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Dark-Hunter #10

The Dream-Hunter

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Condemned by the gods to live eternity without emotions, Arikos can only feel when he's in the dreams of others. For thousands of years, he's drifted through the human unconscious, searching for sensation. Now he's finally found a dreamer whose vivid mind can fill his emptiness.

Dr. Megeara Kafieri watched her father ruin himself and his reputation as he searched to prove Atlantis was real. Her deathbed promise to him to salvage his reputation has now brought her to Greece where she intends to prove once and for all that the fabled island is right where her father said it was. Instead, she finds a stranger floating in the sea--one whose face she's seen many times...in her dreams.

What she doesn't know is that Arik holds more than the ancient secrets that can help her find the mythical isle of Atlantis. He has made a pact with the god Hades: In exchange for two weeks as a mortal man, he must return to Olympus with a human soul--Megeara's.

340 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published February 6, 2007

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Sherrilyn Kenyon

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New York Times and international bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon is a regular at the #1 spot. With legions of fans known as Paladins (thousands of whom proudly sport tattoos from her series and who travel from all over the world to attend her appearances), her books are always snatched up as soon as they appear on store shelves. Since 2004, she had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. Her current series are: Dark-Hunters, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over 100 countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon to be major motion pictures while Dark-Hunter is also being developed as a television series. Join her and her Paladins online at MySherrilyn.com and www.facebook.com/mysherrilyn

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1,189 reviews382 followers
January 26, 2020
This was a strange world mankind lived in. No wonder they escaped into dreams.

Well, I expected more...

Aside from the secondary characters who are really worth mentioning, for me The Dream-Hunter was a boring, weak, and unimpressive story.

First of all, I have serious problems with the main characters, Arik and Geary.

Geary is totally inconsistent. She is not even a character, she is just put together by various but ill-matched personalities and behaviorisms thrown in a pile. She behaves illogically in almost every way.

First, in her approach to Atlantis...

Second, in her behavior with Arik...

Arik is boring, lame, dull, oh, just... blah...
His emotional awakening is not consistent. Sometimes he behaves like an alien, other times he is totally adapted.

Both Arik and Geary are too weak characters to do anything on their own. They highly depend on others’ help: Solin, Zebulon (aka ZT), a Dark-Hunter named Trieg, Kat, Apollymi (she was quite helpful), Hades and Persephone. Even in the last scene, when

One would expect much more from the main characters.

Actually, I liked the secondary characters better, especially Solin, who was a much more complicated character than Arik. I appreciated his humor, the mystery around him, and ultimately his valor. Kat is a very interesting character as well. And I enjoyed Tory’s witty remarks, and the pourparler between Hades and Persephone was hilarious, even a little exaggerated.

The romance:

The plot: forced. There are some fight scenes, but no real drama.

Drifting from one dream to the next, he’d been searching all these centuries for someone who could raise his emotions to the level of that first night. But no one had come close.
Not until Megeara. Only she was able to reach through the emptiness inside him and make him see vivid colors again. To make him feel her emotions. After all these centuries, he finally understood why certain Skoti refused to leave their partners. Why they were willing to risk death.
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2,239 reviews3,520 followers
October 16, 2017
Arikos Catranides (Oneroi Skotos) and Megeara Kafieri (Human)

How far a man would go in order to sleep with the woman he wants…

Arik has been visiting Megeara in her dreams often. He is a dream god and an erotic Skoti. As a result, Megeara keeps having sensual dreams with intense feelings. Arik needs these sensations because, as the rest of the Skoti, he is cursed not to have any feelings and he really needs them in order to survive the nothingness of his existence. At some point, living in Megeara’s dreams will not be enough. Thus, he will try to live like a mortal for a while in order to meet her. Hades will help, but not without a bargain.

Geary Kafieri is on a quest to discover the lost Atlantis somewhere close to Santorini and clear her father’s name until she discovers the man of her dreams (literally) floating unconscious in the sea.

The story was a bit slow-paced (especially during the first part of the book), but it was full of mythology and the story really takes off after a while. I thought the secondary characters were more interesting than the main characters:
1.Solin Catranides. Arik’s brother/half brother/cousin/fellow god. Anyway, Arik’s relative.
2.Katra Agrotera. One of Artemis’ koris who needs to stop Geary from discovering Atlantis.
3.Zebulon. The powerful Chthonian more than 27,542 years ago who can destroy even gods.

I wish the writer had described in more details
-the surprise of Geary, when she discovers that gods are real and
-how Arik feels when he is human.
…But overall I don’t have any complains. I can surely imagine Gods and Goddesses walking in Fira’s alleys in Santorini.

Note: I usually don’t bother correcting Greek language mistakes in English texts that are trying to translate greek, but I feel the need to do it this time because the meaning is totally different. So, Zebulon’s T-shirt says:
“Σας προσέχω, είμαι φοβισμένος” but it should really say:
“Σας παρακολουθώ γι’ αυτό να φοβάστε”, which is the exact translation of
“I am watching you, be afraid.”
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1,461 reviews1,121 followers
July 22, 2015
The 1st book in the Dream-Hunter Series which is also part of the Dark Series World….okay, you’re confused…so am I!!! All these “inside” series of a series!!! Ok, never mind…enough of that!!!

