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Sense of Truth #1

The Thirteenth Chime

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Destiny has finally found the life that she has always wanted. She is about to finish college, has a fiance that loves her, and a great summer on the West Coast planned with her friend, Stephanie. But her world is turned upside down when an antique clock mysteriously chimes thirteen times and someone attacks them, sending Stephanie and her mother to the hospital.

Alone, and without any help from the police, Destiny has no choice but to turn to the one man she had left behind a year ago - her ex-boyfriend, David. Together, they must solve the riddle of the thirteenth chime before the clock strikes thirteen again. Yet as they face their own past and hearts, a trap over half a century old is waiting for them to become its prey.

For revenge, fifty years is never too long...

238 pages, Paperback

First published August 10, 2010

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Emma Michaels

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1,180 reviews
January 14, 2012
After careful consideration, I’ve decided to publish my review of The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels. For a while I was very torn. After I finished reading it, I had my opinions which went against, literally, every single review out there. No, I wasn’t worried about what the author might think. When has that ever stopped me? What made me hesitant was what my fellow book bloggers might think as Emma Michaels was/is a book blogger.

There seems to be this feeling of unadulterated support for her because of her book blogging status. She’s a book blogger so we must support her. I support anyone that has the dream of becoming an author. Writing has been my life and I would never deny it for someone else. But I will not support by pandering, lying or being dishonest. I will support by telling the gods-honest truth as I see it because that’s what I feel this book desperately needs.

I’m not trying to convince anyone not to like this book. If you want to like it, it’s your prerogative. But as a writer, editor and book blogger, I could not, in good conscience, let the community get people’s hopes up for a book that I feel doesn’t deserve the unabashed praise its been getting.

You don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I really don’t care if you do. Just remember I’ve been doing this long enough that I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about. Plus I really don’t want that $75,000 in student loan debt to be in vain. With that being said, I’m going to treat Emma’s book as I would any other author’s.


I wanted to dump this book after the first word. I absolutely abhor the name Destiny. It’s used so often in Suefic that it’s hard for me to disassociate it. But that certainly wouldn’t have been fair. Judging a book because I don’t like the name of the main character? Silly. So I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept reading.

By the fifth page I was Googling the publisher to make sure I wasn’t reading a book from a vanity press. After verifying that it didn’t look like they were pay-to-publish, I read on. Oh how badly I wanted to stop but I made it to the end for only one reason – to see if Michaels could write the ending. She couldn’t.

Where to start?

Let’s start by saying that I felt like I was reading the first draft of a person’s very first novel who only has a couple years of high school-level English classes behind them. The idea was undeveloped and the writing was mediocre at best.

The writing as a whole was horribly mechanical. I felt as if Michaels just didn’t know how to transition anything so it felt like I was reading a laundry list of actions. “They went there. Then they walked over here. They got filled in on what happened. They left.” Everything was totally devoid of emotions. I was told everything and shown nothing. I didn’t feel any of the action or suspense or character emotions. I was just told what they were and then we carried on.

The incessant passive voice kept me away even more. Had, had, had, had, had, had, had. Absolutely no sense of immediacy. And then there were the dialogue tags after every single line of dialogue. Not. Necessary. If the characters’ emotions need to constantly be portrayed through dialogue tags, then there’s something wrong with the dialogue.

The voice was strange as well. It looked as if Michaels might have been pushing for omniscient third but she wanted to keep some mystery behind what was happening in order to heighten tension by denying the reader information that the characters, whose heads you're in, knew. Which you can’t do in omniscient third. Because it’s omniscient. I wasn’t biting my nails in suspense; I was trying to keep from hurling my eReader across the room. It’s way too expensive to sacrifice.

I actually liked the very base premise between the clock and the jail but the development of it was so immature that as a whole, I don’t think it’s even salvageable.

The characters were pretty unlikable too. The woman and her daughter from the antique shop were pretty pointless except to be moody infodumps when needed. David’s just fucking ridiculous. Over the course of the story he carries an unconscious Destiny down a mountain in a blizzard with a busted knee, damn near drowns at sea (yet is such a great swimmer despite the fact that he’s terrified of the water that he could swim to shore after piloting a boat that capsized during a raging storm) and then falls off a cliff onto some rocks, rolls into the water and then manages to actually scale back up the cliff free hand. By that point I was laughing. Absurd. Stephanie’s a tramp and a horrible friend. Her David-lust (which is Destiny’s ex) is joked about yet serious but I couldn’t laugh at that. Your best friend’s ex is off limits. I thought that was a pretty golden rule. Leslie’s unconscious for 90% of it and Destiny’s hollow, serving only to be rescued by the superhuman David. There was absolutely no character development or growth whatsoever, despite everything that happened. That was bothersome.

Outside of David’s world of Murphy’s Law, there were other equally contrived and self-serving events in the story. For instance, the tree that falls in front of the house decides, after lying still for a bit, to not only roll over the only car but roll right in front of the house’s only entrance (which is implausible in and of itself) to further inhibit the characters. Really? Was there a kitchen sink we could have thrown in there too? The ending might as well have been rocks fall and everyone dies. Except in this case Super David unburies everyone with only one arm and everything turns out a-okay.

Between the juvenile writing and the blip of a story idea buried underneath it, this should have been a trunk novel, without a doubt. Kill your darling and move on.

I honestly can’t recommend this book to anyone. Why? I wouldn’t recommend anyone read anyone else’s first draft of anything ever. It’s just not ready for anyone else’s eyes but the author’s. It’s poorly written, the idea is poorly executed, it’s not scary in the slightest and at the end of the day it could have used, at the very least, one total rewrite, if not more.

