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Dark-Hunter #4

Kiss of the Night

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Wulf is an ancient Viking warrior with a useful but extremely aggravating power—amnesia. No one who meets him in person can remember him 5 minutes later. It makes it easy to have one-night stands, but hard to have a meaningful relationship, and without true love he can never regain his soul.

When he finally meets Cassandra, the one woman who can remember him, she turns out to be the princess of the cursed race he's sworn to hunt—and forbidden to him. The two of them must face ancient curses, prophecies, and the direct meddling of the Greek gods to find true happiness at last.

384 pages, Hardcover

First published March 24, 2004

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Sherrilyn Kenyon

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New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Paladins (thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances), her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves. Since 2004, she had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. Her current series are: Dark-Hunters, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter is also being developed as a television series. Join her and her Paladins online at MySherrilyn.com and www.facebook.com/mysherrilyn

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2,239 reviews3,520 followers
August 6, 2017
Wulf Tryggvase (Hunter) & Cassandra Elaine Peters (Apollite)

Why Wulf become a dark hunter: His story is a bit different from the rest of the dark hunters. He looked for someone to sooth his pain after his brother died. Morginne (a dark huntress) was his one night stand lover who during their sexual encounter traded souls with him. Her lover, Norse god Loki, helped her. Moreover, Morginne cursed him that nobody mortal would remember him.

Cassandra: An Apollite princess waiting to die in less than a year and who does not really want to die.
She falls in love with Wulf because 'life is too short'.
He falls in love with Cassandra because she can remember him for more than 5 minutes.

One thing I loved: The way Wulf looks after Chris (Wulf's last heir). For example, one time Wulf brought Britney Spears to sing at Chris's 21st birthday. Then, he urged Chris to make a pass at Britney and propose to her. Britney of course laughed.

Settings: Minessota

This book shows that in this series anything can happen -even become pregnant in your dreams. Just awesome!
You cannot help feeling sorry for Apollites, the enemies of Dark Hunters; and you cannot help forgiving.

Favourite quote: "My scent on your skin. Yours on mine. Most of all, I like knowing that in the morning you'll remember what we did tonight and you'll still know my name.
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1,838 reviews6,245 followers
November 25, 2015
One of my least favorites so far. It was too much like the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood where they were just sitting around crying about the girl's imminent death. So, you are cursed to die at 27. Waa waa waaa. I don't see why I have to suffer by reading about how sad you are that you will never get to watch your child grow up. It's so unfair. To me.

So, in this book, we have Wulf, who's kind of a racist; and Cassandra, who is the race that Wulf hates. They meet and he impregnates her in a dream. Talk about a trope. The old got-pregnant-in-a-dream routine. If I had a dollar for every time I have read that tired old story, I would have a dollar now.

Cassandra is special, though. mmmhmmm. She is the last of the bloodline of the god Apollo, so if she dies, he dies (for some reason). And, if the sun-god dies, the sun dies (because science). And, if the sun dies, everything dies.

reality sucks...

So, keeping Cassandra alive until she can have a baby that carries on her bloodline is very important now. And, of course there are some bad guys that are trying to kill her. Hey, bad guys? Remember the everyone-will-die-if-she-dies thing? That includes you.

There are good parts of this book that are less whiny, though. Ash is doing weird and awesome stuff, and we get to learn a lot more about the Apolites and Daimons. Turns out, it's kind of sad that the Apolites are cursed to die at 27 and maybe becoming Daimon is a desperate attempt to survive. It's almost reasonable.

Well, I'm hoping the next book won't be so damn Debbie Downerish.
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111 reviews169 followers
October 20, 2014

Dark Hunter Flashcard #4

Name: Wulf Tryggvasen

Age: 1,275 give or take

Former Occupation: Viking

Special D.H. power: Nobody remembers him for more than 5 minutes after they've met him.

Reason why he became a D.H. : It’s complicated.

If you really wanna know, there isn’t one. His one night stand lover stole his soul and turned him into a D.H in her place.

So like I said, it’s complicated.

Best thing that came out of his mouth : Yeah, well, I don’t let anyone screw me until they kiss me, and since there’s not even a snowball’s chance in hell of me kissing that bastard, we’re not screwed.

He finds his one true love when: He saves her life from a Daimon attack.

He falls for her because: She remembers him for more than 5 minutes.

Her Name: Cassandra Peters

Age: Almost 27

Occupation: Apollite Princess

Best thing that came out of her mouth : I don’t want to die, Wulf.

She falls for him because: Life is short.

Surgeon General's Warning: Have your tissues ready. Nothing says tearjerker like a woman who knows that she’s dying shortly after she’s found her one true love.

The Devil's Advocate: We get to see the POV of those that we’ve considered to be the bad guys up to now.

Take it or leave it? : There’s a lot of D.H. world building in it, so if you’re interested in the series, it would be unwise to skip it.
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1,021 reviews229 followers
August 10, 2022
Sherrilyn Kenyon have created something very fascinating with her "Dark Hunter"-series.She knows how to find humor in serious situations,make readers swoon in romantic scenes,present epic action scenes and develop characters that grow more approachable by the end.She have created master-pieces like FANTASY LOVER and DANCE WITH THE DEVIL that are my all time favourites in this genre."Kiss of the Night" had a great start with the Dark Hunter Wulf Tryggvason saving the half Apollite Cassandra Peters from evil Daimons.Neither expected that their destinies would be tied together for all time after that night.I love that Cassandra could remember Wulf since everyone else forgot him after five minutes and that they share their dreams of ecstasy together before they realize that the dreams are in fact reality which results in Cassandra being pregnant.Although this book did have a great start with the fiery chemistry between Wulf and Cassandra the pacing started to get more slow and kinda boring by the middle before all the characters coming together which was why i loved to watch Ash,Talon,Zarek,Julian and Kyrian fighting together by Wulf`s side near the end.I consider these men the original Dark Hunters since i rated all their books 5-stars!