Dark-Hunters job is to protect humans from demons entering their dreams. This is the story of a once powerful member of the Oneroi who fell from grace!!!!
 photo Jj1bs_zpskqnvziap.jpg

Arik was one of those protectors but things went wrong when he entered a human’s dream, resulting in him becoming a Skotos, losing all his feelings and has been for thousands of years looking for someone that will make him feel passion and alive again.
But then he enters into a human woman’s sensual chocolate dream – yes, not kidding….
 photo images_zpstwinbon7.jpg
This is someone who makes him see the vivid colors and feel emotions that he believed were gone forever!!!!

Megeara Kafieri, pure Atlantean blood in her, anthropologist and underwater recovery expert… ….
 photo geary-145x145_zpsqoefjwqp.jpg

She travels to Greece, determined to finding the fabled lost civilization of Atlantis….
 photo hqdefault_zps7prn8y4s.jpg
to vindicate her dead father’s reputation that was left in tatters when he had not been able to prove it whilst he was still alive.

This was not a bad book but it never really wowed me!!!

Arik was a bit of a pain….selfish, self-centered…caring for no one but himself. He does redeem himself a bit at the end when he actually sacrifices himself for Megeara…who by the way he had barter her life for his curse to be broken!!!!

Megeara was so whiny and painful at times…that I wanted to throttle her!!! Oh, she wasn’t pretty enough for someone as awesome as Arik…what is it with these human females that the Dark Hunters fall in love with always have ….I am not gorgeous enough for this “gorgeouness “guy!!!!!! Get a life girls!!!!!

I found the secondary characters and subplots much more interesting than the romance between Arik & Megeara!!! A lot of this series characters make an appearance and the interaction and dialogue is awesome as usual…..loved seeing Kat & her beyond “cruella” mother Apollymi… And loved, loved the Greek Islands setting.

I liked it but this is not going to be a reread soon!!!!
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1,838 reviews6,245 followers
December 4, 2015
Oh prequels. I'm not a fan. Sorry!

*shudder* Not even once...

This takes place before all of the other books. And, it isn't about a Dark hunter, but a Dream Hunter which is a lot less exciting. I don't know how other people feel on this, but I don't really like when books have a bunch of dreams written in them. I get really bored really fast and start skimming. I feel the same way about people telling me about a dream they had. Dreams don't make sense, okay? And, you struggling to tell me how the pig turned into your mother and you were running from a buffalo isn't interesting to me.

Needless to say, I found this book very boring. I didn't care about either character, who had a pre-existing relationship by being "dream lovers", and I didn't care about the main plot. The only good thing about this book was the glimpses of Ash and the tiny, minuscule glimpses of the Dark Hunters before the first book. But, overall, totally not worth trudging through to get those small gems.

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589 reviews247 followers
January 16, 2019
This was the series that got me into paranormal romance! Before there was even a name for these types of books.
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886 reviews398 followers
July 10, 2015
This was another great installment in the Dark-Hunter series. Though I guess this was really a Dream-Hunter book. It had the usual mix of romance, humor, and action that you would expect from the series, and also included some interesting subplots as well as an interesting main story arc.

Arik is an emotionless Skotos who only feels emotions when he drains them from humans in their dreams. When he encounters the dreams of the Atlantis seeking Megeara Kafieri he is drawn to her unlike any human he has encountered before. The pull is so great that when the Oneroi block him visiting her dreams Arik strikes a bargain with Hades that will see him become human for two weeks. During that time he will be able to live and feel emotions like a regular human. The price of this bargain is Megeara's soul! The price seemed like nothing at all to Arik when he had no feelings and emotions, but the longer he spends in the human world, with Megeara, the more he realizes the true price of the bargain he has struck with Hades.

I enjoyed the romance between Arik and Geary. It was totally different to any of the other romances in the series so far. It started out as only a physical attraction between the pair and then developed into true feelings as the spent real time with each other and got to know each other better. Megeara was likable enough even if she was not one of the series more memorable characters. It was interesting to follow Arik's development over the course of the story as he was initially quite unlikable due to his lack of feeling and concern for others. Luckily the more time he spent as a human and feeling emotions the more likable he got. The romance also held plenty of humor as Arik was unaccustomed to being in the human world and dealing with all the rules and social niceties that went with it. The banter between Arik and his half brother Solin was utterly hilarious.

The plot itself was fairly intriguing. Hades deal gave Arik two weeks on earth as a human, but some of the other Gods and his Oneroi brothers had their own reasons for wanting him dead before that time limit expired. Then their was Megeara and her families quest to find Atlantis. A quest that proved dangerous as none of the Greek Gods want the site found and Apollymi's imprisonment disturbed.

Another real plus for this book was that we got to meet a whole bunch of interesting new secondary characters like the Oneroi leaders M'Ordant, D'Alerian, and M'Adoc, and a few more of the Greek Gods in the form of Hades and Persephone. The real standout secondary characters were the awesome Solin, Kat, and ZT, who all definitely deserve books of their own!

All in all I was really happy with this installment.

Rating: 4 stars.

Audio Note: This was narrated by Fred Berman. He does a great job as always with this series.
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2,935 reviews959 followers
August 16, 2012
I really liked this book. It seems that a lot of people don’t like the addition of the Dream Hunters to the Dark Hunter series, but I found the concept an intriguing one - a race that is cursed to feel no emotions and therefore have to syphon them off humans while they dream. It puts a whole new spin on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world, and how everything is interwoven.