I wish Emma the best of luck with writing in the future. I really do. But if I had to be frank (and why wouldn’t I be?), I would highly recommend a good honest critique group. These writing flaws are not fatal and can be killed dead with some solid constructive criticism. The want to succeed is there. I can see that. But there’s a lot of room for improvement.
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January 24, 2011
The Gist:

Destiny only wanted a vacation. Just a simple week away from the pressure of school and the thought of getting married. When her friend Stephanie invites her to her mother’s new seaside home, Destiny takes her up on it. She goes for a week of relaxation and fun. But on their first night there, they are attacked. In the middle of the night the grandfather clock on the landing (which creeped Destiny out when she first saw it) chimed thirteen times. Suddenly, Leslie (Stephanie’s mom) is gravely injured and Stephanie – in a attempt to save her – is brutally attacked. But by who? And why? None of them remember seeing a person attacking. But Destiny does recall seeing a glowing green light… As Stephanie and her mother are rushed to the hospital, Destiny calls someone important to her. Someone she knows can help her. Not her fiance. But David, her ex-boyfriend who she hasn’t talked to since the breakup. Meanwhile, David’s life is falling appart. His work as an EMT isn’t exactly what he wants to be doing and the thought of Destiny still pains him. While breaking into the appartement of a suicidal man (with a gun) on a call as an EMT – to try to stop the man from killing himself – David’s cellphone rings. Destiny’s calling. This alerts the emotionally distraught man with the gun that David broke into his house…and he’s not pleased about that. After convincing the guy to put the gun down and not kill anyone, David gets an earful from his boss and partner about being too irrational and taking too many risks. They tell him that if he doesn’t stop it, he’ll be fired. So he calls Destiny back and decides to fly out to meet her, taking some time off work. He wants to help her in any way he can. Help her solve the mystery of the random attacks before the clock chimes thirteen times again.

What We Think

Reviewed by Dream Catcher

I really wanted to like this book. REALLY wanted to. Emma Michaels had been so nice during the interview…but that was before we ever read the book. We’d heard about it, and we’d heard that is was great. That was good enough for us – interview time! Let me just say that I hope we don’t do anymore interviews with authors unless we’ve read the book already! Because now I feel guilty for writing a not-so-fabulous review. Anyways…the book, the book. I knew from the very first sentence that I wouldn’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly kept an open mind throughout the whole thing (because, like I said, I really wanted to like this) but after the first sentence I had a bad feeling that it wouldn’t get any better. The first line is “Destiny flipped her light brown hair back into the flow of the wind.” Right off the bat, from the first sentence, it shows that the writing will not be good. And i wasn’t. To start the book by flipping her hair into the wind…not a good omen. It’s not interesting; it doesn’t make me want to read any further. It’s too random and meaningless to the story as a whole. Beginnings are one of the most important parts of the book (including the ending) and they have to go off with a BANG. This one didn’t. And it was evident.

Anyways, plot. It was…alright. I think the idea itself was good, but wasn’t exactly excecuted right. It was almost too technical. When I read the back of the book – the synopsis – I thought this can’t really be just simply a human attacker. It has to have some…magic, right? Well, there was hardly any of that. All police officers and prison wardens and hospital doctors and nurses and EMTs. There was way too much of that for my liking…it just seemed out of place. It just didn’t seem to fit the picture I had of the story in my mind after reading the synopsis. And its always annoying when the back of the book doesn’t match the story. So…plot was alright but not great.

The characters…they weren’t so great either. Let me first say that the main character being named Destiny didn’t make anything better. No offense to anyone, but I really don’t like the name Destiny (that information was completely irrelevent to this review). And I think the author used that name solely for the purpose of getting jokes out of it. “We met through Destiny”, “I’m dating Destiny”, “I’m in love with Destiny”. Ha, ha. It’s funny because not only is Destiny a name, but a thing, too! Ha, ha. I didn’t find it funny. Now Destiny as a character was almost worse than her pun-inducing name. I didn’t like her very much. She thought she was funny when she wasn’t. She called David to help her but she wouldn’t stop yelling at him and scolding him for being himself. She just wasn’t very likebale. I could stand her, however, for the first 3/8ths of the book maybe. Then the reader finds out that she dumped David after he saves her life – while he was in the hospital – and started seeing another guy a week later. A week! I may not be the master of dating and relationships, but I thought dating some other guy only a week after breaking up with a long-time boyfriend is a big no-no. Something really low. Apparently not to Destiny. Which leads me to my next question, did she ever “love” David at all? Though she claims to have loved him and still love him (as a friend, of course!). I dunno. I just found that whole thing worth mentioning…because it’s kinda mean, right? I mean, a week? After claiming to have LOVED him? Seriously. I found it all ANNOYING. Going along with that (annoying, that is) Stephanie was almost as bad as Destiny. She kept going after David – all the while insisting she didn’t really want to date him – and saying all these suggestive things to him. Okay, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there some unspoken girl code that all decent people go by that states you NEVER date your best friend’s ex? I thought that was a golden rule. Or at least a silver rule. Anyways, it got old fast. Here’s how it usually went: STEPHANIE: ”Blahblahblah something suggestive blahblahblah”. DAVID: “Uh…”. DESTINY: “Stephanie, you tramp, he’s my ex!!”. STEPHANIE: “Yeah…key word being ex!”. Gah! ANNOYING. Leslie was just an all-around okay character. She was alright despite the fact she called everyone “kid” and her refusal to be called “ma’am”. Now David. I don’t know where to begin, really. He was my favorite character…but that doesn’t mean that I like him. He was occationally funny, but by the end he was just ANNOYING. You would have to be SUPER HUMAN to do all he did in this book and survive. It got to the point of utter rediculousness. Okay, now there were two characters that I didn’t understand at all. I mean I understood them…but not their purpose to the story. Carline and Christina. They were basically pointless. Enough said. Enough with characters!

Now I’ll be nice and say something good-ish. The cover itself was pretty good. It was interesting with the pale face and bright eye with a clock face in it…even if it only half-had to do with the book. The title was good too. The Thirteenth Chime sounds dramatic and mysterious. So props on that.

And so, finally, I move on to the last topic: WRITING. Oh, goodness. Sadly, this was the worst part of the book. The writing itself wa stiff and awkward and unlikeable. There were some instances where I was cringing at the way it was written. For instance, once the word warily was used twice in one sentence. Twice. Inexcusable. I mean if it was meant to make the sentence sound poetic and repetative (or something) than it would be okay. But here it just sounded wrong. If the writer herself hadn’t caught that her editor should have. Sigh. Anyway…the writing sounded young and inexperianced much to my disappointment. Now…the dialogue was flat-out not good. It wasn’t believable. It didn’t sound like something an everyday person would say. Bad dialogue can ruin a book, which is why great dialogue is extremely important. I think if the dialogue had been better I would have liked the book A LOT more. Honestly, the writing flaws in this book are easily fixed with practice and hard-writing-work. It’s not set in stone that Emma Michael’s writing will always be as it is now. Her writing will get better as she works more at it.