Wulf Tryggvason is a ancient viking in blood that have done everything to protect his bloodline through all the generations where everyone always ends up dead.They are also the only ones who can remember him so that`s why he watches his latest heir Chris like a hawk and wants him to get laid so more babies can come for the blood line to keep on existing.I loved Wulf`s relationship with Chris and the way they always bickered made me laugh.As all the other heroes in the series Wulf really tried to resist falling for Cassandra Peters since she is doomed to die on her 27:th birthday like all the other Apollites.But Cassandra and Wulf were drawn to each other and their hearts wouldn`t listen.Cassandra with her joy in life changed the cynical perspective of Wulf in not everything being black and white.Stryker is a great evil villain capable of killing even his own son..so how the hell is it possible he got his own book in "One Silent Night"???
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1,780 reviews290 followers
February 1, 2008
After the big high of Reading Zarek's book Dance With The Devil I was sure I had turned a corner with this series. Up to Zarek's book, I've not been overly impressed with the writing or the romance elements, but have really enjoyed the Dark Hunter mythos, the background with the Gods and the ongoing mystery of just what the heck is Archeron.

So I was ready to curl up and enjoy this one. Instead up until the very end, I was totally bored. What I enjoyed the most about the previous books, the Dark-Hunters, was largely missing here.

This story centers on Cassandra a half-Appolite/half-human woman who is one of the last descendants of Appollo. Amongst the Daimon/Appolite community there is a belief that if the last of Appollo's line is killed, they'd all be freed from this curse. So all her life Cassandra's family have been running from Appollites and Daimons and learning how to fight and survive. Wulf, the Dark Hunter in this story, is one whose presence is forgotten by people after five minutes. Only other Dark-Hunters and people of his own bloodline (his last surviving nephew) can remember him for any length of time. Wulf and Cassandra meet after he comes to her assistance in a bar where some real bad-ass Daimons are trying to kill her.

My problem is that so far my interest has only been captured about learning about he precedents of the Dark Hunters, enjoying their interactions with each other and learning more about Archeron. In this book, Wulf and Cassandra are largely isolated. They aren't in new Orleans and they aren't really interacting with other characters we already know.

My other problem is that a lot of the book is spent on making the Appollites more sympathetic. I am not invested in them at all so it felt like an exercise in tedium to "listen" to Wulf/Cassandra debate the pros and cons of their respective lives. And really, don't get me started on the whole "let's drug them and make them think they are having erotic dreams about each other when unbeknownst to them they are really having sex with each other" business.

The book kicks up though when the NOLA Dark Hunters arrive to help Wulf. The writing seems more natural when the guys are just talking and joshing, instead of the heavily cliched romance novel argot we get elsewhere.

So sadly, I am not enjoying this series as much as I thought I would. I will continue to read it because there are enjoyable elements and I am really curious about Archeron. But I don't think these'll stand the test of time for me.
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Author 5 books1,329 followers
September 27, 2010
Reviewed for THC Reviews
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series has been rather hit and miss with me, and although I can't say that Kiss of the Night was the best book I've read in the series so far, it was pretty good overall. That's not to say that I didn't do quite a bit of eye-rolling during the first half of the story, because there were certainly some things that provoked my incredulity even for a fantasy world. There are things that happened which I felt stretched the bounds of credibility, even of what had previously been revealed about Dark-Hunter mythology. Ms. Kenyon seems to have a penchant for making things occur for the convenience of the plot that she then does not explain very well. I don't really care much for this as a story-telling style, because it seems too lazy to me. While it is readily apparent that Ms. Kenyon has a vivid imagination, I sometimes wish she would reign it in a little to give her world a bit more clarity.

Normally, I avoid giving away major spoilers for the books I read, but I had serious issues with two of the main plot points in Kiss of the Night that I felt needed to be addressed, so if readers don't want to be spoiled, don't read this paragraph of my review. ************SPOILER ALERT************* First, Wulf apparently did not become a Dark-Hunter in the usual way (ie Artemis became the keeper of his soul upon his death, and he is given one act of vengeance and immortality in exchange for a lifetime of service to her). Instead Wulf apparently never died but made some kind of soul switch with a Dark-Huntress who he slept with all those centuries ago. This never made any sense to me at all, because Dark-Hunters don't have a soul to switch in the first place. Then it was stated that Wulf still had a soul which is why he wasn't bound to Artemis in the same way as other Dark-Hunters, but in the end Acheron said his soul was being held by the Norse god, Loki. All this was incredibly confusing to me, and I finally gave up trying to figure it all out. The second thing I took issue with is the first two love scenes of the book that resulted in Cassandra's subsequent pregnancy. Wulf and Cassandra's love-making was apparently completely engineered by Artemis and took place inside their dreams without them knowing that it was “for real.” Since neither of them was a consciously willing participant, this kind of weirded me out. The other thing that bothered me about all this was that Wulf was able to impregnate Cassandra in a dream (How on earth did that happen?). Also, Wulf believed himself sterile since all Dark-Hunters are supposed to be, but he conveniently had one of those loopholes I mentioned. The idea that he didn't know he was able to father children, and had likely had numerous unprotected sexual encounters for the last twelve centuries yet had never gotten a single woman pregnant really stretched the bounds of my ability to suspend disbelief. I was also a bit annoyed that early in the story Ms Kenyon's answer to Wulf's soul-switch was merely, “some things are inexplicable,” and as to Cassandra getting pregnant in a dream, she had a secondary character make a flippant comment about this being fantasy not reality. I began to wonder if the author was just poking fun, but I really need for things like this to make sense even in the fantasy realm and not just be left unexplained. ************END SPOILER ALERT*************

By the second half of the book, there was less focus on the two above issues, so I was able to put them on the back burner and just enjoy the rest the story for what it was. There was quite a bit of excitement with Wulf and Cassandra going on the run from the evil Spathi Daimons, the occurrence of a blessed event, and the quest to find a “cure” for Cassandra's curse that would leave her dead on her next birthday which was only a matter of months away. I thought the action scenes improved a bit and weren't quite as B-movie cheesy as they had been earlier, and with Wulf and Cassandra's consciousnesses fully engaged, the love scenes were much better for me too. I loved how Ms. Kenyon brought back all the main Dark-Hunters from the previous books to help Wulf in his hour of need, but what I liked most about this half of the book is all the depth that was added to the Apollites and Daimons. Up to this point, they have been the mortal enemies of the Dark-Hunters, and somewhat demonized as the bad guys. With Cassandra being half-Apollite, readers get a whole new perspective on her race and are given a lot of food for thought about what constitutes true evil versus someone doing something that seems evil for the sake of survival. It made me wonder if this union between an Apollite and a Dark-Hunter may be the beginning of something bigger happening in the overarching plotline of the series.