In this story we meet Dream Hunter, Arik. He is infatuated with Megeara/Geary, whose (very HOT) dreams he has been sharing, so hot that he makes a deal with Hades to spend two weeks on earth as a human to be with her – for a price. Geary, meanwhile, is on a mission to continue her family legacy and find the lost city of Atlantis – which leads to all sorts of issues for the gods who want to keep both it, and the trapped Apollymi, a secret.

I suspect part of the reason people don’t like this book as much is because Arik is not exactly a strong Alpha male like we are used to from earlier books. But it completely suited his character and the situation he was in. I really liked his innocence, and watching him discover the world as a ‘human’ as he was finally exposed to the emotions that he had never been allowed to feel as a Dream Hunter.

Geary is a strong heroine. Fiercely protective of her family and friends, and eventually of Arik, she has a wickedly dry sense of humour and I really liked her.

Like the other books in the series, there is a big cast of supporting characters – almost all of which we hadn’t met before. Highlights for me were Kat, the mysterious handmaiden of Artemis (who we met briefly - and somewhat bizarrely - in Seize the Night), Geary’s cousin Tory - the genius yet sassy teenager who reads Plato for fun, Solin and his banter with Arik, which was brilliant, the oh-so-sarcastic Zebulon and the introduction of Hades and his wife Persephone – they were hilarious!

There wasn’t as much action in this book, but there was definitely some excitement, and lots of swoon - and a very sappy epilogue :) There was a heavy focus on the mythology which I really enjoyed, and I believe is setting us up for future books in the series (including another reveal on the deliciously mysterious Acheron).

I love how I can easily fall back into Kenyon’s world whenever I pick one of her books up. Like other favourite authors of mine, you always know what you’re going to get in her stories, and she never disappoints.

On a side note – since reading this book and doing a bit of research, I’ve discovered that some of the characters we meet in this story have books of their own coming and OMFG!!! I cannot WAIT to get to those stories, and the secrets that they hold. Squeee!!!!!
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736 reviews375 followers
November 1, 2015
Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors whose books I never get bored of. I love how she has weaved the Greek mythology and history into her Fantasy-Paranormal Romance stories. Although the first half of the book was a bit slow, the story picked up greatly in the second half.

This is the first book in Dream-Hunter series, the story of Arikos or Arik, the Skoti who was drawn to the heroine’s rich and sensational dreamscapes, and Dr. Megeara or Geary, the woman who was trying to prove that Atlantis was not just a myth.

5 Stars for the storyline. It was so entertaining and the characters were well developed. I liked that the supporting characters were not less important / interesting than the protagonists. The fight scenes were so good, almost stole my breath. But my only complaint with this book was the romance--2 stars for this part. I was quite disappointed with the lack of chemistry between Arik and Geary, and when they fell in love with each other, it happened way too abruptly! However, I was very impressed with the conclusion and the ending of the book.

Laughing, he pulled her into his arms and held her close. "Thank you, Geary."
"For what?"
"For giving me a life that is the best dream I've ever had."

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book for the most part. The story quite delivered on its promise. My first intention was to give this book 3 stars but the last quarter pushed it up to 4!
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2,066 reviews1,904 followers
March 3, 2016
Kenyon is keeping my head spinning by interspersing books that are actually enjoyable with books that are horrible. This is one of the enjoyable ones.

Arik is a Skotos, meaning he's an emotionless dream-god who feeds off people's emotions by visiting them in dreams. He's been having dream-sex with Geary (Dr. Megeara (Saatsakis) Kafieri) for two months now.

Unfortunately, dream-gods aren't supposed to spend that much time with one human - only one or two nights and then move on. So Arik is warned to stop visiting Geary.

In order to have more time with her, Arik goes to Hades to ask to be turned into a human so that he can meet Geary and spend time with her. Being human will give him a full range of vibrant emotions and also he'll be able to taste, smell, feel - all the fun stuff humans get to do in the real world. In exchange for giving Arik two weeks on Earth as a human, Hades wants Geary's soul. At the end of the two week period, Arik will kill Geary and give Hades her soul. He makes this deal without hesitation - he has no feelings and certainly doesn't love Geary.

However, that all changes once he's plunged into the emotionally fraught human world...

Geary is on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis. She sees a man drowning in the ocean one night when she is out on her boat. Imagine her surprise when the man she drags out of the water turns out to be the man she's used to seeing naked in her dreams...

This book was very satisfying. It was fun to see Arik struggle with human emotions, and discover things like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It was also amusing to see him grappling with human niceties and manners. The reader also gets to see him turn from a total emotionless, selfish creep into someone who cares for others and learns to feel compassion. I am a sucker for these kinds of stories. :)

Kenyon also borrows heavily from classic Greek mythology here (in a way that is reminiscent of a PERCY JACKSON book) and that is also something that I enjoy. We spend time with Hades, Persephone, and other famous Greek characters in this book.

There's action and fighting, love and sex, redemption, - all the stuff I really want in a romance novel.

Really the only bad thing I can say about it is that Kenyon yet again just CANNOT resist slipping in this female self-hatred. Geary is by all accounts an attractive woman, yet she cannot stop dissing herself and making negative comments about how unattractive she is. This is SO tiring and SUCH a turn-off for me. Women with low self-esteem drive me NUTS.

If you took out that part, this was actually a novel that left me satisfied and happy. It had a good plot and interesting characters.

