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The Trap Trilogy #2

The Wife Trap

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Your presence is requested at a wedding deception. 

After orchestrating a scandalous high-society ruse, Lady Jeannette Brantford is banished from her family's estate in England and sent to live with boring elderly cousins in the Irish countryside. But Jeannette's exile is surprisingly eventful. En route to her dreaded destination, she encounters Darragh O'Brien, a devilishly handsome architect who transforms Jeannette's punishment into a delicious whirlwind of wits, words, and undeniable passion. 

Although no less than a duke could satisfy a lady of her status, Jeannette is unable to extinguish the burning desire she has for Darragh's smoldering looks and sizzling kisses. Little does she know, her dashing Irishman is no commoner. He's the eleventh Earl of Mulholland and he's thoroughly enjoying the irresistible game of hard-to-get. But before he reveals his true identity, a little temptation and trickery are in order to teach his fair lady a lesson or two about love.

392 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 25, 2006

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About the author

Tracy Anne Warren

39 books773 followers
Tracy Anne Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Regency historical romance novels, including At The Duke’s Pleasure and The Husband Trap. Her books have appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers’ list and the Borders’ Group List of Bestselling Single Title Romance Paperbacks. She has won numerous writing awards, including Romance Writers’ of America’s prestigious RITA® Award, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Golden Quill, and others.

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565 reviews246 followers
November 1, 2009
This is my least favorite of the Trap series by Tracy Anne Warren. I didn't love the first one, The Husband Trap, and this one has even more problems.

First of all, the heroine is the twin sister of the heroine in The Husband Trap. She's a selfish, immature snob. She's been sent off to Ireland to stay with some cousins because of the scandal she caused with her antics in THT. There she meets Darragh O'Brien, an architect who also happens to be the Earl of Mulholland. Only she assumes he's simply a tradesman and, although they're attracted to each other, she's determined to marry a title.

The only way she doesn't know he has a title is that she keeps interrupting him every time he tries to tell her. Eventually he decides to keep her in the dark to see if he can win her love for himself and not his ancestry.

In any case, this book has the same problem as The Husband Trap. The story doesn't feel like it really starts until after half way through. And it's so implausible it's just hard not to put it down and not finish it.

There are problems galore caused by two very stubborn people, but mostly by one very selfish young woman. Darragh's deception causes all kinds of hurt feelings, but we don't see a lot of growth in Jeannette. She's still selfish, right up until the final chapter.

And the final chapter is basically this: they get back together, the end. No epilogue to show them actually managing to be together day to day.

Really, this book isn't worth it. I say skip it and go to The Wedding Trap, if you're reading this series. It's definitely better.
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Author 13 books417 followers
November 15, 2010
After I read the first book in this series, the Husband Trap, I skipped this book because I quite simply wasn't interested in the story of the selfish twin sister who instigated the deception in the first book. (Not that the other sister was guiltless, but this one was worse.) I read the third book, which is the best in the series, and then moved onto other things. Months and months later, I remembered that I hadn't finished the series, and in the midst of a dry spell, I gave this one a try. I'm afraid my sense of the character from the first book was spot on. She's a horrible, shallow selfish snob. There's nothing at all redeeming about her. I didn't get a sense for Derek one way or the other, except that for some reason he actually wanted this girl, which doesn't speak well for him.

The deception in this book was easier to swallow because she deserved it. She doesn't realize he's an earl because she makes snobby assumptions. He makes at least three attempts to tell her and she cuts him off, so he messes with her a bit.

But ultimately, I didn't want this woman to have a story, let alone a happily ever after.

My advice: Skip this book. Go on to The Wedding Trap. Eliza makes a much better heroine.
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Author 54 books134 followers
February 18, 2019
Güzel bir historicaldı, severek okudum.

