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From Book 1:

Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America...and he taught them how to kill it.

Sam and Dean have hit New York City to check out a local rocker's haunted house. But before they can figure out why a lovesick banshee in an '80s heavy-metal T-shirt is wailing in the bedroom, a far more macabre crime catches their attention. Not far from the house, two university students were beaten to death by a strange assailant. A murder that's bizarre even by New York City standards, it's the latest in a line of killings that the brothers soon suspect are based on the creepy stories of legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Their investigation leads them to the center of one of Poe's horror classics, face-to-face with their most terrifying foe yet. And if Sam and Dean don't rewrite the ending of this chilling tale, a grisly serial killer will end their lives forevermore.

315 pages, Paperback

First published July 31, 2007

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About the author

Keith R.A. DeCandido

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Profile Image for Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin.
3,372 reviews9,445 followers
April 3, 2017
Well this was disappointing. I finally got to read this book because of a challenge I'm doing with the wonderful Winchester boys, BUT, I didn't like the book like I was hoping.

The story with the ghost was decent enough but it was just weird reading about Sam & Dean. I couldn't really picture them as themselves in the show, which is one of my fav shows.

They talk about the Impala and music and some funny stuff from Dean, but it just wasn't the same. Damn it!

Well, I tried. I guess I will stick to watching my boys on tv with the exception of the coffee table books I have of them =)
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360 reviews797 followers
April 13, 2015
WTF did I just read...?

Readers who are going to buy this book, please consider reading my review before you actually spend your precious money on it. I know its Supernatural, you love the show, but consider my review as a warning.
And People who REALLY liked this book, please don't read my review.

First of all, I would like talk about the cover. Dean and Sam are looking hot as usual, background is okay, like the fog, but whats up with this red circle (whatever it is) saying "An original SUPERNATURAL novel" ...Excuse me, but this book was a really, REALLY bad attempt of a scriptwriter trying to write a book of this TV show which is and can never be possible. I really don't know how there are like, (more than) 5 books after this freaking book.

Talking about the book, It was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! I marked this book as-read only and only because of the TV show. I love the show, the plot and the characters. I am a big fan of Supernatural and can't wait for another season to start.

Anyhow, when I started reading this book, I was excited. I knew Dean will be all bad-boy and Sam will be all genius. And before it even started, Historian's note said, "This novel takes place between the second-season Supernatural episodes 'Crossroad Blues' and 'Croatoan.' " And that made me even more excited. The story started good. Two College boys driving while discussing about party, etc. I am with the story, and then BANG! The crappy author starts writing names of streets and places and I am totally like ^_-. I mean its good when a author write descriptively, but this author, GOSH! He wrote names of the places like I actually knew about them and I was so confused.
And then again I am suddenly taken to this FREAKING DUMB ASS rock band which I really don't know, how it came into the story and I am like, "whhhatt?"

And to make it more annoying, the author wrote it in 3rd person's point of view. NO characterization, NO expressions, NO feelings. The characters were all wrong. just wrong! Dean was not Dean. He was like a dumb ass person who acts like a seven year old boy, complains like a loser and whatever. Sam was not the genius type either, tries to act like a sensible dad of Dean and all even though hes younger. -.- The author made a very VERY bad attempt of copying the characters. If you really wanted to make the readers know Dean is the silly hot type and Sam is a genius cute one, then say it!! You don't have to make the readers suffer. After every freaking line, he tried to tell us that Dean is this and Sam is that. UGH!
And Dean calling Sam "Sammich" ..... no words... you have to got to be kidding me.....

Then its going ok, I am thinking I can read this book, then suddenly this author wrote each and every single name of the bands name and songs through Dean. You know what? I don't know any freaking of them!!! >.< except for LP, and some bands I have heard, no-one was familiar and this author tried to make me suffer again because now EACH AND EVERY LINE was filled with bands and songs. And Dean was a total Metal freak. I actually like bands and all but reading it after every freaking sentence just made me nuts. And if the author tried to be funny, I seriously didn't get it. o.O

Moving over, I read half of the book, I am regretting it, Wanting to trash this book so bad, but I had to read it because its Supernatural and I just had the feeling I had to. Its really rare that I don't read the book completely so I was like, "hmmph, ok, whatver, just read it."