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263 reviews94 followers
April 22, 2018
And of course once again,
Greek Gods + Vampires + Daimons + Dream Gods + Dark Hunters + Insignificant Humans blabbering + Of course Captivating dry humour = The whole book!
Concept: 2.5/5.0
Execution: 2.75/5.0
Characters Bespoken: 2.5 /5.0
Cover: 2.75/5.0
Overall: 2.5/5.0
As for Arikos and Megeara:
P.S.: I want Acheron back! *sighs*
February 7, 2015
This is the first book of the Dream-Hunters, but they've made appearances already in the Dark-Hunter books. The story predates all the DH & Were-Hunter books (if you're reading them in the author's DH Universe suggested order). The prologue is in 1994 & the story in 1996. That I've already read 17 books/stories in the DH universe & know what's going to happen, this book was super annoying. 1.5 stars

Plot: Geary has a ph.d in history - ancient civilizations and comes from a long line of Atlantis searchers. Most of her family perished in the search for the lost city & she left Greece as a teenager to pursue her own life. She doesn't believe in Atlantis & hates that her family is dead, but she made a promise to her father on his deathbed to finish his quest & find the city. This becomes her obsession, clearing her father's name & reputation, showing that he wasn't crazy.

Arikos, a Dream-Hunter meets Geary in her dreams & falls in lust with her, continuing a dream lust relationship with her for weeks, until he becomes restless for more. Arikos wants to know her in the real world, not in the misty dream world. He makes a deal & ends up human for 2 weeks & finds out dream world Geary is much different from real world Geary. She's inhibited & consumed with her quest, not jumping his bones like she does in dreams.

Thoughts: First half to 3/4's of the book were boring. It was all Geary consumed with finding Atlantis, no matter what, ignoring everything else. Literally, her inner monologue was all "must find Atlantis, must find it, must find it." Really boring. Even when Arik, in all his godly perfection of male hotness shows up, she's still thinking about Atlantis 98% of the time. Arik tries to befriend her, but she disses him until he gets her diving permits - with the bargain that he could come along in the boat if he obtained them. What follows is more of her being an annoying twit & Arik trying to understand humans. There's also no real villain or plot.

Geary is annoying & Arik is meh, until the end. The last 1/4th or so of the book is good and made me like the main characters. Geary grows a brain & Arik realizes he has a heart & true human feelings. Enjoyed the rescue, solution, & those who gave aid. But knowing the why's about not finding Atlantis & how disastrous it would be, made reading this with Geary's obsession as fun as eating rocks. I wanted to kill her for her stupidity & Arik for helping, since he knew better.

Other characters:
Kat - Like her, happy to have learned more about her.
Apollymi: Like her much much much better than the heifer goddess (Artemis).
Tory: Fun & loved her genius brain, stats spouting self.
Thia: waste of space.
Solin: I liked his anti-hero personality.
Zebulon: Please let him have his own book. It would be awesome.
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1,761 reviews213 followers
March 24, 2023
2.5 stars

Ok so Arik started off a selfish prick. In the end he turned it around. Megeara was pretty cool but really forgiving and shockingly ok with a sudden new world of demons and gods.

I just did not feel any emotion between them. They had good sex and that was about it. No time for bonding since he knows one of them will be dead within 2 weeks. I just don't see how this is the foundation for anything more nor do I see why she would risk her life after he was gone. Talk about the magic preen!

It was an ok read. Cool to see Tory as a kid. Curious about how Katya came to be there. Zero Acheron or Simi. Bummer!
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521 reviews141 followers
February 8, 2017
Sweet. Loads of amazing facts from Atlantean myths, legends, and Greek lore. As always Persephone and Hades are my favs. What's annoying is the subseries get confusing. Did I read this in order?Not sure. Overall, not bad. Loved the Euridice and Orpheus reference. Good thing I don't mind loads of characters. They are all interesting, and the plot twists aren't bad. Just wish I liked Geary more and loved Arik less.
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1,526 reviews366 followers
July 12, 2017
Ya sé quién es la mamá de Katra y del papá me lo estoy imaginado y me está dando el patatús LITERAL 😵😵😡😡

No me gustó tanto como los anteriores el principio fue aburrido además que tampoco hay mucho romance aunque los capítulos finales lo compensan con acción y esos fueron los que me hicieron desvelarme se confirman secretos y se revelan otros.
La línea temporal es anterior al primer libro de la serie y sirve para introducir y conocer a los oneiroi o dream Hunters.