İlk kitabında dükle evlenmek istemeyen, bu yüzden de kitap kurdu ikiziyle yer değiştiren şımarık mı şımarık, gıcık olduğum bir kadın karakter vardı. Bu kitap da işte o şımarığın kitabı :)

Bir karakter bu kadar değişim geçirebilir... Ve bunun birdenbire olmaması, yavaş yavaş olması, bunları yaparken bile kendi karakterinden ödün vermemesi hoşuma gitti. Kızımız ilk kitapta yediği halt yüzünden İrlanda'da yaşayan yaşlı kuzenlerinin yanına sürülüyor :)

Erkek karakterimiz... İRLANDA BEBESİ. İ R L A N D A L I... Başka ne diyebilirim bilmiyorum :D Şaka bir yana erkek karakterimiz, çalışarak emeğiyle para kazanan üst sınıfların hor görüldüğü bir ortamda, çalışarak para kazanan bir mimar ve bir kont. Fakat İrlandalı olduğu için yine de burun büküyolar canımcıma.

İkisinin tanışması, ilişkilerinin akışı, sonrasında "kulübedeki" zamanları hoşuma gitti.

Kızı o şımarık, burnu havada haliyle beğendi, tanıdıkça aslında altında çok iyi bir temel olduğunu görüp hoşlandı, o temeli elleriyle kazıya kazıya çıkarmak için uğraşırken de aşık oldu. O yüzden işlenişini beğendim. Birdenbire oldu bittiye getirilen konuları sevmiyorum.

Gizemler var, yalanlar var, söylenmeyenler var, ağzına bir tane çarpasınız gelen yerler var. Var da var .
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Author 47 books72 followers
November 30, 2016
Jeannette yaşadığın her şeyi hak ettin, kocan hariç!!! Kitap bitti ama seni hala sevebilmiş değilim.. Sonunda da Darragh değil o gidip af dilemeliydi önce..
Neyse beni çok sinirlendirdi, ama ilki kadar olmasa da kitabı sevdim...
Serinin son kitabı da umarım güzel olur; Kit ve Eliza'nın hikayesi.. Hep sevmişimdir böyle kimsenin ilgilenmediği geri planda bulunan kadınların, sosyetenin gözdesi adamlarla olan hikayesini :D
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2,570 reviews420 followers
March 27, 2022
I was a bit apprehensive to read this one but I think it was cool. Lady Jeannette Brantford antics from book 1 resulted in her twin sister marrying the guy Jeanette didn’t want to marry but it scandalized her parents enough to banish her.
Her family sent her to live with some cousins in the Ireland, a far cry from the fashion and fun London society.

On her travel to London, Jeannette’s carriage got stuck in the mid and her group enlists the help of Darragh O’Brien. Jeannette assumes he’s a highway man or trader, either way, he’s not a title and she is only marrying a title and money. She wants a certain lifestyle and Darragh’s good looks won’t fund that life.

The first half of the book had funny banter between the two. The second half had Darragh treating his entitled and privileged wife badly in my opinion. I hate that part of this story. Yes she was completely spoiled but she stayed true to who she is and never changed. Perhaps he should have looked for a woman with more substance rather than berate her the way he did.

First half was 4-star Second half (marriage) was 2-star. So I ended with 3-star
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217 reviews12 followers
October 10, 2013
This is a riveting, wonderful book. I could not stop reading until I was done. The background, psychological aspects, schemas and values of the characters are so well-developed. I love a story with redemptive themes and that is exactly what this book is about. In this case, a spoiled yet beautiful young woman finds her inner beauty with the help of a patient passionate man who is fully invested in seeing her develop into more than what she is; a superficial & overindulged lady of society.

The heroine, Jeanette was introduced to readers in the first book which lays down the foundation for the journey of hardship and tough lessons that inevitably await her due to her spoiled character and nature. Darragh, the hero, is the epitome of masculinity interwoven with his traits of kindness, patience and passion. He is a breath of fresh air and exactly what Jeanette needs to help her improve her life and value system.

Jeanette is a beautiful woman, with peeks of redeeming qualities that have readers hoping that she will eventually learn to find true value in life that is substantive and not superficially grounded as in her current state.

Jeanette is the result of natural beauty, spoiled by a permissive parenting style in which she was never held accountable for her actions. This spoiled nature was further affirmed by society. Such shallow constitutions in one's character has a way of making the individual truly miserable at heart. This is why Darragh is just the medicine she needs to help her wake up to the beauty that surrounds her and find a deeper meaning in life.