This book seemed almost incomplete.It was like she hadn’t quite gotten the story down, or the characters, or the writing. I wanted to like it, but wanting isn’t always enough. I will read her second book, however, in hopes it will be better than her debut.

Real Teen Rating~ D- : If you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to read.
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August 18, 2010
Wow, creepy. I loved it!

The Thirteenth Chime was a thrill of a ride. In the over two hours that I read it, it gave me an eerie, adrenaline pulsing, spooky feeling. I became so intrigued with the story, and just couldn’t wait to find out the mystery behind the clock. I loved the plot, and how it all unfolded. It was very well researched and executed. The writing was nice. Maybe a little simple, but I liked it. Emma wrote great details, and the dialogue and scenes flowed along very well. The characters were all wonderful, all very well developed. I really liked David and his sense of humor. I liked how he went through all sorts of trouble to keep Destiny safe, he even overcame his fear of water. I kind of want Destiny to end up with David. But then, from the little we saw of Scott, I really liked him. He’s a good, kind man who deserves Destiny. But then David loves her, and I really liked him. Argh. Well, I guess I’ll just have to see what happens in the sequel. I also loved Leslie, she just sounds like an old adamant lady who won’t let anyone get in the way of what she wants, but then is also very kind and generous. She made me laugh :) I also really like the name Destiny, it’s really pretty.

Now, the cover. I really loved the cover. When I first had the book in my hands and looked at it, I realized that the iris and pupil was a clock. I thought that was so cool! I don’t know why I didn’t notice that before. I liked the coloring and the font. I also liked that Emma’s name was done in cursive. It made it more unique and personal.

I really enjoyed reading The Thirteenth Chime. It was spooky and interesting. I think it could make a good thriller movie. I’m excited to read the next book and find out what David is. Thanks Emma for the story, it was amazing!
20 reviews
July 14, 2010
Bokheim selected a few bloggers to review the e-ARC for The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels. And I got sent a copy.

The Thirteenth Chime being another one of my most anticipated books this year as I’m sure you’ve all heard me blab about it at some point or other. So I’m very excited that I got to review it.

I just want to start off by saying that from the cover, and the teasers, and doing my interview with Emma, and becoming really good friends, I got really excited about this book because it just really seems so unique. I had set a bar I guess un-knowingly in my head beforehand and it really surprised me how much more I got out of reading it then I had expected.

The book starts with Destiny leaving for a vacation with her friend. And then somehow she finds herself caught up in this horrible nightmare. Trying to piece together what’s happened she turns to her ex boyfriend David and together (though I think David did most of the work) they start to piece together what exactly happened the night and how Stephanie and her mother wound up in the hospital.

As the chapters tick down you become more and more excited and find yourself caught up in the mystery, in figuring out what happened.

I think the story is not only very unique but genuine as well; there was a sense of honesty to the whole thing that ties the story together perfectly and makes it seem so real.

The Thirteenth Chime will draw you in and have you hanging on every word until the mystery finally unravels and you’re left wondering how Emma could possibly top the first book with the second.

Emma Michaels is a great debut author and The Thirteenth Chime is the start to a very promising series.

I leave you on this note….

I will never look at grandfather clocks the same ever again!

To enter for a chance to win some Thirteenth Chime swag follow this link:
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205 reviews131 followers
July 13, 2010
HOLY SHIT that is one scary, book...

I HATE biting my nails, but I have to admit I was tempted, my worry stone got a work out while reading though.

WOW, full review to come!
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228 reviews20 followers
August 18, 2010
I found this book when I was online one day and saw the trailer on someone’s blog. The trailer is awesome and I was immediately intrigued and started searching online to try and pre-order this book. Sadly, it was not available for pre-order so I had to wait it out, but its ok because I have my copy now! The cover looks even better in person by the way, the eye is even darker and inside the pupil are the numbers for a clock face. The only thing I found strange is the roman numeral for “4″ used on the clock face. It thought it was supposed to be “IV” but on my cover it is “IIII”, anyone know why? Just curious I guess, maybe I am just missing something. Either way the cover is really cool, even the pages on the inside are faded a little so they are more yellowish instead of white which I thinks fits in really well with the tone of the book. Alright enough about the appearance, onto the review.

The book centers mainly around Destiny and David so you get to see both of their point of views which I love. I think multiple points of view always add depth to the story since you get multiple angels. Anyway, Destiny and David dated for 4 years, but an accident shook both of them up and when David asked Destiny to marry him she said no. A week later, she met Scott who asked her to marry him 6 months in and she said yes. I don’t know about you, but I still think there are some unresolved issues there that Destiny needs to deal with before she can marry this new guy. I also happen to really like David and wish that something would spark again between him and Destiny, but we don’t really get to see Scott that much so maybe I am not giving the guy a fair shot. Not so sure, but I will be interested to see if that comes up later down the line. On the same note, Stephanie, Destiny’s friend, starts to develop a little crush on David and I for one do not like it. I guess I am one of those people who thinks you don’t date your friends ex’s no matter what, but that is just me. I think this also might come up later down the line but we will have to wait and see.

The mystery in this story revolves around a grandfather clock that is in an old Victorian style house. This cryptic clock only works some of the time and has a tendency to chime thirteen times when there is about to be trouble. On a side note, I have a grandfather clock in my house and I find myself listening very carefully when it goes off now because I am worried I am going to hear that thirteenth chime. I don’t even want to look up at that clock, I am actually thinking about silencing it :) I know it is just a story, but I really got into this one, so it is kinda staying with me. I think that is a sign of good writing though, Emma has me all freaked out about the object that causes so much mayhem in her book.

