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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

4.04  ·  Rating Details ·  8,409 Ratings  ·  344 Reviews
"With the same delightfully irreverent spirit that he brought to his retellings of Little Red Riding Hood, Marshall enlivens another favorite. . . . The illustrations are fraught with delicious humor and detail. Like its predecessor, perfect for several uses, from picture book hour to beginning reading."--Kirkus Reviews. Caldecott Honor Medal.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published September 30th 1988 by Dial Books
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldilocks, who was very interested in online reviewing. She was out in the woods one day, when, walking past a house picturesquely called Bear Cottage, she glanced through the window and happened to notice three books lying on the table. No one seemed to be around, so she opened the door and went in.

She looked at the first book, which was called Les 120 journées de Sodome ou l'école du libertinage, by the Marquis de Sade. Not only was it full of t

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a Caldecott Honor Book from the creative mind of James Marshall and it is about how a naughty little girl named Goldilocks finds out the hard way about being disobedient to her mother. “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a truly hilarious retelling of the classic fairy tale the children will be engaged in for a long time.

James Marshall has done a magnificent job at both illustrating and writing this book. James Marshall’s illustrations are truly colorful and h
Eddie Watkins
Jan 24, 2011 Eddie Watkins rated it really liked it
Some fairy tales seem to survive as a form of madness, or an infection with no known treatment. They have been repeated so often and so much that they become permanently lodged in our collective consciousness, repeated by children generation after generation with thorough enjoyment, while remaining free of any significance or meaning beyond their own internal repetitions and patterns. They are what we call nonsense.

Nonsense is delightful.

Nonsense is transcendent.

Nonsense is a three-winged bird.

James Marshall's Goldilocks and the Three Bears is deliciously fun and I especially appreciate that Goldilocks is both described and visually depicted as the rather nasty and disobedient, even malicious little girl she is (that the Three Bears are clearly shown as the victims of her disobedient home invasion). That being said, while the accompanying illustrations are bright, expressive and full of humour (and clearly depict the often sly and calculating facial expressions of the main antagonist, ...more
James Marshall's illustrations have lots of fun details. I especially love that the bears have books scattered throughout their house.
Apr 03, 2016 Wilmarie rated it really liked it
In this 1989 Caldecott Honor Medal Winner we see a re-telling of the famous children’s story of a girl named Goldilocks and her interference with the three bears’ home. We first see that Goldilocks gets sent on an errand, by her mother, who specifically tells her she cannot take the shortcut. Goldilocks is an impetuous child who likes to do what she wants, instead of what she is told. On her shortcut, she sees a house and wanders inside, without even knocking the door. She sees porridge on the t ...more
Nelson Ganeshwaran
Oct 14, 2013 Nelson Ganeshwaran rated it really liked it
The story is a fairy tale first recorded in narrative form by British author and poet Robert Southey. This book is a book I will enjoy reading to children all the time. It is a classic which will be remembered forever. This is a story where children will grow up and be able to recall the story from start to finish.

Goldilocks walks into the home of three bears when they went out for a walk. The three bears consisted of a father, a mother and a child. When the bears returned home, they realised t
Lucy Townsend
May 09, 2012 Lucy Townsend rated it really liked it
This story is about three bears; mummy bear, daddy bear and baby bear. One morning the bears decide to go for a walk whilst their porridge cools down. Whilst they are out a little girl names Goldilocks comes across their house and decides to go in and have a look. She finds the porridge and decides to try all three but baby bear's porridge is 'just right' she then decides to sit in the chairs and finds mummy and daddy bears chairs too uncomfortable and likes baby bear's chair but breaks it. Gold ...more
Aug 02, 2010 Laura rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: everyone!
Shelves: mlis-texts
I included this as a variation on the classic story because the author portrays Goldilocks as a specifically naughty girl, rather than the thoughtless or overly curious girl that is more typical for the story. The first bit of text says, “Once there was a little girl called Goldilocks. ‘What a sweet child,’ said someone new in town. ‘That’s what you think,’ said a neighbor.” The accompanying illustration shows Goldilocks jumping off a swing and into a pool of water, beside which a group of cats ...more
Razaak Ahmed
Jun 05, 2012 Razaak Ahmed rated it really liked it
Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a book that is synonymous with many children growing up in the United Kingdom. A classic fairy tale that is about exploring the curiosity of a young girl and how that curiosity causes unintended trouble and mischief.