Lo que más me gustó del libro fue que salió mi paraje favorita de los olímpicos Hades y Perséfone 😍😍😍 me encantan.
December 1, 2008
The Dream Hunter was a book that I got completely sucked into by page one. It takes the Dark Hunter series in a different direction, and shines the spotlight on yet another group of gods in the pantheon of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter universe. I loved how SK integrated the dream world into this book. Dreams are so complex and so fantastical, how could they not be an excellent backdrop for an epic war between good and evil? SK gets that the Greek myths have characters that are not always completely good or evil, that the gods' motivations are often selfish and petty. We see that Arikos is not a bad guy. He's merely a person who has tired of being abused as used as a pawn by the higher gods. He wants happiness and joy just like all us humans want. The closest he has come is through the dreams of the human Megeara. When he is denied the closeness he craves with her through the dreams, he desperately makes a deal with Hades to be human for two weeks to spend time with this human he has become so captivated with. Unfortunately the deal involves giving her up to Hades after the two weeks ends. However, those of us who have studied the myths know that the gods don't make fair deals. Arik says yes before he realizes what the caveat is.
The Dream Hunter introduces new intriguing characters and allows us to reconnect with some old favorites. The time line is about 10 years in the past, which is interesting, as we get to see the time before some pretty big events unfold.
I love this world, and even if there's not much going on, I'd read SK's books just to experience her incredible imagination, and her fantastic writing ability. However, this book does have a lot going on, passion, pathos, vengeance, adventure, fun, and excitement. Also for those of you like me who has a thing for Atlantis, there is a quest to find the lost city that many don't want found, as well. You don't want to put it down because you want to know what happens next. I loved the direction that SK went with this book because it gives me some in depth on some of the Greek myths that always intrigued me. She brings these gods and heroes of the myths to life for me, but also adds her own unique spin that makes me laugh at some times, and cry at others.
This is not a Dark Hunter book in the traditional sense, but it is definitely a great addition to the mythos, and if you are a fan of SK's books, I have trouble believing you won't love this book as well. Let me close by saying I hope that Solin gets his own book.
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3,343 reviews1,015 followers
September 4, 2014
I'm a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Dark-Hunters series but unfortunately this was my least favourite book in the series so far. Having said that it's probably still better than a lot of paranormal romance stories out there but I have high expectations when I pick up a book by this author and for some reason The Dream-Hunter didn't quite live up to them.

I did really enjoy finding out about the Dream Hunters and learning about their abilities but I was put off Arik because of his initial attitude towards Geary. He thought nothing of signing away her soul if it meant he got to spend 2 weeks as a human living with her and being able to experience real emotions and I find that kind of thing hard to forgive in my heroes. Admittedly Arik does change his mind and I was glad that he was willing to risk so much to keep her safe once he started to have feelings for her but by that point I wasn't as head over heels in love with him as I have been with all of SK's other heroes.

I liked Geary and I enjoyed finding out about her family's history and their search for Atlantis but I found her hard to connect to and I had a hard time buying into her relationship with Arik. The connection between them seemed to be more about their chemistry than any deeper emotional bond. I think I was actually more interested in the various side plots than I was in the main romance which is disappointing. I still enjoy this author's writing style, I love the richly developed and diverse world of the Dark-Hunters, she never seems to run out of new mythology to pull into the series and that side of things is just as fascinating as ever. The Dream-Hunter may not have been my favourite book but it hasn't put be off continuing the series and I have high hopes that Fear the Darkness will be as good or better than the earlier books.
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834 reviews721 followers
August 5, 2021
Nada especial dentro de la saga, poca emoción en la relación entre los protagonistas. Destaco una buena dosis de genealogía de la mitología griega que es bastante interesante, así como el hecho de que está ambientada mucho antes de las historias de los primeros libros de la serie, lo que le da cierta frescura al relato sabiendo lo que va a pasar después. Está bien para pasar el rato.
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1,133 reviews1,462 followers
November 19, 2012
I hesitated to write a review for this book because though I enjoyed some parts, I found the majority of the book slow and filled with repetitive information that fans of the Dark Hunter series would already know. Arik is a likable hero because he's a rule breaking bad ass that can fight. He is also willing to trade his life for the woman he loves. Arik was lost in the real world and needed guidance from his brother Solin in wooing Geary. Solin is a very interesting character with a dark past that I hope to see more of in the future.

I didn't care much for the heroine, Geary, being so uptight and suspicious throughout the entire book. She was wound so tight that the first and only love scene takes place around page 240. So after months of hot dream loving, Geary couldn't bring herself to make love to Arik in reality till the book was about over. Heck even 15 year old Tory doesn't understand why she didn't stay up deck with him in his hammock. I wish writers could understand that dream sequence love scenes don't count because they aren't real!

I enjoyed the fight between Kat and Artemis over her relationship with Apollymi. There was a little more background info on Apollymi but so much of the info was repetitive that it was boring. Apollymi's mental discussions with Geary shed new light on the goddess. She isn't 100% evil. She has a soft side. I was glad to finally be introduced to Tory. I know who she is and what she will become in future books so it was nice meet and like her character.

I would have given this book a 3 star but I fell asleep twice while reading and had to skim a lot of the repetitive stuff. Then to find that even though this book is #10 in the series, Zarek is still in Alaska, Nick is still a skate board riding kid working for the dark hunter, Kyrian. This book could have been a prequel to the entire series.
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November 21, 2016
I'm a fan of the Dark Hunters - Dark, damaged, bad*ss alpha males hunting Daemons & protecting mankind - all with intriguing backstories. BBF/Hero material. While Dream Hunter Arik, is certainly damaged and on the high end of the SexOmeter - I had some trouble feeling empathy with him in the same way as I have the Dark Hunters. The story was slow to draw me in as I missed some of the intensity of other books in the series.

Arik bargains with Hades for two weeks as a human in order to experience sex for real with Megeara “Geary” Saatsakis, a woman whose dreams Arik has invaded - hot, steamy, erotic dreams. Dream Hunters are forbidden to remain in one person's dreams multiple times, and Arik is ordered to move on to someone else but refuses. Geary is searching for Atlantis to restore her dead father's reputation as he had been ridiculed in life and after death for believing it existed. Arik received a box from her father - he left her proof in the form of an ancient coin. When Arik & Geary meet in the human realm, Arik offers to help Geary get the needed permits to begin her search. She recognizes Arik from her dreams, but doesn't know that it's her soul that he traded to Hades in a deal for two weeks as a human.