As for the hero and heroine, Wulf and Cassandra, I liked them, but I thought they needed a little something more to make them stand out. Wulf was a Viking warrior who has some regrets about certain choices he made before becoming immortal, and has had to bear the burden of watching all his brother's descendants (his only blood kin) die for the last twelve centuries until he now only has one relative left. Wulf also bears the curse that no one can remember him five minutes after he leaves the room except the Dark-Hunters and humans who are related to him by blood, so he has lived a pretty lonely existence. Once Cassandra was able to remember him (another one of those convenient loopholes), I felt like the author dropped the ball a bit on this, and it might have been interesting to see more of how this curse affected him. Although it was another of those things that was sketchy and confusing to me, apparently Cassandra is the last direct descendant of Apollo's bloodline and there is a prophecy that if she dies all Apollites and Daimons will be freed from their curse, hence why they are both hunting her. What they don't know though, is that if she dies, the world will end too. Cassandra has lived her entire life running from the Daimons, and has watched all her family members except her human father die at their hands. Now she is trying to find a way to extend her unnaturally short lifespan of a mere 27 years. Cassandra is also a brave warrior in her own right, and takes an admirable “glass-half-full” approach to life. Overall, Wulf and Cassandra's relationship was nice with some tender moments between them that I liked, but I still wasn't able to entirely buy into their love connection. I think things just happened too quickly in the beginning, and there weren't enough deeper relationship building scenes to really make their romance spark off the pages for me.

As with all the Dark-Hunter books, there are tons of secondary characters both old and new. The characters from previous stories who appear in Kiss of the Night include: Acheron, Simi, Artemis, Talon (Night Embrace), Spawn (first seen in Dance with the Devil), Julian (Fantasy Lover), Kyrian (Night Pleasures), and Zarek (Dance with the Devil) who I was glad to see has not lost his anti-social nature and sardonic wit. Two new characters who become the heroes of future stories were introduced: Dante, a were-panther, whose story can be found in Winter Born (from the Stroke of Midnight anthology); and Stryker, the leader of the Spathi Daimons, whose story is One Silent Night, although he behaved so evilly in Kiss of the Night, it will be interesting to see how the author manages to redeem him. There were several other interesting supporting characters who made a first appearance. At this time they don't have their own stories, but I hope to perhaps see more of them through the course of the series: Urian, Stryker's son; D'Aria, the first female Dream-Hunter; and Kat, Cassandra's mysterious bodyguard whose real identity was left hanging. I reread the ending more than once, but it seemed that she simply disappeared not long after Ash had said something which put her true alliances into question. Last but not least was Chris, Wulf's squire and last living relative. I loved him because he's funny, geeky and totally irreverent toward Wulf, and since I adore geeks, I wouldn't have minded seeing an HEA for him too.

In my opinion, Sherrilyn Kenyon has a tendency to introduce a lot of new characters and mythology instead of more effectively utilizing what she already has on the canvas, often making me feel like I need a Dark-Hunter encyclopedia to keep up. I can't say that I'm really getting used to it being this way, but I think I'm coming to expect it which may be making it a little easier to take. The plot of Kiss of the Night was a little thin especially during the first half making it a little slow-moving, but the second half held my attention well and made me warm up to the story and characters. I think this was meant to be something of a transition book with it's main purpose being the addition of details to the Apollite and Daimon mythology. I actually enjoyed this, because unlike some of Ms. Kenyon's other myth add-ons, I felt like this greatly expanded the character development of these races rather than just being there for the sake of the plot. Kiss of the Night is book #4 in the Dark-Hunter series, but it essentially takes place simultaneously with Night Embrace and Dance with the Devil and then expands upon that time frame. In fact, Kiss of the Night has a near word-for-word replay of the phone conversation between Wulf and Talon from the beginning of Night Embrace, as well as the mention of some of the major events from those two books. Even though I had some problems with Kiss of the Night, it was entertaining enough to be generally enjoyable, and I plan to continue with the series. In any case, I'll likely keep going at least until I reach Acheron, because I simply must know the mystery behind the enigma that is Ash. There are currently a total of 19 full-length novels in the Dark-Hunter series and quite a number of related novellas and graphic novels as well, with more still to come. A complete list of all the books and their recommended reading order can be found on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website.

*Review updated 9/27/10
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1,189 reviews382 followers
August 19, 2019
The Prologue tells the legend of Atlantis, of the race of Apollites, and a mistake Apollo had made a long time ago through which now the world is threatened by its very end.

Sherrilyn Kenyon has built a logical, deliberate, consequent, and complex world.

Kiss of the Night is a peculiar book of the series: the prime tragedy is set in the present not in the past. Although Wulf’s background story is sad, what truly broke my heart was the hopeless, desperate situation of Wulf and Cassandra, and the agonizing threat to their future.

Wulf and Cassandra are enemies by race. Their principles and beliefs are different as well. The obstacles between them look unbreakable.

But the author has a talent for showing the other side of the coin. As Wulf has never really thought about his enemies, neither have I, and now it was shocking and surprising to face them. Kenyon presents Spathi Daimons, even good Spathi Daimons, many different kinds of Apollites, especially one certain community:  their lives, deaths, dreams, difficulties, fears, and their respectable attitudes to their fate. 

It is an enthralling story, with a consequent and exciting plot, twists and turns, a heartbreaking loss, sizzling erotic scenes, amazing secondary characters, and fantastic humor.

I really enjoyed the appearances of Acheron, Simi, and Zarek.
But my new favorite character, and love, is Urian. I really felt for him. This book alone made me cry more than all of the previous ones of the series altogether.