Place, PLACES, songs, SONGS, then came some, thank-god, interesting parts. Something the author wrote nicely. Then, when I came to know about the band killer I was like "WTH!" -.- It was so easy. And then that 2 boys killer, I was more -.- x100 . And then the book ended. -_-

And now I finished my review. Wow, I feel so... relieved! :O :D
I will give this book 2 stars. 1 star for some short, actually nice scenes and 1 for the Bros. I love them =D <3 NEVER EVER going to read another book and just please, please, don't write more books. The TV show is enough.

Peace out! =D \m/

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247 reviews840 followers
Want to read
February 6, 2013
There is A BOOK????

How do I not know this?

And I call myself a fan. Shame on me!
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143 reviews30 followers
July 21, 2009
I don't think Keith DeCandido did as much research on the show as he claims he did in his author's notes in the back of the book. He shows a decided lack of insight into the personalities of both Sam and Dean, in particular, Dean. Hell, he couldn't even get their physical descriptions right! All we get are vague descriptions that could be anybody. Or maybe he just assumed we would know who he was talking about from a few brief lines of text?

The inconsistencies abound in this book. For starters, Dean rarely surrenders the keys to the Impala to anyone, even Sam. And Dean get lost? Yeah, right. Also, while Sam can be a major pain in Dean's ass, the Sam in this book doesn't compute with the Sam we know from the series. Both characters lack a personality, which as followers of the series know, both boys have in spades.

Too many pages are wasted on descriptions of the Bronx and its environs, pages that could have been used for character development instead. The supporting players in this novel are weak at best and definitely poorly developed. I have to agree with one Amazon reviewer who stated that if John Winchester had really known the Poe expert Pym, he'd have shot the guy just because he's so freaking annoying! And the female cop, McBain? Nobody gets away with talking to Dean the way she does in this crappy book. Hell, even Hendrickson got over that pretty quick once he realized the way things really are in the season 3 episode, "Jus in Bello".

Don't get me started on the two "cases" presented in this book. For one thing, Sam and Dean don't even fully resolve the case of Manfred's haunting by a former girlfriend of one of his fellow bandmembers. Stupid, for one thing, and NOT something that Sam and Dean would do, for another. These two don't believe in leaving loose ends. They always resolve the cases they take on, one way or another.

The whole Edgar Allan Poe case was just silly. It was obvious who the "villain" was, so there was no suspense and no real payoff in the end. It also bugged me that for someone supposedly intelligent, the villainous professor was a total idiot. Someone who is an academic would have done more research on the so-called resurrection ritual and quickly realized that it was something that a charlatan pulled out of his ass.

Unfortunately, it seems that those who write fan fiction based on Supernatural have a better grasp of the characters, their personalities and the mythology of the show than Mr. DeCandido does. I sincerely hope that Mr. DeCandido did a lot more research on the series before writing Bone Key, his second Supernatural tie-in novel.
Profile Image for Tina ➹ Woman, Life, Freedom.
377 reviews399 followers
February 2, 2020
3.5 Golden Stars

So Much Fun!
but not a good case (plot)...
But I enjoyed reading it.
because I'm dying to read new stories about these heroic Brothers, the FREAKING WINCHESTERS!

World building (monstrous, ghostly, etc) & Characters (Sam & Dean Winchester; except some minor people) were in the tv shows
so of course: ★★★★★/5
Written Style: ★★★★★/5
amazing; it was exactly what Sam & Dean would say (I laughed so much at their comments & sarcasm) or do.
Plot; ★★★/5
the case was a bit lame.
Profile Image for Subaru8mysox.
3 reviews1 follower
June 3, 2012
If I had to describe this book in less than ten words:

I've read better fan-fiction.

Seriously. Without a doubt, this is one of the top ten Worst Books I've Ever Read. It was a struggle to get through.

I didn't go into Nevermore expecting much, just a good, fun, stupid read about my latest TV obsession, but I expected the author to at least get Sam and Dean's characterization down. Within the first thirty pages, I was completely horrified by just how "off" they were:

Dean is an idiot whose sole interest in life is to drink and listen to music. He gets totally tongue-tied at crucial moments during a scam, is too stupid to change his cell phone's ring tone, and when it comes to the Impala, is too scared to drive through Brooklyn, and too stupid to parallel park. Sam is a self-righteous jerk who knows everything about everything and isn't afraid to rub it in Dean's face. I felt no brotherly love, which to me, is the foundation upon which Supernatural is built. In the show, even when Sam and Dean *hate* each other, they still love the shit out of each other.