As this story plays out, there are some humorous moments as Arik fumbles the finer details of being human. But I wanted to feel more chemistry between Arik and Geary. I found the Atlantis plot line intriguing and the supporting cast interesting - ranging from egotistical Greek Gods to some snarky characters to Arik's brother, and they all helped carry the story. While certainly unique, Dream Hunter moved a bit slow for me until near the end. Most certainly a different and interesting addition to the series. A Must Read for fans of the series.
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June 17, 2010
A very interesting read, this story was actually focused more on the mythology of Atlantis than the rest of the books in this series. The romance between Geary (Human) and Arik (Dream Hunter/Skotos) was sweet.

Appoloymi comes real close to being released from her prision because of Geary's discovery of where Atlantis is located beneath the sea but thanks to Katra, Solin, and Arik, Appoloymi remains in her prision.

However now, Geary knows the truth behind Atlantis and about all the immortals. I thought it was interesting how Geary goes through Hades to get Arik back. I love a happy ending. She even turns out pregnant in the end.

I noticed the book was out of sink in the time line of this story because it mentions sending a dream hunter to Zarek in Alaska to learn compassion and also mentions Kyran and Nick, only Kyran is not mated yet and is still a Dark Hunter.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.
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October 22, 2009
Not crazy about this one. It took me a long time to finish it, because the plot just wasn't very interesting. I didn't care about either of the main characters, Megeara and Arik. The love story between them felt flat and fake, and I really didn't care if they ended up together. It finally got a little bit interesting toward the end, and I credit that to some of the minor characters, like Kat and Solin. This is the first of Kenyon's books that I have read, so maybe some of her other stuf is good. I don't know, but I doubt I'll be rushing out to give her another shot.
On a totally different note, I hate the cover. The guy himself isn't bad-looking, but what's up with that freaky hair?! Is it a wig? Is it a bad perm? Did they flip it upside down and tease it? Ugh!
While I'm at it, the Don Jonson/Miami Vice stubble doesn't do it for me either.
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May 9, 2019
3.5 Stars

I was back and forth on this book. It had awesome highs and some pretty meh lows. In the beginning there was a lot of information and new characters that I could barely keep up, but the ending made me round up to 4 instead of 3.

Oh BTW Chapter 20:

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June 11, 2015
Arik, is a Dream Hunter, and as one he is cursed to never feel emotion but then he enters into Megeara dreams….a dream where she is bathing in a waterfall of chocolate. Ever since he is captivated by Megeara, a human woman who for some reason can resist his call to enter the dream world when she doesn’t choose to. When he is ordered to stop entering her dreams, he goes to the god Hades and makes a deal with him, that in order to be human for a few weeks, he will have to give Hades Megeara’s soul or give up his own. So Arik agrees, all he knows is he needs her and will do anything to have her. Megeara is searching for the city of Atlantis, and most of her life she never believed in the search, and it cost almost every member of her family’s life, but then she made a promise to her father on his deathbed to not give up and redeem their family name, no matter the cost to herself. But when her dream man comes ashore naked from the ocean, she is suspicious and she knows he is keeping secrets, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him. But soon she will be drawn into a dangerous world, a world that could cause her death for getting too close to the infamous city of Atlantis.

The Hero
Arik, is part of the many dream hunters. Arik, along with many of his other brethren, are cursed to never feel emotion. Because centuries previous, one of their kind, decided to play a game on Zeus and they all pay for it now. Arik is a man who has never felt emotion except when he enters the dream world with Megeara, and he knew that the moment he made that deal with Hades, that he had made a mistake. Arik doesn’t know what he will do when his time is up, and he realizes that he will have to give up his own life for her, because Megeara is everything good and pure in the world, and when he realizes that he loves her…he will do everything in his power to protect her.

The Heroine
Megeara, hated her childhood, she never was able to enjoy it, because her family was obsessed with finding “atlantis”. She lost just about her family member, and now she only has one cousin left alive. But she made a promise to her father, and as she found certain artifacts of his, she starts to realize that Atlantis is real, and she must find it if only to redeem her family’s name, so that they didn’t die for nothing. Megeara is intelligent and passionate, and has certain gifts that are more than the average human. What was most enjoyable about Megeara is how she stands up to Arik, a god of dreams, and she has such a zest for what she believes in and I loved seeing her character develop through the story.

Plot and Story Line
Dream Hunter is the first book in the Dream Hunter series. My local state has an audio book library, and I found this treasure available, and since I have yet to read the series, I thought that I needed to give it a try. This book was a riot of fun, passion and some Greek adventure. This series is connected to the Dark Hunter series, and we see in this book and other books in the series, connection to characters to the Dark Hunter series. Dream Hunter is a story that just won my heart over from the beginning, And the narrator, is one that from what I have seen has done most of the books in these connecting series, and he is fantastic. It is rare for me to love a male narrator, since I have mostly listened to female narrators, but he is one of the best I have ever listened to. I loved the way this story develops, and it has some twists that are unexpected, and boy was I surprised over a few things, and what became most endearing was seeing how these two fight for a future together. Dream Hunter is a story that won me over, with these charming characters, a story line that is packed with adventure, greek gods, and a romance that is bound to captivate you. What was most provocative about this story was seeing the way these two come to fight for one another. Arik, who at first is conceited and arrogant, but when he learns the error of his ways is willing to give up his own soul for the woman he loves. Then we have Megeara, when she learns the complete truth about Arik, she goes to drastic lengths to bring him back to her, even if that means facing Hades herself, loved the courage and tenacity and the will to be together. The supporting characters are quite fun and added a certain flair to the story that gave the story the humorous edge it needed.

