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Of Love and Politics

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What happens when the political drama that unfolds in the country’s corridors of power, spills over to a complicated personal bond between three young people?

Aditya, like the Congress party he belongs to, tends to be elitist and aristocratic; Brajesh Ranjan, like his party, the BJP, swears by an overtly nationalist agenda and Chaitali Sen, like the CPI(M) she represents, swears by the underpowered.

In this page-turning book, set in the thick of political party maneuvering and against the backdrop of India’s nuclear deal, the author writes a riveting story about love and relationships that are made and broken by the ideologies of the political parties that each of these three protagonists represent. It takes a horrific incident like 26/11 to make each of them realize the shortcomings of the parties they swear by and to look at the larger picture.

320 pages, Paperback

First published June 25, 2010

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About the author

Tuhin A. Sinha

16 books63 followers
Tuhin was born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He completed his schooling at Loyola School, and obtained a B.Com (H) from the Hindu College, University of Delhi and Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Communications Management from the National Institute of Advertising, New Delhi. He is married to Ramyani DasGupta Sinha.

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Profile Image for Faraaz Kazi.
Author 6 books214 followers
February 16, 2011
This book is an amalgamation of two distinct Indian attributes, love and politics as the title suggests. It is a complicated mix of feelings and patriotism and you can just gape at the amount of research- from naxalites to the history of political parties in India- the author has undertaken. The book picks up from the first chapter itself and goes onto move in a cyclical wave, confusing the reader at times but delighting him mostly. Some people compared it with the film ‘Rajneeti’ but after the initial chapters, the book stands on its own. There have been critics of the book but the sales throughout stores seems to suggest otherwise as we can say Indian politics is far too predictable for films to be made on the same line or books to be written on the same subject.

The story is about three young political mavens (as you can understand from the back cover). Aditya Samar Singh of Congress, Brajesh Ranjan of BJP and communist Chaitali Sen are anything but political novices and the book offers an intriguing setup, with their personal and professional relationships intermingling. Secondary characters too don’t manage to put off the reader and you cannot help but sympathise with Aditya’s girlfriend, Sarah and Chaitali’s friend Monica and her husband. The book brings about the very unpredictable nature of love. You can almost see the entire timeline of Indian politics being played live in front of your eyes throughout the book. The book twists and turns through some major events, playing with the life of the three primary characters. Not for once, do they let their determination break. There are of course too many things to deal with when it comes to a subject like politics and add to it the wide boundaries of love and Sinha has tried to include them all, though it may end up confusing the reader in certain areas. The book really has some really touching sentences and pondering paragraphs which tug at the reader’s heart (I have deliberately not included them here as they’ll take away the joy of reading). But one scene that still haunts me is from a popular hangout in Delhi at night when Chaitali and Brijesh are hanging out together and she finishes underlining the problem in the very last sentence of the chapter.

Beautifully written in elegant prose, this book will keep you hooked even if you have nothing to do with ‘That thing called politics’ (having read Tuhin, you’ll have something to do with That thing called love!) The amount of research and intellect of the author will never cease to amaze you and it’s indeed a delight when little known facts hit you at the most unexpected times. The climax is a little unexpected and came a little sooner than I had anticipated, but nevertheless, this one’s a top read. Go grab it.
1 review
July 17, 2010
Tuhin has always come up with promising books like "that thing called love" and "22 yards". "Of love and politics" called by himself his best creation so far. This increased the excitement level to grab my copy asap, as i have always been a fan of tuhin's writing.

of love and politics' is one of those books when you finish reading sadden you with the fact that the wonderful journey and time spent with the book is over.

I loved the way the strong personas of leaders with their very strong philosophies and actions. I liked the three ways the story has been narrated by three different perspectives.
"Of love and politics" is indeed one of the most thought provoking and well
crafted piece of literature I have read. Patriotism and serious issues
of national interests are wonderfully wrapped in the ideologies and face of
the young dynamic India. The energy and pace throughout the book is wonderful.
We sincerely need leaders of this attitude and right zest. i recommend reading it..believe me its an experience !!
Profile Image for Saif Hasan.
Author 1 book4 followers
September 9, 2010
Cliched, trite, overdone, sterotyped ... some words that come to mind after reading this disaster called Of Love and Politics.

The story had potential - three people from three different political ideologies cross paths and their lives are never the same again. But poor writing and clumsy editing just kill whatever promise the premise held.