I completely agreed with his "intervention," if you will, in teaching her lessons of life by taking her to the cottage he claimed to be his home and having her develop independent skills. I know he paid a price for that, but I think the fall out was just part of the process on this road to recovery that Jeanette embarked upon.

Ultimately, she has touched by true love which melted away the emptiness of living solely for society, parties and selfish pursuits.

Overall, I loved this book! I could not put it down. Many times, I laughed out loud at the banter and teasing pranks that kept Jeanette & Darragh's chemistry real, powerful and tangible.
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802 reviews14 followers
April 18, 2023
The second installment of the series - was super curious to see how could the author redeem the selfish, frivolous twin sister, Jeanette. She couldn't.
I read halfway, ignoring the looming boredom from the mundane, non exciting instances between the Hero and heroine, until I finally couldn't pursue further.
I kept expecting the heroine was a virgin ... like 'surprise, I'm still a virgin, despite what the Hero - and everyone - might think' but no, she wasn't.
There's no chemistry between the MCs.
I kept expecting some angst - some misconception about the heroine but alas, no she was exactly that. So, ladies and gents, no angst, it is.
Such a disappointment.
106 reviews
July 27, 2017
I did not want to read Jeanette's book because I really didn't like her in The Husband Trap. But in this story that reminds me so much of The Taming of the Shrew, I felt terrible for her and detested the hero. It didn't start out that way, in the beginning, the hero was reasonable and Jeanette was behaving like a brat because she couldn't sleep in late. But apparently, the hero is only able to recognize love when he lies to his wife and makes her blunder around burning her hands and feeling useless. Instead of understanding each other and communicating the hero does whatever he wants and then wonders why his wife is angry with him. I have read many Brat to Beauty novels before, but never one that made this little sense. Very disappointing considering how good the first book was.
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145 reviews8 followers
August 14, 2020
Bad reviews????? Well pish-posh I liked it! The interaction & banter between the hero and heroine was fun and smart. I thought the author did a great job getting into their heads and splaying them open - emotionally of course! Yes she was whining and selfish initially, but it takes the right kind of person to bring out the best in you.
Are you not in the mood for a selfish brat? Put it aside or avoid altogether. Glad I didn’t listen to reviews.
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112 reviews2 followers
November 20, 2012
I loved the first book in this series, the Husband Trap. And I was intrigued that the second book would give me the opportunity to see 'the other side' of Jeanette, who was the selfish, snobbish, self-involved catalyst for all the action in the first book. Well, as it happens, Jeanette’s other side is pretty much the same as the first side.

There were times when I really wondered what our hero, Darragh, saw in this woman. Which is ironic, because Darragh’s primary concern is that Jeanette falls in love with the man rather than his title. All the while, it seems like Darragh has fallen for Jeanette primarily for her legendary good looks, rather than any hint of humanity underneath.

This book is rated significantly lower than its bookends in the series, and I think this is why. Even though it’s very engagingly written and fun to read, it would have been much more enjoyable if there was a kernel of likeability in the heroine.

Onward and upward! I’m looking forward to the focus in Book 3 to move to the duke’s younger brother and Violet’s bluestocking friend…two much more likeable characters.
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Author 3 books628 followers
May 15, 2023
I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book like that ..
This book will follow the twin sister of Viola from the first book Jeannette, after the scandal she made last season her parents decides to exile her to her cousins house in Ireland where she will meet a rugged man who is an architect named Darragh O'Brien, he is handsome and witty and he likes to banter with her .. too bad he can't provide her the life she wants .. or so she thought
I have to say, as a first series I read in Historical Regency this author knows how to write her stuff, she keeps the story interesting and I couldn't help but to care about the characters and what will happen to them although initially I didn't like either of them .. but they grew on me and their banter was so organic and their relationship was nice and I felt they are really suitable for each other
I enjoyed my time with this one and I'm kind of excited to see Kit's story in the third book
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631 reviews658 followers
October 3, 2018
3.5-4 stars

Loved the first one in this series, such an amazing read but the second as I expected, wasn't a big fan of. The story was interesting and fun and the hero is to die for but the heroine was what I had problems with. MAJOR problems with. This honestly would have been 4-5 read if it weren't for Jeannette. She kept ruining it for me.

