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VikramAditya #7

Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream

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Once upon a time, there were fields in the city of Mumbai. Panthers roamed the forests of Malabar Hill and the occasional tiger could still be spotted, swimming the harbour or prowling the fringes of the city. The sea flooded the channels that separated the seven islands of the city. And on one of the islands stood a Fort, guarded by cannons that bristled from black ramparts.

Vikram, Aditya and their friends Anirudh and Chitra no idea of the existence of this Fort. But in a cave, on a windswept mountain in the Sahaydris, Anirudh has a dream. He dreams of a boy named Irfan who once lived in this Fort. He dreams of a city long lost and a friendship both transformative and life-affirming.

273 pages, Paperback

First published April 1, 2010

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About the author

Deepak Dalal

16 books27 followers
Deepak Dalal chucked up a career as a chemical engineer to write stories for children. He lives currently in Pune with his wife, two daughters and several dogs and cats. He enjoys wildlife, nature and the outdoors. The Sahyadri Hills of Pune are a short journey from his home. When not at his desk writing, he is either trekking their slopes or cycling their valleys.

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Profile Image for Sonia.
48 reviews6 followers
July 1, 2010
With "Aniruddh's Dream", Deepak Dalal definitely has something new to offer the young adult reader. After an over-dose of Fantasy and Vampires with "Potter" & "Twilight", it is refreshing to read an adventure story involving real young people. Deepak is a good story teller who has also put in a whole lot of hard research into the writing of the book. This is most obvious from all the information about the Sahyadris and the history of Bombay that is beautifully used to unfold the story of Aniruddh and his dream. It makes you want to move to reading "Koleshwar's Secret' that is the sequel to the book, immediately. That itself is testimony to the fact that this is a book you will not regret reading at least once.
Profile Image for Sunshine.
225 reviews9 followers
March 25, 2022
I am going to be very honest with my review.
When I started reading this book, I could not focus. The book felt very haphazard witha lot of things happening at once and a lot of characters being introduced at a single go.
It took a few chapters and a trek trip for me to finally get into the book. And from that point on the story just had me hooked... A dream of a person existing century back... oh my lord absolutely hooked. I loved gow the switch between the reality and the dream takes places... I can't wait to pick up the next book in the series and know what happens next.
Profile Image for ANASUA BASU.
280 reviews2 followers
November 8, 2022

Who doesn’t love to travel? Yes, almost we all. Traveling through dreams is what I prefer most. I don’t know on this very fact that why I love to do so. Since we still dare to find something which was once very familiar to us.

Here, in this book, we can see every vivid description of Mumbai. It was a city with acres of fields with panthers roaming all around the forests of Malabar hill. The overcrowded Mumbai city ? can anyone of us ever imagine it to be so? The first which in one knows? Yes, Anirudh, Vikram, Chitra, and Aditya have no idea about this.

Anirudh dreams of that city long lost and that friendship. Also, someone named Irfan longs to see in his dream who once lived in the fort. Sahaydris will take us to journey a very beautiful sculpture of our dreams with a strong plot at its base for readers full of adventures and history.


Profile Image for Vallabh D.
5 reviews
July 18, 2020
This book is an gem; for people keen about adventures it serves as a perfect tangent touching the circumference of curiosity filled with nature.
This book covers an entire area along the Sahyadri and old Mumbai, perfect for anyone.
It also has many imperfect characters, alongside the ones which we seem to know!
Had a perfect dream while reading.
Profile Image for Ketan Parte.
7 reviews
October 17, 2019
The first novel I read which triggered the reader inside me. Loved the story and it is still one of my favourite books as it talks about Mumbai in the 19th century.
Profile Image for Sahadevi M..
Author 3 books3 followers
September 17, 2021
It's an amazing book which pulls the readers into the story and makes them live it. What I love about it the most is how it is based in Mahabaleshwar and British-ruled Mumbai - every detail in the narrative makes the reader visually imagine the story!
Profile Image for Siddhant Agarwal.
432 reviews16 followers
March 18, 2022
When you read the blurb of the book, it sets an expectation of a story of a group of young adults on a trek to the Sahyadris and the events that take place on that trip, however this is a story that goes beyond. Written in two distinct parts, the present and the past, the trek is just a small part of the story. The story is primarily focused on friendship and the power of true human relationships. In both the timelines, we see that family, friendship and human connections have been emphasized upon, and in fact they form a critical part of the story. What I liked about the book is that the primary idea of the plot builds up page by page, and this is what keeps the reader hooked. Another aspect that I loved is the detailing and the word picture that the author paints as he describes various events and places as we journey. The language of the book is quite good, and while there might be some bit of complexity for the young readers, it would also be a good learning opportunity for them. The dream sequences are nicely planned and as we flit from one scene to another, there is almost a stage like feeling of seeing the curtains drop on one act. Since the story continues in the second book, I would hold on to my analysis of the climax, but the cliffhanger where this book ends is certainly provoking me to pick up the next one immediately.

Coming to the characters, Deepak has created the characters of the book with utmost precision, giving detailed individualistic characters to each one of the people we meet in the book. Be it Vikram, Anirudh or even Smita Dongre, each of them gets their time on stage and leave a mark on the reader. I loved how the author builds in contrasting phobias in Anirudh and Vikram, and how they help each other overcome them through the course of the story. Another character I am looking for in the second part is that of Salim and how his story fits into the narrative that we went through in this book.
Profile Image for Sindhu Vinod.
128 reviews5 followers
March 21, 2022
Children's fiction always interests me. And the fact that ive been a fan of his work and the look forward to the next book in series.

Vikram and aditya who are the protagonists from previous series now have Anirudh with them along with chitra in their trip to the Sahyadris. Anirudh is reserved and is son of the Commander and lives at the NDA, Pune.

He has fear of water but is not aware of his reasons. But has immense love for horses.
The introduction of characters is where the book starts, goes on with the sailing of protagonists on the rapids and then over to the trek on the Sahyadris.

Anirudh's dream

A strange incident wherein , Anirudh falls and he, goes into coma. There begins a dream sequence wherein the reader also goes in where Good natured lad Irfan from 19th century Mumbai he reader slips with him into a dream sequence where he is Irfan, a good natured lad, in early 19th Century in Bombay, who lives in an englishmans house with father. He also loves horses and fears water.

Anirudh travels with irfan to lost fort in Mumbai. The beauty couldn't be explained but the place is unknown .

Would definitely recommend to all kids who love adventures amd history.
Profile Image for Divya.
83 reviews
March 25, 2022
Deepak Dalal book was filled with challenging adventurous trip of two friends Vikram and Aditya. This series are gripping story with the beautiful scenic places and their expenditure journey are awful.

Aditya and Anirudh's father were known for eachothers as they graduated together as officer at NDA, while Aditya father posted back in Mumbai, he got the chance to spend his summer holidays there by tagging along Vikram. Anirudh was fear of all water bodies but best horse rider, but the challenging task was to sail in the boat with his partner Vikram, the friendship grew stronger between them. The sahyadri trip wakes up the dream call to Anirudh who went to coma for 12days and who never knows the history of the place but he now babbles as if he knows every corner of the Bombay city.
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