My favorite quotes.
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2,066 reviews1,904 followers
March 3, 2016
I would explain the plot, but this is one of those stories that don't make sense unless you've read the first 7 books. Let's see if I can simplify things: Two people who are natural enemies fall in love. They are both tragically doomed in different ways. The female is doomed to die on her 27th birthday, and the male is doomed to live a lonely life since no one can remember him five minutes after talking to/seeing him.

- The plot. I was riveted by the choices people had to make. What makes us evil? Are our enemies really the evil people we think they are? Can the hero and heroine overcome their respective curses?

- The kissing and sex. Kenyon writes excellent kissing and sex. ;)

- The banter between characters.

- A fascinating exploration of overprotective parents, on multiple levels.

- These books are starting to become Kenyon-mythos-and-world-building first, love-story second. It's only going to get worse from here.

- Erotic bloodsucking. Piercing your lover's neck with your fangs and drinking their blood is DISGUSTING and not sexy or orgasm-inducing. It's painful and gross.

- I am really turned-off by Wulf's overprotective attitude towards his great-great-etc.-grandchild Chris. He treats this grown college student like a four-year-old. The poor thing. It's very not sexy. I know Kenyon's playing it for laughs, but it bothered me a lot.

It was nice to find a woman who didn't use tears to manipulate men.

Excuse me. WTF? Way to come through with the women-hating.


It was hard to feel beautiful with her stomach sticking out a mile, but at least she had a good reason for being fat.


Cassandra should have felt embarrassed to have a man so perfectly formed nuzzling her when she was the size of a whale, but she didn't. It was so comforting to have him with her.

All of these three quotes cause me to start foaming at the mouth in rage.

For one thing, I have no idea where Kenyon gets this fat-hate/fat-shame from. Because her book Night Play is going to star a fat heroine. Also, she's hinted that Grace (from Fantasy Lover and Sunshine Runningwolf from Night Embrace might be a bit chubby. Now, I don't think Grace or Sunshine were ACTUALLY chubby, because of the way Kenyon wrote them, but she's not going to pull any punches with Bride in her next book. Bride is definitely fat. And Kenyon is going to write a wonderful book about her as the lovely heroine.

I have no idea how at some moments and times she can be preaching, "It's okay not to be skinny." and then at random times insert these negative messages that serve no purpose I can see.

Seriously, if she left them out, I would have given this book another star.

Also, those last two statements are spoken by a pregnant woman. She's pregnant. What happened to "pregnant women are beautiful and sexy"? Isn't that what someone who writes women-friendly books for women readers supposed to be encouraging? Not: "If you're pregnant you are fat and big as a whale."

There is no reason to make the women who read your book feel like shit. Trust me, the world and real life give women enough grief, they don't need to take judgment and self-hate teachings from a fictional novel.


What about this:

"If you like him, then go up and introduce yourself."

Michelle was horrified. "I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"What if he thinks I'm fat or ugly?"

This female self-hate might be common, but it never fails to start my eyes glowing red. All my friends in real life know this and know that if they want to live they'd better never bash themselves in my presence. My friends are so funny, sweet, smart and sexy - and it hurts me to hear them describe themselves as fat, stupid, or ugly. I don't need to read about women bashing themselves. It grates my cheese.

How about this one?

Cassandra smiled at their rating system, which hinged on what they wouldn't toss a man out of bed for. Milk Man meant he was attractive in an unusual way and could bring a glass of milk to bed anytime. Crackers were one step up, and Cookies were gods.

But the ultimate in masculine desirability rated a Powdered Donut. Not only was a powdered donut messy, it violated their perpetual diet mentality and begged a woman to bit into it.

To date, none of them had ever met a powdered donut in the flesh. Still, they were ever hopeful.

I can't help but cringe at the idea of all these women at a bar, rating men based on their looks. It makes me feel disgusted and icky. I can't help it - I find it offensive. Men are so amazing! Perhaps you should start talking to them and getting to know them a bit before you decide if they are worth having sex with or not, instead of making that decision based on how their ass looks in those jeans.

I feel like I've just flogged the book. But those quotes are not an accurate representation of what Kenyon is doing here. Overall, the book has a gripping plot and wonderful sex scenes. It's not as good as Dance with the Devil, but honestly I don't know if Kenyon will ever reach that level of perfection again.

P.S. Wulf (the hero) has a made up virginity (just like Zarek's kiss virginity in the last novel). This time it's I've-never-slept-in-the-same-bed-with-a-woman-before virginity. Let me remind you that this guy is a Viking, and thousands of years old. But, Kenyon feels that it's important for the heroine to be a man's "first" in some little way.

P.P.S. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation. Cassandra, the heroine, is reading Beowulf for class before going to sleep. Then, a gorgeous Viking determined to give her multiple orgasms shows up naked in her bed. I must have read Beowulf wrong, because that NEVER happened when I read it! I must track down a copy and give it another shot... ;)

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263 reviews94 followers
March 12, 2018
The moment I started realizing the storyline was similar to TWILIGHT!
I am amazed how easily Sherrilyn carries out permutations and combinations for her stories. This one though similar to Twilight (**different yet borrowed elemental premises) her writing style somehow did hold me until the very last page.
And of course once again,
Greek Gods + Vampires + Daimons + Were-Wolves + Dark Hunters + Insignificant Humans blabbering + Of course Captivating dry humour = The whole book!
Concept: 2.5/5.0
Execution: 3.0/5.0
Characters Bespoken: 3.0 /5.0
Cover: 3.0/5.0
Overall: 3.0/5.0
As for Wulf and Cassandra:

P.S.: The best part of the book when all the previous Dark-Hunters including Zarek shows up to help mighty(*yet so not mighty in front of his wife) Wulf.
And somehow I have fallen in love with Acheron.
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1,378 reviews160 followers
December 4, 2019
El libro más flojo de la saga hasta el momento y eso que la historia prometía. El problema es que tarda mucho en arrancar y el final es algo precipitado, además a la pareja principal, Wulf y Cassandra, le falta la chispa de las anteriores. Tal es así, que me he divertido más con secundarios como Chris (primo hermano de Nick con sus salidas) o Urian antes que con ellos. A pesar de estos peros, estamos ante una lectura muy interesante e importante para el desarrollo de la trama general, me ha gustado mucho conocer la historia desde el punto de vista de los apolitas y por qué se convierten en daimons. Esa reunión final a mamporro limpio de los Cazadores Oscuros que ya conocemos bien de entregas anteriores me ha encantado.
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834 reviews721 followers
July 27, 2017
Bien bueno. La autora nos introduce en el mundo de los apólitas y daimons, enemigos de los Cazadores Oscuros, lo que le da un giro muy interesante a la saga. Eso sí, a los lectores que siguen buscando la parte erótica de esta serie, como ya les he venido advirtiendo, este aspecto decae más en cada entrega, incluso en ésta es casi sólo un componente necesario para el argumento de la historia.