I would classify this book as a mystery, but there are definitely some paranormal elements in there. There are no vamps or fey or anything like that running around, but that does not mean it is not obscure and that is what I like about it. I also like that there is no fluff! Thank you Emma for writing a great story and not putting in any of the nonsense. The book is 240 pages, but you are always moving forward and getting new pieces to the puzzle which kept me very interested. The Thirteenth Chime is a mystifying read that will captivate you so quickly you won’t even realize it has happened. If you have not read it put it in your “to be read” pile! I know I loved this book!
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March 29, 2012
Plot: Destiny and her roommate Stephanie are staying with Stephanie's mother in an old Victorian house on the coast of a small Washington State town for the summer. An old grandfather clock has been part of the house since long before any of them ever set foot in it, and it has the tendency to chime thirteen times out of the blue. One night when that thirteenth chime rings out, Stephanie and her mother end up in the hospital. In a panic, Destiny calls her fearless ex-boyfriend, David, out from Cleveland to help her figure out how to unravel this paranormal mystery that has left her completely baffled.

Characters: Destiny is the main character, but a lot of this story revolves around her ex-boyfriend, David. Destiny calls him to fly out from their hometown instead of her fiance, Scott. She feels David is the more capable when she's feeling extreme terror, and David comes through for her. He's a really heroic character who has the tendency to be reckless in the face of danger, but always manages to come out unscathed. He still has feelings for Destiny, but Destiny sends him constant mixed signals as to whether or not she still has feelings for him. That's one thing I don't like about her—she seems to be unable to let him go, yet she is very determined to marry the guy she couldn't even reach out to when in crisis.

Technical Writing: The writing is weak in most areas, but does have some smooth patches here and there. I found countless writer's ticks that grated on me. Also some sentences are worded strangely, and I'm not fond of the clumsy use of adverbs. I have a personal preference for 3rd person-limited POV in adult fiction, yet this one was in 3rd person-omniscient, jumping from one character's head to another and then another, all in one scene. Very confusing and pulled me right out of the story. I think that type of 3rd person POV should only be used for children's fiction, but that's just my opinion.

Storytelling: Besides the likable characters (Stephanie's mother being one of the funniest), I think the story aspect was strong, too. It has an intriguing paranormal mystery premise that got me interested, and it did a great job keeping me just clueless enough to keep on reading to see the characters uncover the mystery. It uses a very different kind of paranormalcy that I've never heard about before, and it may even be the author's clever invention, this “Sense” phenomenon. I think for lovers of mysteries that can be a bit scary—scarier than Scooby-Doo, anyway—this would be a great fit, although, don't expect the rational explanation and the masked bad guy cursing those “meddling kids” at the end.

Overall Quality: It goes down on the technical writing, but back up again because of the effective storytelling and good characters, so it evens out to being average. I wouldn't read this if you hate reading any writing that is less than flawless. But, if you like a great paranormal mystery despite poor writing, then this one might work for you.

Favorite Moment/Scene: It's a spoilery scene at the end when Destiny and David are finally confronted with the spooky clock-dwelling thing that is causing so much trouble in the old Victorian. It was such a relief to finally arrive at that moment and find out what was behind that pesky mystery.

My Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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December 23, 2013
I enjoyed this book and it certainly had its merits. I enjoyed the overall premise of the story and the whole mystery surrounding the Grandfather clock. The books was fast paced at the end as the whole mystery unravelled itself and I thought the way it resolved itself was good in the end. I will certainly be interested to see were the story goes if a sequel is published and there is a lot of ideas I would like to see developed further.

I did however think the book lacked something. As I was reading it I got a similiar sort of feeling I got when I watch early episodes of my favourite TV shows - you enjoy them but they aren't quite polished enough quite yet to be really good viewing. I simply didn't get the whole deal between David and Destiny and I actually thought her motives throughout the story were quite selfish. The writing style was quite simplistic at times and needed fleshing out. The first part of the story was very slow and not a lot happened at all. I also found that there weren't any characters I could particularly warm too.

Overall all in all definately one to look out for despite the flaws in it. I hope that as the author progresses through the series her writing will get stronger and stronger. The idea behind the story certainly have potential to make an awesome series.
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July 20, 2010
A unique, mind-bending debut from Emma Michaels; The Thirteenth Chime is an edge of the seat thriller woven together with a tragic love story. Emma does a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. I was a little bit confused at first; I had a hard time understanding Destiny - but once she finally opens up, the pieces start to fall into place.

Emma waste no time getting to the plot, an unexplained accident happens in the first few pages - that will leave you searching for answers all the way till the end.

The rest of my review can be found at
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763 reviews110 followers
September 21, 2010
While on break from college Destiny and Stephanie take a trip to the West coast to spend time at a house Stephanie's mom is renovating. Before even spending one night in the house Stephanie and her Mom are viciously attacked. It all happened after the thirteenth chime of an antique grandfather clock. Destiny witnessed the whole event, but can't come to grips with what she saw and is afraid no one will believe her. She calls her ex hoping he can help. Looking for clues to the house's past in the small town where nobody wants to talk about it is not easy. Slowly David unravels the mystery, but will it be too late for Destiny? Kept me guessing what was going on.
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47 reviews
November 5, 2010
I marked this book as to-read, hearing all this great stuff about it. I had pretty high expectations. Sigh.
The writing itself was pretty bad. I'll leave it at that and try to be nice.
The characters were stiff and awkward most of the time, but David (who was the only character that really made any sense to me) was okay overall.
The plot was average. It was alright. Not terrible, but not amazing.
I hate saying bad things about the book because the author seems really nice and this is her debut novel. Sorry. I just didn't like it so much.
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Author 3 books78 followers
December 1, 2010
I really don't want to review this, only because of all the not necessarily nice things I'm going to say. I wanted to like this so badly. This author seems like a genuinely nice person and really enthusiastic about their debut novel, but the truth is that it read more like the very first draft of a debut novel instead of the final shelf-worthy draft. There were a lot of "I am" instead of "I'm", and "do not" instead of "don't". And that right there is the only reason that this book is 2 stars instead of 3. It drove me crazy and I was constantly correcting it. It was sort of okay when it was written in the descriptions, but when it came to the dialogue I was almost banging my head against the book and rolling my eyes constantly. Ah wait! I finally found the word that was alluding me: CONTRACTIONS! They were seriously lacking and their abscence made the whole thing sound really awkward.