Aimed primarily towards very young children, it can be used to teach children about size (big, medium and small) and also that actions have consequences. Perhaps most notably children can learn about what can happen if they are to eat/use things of
I found this book insanely delightful. It had all the elements of a good story: humor, (comical asides), wonderfully bright illustrations and a good moral at the end. I would heartily recommend this book. It kept my attention and even made me smirk once or twice. Definitely check this book out.

*Taken from my book reviews blog:
Mar 07, 2012 Beverly rated it it was amazing
I like this humorous version with its cartoon illustrations. One thing I especially liked was that this version gave a reason for Goldilocks to be out and about--she was supposed to be buying muffins for her mother, who also warned her not to go into the woods. Of course, she disobeyed and the rest is folktale history. The cartoons are colorful and as humorous as the text.

Nov 02, 2013 Carrie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I wasn't going to review any kids books on here since they are so short. But I have read this no less than a million times so that has to count for something.

This is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My girls love this book. It takes the classic tale and embellishes it slightly. The pictures are great too. We love James Marshall books.
I appreciate the added details and word choice in Marshall's retelling of Goldilocks. While the illustrations complement and add to the humor of the story, I am not a huge fan of the cartoon-like style.
Alex Bemis
Oct 28, 2014 Alex Bemis rated it it was amazing
Shelves: modlule-3
I love all traditional literature books because so many kids can make connections with them. They are something they have heard since they were babies.
Alyssa Casto
Aug 25, 2013 Alyssa Casto rated it it was amazing
This is just your traditional story of goldilocks and the three bears so what's not to love? The pictures are so amusing and made me laugh the whole time I was reading.
Felicia Moore
Feb 29, 2016 Felicia Moore rated it liked it
Reading the books off of Rory Gilmore's book challenge list. Read this book to baby Elizabeth. :D
Julie Cardillo
Feb 20, 2017 Julie Cardillo rated it it was amazing
Title Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Author: James Marshall
Illustrator: James Marshall
Genre: Mother Goose/Nursery Rhyme
Theme(s): Lesson Learning, Personification, Listen to your parents
Opening line/sentence: “Once there was a little girl called, Goldilocks.”

Brief Book Summary: This is a retell of the popular nursery rhyme, where a cute little girl with blonde curls, named Goldilocks, does not listen to her mothers’ warning about taking the short cut. Like many children, Goldilocks promised she w
Bailey Bach
Feb 28, 2017 Bailey Bach rated it it was amazing
This Caldecott award winning book entails the folktale of Goldilocks and her adventure into the woods. Goldilocks mother warns her to never go into the forest because of the rumored bears that live there. Goldilocks being the naughty little girl she is, she decides to take the short cut through the forest and stumbles upon a house that belongs to the three bears. She eats porridge, rests in the bears chairs, and even sleeps in their beds. Goldilocks falls fast asleep in baby bear's bed and befor ...more
Michelle Dunlap
Feb 05, 2017 Michelle Dunlap rated it it was amazing
The story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears is retold by James Marshal with a slight spin on a familiar story. Goldilocks was a naughty little girl whose mom, sends her off to buy muffins. Her mom tells her not to take the shortcut on her way to buy muffins, but does anyway. Goldilocks quickly finds herself enjoying a family of bears, porridge. However the porridge was not the only thing she enjoyed, but also their chairs and beds.