And I tried, lord help me I tried really hard to like or even sympathize with Jeanette but goodness she really tested my patience several times to the point that I felt really sorry for Darragh. I felt he was way too good for her with the antics she continuously pulled off. The tantrums you would expect from a four-year-old are probably more endearing then seeing a grown woman stomp her feet, pout and shriek (and I really do mean shriek) at the top of her lungs when she's angry or doesn't get her way. And no, I'm not exaggerating in the least. Shrieking tantrums are not endearing to me or cute. I think Darragh was very brave, amazing, and near-crazy to think that was charming of her.

I prepared myself for this and was honestly curious to see how the author would handle writing the heroine in this who was pretty much unlikable in the previous book. She was self-centered, snobbish, ridiculously spoiled, immature, petulant and mean. So typically when you have a heroine who's not very favorable in the beginning of the story you expect to see them change and sometimes grow to like/love them. For me that wasn't the case with this story and was my biggest problem. I had a hard time actually buying that Jeannette changed or grew up or even learned her lesson after everything that happened. I guess I would have bought it more if Warren wrote the ending differently. She needed to suck up her pride and go after her hubby. Yes she seemed to be brought down a peg or two, but that spoiled, petulant haughty personality never seemed to go away. For me the ending felt more of a 'okay I'll promise to behave for now as long you forgive me!' something a kid would do after being caught and scolded but will continue to do what she wants later on. Not satisfying or sincere in the least for me. I just didn't buy that she changed and was a better person for it. There were definitely some 'aha! hallelujah! moments were she seemed to realize things and grow up and be humbled but again her vengeful combative nature kept flaring up. Here I felt the hero was wronged and poorly treated and the heroine had to swallow her ego-inflated pride and go after HIM. If the ending had been different I probably would have liked it and been happy with it but eh. It's a shame cause the set up was there and the hero, Darragh was just delicious and so much fun. They were cute together and I did enjoy the overall plot, it's just the heroine that made it difficult for me to fully enjoy this book. Darragh was a total sweetheart with all that witty rakish charming personality I did love how he gave her a run for her money in the schemes she tried to pull off.

Overall story: 4 stars
Pairing: 3 stars
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1,092 reviews36 followers
February 22, 2012
Gül ve Diken - Tracy Anne Warren

Tracy Anne Warren'e büyülü kalemine tekrar hayran oldum.
Serinin ilk macerasinda nefret ettigim Jeannette'nin dilinden anlayan birinin cikip ona ders vermesi cok manidar geldi bana.

Kitabin basinda Darragh O'Brien ile karsılastikları sahnede kötü ikizimizin düstügü çamurlu durum tam da layigıni buldu dedirtecek seydi bence..
Her ne kadar bu karsilasma Jeannette icin cok kötü sonuclara sebepde olsa ikili arasindaki çekimin çatirdilarını hissedebiliyorsunuz.

Düstügü her durumda insanlari kullanma daki becerisini kullanan Jeannette cok gecmeden kayaya çarptigini anlamasi ama savastan vazgecmemesi bunun icin elindeki en büyük koz güzellik ve disiliginide kullanmaktan çekinmemesi beklenen bir atakti bizler icin.

Hesaba katmadığı şey ise Darragh'ın inatçılığını karizmasını,yakışıklılğını hesaba katmamıştı Jeannette ceza için gönderildiği İrlanda 'da Darragh olan çekişmesi başta onu bu tenha ve ıssız yerde oyalıyorsa da aralarındaki cinsel çekim ve cazibe işin rengini değiştiriyordu..