Also, the author made it seem like this book was going to be from Des' point of view, but it flipped around so much that I got confused sometimes. And I ended up liking David a lot more than Des. Steph was a good comic relief though, so that was nice when David and Des got too serious. I wish she had been in the book more instead of unconscious... Her mother too. They were hilarious and might have gotten this book another star from me.

There was a good amount of suspense, but the only time I was really afraid was in the beginning when the... thing in the clock attacked. The description was very well done there. Still not sure what that thing was, but anyway that was the only time I was even remotely afraid. I didn't really feel the tension in the ending because of the way it written. For example: (***SPOILER!!***) David randomly falls of the cliff?? I didn't feel like I was struggling with him. And then magically he's still alive after falling off a cliff into a raging sea? Highly doubtful. (**END of SPOILER!**) I didn't feel attached to those characters, except for maybe David and it wasn't enough. Like I said, I feel bad for writing this. I shouldn't, but I do. Maybe it's because I'm currently writing MY first novel and I wouldn't want to hear anything bad about it. But I'm hoping the author takes what I'm saying as constructive criticism.

The truth is, I don't know how you people that gave this book 5 stars were able to do so. Again, not trying to be mean, but I just don't see this being a 5-star book. The idea is pretty great actually, but the execution needs a little work. I'll read the next book in this series, mostly to see if the author takes my advice. If it's not any better, I'm sorry but I just can't read her writing style. Some people like it, obviously. Who know's, maybe I'm just weird. But I just need those contractions!! It's a promising start, but just not enough for me.
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December 22, 2012
This book was a great read for me! The action started right away and never stopped until the end, and even then it left your mind wondering. When an old, seemingly antique, Grandfather clock chimes more times than it should, chaos breaks loose! Stephanie and her Mother are attacked and left in the hospital and Destiny is left wondering if she really saw what she thinks she saw. She calls the one person she knows will be willing to help her no matter what their past together was like, David, her ex. David is surprised to get the call from Destiny, but also can tell by her voice that she really wants and needs his help, so he heads to her to see if he can help her and her friend. What he finds there is something he has no way to explain, but is going to try and figure out because people's lives are on the line. What is with the clock that makes it seem so...evil? What really attacked Stephanie and her Mother and left Destiny unconscious? Why are people so hesitant to talk about the old Victorian house that the clock is in? What happened there to cause such unrest? David wants to help, so he pushes his feelings for Destiny away and focuses on saving her and her friend and her friend's Mother.

The characters in this book were amazing. I just loved Destiny, David, and Stephanie. They were very well developed throughout the book and I felt like I came to know them very well. I also found this book to be an easy read and quick read. It grabbed me right away and I had a hard time putting it down and when I did put it down, was drawn to it to read on. Never once did I doubt my need/want to finish this book. This was a well thought out and well written book and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, mysterious read. My favorite part about this book was the mystery of it all and how things really didn't "add up" until the end of the book, or close to the end of the book. I like a book that makes me want to keep reading and doesn't "end" before the end of the book. What do I mean by that? I don't like books where it is solved and you still have all these pages left to read for "follow up and tying up loose ends". This book was just what I love, action up until the end and speculation!

5/5 Stars!!
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September 25, 2010
So... I finished reading THE THIRTEENTH CHIME 10 days ago and I'm just writing the review now because I was very busy with coming back to school and whatnot...Anyway, here it is.

This is a really nice story. The concept is quite original, and though you don't understand very well what the book is about in the beginning because the synopsis doesn't give much away, the story is quite entertaining, though not one of the best out there.

I don't usually talk about the way the book looks like because it's not relevant nor does it help form my opinion, but I really loved the cover but hated the font and size and the way the letters were in the paper. Throughout the book it sometimes confused me and I don't like it when something so mundane as the way something looks like doesn't let me fully experience the story.

The characters were a little flat at times, and David sometimes seemed to be too polished to even be true. However, what pissed me off the most was the way Destiny treated David and how he let her. I mean, who leaves someone for such a -for the lack of a better word-weird thing and then, one year later, after being engaged with someone else, calls that same person for help? And who would go? That I didn't get.

However, I loved the clock. The thirteenth chime. Sense. Everything. I can't tell you what is the cause of the 13th chime, but I can tell you it's amazingly cool. And that I'm going to read the next novel.

Read the whole review here
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May 20, 2011
Highly creepy but highly enjoyable! Can't wait to read more!!

Destiny planned a fun break with her best friend Stephanie, but her plans are ruined when Stephanie and her Mother are attacked in their house with Destiny watching. Not knowing what to do, Destiny calls her ex-boyfriend, David, to come out and help her solve this weird occurrence. Because Destiny knows this wasn't a normal attack. Together David and Destiny have to figure out what happened in that house, that fateful night without getting hurt themselves.

Two Words: Creepy and Awesome!

I don't know what is was about this book that made me rush through it and made me almost die to know the end, but I really, really loved it!

The mystery is probably what made the book for me, and while the writing was simple I enjoyed that too.

I don't know if I've said this before but there needs to be a lot for mysteries in YA. There are but most are all paranormal. I wouldn't exactly call this book a paranormal but it sure is creepy enough to be one.

The Thirteenth Chime scared me, it was just so creepy and it felt so real. Maybe it's just because I have a Grandfather Clock but I don't know...It was good though!

David and Stephanie were the best characters. I liked that most of the book centered around David, he was just a really sweet guy. Destiny was alright but was really moody and I didn't like what she did to David...Alrighty no spoilers.