Even if you take out the horrible characterizations of Sam and Dean (and to be fair, the late John Winchester) this book was not enjoyable. There were supposedly two cases (one which had serious promise) but they were hidden within all the pointless details describing coffee, coffee mugs, classic rock, and a narrative on the layout of streets in Brooklyn.
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53 reviews
July 28, 2022
اگه اسلمپ شده باشین، آپشن خوبی میتونه باشه براتون
خیلی خوشحالم دارم سریالو با کتاب کامل میکنم وبرخلاف نظراتی که خوندم، واقعا دوستش داشتم
ولی طرح جلد نشر ویدا هرچقدم قشنگ باشه، ولی درک نمیکنم. این داستان واسه فصل دوئه. چرا باید سم ریش دار رو بزارین رو جلد چرااا
بعد از خوندن تعداد زیادی کتاب با ترجمه ضعیف، واقعا راضیم از این ترجمه. چون خانم محقق واقعا متعهد به کارش بود و همه اون قسمت هایی که نیاز به توضیح داشت رو توضیح داد
Profile Image for Lorraine.
14 reviews
October 5, 2016
This was an excellent book. I love the show and this was a great way to bring the show with me. The author did a good job of keeping the characters true to the show as well as being as hilarious as ever!
Profile Image for Jamie.
1,375 reviews1,103 followers
October 17, 2018
Not a bad job on this novel, since it is based off a tv series. Being a fan of the series, I can be a bit critical about staying in character. I am used to movies based on books but this was the opposite. The tv series came first, then this.

This particular story sees the brothers to New York to help out a friend of a friend with a ghost haunting him, calling out "love me." While there, they take on another, darker case. Someone is creating a murder ritual to bring Edgar Allen Poe back to life... So we actually get two stories in one with this book! I was hoping for better a story though. It wasn't very stimulating for my imagination. I want darker if you are going the Poe route.

While it was not great, and the 4 stars was a bit generous (3.5 is more accurate), the author did a fairly good job keeping the Winchester brothers in early character. Sam and Dean were very believable, however the story and second characters don't seem to quite fit in too well. Also the writing style did not impress me and has serious room for improvement. Regardless, I was happy reading about my two favorite brothers. If you like the series, or just like supernatural stories in general you should check this out. A bit of action, comedic quips, ghosts...not to mention the famous Sam and Dean themselves.
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1,380 reviews48 followers
April 12, 2017
I wanted more of Sam and Dean and i got them and their personality and attitude shown through a bit. I really wanted to love it but it was slow going and i got bored. I liked picturing sam and dean on the new hunt and the Edgar Poe mystery was interesting.
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427 reviews140 followers
December 17, 2020
I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, I watched it for like a decade and now that the series is over I've decided to give one of the tie-in books a try and I have to say - i quite enjoyed it.

Obviously it's not the same as the show but this particular story was cool and would've made a good episode.

There's some things that are said and done though that got me thinking, Sam would never do that or Dean would never say that; but at the end of the day - the series is over so you've got to take what you can get!

If you're a fan of the television series, I'd recommend giving this first book a try and see if you like it.

Me, I like it enough to read the next one in the series.

Later, assbutts!
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23 reviews7 followers
September 23, 2015
Alright . Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE SPN fan (well.. duh..)
I was ecstatic when I realized that some genius (more than one someone) had written books to this series.
Because, I really really do love me them books. I had to read them. now. right now!
But then my rational side kicked in and was all like
But then I rarely listen to that part of my brain when it comes to SPN.

This book was a little weird to get into.
Mostly because it was difficult for me to go from watching the boys and their personalities, so read them.
It is after all two very different things.
But after a good 50 pages I was beginning to catch the drift. And I really enjoyed it.
The storyline was a bit thin but It was an enjoyable read.
For anyone in the SPN fandom I see this book as a must read.
You cannot really be a SPN fan and not read it (but that just me).
What helped me realign getting into the book was watching the episode right before the book took place. This show has gone on for so long that it's hard getting back into the mind of Sam and Dean before there where angels and demons alike who wanted to possess them, before all the rest of it.
So I do recommend watching "Crossraods blues" before reading the book.