En contra, sólo no me gustó el desenlace, muy confuso. Yo esperaba más del enfrentamiento final. Da la impresión que la autora aún no decide como seguirá.
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1,787 reviews312 followers
November 18, 2017
Söylüyorum ve tekrar tekrar söyleyeceğim; PNR sevip de bu seriyi okumamak suç olmalı! 😍

Sherrilyn, okuduğum ilk kitabından beri kalemine, karakterlerine, kurgusuna hayran olduğum bir isim oldu. Ancak bu seride –sırasıyla- çevrilmiş son kitaptı. Yayın hakları Pegasus’da, bildiğim kadarıyla bu hâlâ da böyle. Buna rağmen seride çevrilmiş yeni kitaplar göremiyoruz. Umarım bu gözü yollarda halimiz bir an önce son bulur ve Türkçe edisyonlarıyla okuyucusunun hasretini dindirir. Elbette ben yoluma orijinalinden devam edeceğim çünkü bekleyemeyecek kadar çok seviyorum.

Kitabımız bu sefer bin iki yüz küsur yıllık Viking savaşçısı ve Karanlık Avcı olan Wulf’un düşman bildiği Apolit Cassandra’yla özgürlüğüne kavuşmasını konu alıyor. Serinin diğer kitaplarında üç karanlık avcı aşkıyla ruhlarını cadaloz Artemis’den almıştı, bu kitapla birlikte sıra geldi Wulf’a.

Okuyanların bildiği gibi Apolitler, yaratıcıları Apollo’nun laneti yüzünden yirmi yedinci yaş gününde acılı bir ölüme mahkûm oluyorlar. Hayatta kalmalarının tek yolu ise insanların ruhlarını emmek... Bu aşamada Karanlık Avcılarımızın azılı düşmanı olan Daimonlara dönüşüyorlar işte.
Kızımız Cassandra’da yirmi yedinci yaş gününe az bir zaman kalmışken hayatının keyfini çıkarmaya çalışıyor. Annesinin ve dört kız kardeşinin ölümüne tanık olduğu halde dönüşüm geçirmeyi, karanlık tarafa geçmeyi hiç düşünmeye bu yürekli kız aynı zamanda kendi akrabaları sayılan Daimonların hedefi. Ve kıymetli bir soyun son üyesidir. Daimonlardan kaçarken diğer bir düşman olan Karanlık Avcı’ya denk gelir: Wulf’umuza.
Karanlık Avcılar Apolitleri öldürmese de iki tarafın pek anlaşamadığı da bir gerçek olduğundan Cassandra Wulf’dan da kaçmaya yeltenir. Ancak bir Viking’in cazibesine ne kadar karşı koyabilirsiniz ki?

Bu noktada araya girip Vikings dizisi fangirllüğü yapmayacağım, sadece gidip izleyin! ODİN ADINA!

Az var, ben diyeyim.

Birilerinin kaprisleri yüzünden kurban olan topluluğun içine girdiğinde tüm düşünceleri değişen Wulf’un kitabı çoook güzeldi. En en en favori sahnem elbette tüm özgür kalmış, aşkı bulmuş Karanlık Avcılar’ın birlikte mücadele ettikleri kısımdı.
Hele orada Z’nin halleri, Ash’in arkadaş edinmeyle ilgili iğnelemeleri…
Allah’ım daha okuyalı üzerinden ay geçmedi ama ben gidip Zarek’imi tekrar okumak istiyorum ve tabii ki Julian’ımı. BAKIN BUNLAR HEP AŞK!

Dilimde tüy bitse demeye devam edeceğim: PNR SEVİYORSANIZ OKUYUN BU SERİYİ!
description Ash iç geçirdi. “Bu kendini daha iyi hissetmeni sağlayacaksa olaylar��n gidişatından ben de senin kadar rahatsızım. Ama bazen işlerin yoluna girmesi için yanlış olmalar gerekiyor.”
“Ne demek istiyorsun?”
“Bir gün anlayacaksın küçük kardeşim. Söz veriyorum.
Wulf dişlerini gıcırdattı. “Kahini oynadığın zamanlarda senden gerçekten nefret ediyorum.”
“Biliyorum. Hepiniz öylesiniz. Ama ne diyebilirim? Sizi huzursuz etmek benim görevim.”
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1,010 reviews146 followers
January 18, 2019
1st re-listen. I'm enjoying this series as much now as when I first read it. I love how the story develops and unfolds with new reveals in each succeeding book. I also love how we keep seeing past characters with their living their lives past their initial HEAs.
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736 reviews375 followers
November 6, 2015
There's a very good story here. It grabbed me right from the beginning and held me there till the end. This is the fourth book in Dark-Hunter series, focuses on Wulf Tryggvasen, the Dark-Hunter, and Cassandra Peters, half human and half Apollite.

Wulf was a Viking warrior who was turned into a Dark-Hunter. He had been cursed that no human who met him or heard his voice could remember him 5 minutes later, except for his descendant, and he had only one family member left.

Cassandra was born to a human father and an Apollite mother. She was the last of her family's bloodline. Both Apollites and Daimons had believed in the prophecy that when Apollo's last heir died, they would finally be released from their curse, so they were hunting Cassandra down and trying every way to kill her.