This was a great debut that makes me want so much more!
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October 27, 2010
My first thought of this book was wow, what a beautiful cover. It's mysterious and creepy and just perfect for this book. I was excited to read a book about a grandfather clock, because I love them. My grandparents have had the same grandfather clock for as long as I can remember and I just love to look at it. The look and the sound of it is beautiful, and thankfully, theirs only chimes twelve times.
Anyways, the book starts off well. Right away we are introduced to Destiny and Stephanie, who themselves are good characters with just the right amount of character development. None of the characters are overdone in The Thirteenth Chime, nor are they too complex and that makes this particular novel more enjoyable.
The Thirteenth Chime is a debut novel written by Emma Michaels. Emma, I believe, is able to make her story believable and real. She writes with just enough detail to paint a picture of the story, and I was impressed with the picture painted in my head!
I enjoyed this novel and the chilling, eerie feeling I got while reading it. The Thirteenth Chime had me turning the pages so fast and had me yearning for more. It was fun and adventurous. I would recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys solving riddles. And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more novels from Emma Michaels in the near future.
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February 20, 2013
When it comes to books that knock you out with every word there are just a few words that most authors look for is greatness. Without a doubt this had me guessing to see where the lines connected. By the time I finished the last line I wanted more, this book left me speechless and I had to tell myself that number 2 is out soon. Emma has given all bloggers out there hope of being published I love the fact she introduced me into this world (which I am now afraid of clocks and wondering what is inside. This was not your typical vacation that you hope for but a fight to who really did all the bad things and the suspense had me thinking all kinds of scenarios. I loved that Destiny could call up an ex and he comes, David has a hold on my heart after this one, he had me screaming inside telling him to go here and there. It was so crazy I believe my neighbors thought I was actually yelling at my phone and not the book. Having met with the awesomeness that is Emma in person i was able to think wow this red head has the stuff to become something out there and I can't wait to see what she can brings us. She has one of the brightest futures out there and I can't wait to see her again. I never thought that sense does matter in the end.
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December 2, 2010
This is a brilliantly written book with a cast of great characters, a wonderful setting and did I mention it's creepy? I'll totally admit, it freaked me out. It's one of those stories you'd listen to sitting around a camp fire with your friends, you know the type you don't want to admit you're freaked out about, but you're totally engaged with the story that you want to know what happens next, so you keep sitting there, listening to the story. Not to mention you'll be jumping every sound! Yep. That was me with The Thirteenth Chime. I couldn't stop reading the book.
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October 5, 2010
Emma is a great story teller. I enjoyed this book.

I struggled during the first half of the book thinking about what I would rate it. The editing leaves something to be desired. There are bits that are very choppy and the first page has the word "especially" twice.

I am very glad that I stuck with it, it was worth it. Congrats, Emma, on a first publication and I do look forward to the sequel. I will be reading it.
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June 12, 2012
I have to admit, the cover is what really got me into checking this book and also the title. But I liked the story, it was original and really nice but I think the pacing was really slow. The book started really well, I was hooked in the story and I was excited to find out more. It was kind of creepy but it lacks more scare factor. Well, what can you say? Another way to write a creepy story is to add some antique stuffs like the grandfather clock but don't you ever forget to add an odd house which everybody tells you to get away from. But I don't know, when I was halfway, I was getting bored because there wasn't really a progress in their own investigation. Also, I expected that Destiny and David should have sorted their feelings for each other while they were together. Yeah, they didn't. It actually got more complicated.

I am really confused with Destiny. David is really sweet and thoughtful. How can she hesitate with him? She said she hesitated when she probably shouldn't if she really wanted to be with David and I get it. She isn't 100% sure if she wants to marry David. The two of them are unbelievable. Why would Destiny call David when she really don't want to lead him on? And why did David went through all of that if Destiny dumped her after all the things he did for her? I just think that when they meet again, it won't really be like that. I also can't understand if Destiny really loves Scott. One week? Imagine that. It really is unfair for David. Everything that Destiny did was unfair for David. Calling him, leading him on, hoping he can solve her problem, dumping him without explaining, Destiny marrying Scott, blocking David with what she really feels and everything else. Just look at what he's been through for her. Before she dumped him, he carried her all the way from the mountain to the hospital. He went to the prison in an island even if he hates water. He almost died by drowning and falling in a cliff and look what he got? Seeing Scott in the end. *sighs* All he got from her is a heartbreak. Poor David. Destiny's personality is really flat for me. She didn't look like the protagonist here. Steph has more personality than her but why is she lusting over David when she knew that Destiny has feelings for him?

The problem with Destiny is that what she sees is David's imperfections. She says he is too emotional but if she really love him, so what? What she should be looking at is David's actions. Then with that, I can say that he cares for her too much that it hurts him. David is a martyr. He was like Destiny's slave. He lets her treat him like that. Destiny's really selfish. He wants David by her side when she knows it hurts them both too bad. She prevents other people to like him. She prevents David from liking someone else but her. She doesn't want to let him go even if she's marrying someone else she didn't even want to call after everything that happened.

There were things that weren't really answered here like what Christina means about David knowing himself. How is the clock moving from the attic and downstairs by the way? Again, the third person point of view here confused me. It jumps from one mind to another which gets me weirded. Overall, the story lacks some action and thrill. It just happened in the end. But I still like it and I'm looking forward to finding out more. :)
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May 27, 2011
Destiny meets up with friend Steph for a relaxing vacation by the sea. Unfortunately, on their first night Steph and Steph's mom, Leslie, get attacked. Instead of contacting her fiance, Scott, for help, Destiny call's her ex, David, who is always good at solving problems. The police think it's a normal break-in but Destiny knows otherwise.

She witnessed some sort of presence come out of an antique grandfather clock and assault the women. While she's worried she sounds crazy, David is open to the idea of this type of thing - not so much ghosts as the someone experiencing intense emotion and the body leaving behind residue that super-sensitive people can sense.
Destiny and David set out to find out the history of the clock which leads them to uncover a strange and twisted mystery - one they must solve before others get hurt.

Other than the beginning attack, the pacing starts slow but picks up as Destiny and David uncover more clues and the danger escalates. Destiny is a likable character - smart and determined although she has trouble defining her feelings for David making her a bit wishy-washy on the relationship front.

David is a clever, brave fellow, with an overwhelming need to take care of others, and is clearly still in love with Destiny. They explore their feelings but there's more confusion than romance happening here. Theirs is more of a deep fondness/friendship.