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29 reviews2 followers
August 5, 2022
22 سال پیش مادر دین و سم وینچستر توسط یه شیطان کشته شد و بعد از اون دو برادر یاد گرفتن مثل پدرشون شکارچی موجودات ماوراءالطبیعه باشن.
داستان این کتاب که جلد اول از مجموعه کتاب های سوپرنچراله، تو نیویورک اتفاق میفته و دین و سم باید همزمان به دو تا مورد رسیدگی کنن. روحی که خونه یکی از آشنا هاشون رو تسخیر کرده و یکی هم دیوونه ای که سعی داره یه آیین احیا رو اجرا کنه ( که لازمه چندین نفر رو قربانی کنه. اونم به سبک قتل های داستان های ادگار الن پو!)

بهتره که تا فصل دوم سریال رو دیده باشید و کتاب رو بخونید. اما مشکل خاصی برای خوندن کتاب پیش نمیاد. فقط ممکنه چند تا اتفاق از قسمت های اول سریال رو اسپویل بشید. و یه مورد دیگه اینکه اگر سریال رو دیده باشید، لذت بیشتری از کتاب می‌برید چون رفرنس های زیادی داره به علایق شخصیت هاش. مقایسه بهتری هم می‌تونید بین سریال و کتاب داشته باشید.
دی کندیو تونسته شخصیت ها و دیالوگ ها رو به بهترین حالت دربیاره و ویژگی و لحن صحبت شخصیت ها حفظ شده. این ویژگی رو ترجمه هم داشت و به نظرم واقعا مناسب سازی شده با شخصیت ها بود. خیلیا ازم پرسیده بودن دین و سم کتاب مثل سریال بودن یا نه و باید بگم بله دقیقا همون طوری بودن.

اینطوری که :
_You're my brother and I'd die for you.
اما در عین حال از بس مزخرفی می‌خوام بزنم تو دهنت😔😂
اون یه ستاره رو به خاطر سریع جمع و جور شدن پایانش کم کردم به نظرم میتونست خیلی بهتر تموم شه اما از کل ماجرا لذت بردم 🤏🏻😁

پاورقی های کتاب هم که مربوط به رفرنس هاش می شدن به جا و مفید بودن.
یه نکته ای هم که در رابطه با جلد دوسش دارم اولا طرح و رنگشه دوما اینکه لبه برگردون داره و من اینو خیلی می پسندم🥲😂

امیدوارم زودتر بقیه ش‌ هم چاپ بشه 🤏🏻
بخونید و لذت ببرید.
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3,405 reviews256 followers
August 21, 2017
This was a decent tie in novel and I could totally see it as an actual episode - the characterization of Sam and Dean's pretty on the nose and it has a decent sense of humor. Now, if only the conclusion to both cases, Poe and the haunting, was a little more satisfying. Nevermore is set early on in season two and I think it would have made a fun episode seeing the brothers in their younger days. Favorite moments: p. 171, "Sam shrugged as he sipped his coffee. "What can I tell you, Dean, it [The Murders in the Rue Morgue] was revolutionary at the time. And hey, if it wasn't for that story we probably wouldn't have CSI today." "No loss," Dean said. "There's better things on Thursday nights anyhow."; and p. 245, Sam gets to pick their aliases for a change and they are Archie Leach and Marion Morrison (the real names of Cary Grant and John Wayne). I definitely want to try more of the Supernatural tie-in novels in the future.

Profile Image for Susanne.
Author 11 books140 followers
May 24, 2010
I like the extra things the author threw in - such as the recommended soundtrack at the end of the book. I like that you can tell the author loves the Bronx. I like that the author has the same suppurating mental scars as we all do who have tried to find parking in a large metropolitan area.

On the other hand, descriptions of driving and the mechanics of how to fit a large car into a small space ... let's just say a little goes a long way. Also, the author's Dean is not my Dean. Neither is his Sam my Sam.

