfuck, anal sex, s/m.Well read it to the end and wont recommend it to anyone.
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