With a splash of paranormal, this is foremost a mystery and it really kept me guessing. I wasn't sure which way things were going and the final explanations while they made sense, genuinely caught me by surprise which I loved!

In the end this becomes more David's story than Destiny's - he gets more of the action, adventure, danger and unraveling of the clues. That was fine by me because David was an appealing guy. I'll be interested how the sequels go since I see David and his story as the more interesting focus in the future.

In general, I thought the writing could have been tighter - fewer adjectives, more showing, less telling. Something else that bogged the story down for me was every piece of dialogue having a tag telling me who was talking. Especially when there are only two people in the room, I don't need every line of dialogue followed by 'he said,' 'she said,' etc. I can figure out who's talking. Admittedly, I read an ARC so these issues could have been cleared up in final edits.
THE COVER: LOVE it! While the font seems a bit cartoonish for the drama that unfolds, I adore the eye, the clock inside and the color - gorgeous!

BOTTOMLINE: Slow to start but through clever sleuthing (yeah, don't I sound like Nancy Drew) builds to exciting suspense and thrills. More friendship than romance, a smidgen of paranormal - and David would tell you it was all explained by science anyway! - an original premise and a mystery full of twists and turns I didn't see coming!

Full Review @ http://www.teensreadandwrite.com/2010...
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November 28, 2010
While staying in a strange old house on the west coast with her best friend Stephanie and her mother Leslie, Destiny is the only witness to an unsual attack that leaves both Stephanie and Leslie hospitalized. With no one else to turn to, Destiny seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend David to help unravel the mystery surround the house and the events of that dark night.

Kudos to author Emma Michaels for being able to create a creepy mood. In fact a few years ago I would have happily devoured this book--the creepy mood, creepy town, and especially creepy house have been some of my favorite motifs. I love creepy houses with a hint of the ghost story and in this book it just felt right.

That said, as much as I loved the mood and setting, the rest of the story fell a little flat for me. The character's relationships were twisted and I had trouble believing their motivations. Why did David go to so much trouble for this girl who dumped him, and why did Destiny dump him to begin with? It just didn't fit. There is a sequel coming, so perhaps more of this is explained there, and I admit, Michaels has me hooked to the point where I will definitely pick up the sequel.

The mystery, while interesting was also a little frustrating. I had one major portion of the plot figured out long before I got there, but sometimes that happens. What was so frustrating were the bits and pieces of information that was so sparsely doled out along the way. This also affected the pacing which also felt a little off because there was so much time when nothing was happening.

One other note, the book was categorized as YA (and seems to be marketed to that audience) and while that may be the interest level of the book, the age of the characters kind of feel off for that particular category--at least as my library categorizes them. In my library you would find this book to be considered more adult than teen. Let me make clear what I am saying though. There is nothing inappropriate to the age group, in fact they may find it interesting, but as the main characters are adults my library would classify it as an adult novel. The way the characters acted however, felt more teen like than adult, so that too lends to some confusion.

In the end, it was a good mystery with a great setting and creepy house. I admit I loved that part. I can't wait to see what Michaels does next with this series, and I hope she fills in some of the gaps we are missing.

Cautions for sensitive readers: This was a very clean novel with only some mild violence.

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July 2, 2012
Review from A Journey Through Pages

The Thirteenth Chime is the first of a series involving the idea of "imprinting" in the supernatural, haunted house, ghostly way. The focus of this story is very intriguing. The thought of a grandfather clock that might just be haunted, and in a very dangerous way, is scary and made me wonder. The back story and history of both the building and clock were very well done as well, and I liked how the information was released intermittedly.

On the other hand, though I enjoyed the idea, I can't hold back the fact that the prose had a habit of being subpar compared to other published books out there. It's very "he did something, she did something" with a lack of style to the writing. The character interactions felt forced or stilted as well, which is funny because when the characters were by themselves their private thoughts and actions flowed well. I'm trying to think of a specific way to help the author break out of the habit of prose, but it could also be because it is her first book, I definitely plan on reading the second book as I love the idea of this series and want to follow it more.

The story itself was quite good, though it could have benefited from a few more layers, in my opinion. My favourite character was David, hands down, I'm hoping that it's just him who reappears in the next book because I felt like he was the most developed and interesting out of them all. I think the fact that he is an EMT reflects the situations he gets put in perfectly. It gives him experience in emergency situation, some first aid ability and support for his need to help people.


All in all I couldn't help but be reminded of Karina Halle's Experiments in Terror series, and I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for anyone searching for a similar idea of a book. I will admit Halle is a much better writing (but I pretty much worship her feet so that's to be expected). This book is horror and will send chills down your spine.

P.S. Apparently the author started out as a book blogger, so go her for making the jump.
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February 21, 2011
I would like to say that the IDEA for the story was very good and piqued my interest. However, there were some fatal flaws with this book, which made me not care too much that I had misplaced it for a month in the middle of reading it.

First of all, the characters were not fully fleshed out. I did not feel any sort of attachment or even like most of the characters, with the exception of David.

There was a sad lack of contractions. To the point where I felt that it was done on purpose to make the book meet a page requirement. (And they also drove me BAZOO while reading this)

There was no sense of urgency during the action scenes. It was very 'this happened, and then this happened', without description of the WAY it happened.

David frequently 'excused' himself from the room. Have you ever met a mid-twenties male who did this? It is not a Jane Austen novel, I don't understand why this was the wording used.

The terrible thing that happened in the house was supposed to have happened over a 'half century ago' according to the back cover. So why did the Jamaican woman have a small child? And also, why did she speak with an accent if she has (as I assume) lived in Washington her whole (or most of her) life? This bothered me to no end.

A lot of these issues I feel are due to poor editing. A good editor is actually supposed to give you feedback on both the content of your novel and the technical aspects. Unfortunately the end effect is much like something I would have written in a high school creative writing class (had we been forced to write an entire novel).

The author obviously has some talent, but needs more work before I would consider reading another novel written by her. I think she has excellent ideas and really needs to get a better editor next time around.