However, it's a Supernatural meets Poe story, and that's good for an extra star any day of the week.

And, just because this really bothers me - Attention, men: It is absolutely NOT macho to NOT WASH YOUR HANDS. It's skeevy and gross. Dean thinks witches are disgusting because of the ick factor of bodily fluids, remember?


I'm just sayin'.
Profile Image for Bry.
631 reviews93 followers
October 24, 2010
Yes, I read some Supernatural fan fiction, and I thought it was pretty great. So don't you judge me!

The author did a fantastic job of switching between the brothers perspective throughout the story, and captured their personalities and inner monologues pretty perfectly. The plot was a bit predictable - just like the show - and mimicked the show pretty well in terms of pacing, characterization, etc.

Basically I got exactly what I thought I would and I asked my library to order the next in the series so that I could read it too! I you are a fan of the show I totally recommend it!
Profile Image for Fereshte .
118 reviews96 followers
March 3, 2021
Reading "Nevermore" gave me such good feelings because I've missed the old seasons of Supernatural and it just felt like I missed one of the second seasons episodes. And I had the chance to read Winchester brothers advantures when their big problem was just how to find the spirit's body and salt and burn it!
And the whole Agent Hendrickson thing was so nostalgic. I enjoyed it.
Profile Image for BookLoversLife.
1,801 reviews9 followers
March 27, 2018
This book had some problems, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The author didn't do the boys justice when he wrote them, he made Dean too.... silly and Sam too uptight, but it's Supernatural and I'll read pretty much anything about it.
Profile Image for Thomas.
66 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2022
قرار نیست این کتابو با کتابای دیگه مقایسه کنم ؛ بلکه با سریالش مقایسه میکنم و باید بگم کار نویسنده عاللییی بود👌👌👌 حتی یکم بیشتر از سریال ازش خوشم اومد چون اینجا میتونم از استیک نوت استفاده کنم . و باید بگم دین>>>>
فقط شاید شاااااید بدیش این باشه که کسایی که سریالو ندیدن(تو این کتاب تا فصل دو قسمت ۸) ممکنه خیلی قاطی کنن و این از کتاب زدشون کنه.
بی‌صبرانه منتظر جلد های بعدیم (مخصوصا حضور کستیل که فکر کنم تو جلد چهار میاد 3>)
Profile Image for Ali.J.
37 reviews
February 28, 2022
امتیازم بهش،
به عنوان فن فرنچایز، 4/5
به عنوان یه خواننده معمولی 3/5
و به عنوان هردو:) 3.5/5✨

دیگر هرگز، جلد اول از مجموعه فراطبیعی.

خب، گمونم دیگه هرکسی حداقل یه بار هم که شده اسم سریال سوپرنچرال به گوشش خورده و نیازی به معرفی نداشته باشه، ولی حالا،
این مجموعه داستان دو برادر به نام سم و دین وینچستر رو دنبال میکنه که بیست‌ و دو سال پیش مادرشو�� رو بخاطر یه نیروی شیطانی از دست می‌دن. از اون زمان به بعد هم توسط پدرشون تحت تعلیم قرار گرفتن تا با چنین نیروهای شری که در سراسر آمریکا پخش شده‌ن مبارزه کنن.

این مجموعه کتاب 17 جلدی، جزو اون دسته از کتاب‌هاییه که خودشون اقتباس به‌حساب می‌آن، به جای اینکه از روشون اقتباسی صورت بگیره.
مجموعه سوپرنچرال بر اساس سریال معروف و پرمخاطبش نوشته شده و هدف از کتاب‌ها، پر کردن گپ و فضای خالی بین قسمت‌ها و ماجراها بوده‌.
اتفاقات جلد اول این مجموعه مابین قسمت هشتم و نهم، از فصل دوم سریال رخ می‌ده.