Romanın ilerleyen yapraklarında Darragh'ın tam da ona göre bir erkek olduğunun dersini verdiğini ama bunlar olurken Darragh Jeannetta'ya sırılsıklam aşık olması fakat aşık olsa da kızımıza taviz vermemesi yaptığı her atağa hakettiği şekilde karşılık vermesi atışmalrı,kavgalar,sevişmeleri tipik Scarlett ve Rhett atışmalarını da aratmıyordu doğrusu..Bazı satırlarında düşünürken bazı satırlarında kahkahalarımı tutamadımm.

İlk kitaptaki kahramanlarımız aşıklarımız Viaolet ve Adriane'da romanın en can alıcı yerlerinde vardı doğrusu..Ve ikiz bebek bekliyorlardı..Adiane sevgili karısın üstüne titriyordu..Jeannette'nin dersini alması için Darrargh ile işbirliği yapması manidardı ..

Romanın en beğendiğim yerlerinden herkese hükmeden ve kendi çıkarları için kullanan Jeannette'nin ahçılık dersleri idi..Orası tam anlamı ile komedi ama çok seven erkeğin sevdiğinin elinden zehir de olsa yemesi çok çok duygusaldı..Okuyun..bu güzel romanı kaçırmayın..

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1,401 reviews11 followers
October 23, 2012
Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasına bulabilirsiniz.

Serinin ikinci kitabı da bitmiş bulunuyor. Bu kitaptaki asıl karakterimiz, bir önceki kitabın kötü ikizi Jeannette. Jeannette bu kitabın başında ailesi tarafından İrlanda'ya sürülmüş bir vaziyette. İrlanda'yı çok sıkıcı buluyor ama yolculuk sırasında tanıştığı Darragh O'Brien aslında günlerini ilginçleştiren tek karakter. Kendisi aslında bir kont olsa da bir türlü kıza bunu söyleyemiyor, kız da onu sıradan bir mimar sanıyor ve bu böyle bir süre gidiyor.

Serada uygunsuz bir şekilde yakalandıktan sonra evlenmeye zorlanıyorlar. Aslında ikisi de birbirine karşı bir şeyler hissediyor ama zamanla bunu daha iyi anlamaya başlıyorlar. Darragh da küçük hanıma bir ders vermek istiyor ve unvanından bahsetmeyerek onu küçük bir kulübeye getiriyor, hizmetçisiz ve aşçısız bir şekilde yaşamaya zorluyor. Tam kızdan ilan-ı aşk ettiğini duyacakken işler sarpa sarıyor ve tabi ki Jeannette böyle kandırıldığından dolayı çok sinirleniyor.

Kontun asıl evi olan kaleye geldiklerinde araları çok soğuk bir halde. Bir de kızın eski sevgilisi gelince hepten ipler kopuyor. Her ne kadar Darragh kıza onu sevdiğini söyletmiş olsa da karşılık vermeyi aklına getiremediğinden -tipik bir hödüklük- kız onu sevmediğini düşünüyor ve ısrarla İngiltere'ye geri dönmek istiyor.

Ayrılıkla geçen uzun bir süre sonra ikisinin de aklı başına geliyor. Jeannette asıl istediğinin o olduğunu kabul ediyor, Darragh ise İrlanda'dan kalkıp onun yanına büyük bir uzlaşmayla ve aşkla geliyor. İşler tatlıya bağlanıyor.