The Cover
I really like this cover, and it connects with the story, and boy can I say that man is HOT and sexy!! Those eyes….I would have him in a heartbeat, and the hair….he is one delicious package.

Overall View
Dream Hunter is a story to grab at you and will refuse to let go….its a action packed story that is bound to have you on edge in anticipation of what is to come, a book to captivate and charm every reader!! A MUST Read for fans of the Dark Hunters Series, or who love a romance that is sensual and emotionally provoking.
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February 17, 2010
Finished The Dream-Hunter (Dream Hunter Series Book 1) in one sitting and I must say, I liked it! I also have to say, despite said liking, SK has a major problem in this book.


Dream Hunter has some of the laziest plotting I've ever seen. A couple of times I was scratching my head thinking, "Now wait a minute, didn't she just say ...?"

It was as if no one read, or edited, this book before it went to print! SK made rules in her world then promptly ignored them and at other points, she conveniently resolves plot points- too conveniently! She also took another lazy way out- she "hung lanterns". "Hanging a lantern on" plot holes is drawing deliberate attention to a potential plot hole, thereby making it seem as if the said holes were intentional. Though this technique can make for some funny scenes in a good writer's hands, here it just looked like SK didn't want to be bothered.

And yet ... I liked Dream-Hunter. I gobbled it up like candy! (Which is of course what all her books are to me.)

Arik and Geary were great together and I loved the Mediterranean setting. Initially, Geary only knows Arik through her heated dreams of him where all her inhibitions are dropped. She doesn't know he's "real" and that he's falling for her- hard. So much so, that he literally makes a pact with the devil (Hades) to be able to meet Geary in the flesh.

While in his world, the world of dreams and the Greek Pantheon, Arik has no emotions. He only feels anything when he is inside a human's dream and he syphons off their emotions, but his sense of it is muted even then. As such he readily agrees to Hades's deal to let Hades have Geary after Arik's two weeks in the flesh are up.

It's afterwards, when Arik gets the chance to experience true love in the flesh, that he realizes what a horribly selfish pact he made and, of course, sacrifices himself instead. How Arik and Geary find their happily ever after is for you to find out!

Of course there's a whole other thing going on with Apollymi the Atlantean Destroyer God wooing Geary to "discover" the final resting place of Atlantis and set her free from her prison. (Here's where a lot of convenient and senseless contrivance plotting comes in- well, here and throughout Arik and Geary's love story too- but it's glaringly obvious in everything dealing with Apollymi.) But, perhaps you'll be able to get over it as I did because ... I plain ol' liked the story!

I also liked the Greek Mythology thrown into it. I felt as if they were characters from a series that had their own book at one time, then show up later as side characters in other editions- it worked well I thought.

(Oh and Ash shows up, however briefly, which is always a plus! hee)
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July 25, 2013
2.5 stars

I have a couple other series that I’m about 11 books in and they can still get me all fangirl-squee-hyperventilating and whatnot. I wish I could say the same for this series. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Geary (short for Mageara) and her family have been searching for Atlantis. Meanwhile a dream hunter, Arik, has been stalking her in her dreams. While in her dreams Arik desperately wants to be with her outside of the dreaming realm so he strikes a deal with the devil. Hades only needs one thing in return, Geary’s soul. Okay, let’s stop here for a minute. Are you for reals? You want to meet the woman of your dreams and then give her soul away after two weeks? How am I supposed to like you now? How? Ugh. Anyway, Arik is now human and on Earth. Geary finds him and somehow he ends up on the little Atlantis adventure with her. This is Arik’s first time on Earth so he doesn’t understand many things and makes little mistakes. It made him a little more likeable and endearing to me. It was cute. Their romance starts to heat up and, of course, Ms. Kenyon delivers some fun banter and sexy loving.

Then comes in The Conflict. This is where these books lose me. Every time. I get to know the MC and the secondary characters. They’re cute, fun and I’m ready for their HEA. Then all these new gods, hunters, and I don’t even know whats come in. They all have Greek names that I'm completely unfamiliar with and she’s lost me. So basically, I’m not quite sure how everything was resolved.

I don’t know if I’m continuing after this or not. I might go back to the Chronicles of Nick series instead and see if that reignites my interest in this series.
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November 30, 2014
When considering the basic plot for the book The Dream-Hunter, it would seem pretty basic and very easy to make boring and screw up. A god of sleep, Arik is an energy-vampire who is cursed to feel no emotions except while in the dreams of a human. Known as an Erotic Skoti, he stumbles across Geary (a scientist in search of Atlantis) and makes a bargain with Hades to become mortal for two weeks in exchange for Geary's soul.