ماجرا از اونجایی شروع میشه که یکی از دوستان برادران وینچستر به‌نام اَش، با اون‌ها تماس می‌گیره و ازشون درخواست کمک می‌کنه، خونه‌ی یکی از دوستان اَش توسط روحی به تصرف در اومده و حالا برادران وینچستر باید راز پشت این ماجرا رو کشف کنن و از شر این روح مزاحم خلاص بشن، ولی ماجرا به همین‌جا ختم نمیشه، وقتی به شهر مورد نظرشون ‌می‌رسن، متوجه رشته قتل‌هایی عجیبی می‌شن، دو جوانی که توسط یک اورانگوتان تا حد مرگ کتک خورده بودند، یک مردی پشت دیوار آجرکشی شده و به قتل ��سیده بوده. طولی نمی‌کشه که متوجه می‌شن شیوه‌ی قتل‌ها شباهت زیادی به داستان‌های ادگار آلن پو داره، و از طرفی این کشتارها طبق آیین یک مراسم احیا صورت می‌گیره. ولی تمام این‌ها با چه هدفی انجام می‌شن؟ خب، وظیفه‌ی دو برادره که پرده از این رازها بردارن.

درمورد روند داستان، با اینکه هیجان و نفس‌گیری خاصی رو به من القا نکرد و یک داستان کاملا معمولی رو به نمایش گذاشت، به جد جایی نبود که با خودم بگم خسته شدم و لطفا تموم شو.
با اینکه شاید نتونم خودم رو جزو فندوم سریال حساب کنم و نوپا باشم، ولی حضور وینچسترها باعث می‌شد بخوام دنبال‌شون کنم.
یجورایی هم deep down ��رام تداعی‌گر رابطه‌ی برادرانه‌ی سالواتورها از مجموعه ومپایر دایاریز بود

قبل از هرچیز یه سوال اساسی رو جواب بدیم.
اگه سریال رو ندیده باشیم در فهم کتاب مشکلی پیش میاد؟ به عنوان یه مثال عینی باید بگم نه، برای جلد اول اگه سریال رو ندیده باشین مشکل خاصی پیش روتون نخواهد بود به اون‌صورت، گرچه دیدن قسمت اول از فصل اول به میزان زیاد مورد تاکیده، چون که یه ذهنیت و آشنایی کلی از فضا و جو این فرنچایز بهتون داده میشه که کمک‌کننده خواهد بود، ولی به‌جز اون شاید نشه گفت برای باقی الزام صد درصدی‌ای وجود داشته باشه. اگرچه دیدن‌شون به‌هیچ‌وجه خالی از لطف نیست، چون هرچی نباشه کتاب بر اساس سریال نوشته شده و رفرنس‌های زیادی به اتفاقاتی که در سریال افتادن زده می‌شه که خب، طبیعتا کسی متوجه اون‌ها میشه که تماشا کرده باشه سریال رو و با داستان آشنا بوده باشه، ولی درکل جوری نیستن که اگر ندونین‌شون باعث بشه چیزی از داستان متوجه نشین.
یک نمونه رو اگه بخوام اشاره کنم، درمورد قسمت هشتم از فصل دوم، که داستان کتاب اول هم بعد از ماجراهای این قسمت قرار داره، اشاره‌ای که به وقایع این قسمت شد، در حد یک خط، اون هم به‌حالت داخل پرانتزی بود.
با این‌ حال، کتاب در تایم‌لاین جلوتری قرار داره و اگه کسی نیت اصلیش دیدن سریال باشه، باید بگم که اسپویل‌های زیبایی از اتفاقات مهم فصل اول و کمی دوم رو به همراه داره.

بهترین راه از نظرم برای خوندن کتاب و کامل لذت بردن ازش؟ اول سریال رو شروع کنید و حداقلش برای خوندن جلد اول، تا قسمت هشتم از فصل دوم رو تماشا کنید و بعد به سراغ کتاب برید.
اگر هم که موضوع رفرنس‌ها و اسپویل‌ها زیاد براتون اهمیتی نداره، می‌تونید بدون هیچ مشکلی جلد اول رو بخونید و از داستانش لذت ببرید. گیر و گوری در فهم داستان پیش نخواهد اومد.