İlk kitabı bundan daha çok sevdiğim için 3 yıldız verdim. Aslında bunun kurgusu da fena değildi, sadece bazen işleri çok abarttıklarını düşündüm. Ayrıca Violet'in ikizlerinin olması da garip bir rastlantı olmuş, orası hoşuma gitti. Asıl merak ettiğim üçüncü kitap. Kit ve sessiz kız ilgimi bir hayli çekiyor. Sırf onu okuyabilmek için üçü okudum diyebiliriz. Eğer Türkçesi yolda değilse, üçüncüyü de yakınlarda okuyup kaldırmaya kararlıyım.
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237 reviews13 followers
June 21, 2018
I've read a lot of reviews on the Trap Trilogy of people saying they're not interested in reading this book because they disliked the heroine, Jeanette, so much from the first one, The Husband Trap . And it's true... she is a spoiled, egotistic snob... BUT you won't regret giving Jeanette a second chance and her book, The Wife Trap a try.
I hated Jeanette from the first book as well, but I really came to like her in this one.
A lot of reviews also say she was the same spoiled brat by the end of the book and never changed, but that is not true. You do get to see a whole different side to her, and see her grow into a loving and respectable person.
Another reason why you MUST read this book is for its wonderful hero. One of the best I've read about so far. There is no way you won't fall in love with him.
I almost took a star off when rating it because the ending somehow felt a little abrupt, but then I considered the fact that this is the first kindle version I've ever read, and when you're reading a normal book you're very aware of how close you are to the ending. And though I knew I was getting close this time, it sort of came sooner than I expected.
An epilogue would've been nice too, but I guess some part of the third book serves as one.
Profile Image for Sarah.
106 reviews1 follower
August 14, 2012
I was hoping for good things from this book as I love a regency romance. Sadly the main feeling I had during this book was annoyance as I found the romance to be unbelievable. Darragh comes across as a lovely chap and I have no problems with Jeannette falling for him but she is completely spoiled and unlikeable, I have no idea what he would see in her beyond her beauty. The plot is that due to a scandal involving her exchanging places with her twin sister (book one in the series, The Husband Trap) she has been banished to Ireland. She is a lady and expects to be treated as one at all times no matter how this may affect those around her. When she meets Darragh she thinks he is just a commoner and so not deserving of any courtesy. She is staying with her elderly cousins, a couple who are nothing but nice to her. However, her behaviour is appalling and barely improves until right at the very end of the book. Equally Darragh's behaviour seems to deteriorate through the book as he deceives her and treats her badly, although she is not very nice I don't think it justifies his behaviour to her. All in all this book does not make me want to rush out and buy another book by this author.
Profile Image for Madu.
73 reviews
October 14, 2012
I can't really believe the transfromation suffered by Jeanette. She really was a different person at the end of the book.
I loved Darragh and he did what he was supposed to do in order to change Jeanette
Profile Image for crazyyummy.
518 reviews
April 29, 2018
This story is about Lady Jeannette Brantford who was sent to Ireland because of the scandal that she had done n then along the way she met Darragh O'Brien, an architect and that was when their love story began. Jeannette was a spoiled, haughty, yet witty lady who knows her future and duty and that's y she doesn't give a commoner a second glance but after meeting Darragh, everything changed. They argued but flirting at the same time and this caused them to be attracted to each other but Jeannette knew that she couldn't love him because he didn't have a title, but little did she know that Darragh in fact, is an earl. He kept it a secret because he wants her to accept and love him for the person he is, not just because he has a title. For me, this story is really amusing because of their funny arguments but also sweet at the same time. I like the changes that happened to Jeannette because she end up becoming more matured than before. I think this story deserves 4.5/5
Profile Image for Renaissancecat22.
89 reviews11 followers
May 15, 2017
I'm surprised at all the reviewers saying how much they disliked Jeannette. I thought she was a rather shallow and even malicious character myself after The Husband Trap (Book 1) which I why I skipped ahead to The Wedding Trap (Book 3). But when that proved unsatisfying, I was tempted enough to check out her story and I have to say, I wasn't too disappointed.

First of all, when the story starts, it seems that Warren had already decided to soften the character. Sure, there were remnants of the Jeannette from Book 1 but her selfishness and entitlement had already been curtailed. I suppose you could chalk it up to the humiliations of Book 1 but regardless of how handsome he was, Jeannette put up a rather paltry resistance to Darragh, pulling pranks that seemed relatively harmless and unlike the Jeannette that was willing to subject her twin sister to so much cruelty in Book 1. Perhaps Jeannette was truly ignorant of how her actions affected others in Book 1 but that wasn't how the character was written. She seemed actively cruel and malicious at times. Similarly, the whole affair thing is greatly softened in Book 2. Now she isn't a heartless jade who possibly had a number of amours but a wronged woman who gave her heart to a callous seducer who tossed her aside. And of course Warren is sure to tell us she didn't enjoy it much before... which makes you wonder why she was having that affair in the first place.