While I normally avoid giving recaps in my reviews, I found it necessary to do so with this book, for while reading it I was very impressed with the level of talent Sherri has for taking a story line that could very easily fall through the cracks and turning it into something that is as fascinating as it is entertaining. Many fans don't lay claim to The Dream Hunter as being one of the more favorite books, but I really enjoyed it for the simple fact that the plot was so entirely solid. While most don't think that it sounds like it is on the surface, when delving into the reading of the story, the true level of fluidness shines through.

On a side note, reading The Dream-Hunter is especially entertaining now that I've read Devil May Cry and Acheron- both lay credence and specific interest to sub-characters within The Dream-Hunter for parallel reasons.

Over all- a wonderful and enjoyable read! osculating
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 10, 2019
Wow i LOVED this edition and a new form of characters to throw into the mix!!!! Arik was fantastic such a likeable character as was Solin Kat Geary and Tori!

Geary while trying to find Atlantis has erotic dreams featuring the Skoti God Arik, as the emotionless curse put on his kind starts to weaken Arik starts to truly crave Geary and makes a deal with Hades, helping Geary find Atlantis he enlists the help of the one who condemned him in the first place Solin. The reader uncovers a whole new chest of knowledge this book and a lot more suspicions have arisen for me.

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May 18, 2018

Neden en sevdiğim yazarlar beni her kitapta yüreğim ağzımda bırakan yazarlar, sorarım size!
Neden yani?
Canımdan ne zorum var be benim! Ya da daha da merak ettiğim soruyu sizlere sorayım; bu yazarların canımızla derdi ne?
Ya gidiyorlar bunun gibi koskoca serilerde insanı süründüren sonlar yazıyorlar ve içinde öyle bir karakter oluyor ki hem serinin en sonlarında hem de -çünkü bu işkence onlara az geliyor- her kitapta ayrı bir olayları, ayrı bir gizemleri oluyor. Ya da ne yapıyorlar biliyor musunuz? Bence biliyor ve bana dibine kadar katılıyorsunuz, bu Allah'sız yazarlar öyle adamlar yazıyor ki kitabı bitirdikten sonra hiçbir şey olmamış gibi hayatınıza devam etmeniz bekleniyor.
Kimse düşünmüyor tabii olan var olmayan var diye!

Buradan şunu anlıyoruz, ben açken saldıracak yer arıyorum ve şu anda elimin altında Sherrilyn var skdkfmgkg
Neyse çok uzatmayacağım bu isyan kısmını, enerjimi korumam lazım. 😉

Genel sıralamada on birinci kitap olan The Dream Hunter aynı zamanda Dream Hunter serisinin ilk kitabı oluyor.
Arik bir Skotos, yani rüyalara girme yeteneği olan ama aynı yeteneği sahip Oneroilerin aksine kötü çocuk diyebiliriz. Oneroiler insanların rüyalarına girip onları korurken ya da öyle bir şeyler işte, Skotoslar bunun tam tersine, insanları kendi çıkarları ve zevkleri için kullanıyor. Bir de bu ikisi Zeus’un lanetiyle hayatlarını geçiriyorlar. Hissetme gücünden yoksun yaşamlarını insanların hislerine yardım etmekle geçiriyorlar diyebiliriz. Skotoslar ise bu eksikliği o rüyalarla, insanları kullanarak kapatıyor.

İşte Arik o rüyalardan birinde Megeara ile karşılaşıyor. Tabii bu rüyalar normal rüyalar değil, biraz edepsizlik dozu yüksek şeylerden bahsediyoruz, çikolata banyosu falan gerisini siz düşünün. Ve hissetmenin nasıl bir şey olduğunu bu rüyalar sırasında merak ettiği için Arik Hades’e gidiyor.
Hangi tanrı kendine bir şey almadan anlaşma yapmış ki Hades geri kalsın? Bazı bedeller isteyerek iki haftalığına Arik’i insan yapıyor ve Dünya’ya yolluyor.

Eh, gerisi okumalık.

Serinin her kitabında olduğu gibi keyifle okudum ama bu şey gibi geldi bana normal bir PNR romanı gibi. Kötülüğünden falan söylemiyorum bunu, tam aksine Sherrilyn kıvamında bir kitaptı. Bahsettiğim şu ki serinin diğer kitapları urban fantasy yönü kuvvetli kitaplardı genelde. Yani insanları etkileyen bir felaket unsuru oluyor bu kitaplarda bunda o yoktu. Novella tadında bir güzelliği vardı, severek, her şeye rağmen (bkn: bir hafta elimde kaldı) okudum.

Deli gibi eğlendiğim bir kısımda kitapta Hades’i tekrar gördüğümüz anlardı. Persephone’un elinde madara olmuş bir Hades görmek süper oldu.
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July 19, 2016
Tengo sentimientos encontrados. Por una parte, he odiado a Arik mucho en este libro. Por otro, ahí estaba parte de la gracia xD Como este libro está tan alejado en el tiempo, me cuesta conectar con la historia pero también me ha servido para enterarme de más cosas sobre Aquerón, y los Oníricos y toda su familia (aunque menudo lío). Creo que no ha estado mal, pero no es el mejor (aunque ha habido demasiados feels con el capítulo 20).
Reseña completa en:
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September 27, 2016
I liked this one, got more into the Greek Mythology and more about the Gods. I knew of some of them (yes even this Disney freak watched Hercules) but this book gets more into the gods then the previous books that just touched on them. Good read and really good to hear more about the stories and who did what to whom because they were made at someone else...

Whoo don't ever piss off an Olympic god
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