همون‌طور که از توضیحات قابل حدسه، جلد اول دو ماجرا و پرونده رو همزمان با هم پیش می‌بره که در یک شهر اتفاق می‌افتن. یک پرونده درمورد یه خونه‌ی شبح‌زده‌ست که حاشیه‌ی خاصی نداره و همه‌چیزش در داستان توضیح داده میشه، ولی پرونده‌ی دیگه قتل‌هایی به سبک داستان‌های ادگار آلن پو هستش که بشخصه بخش‌های مربوط به اون جزو موردعلاقه‌هام بودن.
به داستان‌هایی مثل قتل‌های خیابان مورگه، قلب افشاگر، بشکه‌ی آمونتیلادو و شعر زنگ‌ها و... در داستان اشاره می‌شه و از محتوای اون‌ها برای پیشبرد داستان کمک گرفته می‌شه.
همچنین در طی داستان چندین بار به زندگی شخصی آلن پو پرداخته می‌شه و اطلاعاتی از شرایط زندگی این نویسنده رو در اختیار خواننده می‌ذاره.

در مجموع، چه برای فندوم سریال سوپرنچرال و چه برای دوستداران نوشته‌های ادگار آلن پو، این جلد می‌تونه انتخاب فوق‌العاده‌ای باشه و می‌تونم بگم ازش لذت خواهند برد.
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October 19, 2020
This is not as bad as the other Supernatural novalisation I've read - it's more 1.5 stars than 1 really. I found the beginning kind of charming because it was so strange, but the second half was just a drag. Dean and Sam were very OOC; there were two cases that were both not connected and just really whack and without suspense; and my main gripe with these kind of novels: We don't care about all these side characters, we care about the two guys we already know - that's why we pick up those books in the first place.

Why didn't they just go to AO3, look for some Gen case fan fictions and hire fans who actually know how cases and characterisation work?
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December 29, 2020
like a 2.5?

Things I learned -
1. Dean Winchester is NOT a respectful rake
2. It's really hard to find parking in The Bronx so you should definitely write about it for like a third of your IP novel
3. Academics are batshit crazy (but I knew this already)

overall, what
also why
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December 28, 2022
برای منی که با سریالش زندگی کردم خیلی معمولی بود.
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August 20, 2018
Leggere questo libro è stato come vedere una puntata di Supernatural, niente di più , niente di meno, praticamente uguale; quell'aggiunta in più che cerchi ovunque disperatamente quando ti innamori di una serie tv.
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May 14, 2012
I love Supernatural with all of my being and every little fiber of my heart, so naturally, I ran to this book with open arms. And all in all, it wasn't terrible. But it's really the little things that got at me.

The biggest issue I had: Sammich is not and will never be acceptable.

But it was pretty good, I mean it was basically like reading iffy fanfiction. Let's be real; I read Redemption Road so I've got some pretty high standards. This was alright though. Enjoyable, just not up there. The moments between Sam and Dean were awkward and forced, and way too much joking about songs and all that kind of stuff. We got it.

Another problem was not all readers of this book are from the Bronx. So using every single street's name and avenue and lane and address and direction was not helping me picture it; it was a tad annoying. It was kinda hard to read through. I don't live there, and even if I did, I still wouldn't know where the heck they were at.

I'm still reading though. I hear Heart of the Dragon makes up for this, so three more books to go. Read on.

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January 5, 2017
5 stars

Yay!!!! Nice to see Sam and Dean in their own novel. The Poe Murders were very interesting. Glad resurrection doesn't happen in real life. Also glad that they were able to figure out who killed Roxy. Hope more cops will help the hunters.

Can't wait to read Witch's Canyon!!!!
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December 22, 2019
This was fairly enjoyable.

I've read that some Supernatural fans find these to be fairly out of character but, except for Dean letting Sam drive the Impala so much, I didn't find anything super OOC.

Things I really liked:
- The bit about Dean giving Sam crap for ordering gin and tonics and light beers
- Dean's protectiveness over Sam (unwilling to split up on the job and willing to shoot anyone when Sam was in danger)
- an African American female cop that was nice to Sam, smart and competent and didn't die in the end (unlike most POC on the actual show)
- the domestic scene at Manfred's when Sam and Dean bickered over coffee.
- Sam's ability to get just about anyone to trust him.

However, I found the endings of both cases to be telegraphed very early on. The book was very Dean centric, which is fine, but I wanted a lot more of Sam's feelings and thoughts on things.

Also, not sure how I feel about the random black schizophrenic scene. It seemed odd and I can't think of any moment in the show remotely like that.

Anyway, it's enjoyable enough to check out if you're a fan of the show.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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