Speaking of character transformations, the vile seducer who caused problems in Book 1? Well, here he's been so neutered that he

Given all of that, it might be easier to read this book without reading the first. It's not entirely stand alone but you could probably follow the story knowing a few details. As a stand alone book, I don't think it's as good as the first but it is still fairly well written and more amusing. Book 1 has a lot of melodrama and tortured feelings since Violet is perpetrating a deception from the start. With Book 2 you have Jeannette and Darragh's battle of wills over his early work days and her unwillingness to have such an early wake up call. Things are a little less amusing when Darragh perpetrates a deception of his own. I found this part of the plot to be fairly similar to the movie Overboard (1987) but the small changes made a little more palatable. Jeannette kind of needed to be humbled, not so much over her behavior in this book but after Book 1. But Darragh never intended to punish her and he never really degraded her with hard labor, from the beginning finding time for little kindnesses to mollify her feelings. I'm not thrilled with some pushiness about marital relations but there have certainly been more forceful scenes in romances and later in the story .

The conflict is generally less intense in this book compared to Book 1. It's the typical delay of HEA because the H/h need to trade 'I love you's.' There's nothing big they really have to overcome. There's a brief flare of jealousy and an estrangement but towards the end you're just waiting for them to overcome their stubbornness and share their feelings.Thankfully, here it's more justified than in other stories as both characters are VERY stubborn and they both have good reasons for keeping silent. And yet, unlike Book 1, we get a nice scene of the Hero groveling even though the Hero in Book 1 was the one who really needed to do the groveling for his behavior.

I don't think Darragh came off as a perfect Hero but given the Overboard conceit the author was going for, I think she wrote him as well as she could have. She gave him some alpha behaviors but he was never an alpha-hole and ultimately I think he was more of a sweet beta Hero at heart. There was bluster but never outright cruelty though he does come off a little idiotic when he realizes he never said 'I love you.' It would have made more sense if he'd been consciously making that omission.

I do think there was a significant leap in characterization in Jeannette from the beginning of the book but thankfully it was enough to have me enjoying the story even early on during the pranks. They have a good bit of chemistry and I enjoyed a lot of their scenes together outside of the bedroom. The bedroom scenes were fine but better in Book 1. These scenes involve a lot of him sweeping her into sex (sometimes when she's not even awake for the start of it). In Book 3, Jeannette reverts back to a bit of shallowness and overspending which feels like a step back in characterization but I enjoyed this book enough that I went back through to read all of her scenes and I'd like to read more about her and Darragh's family.
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March 13, 2012
En merak ettiğim konu serinin ilk kitabında tabiri caizse yazarın adeta nefret ettirdiği Jeannette'yi nasıl seveceğimdi..-sevmek zorunda değilim tabi orası ayrı-Bilen bilir kız tam anlamıyla bip,bip bipti.(bip=kötü kelime)Gelin görün ki sanırım sonunda cezasını çekti.Aklı başına geçte olsa geldi :D

Jeanette ikizi Violet ile yer değiştirdiğinde ortaya çıkan skandal yüzünde İngiltereden uzaklaştırılır.İrlanda'ya...Denizi aşıp, yolları geçip kuzeninin evine varmasına saatler kala arabası çamura saplanıyor..Durumu gören yakışıklı kontumuz Darragh yardım elini uzatmadan edemiyor.Böylece J. kontumuzu alt tabakadan sansada, kahramanlarımız ilginç bir şekilde tanışıyor.

Derken çiftimiz aynı bölgede bulunduklarını farkediyorlar.Meğer bizim yakışıklı kontumuz J.'nin kuzeninin evinin yanan bir kısmını yenilemekle meşgulmüş..Mimardırda kendisi :DAynı ortamı paylaştıklarını keşfetmeleriyle eğlence başlıyor ve çiftimizin komik çekişmeleri bizi eğlendiriyor..