When she was attacked by the Daimons during her night out with her friends, Wulf came to rescue her. They were immediately attracted to each other, but he walked away from her because he thought she would forget him like every woman did. Over the next few nights, they shared an erotic and intimate moments together in their dreams. And when they met again, Cassandra could remember Wulf and all of their dreams. He found out that she is an apollite and that meant they were enemies. But then Acheron ordered him to protect her, so they had to spend more time together. The more they got to know one another better, the deeper and stronger their feelings grew. But the problem was she would turn 27 in 8 months and their time together was nearly up. Cassandra was going to die.

In this book I got to know more about the Apollites, the truth of who they were. And it was so sad to know that they had to live their lives in fear of their 27th birthdays because these were their dying days.

And Acheron, there’s only one word for him… *Swoon*

I was happy to meet some familiar characters from the previous books in this series and the author also introduced us to more new interesting characters. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Going straight to the next one!
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332 reviews41 followers
September 18, 2018
Habrían sido 4,5 estrellitas si hubiera sido más largo. Me ha faltado chicha porque han ocurrido muchas cosas en muy pocos capítulos.
La historia de Wulf y Cassandra ha sido de las más bonitas y tiernas que he leído. Destinados a ser enemigos prácticamente desde su nacimiento, una noche sus vidas quedan cruzadas y ya no habrá vuelta atrás para ellos. Obligados en un principio a ser salvador y protegida, poco a poco acabarán teniendo una historia romántica que implicarán muchos miedos, muchas dudas y muchos sacrificios.
Todo ello por culpa de nuevos personajes como Strike o La Destructora en el bando de los malos y con la ayuda de Kirian, Talon o Zarek en el bando de los buenos y cuyas historias ocurren prácticamente en la misma línea temporal que la de Wulf, por lo que si alguna cosilla no hubiera quedado clara en los libros anteriores, en este libro se profundiza un poquito más sobre ello y se recuerdan algunas escenas olvidadas.
Lo cierto es que es complicado explicar en una reseña todo lo que este libro nos ha mostrado sobre las diferentes razas que han ido saliendo a lo largo de la serie y de las que, por fin en este libro, vemos más en profundidad y conocemos un poquito más su historia. Pero es de las cosas que más me han gustado junto con la historia de los personajes.
Aquerón como siempre con sus misterios ha añadido unos cuantos más, por lo que ahora tengo muchas más ganas de leer su libro.
¿Entonces por qué no las 4,5 estrellitas si me ha gustado? Por que como dije al principio, la historia de Wulf y Cassandra sucede muy rápida, las semanas suceden en un solo capítulo y hay tanta información nueva y tantos personajes nuevos con los que jugar que da la sensación de que algunas escenas están hechas a la carrera. Es la única pega gorda que le pongo al libro, pero no me quejo porque lo cierto es que esta serie solo mejora más y más con cada libro que leo. Ahora toca el turno de Vane, el Cazador Katagario que ya salió en el libro de Talon y del que tengo muchas ganas de leer.
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1,397 reviews473 followers
June 10, 2017
It was good but a little too repetitive as far as storylines. Him calling her princess was too much like the last book. However, at least I wasn't sure how the HEA would happen. And outside of the dark hunter and his intended, no one is safe. Thus keeping you on your toes. I will continue on because the next book is a were. But I make no promises after that.
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235 reviews14 followers
December 11, 2022
Avcılarım da avcılarım, bayıldım bu seriye 😍
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1,526 reviews366 followers
July 2, 2017
Estos libros son Droga Pura y adictiva y me encantan.

Aunque este libro se me hizo un poco flojo comparado con los demás y sobre todo con el de Zarek no estuvo mal, aunque si le faltó más esa chispa romántica estuvo un poco más plano, la acción estuvo bien me encantó ver a los otros Dark Hunters en especial a Zarek me encanta su humor ácido y Ash ay Dios mio el mejora todo aunque aquí tuvimos un poquito menos de Acheron.

En este libro pudimos ver la otra cara de la moneda que son los apolitas y los Daimons que no todo es blanco o negro, la verdad me dieron mucha lástima, pobres tener que morir a los 27 años por un error cometido por un antepasado y dejar a sus familias y seres queridos la verdad que es muy triste.

El personaje de Chris me dió mucha risa, es tan parecido a Nick con ese sarcasmo y sentido del humor, me divertí mucho con él.

Pd: Espero que Urian tenga libro no puede quedarse así
Pd2: Kat me dejó con un signo de interrogación espero que en los siguientes libros se aclare más acerca de ella y lo que verdaderamente es.
Pd3: Cada vez estoy más ansiosa por saber de Acheron.
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707 reviews33 followers
April 14, 2020
Ya sé que me repito, pero es que me ha gustado más ahora que hace 5 años. He entendido mejor las cosas y he estado más atenta a todas las pistas que Sherrilyn nos va dejando.
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May 2, 2018
Wulf Tryggvasen antiguo guerrero vikingo y actual cazador oscuro vive una existencia solitaria, condenado a que ningún humano lo recuerde hasta que conoce a Cassandra Peters ella es una de las pocas personas que la recuerda y… su peor enemigo.
El cuarto libro de la serie nos trae al atractivo vikingo Wulf que lo conocimos a través de su amigo Talon en libros anteriores. La autora nos trae a un cazador oscuro muy particular, no tan “destrozado” como otros pero que tiene su historia detrás, pero no tan traumática como nos suele traer. En este caso Wulf tiene la maldición de que nadie humano lo recuerde después de pasados minutos por lo cual solo los cazadores oscuros y alguien de su familia puede recordarlo.
La novela está entretenida aunque no me vuelva loca pero me gusta porque introduce no solo la parte de los cazadores oscuros sino también nos presenta a la parte de los apolitas y a los daimon y nos explica un poco más de esas especies. La historia con su ambientación (Minnesota) y demás siempre cumple mis expectativas con momentos de romance, acción, mucho humor y fantasía a raudales, el mundo creado tiene bastante que sacar; lo que me suele fascinar son los personajes con los que nos encontramos y lo bien caracterizados que están que al minuto te enganchan para leer su propia historia (si la tienen de momento).
Sobre los personajes decir que me gustó Wulf sobre todo por su ansia protectora hacia Chris (versión Nick); luego tenemos a Cassandra de la que nos encariñamos al momento por su problemilla, además la autora a mitad de libro nos suelta la bomba y menudo giro da la novela… Tenemos a personajes fijos como Ash, Kirian, Julian, Talon… y a otros que nos dejan con la incógnita como Katra o Apolimia.
En resumen, la historia me ha gustado principalmente porque nos amplia más el universo y luego tanto por los personajes y por ese giro que no te esperas. Lo que quizás me decepcionó un poco y ya va con un par de libros antes son esos finales precipitados donde no nos explica muy bien algunas circunstancias de los personajes principales.
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1,390 reviews52 followers
August 17, 2015
Kickass heroine, I approved.