The love part does not involve you, the politics is extremely naive. The story does pick up some steam towards the last few chapters, beginning from a chapter called Spring". But alas spring, is shortlived and the story hurtles towards a leaden climax.

I want my money back Tuhin
Profile Image for Dr. Kashmira Gohil.
Author 3 books19 followers
March 31, 2022
The book is about the three people, Aditya Samar Singh, Brajesh Ranjan and Chaitali Sen, at various cross roads of their life, who get to meet one another at various points while they work actively for three different political parties in India. The love and lust also brew while they connect while in their political field work, first between Brajesh and Chaitali and then between Aditya and Chaitali due to various circumstantial and compatibility issues. Though, utimately they wind up,each with different, new partener to settle personally. At the end, they quit their respective political parties with personal dissatisfaction, each on their own and form the a new political party with new agenda of national interest. I have read this new, Indian author,Tuhin Sinha first time and liked his play with words to form a story with intermingling of fiction with the facts- which is a good enough dose of political incidents in our country. 3 stars for this one.
Profile Image for Satvik Sharma.
2 reviews31 followers
February 14, 2013
Beautifully written in elegant prose, this book will keep you hooked even if you have nothing to do with ‘That thing called politics’ (having read Tuhin, you’ll have something to do with That thing called love!) The amount of research and intellect of the author will never cease to amaze you and it’s indeed a delight when little known facts hit you at the most unexpected times. The climax is a little unexpected and came a little sooner than I had anticipated, but nevertheless, this one’s a top read. Go grab it. I say 4.8/5!
Profile Image for Pooja Jeevagan.
144 reviews117 followers
April 2, 2013
Considering he is an Indian Author, I appreciate him to take a different topic, not the regular one...and he writes well, though it does get a little dragging in the end...and of course, with a major part of the story regarding relations not working out, Tuhin could only write a fantasy novel if he wanted to tie lose ends and make it happy ever after...

Might give others by him a try over the course of time...
1 review
July 13, 2010
Its a simply outstanding book..one of the best that I have ever read. The way Sinha balances the personal with the political throughtout the book makes it an extremely enjoyable read. Besides, the book throws rare insights into our politics- A must read for GenNext which tends to be ignorant of so many facts. Kudos Sinha.. waiting for more!
25 reviews
April 4, 2013
I found it interesting to learn about the relationships between three major Indian political parties while reading a love-triangle story. The book's writing was good enough, but I found myself bored nonetheless. I would recommend it for those who like love stories and do not want to read anything difficult.
Profile Image for Supriya.
126 reviews60 followers
July 1, 2010
Burned my eyes even though it was interesting for WHAT IT SAYS about who the bon-bon eating class of this country. Lots to say. [Women characters AWFULLY written, political multilateralism elevated to a mythic pedestal of ultimate solutions. Wut.:]
Profile Image for Praveen.
239 reviews65 followers
September 4, 2011
Good... but the characterization of Chaitali Sen (A communist activist with pub culture.)...i felt it totally absurd.
Profile Image for Shromona Dasgupta.
23 reviews2 followers
February 18, 2014
A beautiful blend of politics and love in the new era. Even if u r a novice when it comes to politics you'll bound to enjoy this book and rather learn more about it.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for S.Ach.
521 reviews171 followers
October 26, 2017
Sometimes you buy a book - cause, the offer is to buy at least 3 books to get the said discount, and after 15 long minutes you have managed to find only 2 that you want to invest your time on and you are tired and you have to leave in next 2 minutes and you pick up the one which has a nice cover and whose blurb doesn't completely repel you.

That's how this book came into my possession.

Love triangle between politicians representing left, right and center ideologies in India. One dynast from Congress, one self-righteous nationalist from BJP and one liberal leftist from Communist Party of India. Set in the last decade where we had the rule of Congress and India saw the Mumbai attack.
The premise was not bad, right?
But, as expected, the writing - ordinary, the romance part - adolescent bordering ludicrousness, the politics - clichéd and pedestrian.
2 stars for the attempt though.
Profile Image for Sia.
165 reviews4 followers
August 17, 2019
I must say that the book is well written as is based on facts and all the characters are very strong. I like Aditya the most as he has hold on his emotion and mind. I am sure Tuhin Sinha made himself well aware about many political facts before writing this book as he has used it beautifully as flow of the story and the way it is presented it does feel like the main 3 character Chaitali, Aditya and Brijiesh are actually true. To be honest in the start I couldn’t connect and I was losing interest but it started taking grip from Chaitali’s chapter and it held it till the end. It was a well read.
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