D. bir kont olduğu halde J. bından habersiz.Bu yüzden onu aşağılasada hor görsede ondan etkilenmedende yapamıyordur.Öyleki tamda affedildiği zaman başına ikinci bir dert açıyor bu etkileşim.(sonu güzel biten dert cinsinden)

D. ünvanın paranın herşey demek olmadığını, J.'ye gösterip, kalbini fethetmeye çalışıyor.Bunun içinde neler yapıyor neler :D J. ise ayrı bi alem..Yaşadığı hayattan uzaklaşmaya, alışkanlıklarından vazgeçmeye hazır değildir.

Kitap yer yer komik diologların yer aldığı tatmin edici olayların ve sonuçların yer aldığı güzel bir hikayeydi.Akıcılığından mı, meraktan mı yoksa hasta halimle can sıkıntısından mı bilmem bi günde bitti :D
Ben sevdim..öneririm..

Ahh Eliza ve Kit'in hikayesinide merakla bekliyorum bu arada :D
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July 29, 2018
Jeannette and Darragh are two of the most hilarious characters I've ever come across in a romance and I LOVE IT! They're constant game of cat and mouse is both entertaining and down right adorable, making for a perfect start to their obvious romance. These are two characters that match up so perfectly I'd read the book just for them. I enjoyed how it brought the factor 'for richer or poorer' into the story. Jeannette who is used to worldly pleasures such as dresses, servants and jewelry marries (by force at the time) a man who she considers as beneath her, Darragh a working man. However, in reality he is actually quite wealthy only he pretends to be what she thinks and forces her to do things she's never done herself and live in a small house without the pleasures she's never been without, in the hopes she will love him without his money. The only problem is that his plan blows up in his face. This is a book I am sure I will definitely be reading again.
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December 26, 2016
Jeannette poznáme ako zlé dvojča rodiny Brantfrordovcov. Pyšné, snobské, rozmaznané dievča, ktoré po celý život dostávalo, čo či zaumienilo. Po poslednom škandále (detaily viď tu: http://kokinakniznica.blogspot.sk/201... ), ktorý medzi smotánkou zarezonoval, musela odísť k príbuzným do Írska. Tento "výlet" mal byť pre ňu trestom i poučením. A dá sa povedať, že aj bol.

Mladá dievčina mala vždy všetko, čo chcela. Svet sa krútil iba okolo nej, medzi šľachticmi bola mimoriadne obľúbená, jej spoločnosť vyhľadávali dámy i páni. Matka ju zbožňovala, hrdila sa ňou a vo všetkom ju podporovala. Až kým sa to Jeannette nevymklo z rúk... Zvyšok recenzie je tu: http://kokinakniznica.blogspot.sk/201...
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March 3, 2010
I liked it, but it just didn't live up to the first book in the trilogy.
Though the sex scenes were far hotter in this addition.

I just did not like the female lead for over half the book. She was a whiney, spoiled, snobby, immature snot. BUT she eventually grows up and becomes likable!

The plot was hilarious.

I loved Darragh! Now I want to find a time machine and go back to the 14oo's so I can find myself a sexy beast of an Irish man!

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240 reviews
December 24, 2012
Gönlümden geçen 2,5 !
Çok basit bir kitaptı. Ya yazarın ilk kitabını okumamış olsaydım , kesinlikle kaleminden şüphe ederdim. Daha farklı ve etkileyici bir konu bekliyordum açıkçası. -_- Boşa zaman kaybı oldu. Bi' kere aşkı hissettirmesi 0 (sıfır) , kıza Darragh'ın ders verdim dediği yerler bsaçmalık. En önemlisi de ''konu şuydu'' diyeceğim tek bir unsur göremedim...
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March 18, 2009
This one was fun to read,and Warren does a good job of making an unlikable secondary heroine in book #1, The Husband Trap, someone a reader can totally come to love in the second book. Superior character growth!
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August 8, 2015
Rating: 2.5 stars. I'm being generous all because of Darragh.

The heroine was annoying as hell. I'm not a heroine hater, and I'm not picky with my heroines either, but I couldn't stand Jeannette! I didn't like her in Husband Trap, and I especially didn't like her in Wife Trap.
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November 29, 2009
I don't care for the twin. The hero will be so much better off with somebody else.

that was a huge disappointment after the first instalment.
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