Not much of combat scenes much to my disappointment.

Things happened quite sudden between H/h and luckily I chose to ignore that and simply enjoying the story instead.

The only horror I experienced with the book is I was worried the author might kill the heroine because she sure gave impression of happily-NEVER-after for the duo. Anyway, she didn't YAY. I'm glad because I don't think I could have it again after J.R.Ward-main-character-killing-episode in BDB.

Lastly, I need Urian's story STAT because he deserves HEA.

Main characters: Wulf (Viking/pseudo Dark-Hunter/human) + Cassandra (princess/Apolite)
February 4, 2015
I really liked the heroine, Cassandra, in this book. She's going to die in 8 months because she's an Apollite & they all die horribly, painfully on their 27th birthday, but she still lives her life in joy. She kicks ass, has a metal fan with blades, and is 6'1. Her 6'4 bodyguard, Kat, is awesome as well - and I really want to know about her heritage.

Wulf, the Dark Hunter hero, is nice. I liked him, even if he is a black haired Viking and I like to think of them all being scrumptious blond giants. He's tan & black haired because of his Gaulish mother. He's a bit of a mopey character because of his no-one-remembers-me curse.

Lots more learned about the Apollites, the Destroyer, etc. More oddness & unexplained everything from Acheron. But best of all....Simi!!! She only is seen very briefly, but she does chat about BBQ-ing people and needing her BBQ sauce to make them tasty, otherwise they're not. She loves to kill & eat Daimons as well.
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448 reviews69 followers
March 13, 2012
Yet another good one from the Dark-Hunter series. Even though this might've had a tiny bit less action than the usual Dark-Hunter life, I still liked it. I enjoyed the fact that it evolved more around the couple as they were forced into a difficult situation.

This one told the story of Wulf, the 'forgettable' Dark-Hunter and Cassandra, the last remaining Apollo blood.

I liked the romance between these two. They were practically thrown into the baby scene. And even though apparently it's something they both would've been happy about, when they're forced into it, people tend to feel a bit pissed off, Artemis. something to keep in mind. I'm getting a little tired of her childish shenanigans. Anyway, back to our couple, I enjoyed reading their interactions. They were immediately attracted to each other and despite their differences and the hardships of their situation, they made it work. In the months of Cassandra's pregnancy, they formed a friendship, a connection that made them a family and it broke my heart to even think about Cassandra's end.

The action, like I said, diminished after they came to live through the pregnancy, but I still enjoyed the interactions. And I was so glad to read about the life of Apollites underground. It was a fresh look on Wulf's side to enemy and I really liked the different look on thhose people, Apollites and Daimons alike. We found out that not all Apollites are after a good fight, and not all Daimons are bloodsucking evils. I'm a sucker, no pun intended, for the balance of good and evil in every individual. I like to see things not just black and white, but in shades of grey. And I believe this whole thing with Apollites and Daimons just raised the bar a little for this series.

There were additional characters that I really liked in this one, especially Urian, the supposed enemy. He was the best example of the idea of not all bad guys are actually bad, and I loved his devotion to his wife, the risks he'd taken for her, and the courage he displayed when he decided to join Acheron and the others rather than forget about his time with Phoebe by erasing his pain. It was obvious he was very much in love with Phoebe, and I'm still not sure what happened to her, if it's final that she's dead, but I kinda wish we could read his book too. His soul sure is tortured enough to be a book in the series.

I have to admit, I had a bit hard time following the bread crumbs about Acheron's life, I swear that man is not just a closed box but an impenetrable fort! But gotta hand it to the guy, he does have a good sense of humor. Most of the lines that cracked me up in this book belonged to him. I don't know if he still appears after his book, but if he doesn't, I'll sure miss the guy!
Always happy to see Simi. It was priceless to see her freak everybody out when she appeared as a replacement baby in Acheron's arms.

Apart from all the action, plotting, mysterious characters and the hot romance, there were a few times that made me tear up. The whole thing with Cassandra has to die shortly after her child's birth thing was hard. And I could definitely understand and relate to them when they thought maybe she should go Daimon, and whenever she cried saying she didn't want to die. And that's another thing I admired about the people who lived underground. They had courage when it came to death, even though they didn't really deserve it, rather are paying for the bitchiness of the past bitches and assholes.

Overall, I loved this book. Sometimes I forget these books are supposed to happen at the time, like Talon's storyline was also going on in this one, and Zarek too. When Talon and Wulf's conversation appeared in the beginning from the previous book, I was like 'Hey! wait a minute, I've read this already!'. It took me a minute to remember the storylines intertwine sometimes.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Author 2 books57 followers
November 17, 2011
Kiss of the Night is the Dark-Hunter series story of Wulf and Cassandra.

Wulf is your run of the mill Dark-Hunter who was betrayed. Shocker? A woman tricked him out of his soul. Took his, gave him hers. Now, he’s immortal and is cursed with something even more brutal than your usual oh woe is me. Everyone who meets him, forgets his existence within 5 minutes. The only person who remembers him is Chris, a direct descendant of his brother, his bloodline.

An over-protective Dark-Hunter sucks just a bit. Holding Chris entirely too close and suffocating any chance at a real life, Chris is forced to suffer through his life as he’s pushed and shoved towards procreation. He is the last of Wulf’s line and unless he produces children, Wulf will be left to live his pathetic existence alone.