I received this book free as part of a Goodreads First Reads promotion.
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4,914 reviews170 followers
May 21, 2011
This is another book that I'm torn about how I feel about it. I really liked the idea behind it and I liked how the mystery of the clock was tied up but I wasn't invested in the story until David started uncovering answers and things turned sort of macabre. What can I say? I like creepy, bloody, dangerous things.

As far as the characters go (and I'm going to be a bit vague so I don't spoil anyone), I was expecting more of a connection between David and Destiny. They're relationship is complicated but it seems like they (and by that I mean mostly Destiny) blew hot and cold without provocation. Here's the thing, while it aggravated me a bit to read about, I totally get it. I get being able to see the best path to take with a person (be they a friend or otherwise) but being unable to take the final step one way or another. Indecision can be a bitch, can't it? So, while I was sometimes a bit surprised by the twists their relationship took and at times I found it a bit aggravating, I did think it rang true to life and I enjoyed it.

There were several questions I had that I'm not sure were answered (mostly along the lines of: how did the clock get where it ended up?) and I wouldn't have minded even more of a creep factor but seeing as I'm slightly obsessed with Zombies at the moment you can't hold that against me. Like I said, I really like the idea Emma Michaels had going on here, I just wish the entire book could have hit the level that the end did. As this is part of a series, I'm curious to see what direction book two will take and how the relationships will play out.

As an aside, I think this is a stunning cover. Easily one of the more striking ones I've seen lately.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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288 reviews73 followers
October 31, 2011
The Thirteenth Chime is a great mix of history, an old island prison and straight up creepyness. I'm so glad I read this around Halloween! I also enjoyed this book a lot because it doesn't fit into the normal YA mold. All the main characters are college students instead of high schoolers and most of them already know what they want to do with their life.

The beginning of the story finds the main character Destiny driving to a remote town with her roommate, looking for a relaxing getaway. She also recently dumped her long-time boyfriend and agreed to marry a man she barley knows. Her roommate's mom agreed to let them stay at the house she recently bought and on the first night of their stay, the clock chimes thirteen times and terrible things begin happening.

I liked this story mainly because of the scary factor. The setting, the state of Washington, is very foggy and has an eerie feel to it. As readers, we are all given glimpses into David and Destiny's past and we find out about the accident that separated them. Even though David almost died saving her life, she still broke up with him. I guess she didn't want that hanging over their relationship.

There are two very specific things that bothered me about this book and here they are. 1: Destiny was started to get jealous when her friend started to flirt with David. I wanted to scream, "not only did you break up with him but you are engaged to someone else!" I understand that she probably still had feelings for him and that it's hard to move on but it just continued happening. 2: The point of view would change multiple times without warning. Sometimes I was confused on whose thoughts I was seeing.

Overall, I really enjoyed the creep factor of the book and the whole unfinished business of the long dead prisoner of the island prison. It's a great book to read around Halloween.
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93 reviews10 followers
August 16, 2011
This is a creepy, spooky story centring on ex-couple – Destiny and David. Destiny calls David to help explain what she saw the night that her friend and mother were attacked. Although they haven’t spoken in over a year, David is the first one Destiny thinks about calling – even more so than her own fiancé. There are two elements to the story – the vestige of the relationship between the two and the mystery surrounding the house and what happened that night. I really liked David – he was heroic and intelligent – really getting his teeth into helping Destiny. However, I really didn’t like her much – she left David after he had risked his life to save her and then not spoken to him in a year. She was a little selfish throughout in my opinion.
There are some great action sequences – especially at the finale. And the town was a very picturesque place – I could picture it vividly. The coastal setting and the prison island were well described.

The mystery was interesting, although the idea of Sense, which David studied as part of his thesis, is a little elusive. I’m not entirely sure what it is supposed to be – actual ghosts or memories haunting a place, but I would hope that this explained in more detailed in future books. Overall though the story was fast paced and different from anything else out there – even if I wasn’t sure what it was David was investigating at times. It’s a strong start to the series and I am curious to see what the sense of truth is really about. Plus I have a little crush on David!

Recommended for fans of Heather Graham and Nora Roberts. 7 out of 10.
196 reviews24 followers
June 28, 2011
"The Thirteenth Chime" is the first book in the exciting new Sense of Truth series. After reading the summary and looking at the gorgeous cover, I had to research the book further. I quickly learned that the ratings and thoughts on the book were split 50/50. Some reviewers loved it while others not so much. I knew that I had to see what I thought about it for myself.

It starts off with a freakish attack in the night, a weird green light, and an enormous old clock. From there, it only gets increasingly strange. The characters are not amongst my absolute favorites, but were interesting. My main complaint is with the ex-boyfriend of the MC. He has no special powers or anything but manages to do things that are beyond what you would think his character (a normal guy) could do. So that didn’t sit well with me. Other than that, everything about the characters fit with the paranormal quality of the story. The creep factor of the house on the hill overlooking a prison added to the unique feel of the story. As the mystery unfolded, letting the reader in on the history of the clock that on occasion decided to chime 13 times, made more sense.

Overall, this was a fast and enjoyable read. It isn’t one of my absolute favorites this year, but it’s definitely a series I’ll continue reading. I’m very curious to see what happens next since the book seemed to wrap up fairly nicely. The next book in this four-book series is due to be released in August of this year.
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February 13, 2014
"The Thirteenth Chime" by Emma Michaels is a suspense/paranormal story about a girl named Destiny who seems to be a little emotionally damaged from a past relationship with David and is now engaged to be married to someone else, Scott. However except for the very end, the reader doesn't even get to meet Scott, the fiance. Destiny goes to a friend's home for a little down time but gets thrown into a vengeful ghost's step into the present. Her friend and her friend's mother are hospitalized and Destiny calls David, the old boyfriend, rather than fiance Scott to come and support her during this time of struggle to believe what she saw rather than what reality tells her must be true. The main body of the story is more David's tale as he searches for the truth and finds it. The reader is led to a certain truth about David's past but it is never quite said and as David didn't remember, it is pretty much left unacknowledged. Scott shows up at the very end to take Destiny away, David decides to stay in town and search further for a truth already alluded to for the reader and the story ends because the skeletons were let out of the closet so to speak.
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