The character of Goldilocks is portrayed as a mischievous little
Lissette Bustamante
Feb 28, 2017 Lissette Bustamante rated it it was amazing
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, retold and illustrated by James Marshall, is a Caldecott award-winning book. This book is a folktale that many people already know. Goldilocks goes to the woods and find the home of the three bears and eats their porridge until she finds the perfect one. Then, she goes to sits on a chair, until she finds the baby bear's chair and it is perfect. She, later, gets tired and goes to bed until she finds the perfect one. The bears come home to find her, read to find out ...more
Patricia Teskera
Mar 12, 2017 Patricia Teskera rated it it was amazing
1. Caldecott Medal Award
2. Kindergarten to 3rd grade
3. Goldilocks may seem like a nice little girl, but she is up to no good! One day, her mother asks her to go buy muffins and to not cut through the forest. Goldilocks cuts through the forest anyway and decides to welcome herself into three bear’s home. She eats all their porridge, sits on all their chairs, and beds. The bears return when Goldilocks is still inside. Read to find out what happens next!
4. I loved this book! It was funny to see Gol
Giuliana Frye
Feb 28, 2017 Giuliana Frye rated it it was amazing
In this book by James Marshall, Goldilocks, a naughty girl who doesn't listen to her mother, broke into the house of three bears. In this house, she tasted their porridge, sat in their chairs, and slept in their beds. Upon napping, she doesn't hear the bears come back home. What will they do to her when they find her in Little Bear's bed?
The images in this book are very simple, and full of color. It's a traditional literature book because it is a story commonly known my most people. This book al
Megan Patel
Feb 24, 2017 Megan Patel rated it really liked it
There once were three bears that lived in their little home together. Mama bear had made porridge for the family and while it was cooling of they had gone out for a walk. While the family was out their home had a little visitor, Goldilocks. What will happen while she is in their house?
James Marshall did a great job with this story book. It was one of my favorite books growing up and I still remember it to this day. Goldilocks is a classic children's literature book that every child should read a
Nicole Raabe
Mar 09, 2017 Nicole Raabe rated it it was amazing
1) Awards: Caldecott Honor

2) Age Range: Kindergarten-3rd grade

3) Summary: This is a retelling of the old folktale we are familiar with. Goldilocks makes a pit-stop on her way home, despite the warnings against it. She encounters the three bear's home and eats baby bear's porridge, rocks in his chair, and naps in his bed because it is "just right."

4) Review: I enjoyed this publication of an oral tradition. I've always loved this tale. I feel as though Marshall captured it nicely with effective il
Lexie Law
Feb 28, 2017 Lexie Law rated it really liked it
Goldilocks and the Three Bears is the fable of Goldilocks who sneaks into the bears house and sleeps in their beds and eats their food. The story is illustrated and retold by James Marshall who gives the book a much more interesting look to the book with the drawings.

I liked this book since its a classic that almost everyone knows. I enjoyed the different style of illustrations that were in the book which gave it a much more interesting look to it. The colors of the book were more bright which
Stefanie Burns
Mar 14, 2017 Stefanie Burns rated it really liked it
Shelves: caldecott-honor
I've always enjoyed Marshall's version of Goldilocks. It's silly. The illustrations also add an additional element of humor to the story. Goldilocks is a little naughty. I like how he has her knowingly take the shortcut with a sneaky look on her face. Many tales make it seem more like accident she ends up at the bears' house. Children will love looking at the silly illustrations as they hear a familiar tale. Definitely a version that should be in a children's library collection.
Abby Stever
Feb 20, 2017 Abby Stever rated it liked it
Shelves: el-230
I chose this children's book because, I was read this story as a young child. I did not remember the book well, however, I remember enjoying it as a child and thought it would be neat to re-read the story. This book could be used in an elementary classroom to demonstrate the difference in people's thinking, one may like something and another may not. "The papa bear's soup was too hot, the mama bear's soup was too cold and the baby bear's soup was just right" and continued throughout the story. T ...more
Nov 23, 2016 Monae rated it really liked it
Awards: Caldecott Award
Grade: K-2
Summary: James Marshall twists a classical tale with a humorous touches. We all know Goldilocks enters into the three bears home without permission and begins her invade their personal space. This malicious little girl starts her mischievous ways, by sampling their porridge, beds and chairs. And without a doubt, she ransacks their home and doesn't show any signs of remorse.
In Class Use: (1) Model Book for Writer's Workshop- I would like to have the studen
Inger Yoder
Dec 05, 2016 Inger Yoder rated it really liked it
Shelves: children-s-lit
This is the book I used for my story telling. I chose this book because it was the closest to the version of Goldilocks that I was telling. I love the pictures in this book. And I also love the attitude of Goldilocks that the author shows throughout the story. Definitely a book I will have in my classroom.
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James Edward Marshall (October 10, 1942 – October 13, 1992), who also wrote as Edward Marshall, was a children's author and illustrator.

His father worked on the railroad, was a band member in the 1930s, and his mother sang in the local church choir. His family later moved to Beaumont, Texas. Marshall said: "Beaumont is deep south and swampy and I hated it. I knew I would die if I stayed there so I
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