Cassandra is a half-human half-apollite. Watching her mother and sisters die one by one on their 27th birthdays, Cassandra has fought her entire life to survive those hunting her. Rumor has it that her death will end the Apollite curse. Daimons want her dead. Apollites want her dead. Dark-Hunters can’t stand her. C’est la vie, eh?

“A plague to all who are Apollite born. May you reap all you have sown this day. None of you shall ever live past the age of my precious Ryssa. You shall all perish painfully on the day of your twenty-seventh birthday. Because you acted as animals, you shall become them. Let you find your nourishment solely in the blood of your own kind. And never again will you be able to walk in my realm where I will see you and be forced to remember what it is that you did to betray me.”

Cassandra and Wulf meet at a club while it is being attacked by Daimons. They have an explosive kiss (Don’t they all?) in the alley and he walks away from her knowing he will be forgotten within moments.

Does she forget? Yes and no. Sucks, right?

They meet up in their dreams, assuming they are only dreaming and tend to one another’s oh so yummy lustful needs. Facing each other ‘in real life’ they realize what they are to each other. Enemies. Both feel betrayed. Seduced. Manipulated. Furious, Wulf is ordered to protect her.

Cassandra held her hands up and returned his glare with one of her own. “Excuse me, Mr. Bad-Ass, but you will take another tone to me. I’m not your bitch heel when you snap. I don’t have to stay here.”

This book is loaded with interesting tid bits. I don’t want to give everything away, so the big reasons behind it will be kept secret! Neener. Just know, Wulf and Cassandra fight alongside their friends, Chris and Kat to stay alive just long enough to die.

“Thank you for saving me again when I know it must burn every part that you did so.”

His look softened. “It doesn’t burn every part of me, Cassandra. Only you do that.”

I recommend this book to mature adults who are reading this series. I honestly do not believe this book will make one bit of damned sense as a stand alone read. Please read this series sequentially.

Violence galore! Throats ripped out, bodies torn apart, hearts stabbed .. this book is a lot of fun. Almost extreme sexual content (In comparison to erotica I read). I strongly advise you keep this novel away from younger eyes. It is inappropriate for immature kids and adults

Line of the book:

“Law of the jungle. The betrayee gets to eat the betrayer.”
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12.7k reviews447 followers
July 5, 2012
I couldn't believe how many times this book had me tearing up. I really liked how the author showed us a different side to the Apollites, one that showed them facing their deaths with a strength and dignity most of us only hope for.

I liked that as the book went on Wulf allowed himself to have an open mind with what he considered his enemies. He started to see them as the people they were, instead of people he needs to kill ASAP. I even liked it when Wulf told Cassandra to go Damion because at that point he loved her so much he didn't want to contemplate loosing her.

I loved how from the moment Cassandra knew she was leaving her most precious gift behind she did what she could so that she could be remembered, that it was her biggest worry and fear. I loved how Wulf told her he would make sure that that wouldn't ever happen, that he would be there to tell her story.

I will admit to be slightly confused at the start of this one. Things were happening that made me wonder if I had read the previous books out of order, but about half way through I realized that the start of the book took place before those, that half way through the time line caught up. I was very happy to see the "guys" come and help Wulf. It was fun to see all of them interact and to see some of the guys act contrite with their wives when they got caught with what they were really doing, while Zarek was out making friends.

I was really happy to see how this one ended, as I thought both of them deserved their HEA.
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505 reviews28 followers
August 26, 2021
"Derribaré las paredes del Olimpo o del Tártaro o de cualquier otro lugar hasta que te encuentre. No voy a dejarte. No sin pelear".

En este quinto libro de la saga encontramos la historia de Wulf, quien ya había sido mencionado anteriormente y me interesaba conocer su historia, así que, fue entretenido este libro para mí. Está lleno de romance, erotismo, acción e intriga.

Wulf es un Cazador Oscuro que está condenado a ser olvidado por todos aquellos que no sean Cazadores Oscuros y personas ligadas a su familia sanguínea, así que, está acostumbrado a ser olvidado pero eso no significa que le guste, al contrario, anhela tanto ser recordado por otros que cuando parece que una chica sí lo recuerda, solo puede significar que algo raro pasa con ella, sin embargo, está muy atraído por ella y el magnetismo sexual entre ellos es intenso.

Cassandra es una chica que está condenada por una venganza de los Dioses y porque es continuamente perseguida por una profecía en la que ella debe morir, así que, cuando su vida y la de Wulf es ligada de una manera muy importante, él hará todo lo posible por protegerla y él es un hombre muuuy protector (eso me encantaba de él) pero además, sus corazones también se verán ligados entre sí hasta hacerlos comprender que anhelar lo imposible podría ser su salvación o su condena.

Si aún no han leído estos libros, se los mega recomiendo, todos son hermosos y emotivos.
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307 reviews80 followers
August 26, 2014
Este libro no está tan bueno como los anteriores. Es un poco lento y tal vez repetitivo. No sé, no lograba entender del todo la historia de los protagonistas.

La historia de amor fue más bien nula, ya que al quedar embarazada Cassandra, luego de dos días de conocer a Wulf, ellos están juntos y el amor se desarrolla después.
Uno no sabe si el amor que en teoría Wulf siente es porque Cassandra es la madre de su hijo, o porque es la única mujer en la historia que puede recordarlo, o si es amor realmente.

Además, él, en su forma de ser y actitudes me pareció bastante egoísta.

La historia de que si ella moría, el mundo iba a terminar y que ella llorara constantemente me pareció un poco tonto, la verdad.
Todos los apolitas desde su nacimiento saben que mueren a los 27 años. Mueren o se convierten en daimons. Simple.

Me dió pena que Phoebe haya muerto porque era claro que Urian la amaba a más no poder, y me dió pena por él.

En fin, no se agregó mucho más que no sepamos. Habrá que ver si en algún momento sabemos quién es Kat realmente.

Sin dudas, lo que más me gustó fue cuando aparecieron todos los previos personajes que conocemos, incluido mi amado Zarek. Con su humor ácido y sus ganas de matar y de volver a la playa. <3
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