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The Liberator: A Psychic-Spiritual History of the Orion Empire

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More than 19 millions years ago, a single Being of Light made a fatal mistake. Now, millions of years later, his Brethren of higher-dimensional Realms must rescue trillions of suffering humans living on a hundred planets of his expanding "Orion Empire"-a black cloud of control and oppression threatening the entire Milky Way! They've sent an Emissary into the worlds of flesh-a Liberator. His name is Dalos. Influenced by the writings of visionary Ernest L. Norman and the personal mentorship of Ruth Norman, author Lianne Downey has woven interdimensional concepts of life into her space fantasy, The A Psychic-Spiritual History of the Orion Empire. The book was voiced on audiotape as the author "witnessed" the scenes like a movie unfolding, then transcribed verbatim-33 chapters in 33 days.

368 pages, Hardcover

First published February 14, 2010

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About the author

Lianne Downey

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LIANNE DOWNEY writes both fiction and nonfiction books that reflect her interest in the interdimensional aspects of life on Earth. Her first novel, Cosmic Dancer, is a National Indie Excellence Award Finalist in the Visionary Fiction category. Her nonfiction includes The Liberator: A Psychic Spiritual History of the Orion Empire and Speed Your Evolution. She holds a Mass Communication degree from the University of California, Davis (Theater/Film/Journalism) and began her career as an arts writer for The Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and numerous magazines. She loves ballroom dancing with her husband Joseph, and living in the San Diego foothills with their fruit trees and wild rabbit pets (and gophers and snails and monarchs). Find her at https://www.liannedowney.com and on social media.

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February 23, 2020
The Liberator is an engrossing novel with a beautiful call to action weaved within it. The characters feel like familiar archetypes of humanity playing out in a different setting; it was easy to feel a deep sense of connection to the society the book follows and to gain wisdom from the events that unfold. An incredible story from the Cosmos to remind us of our unity with all life & our purpose here as conscious human beings!
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September 3, 2022
A truly remarkable experience overall to read. The main protagonist “ Dalos “, has linguistic descriptive features. Which has been thoroughly neatly tailored into the main story of the book, by the author Lianne Downey.
Basically all chapters is logically structured into a down to earth approach, invoking various human emotions and capacity for imagination.
For example regarding the advanced “ futuristic “ architecture and design of the buildings in the Orion Empire’s main home world the planet of Tyron. And the space-vehicles belonging to the Orion Empire. Including the diplomatic space-vehicle convoy which belonged to Dalos faction, which descended onto the surface of the planet Tyron and demanded a negotiation with Tyrantus the emperor of the Orion Empire, in the exciting first part of the book. In my opinion the overall good book should’ve ended better. Tyrantus fate as a fascist militaristic dictator with responsibility for his citizens, that even though understandably Tyrantus had a history of engaging in galactic wars and space battles with his ancient enemies. His gradual transformation throughout the galactic time era, which the book covers, should under those circumstances have led to in my opinion to a more positive less tragic ending for the main antagonist in the book, Tyrantus.
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Author 4 books20 followers
March 5, 2013
Of course I loved it! I am the author. :)This is a past-life history of the people who now live on Earth. It takes place from 19 million to 1 million years ago, so you could say that was a galaxy long, long, long ago. The book is categorized as fiction, although some of us know it's all true, and it unfolds like a movie because that's how it unfolded in my head.

I actually saw the characters in my mind and heard them speak, and I spoke their words (and the narration) aloud into a tape recorder, back in the old days when that was the best technology available. When I transcribed the recording, every time I tried to change anything it just stood out like a bold red blob. I couldn't do it. I finally managed to shift names and pronouns so you could keep track of who was saying what, since you couldn't hear the change in their voices that I could hear on the tape, or see the visuals I could see, but that was all I could change. Quite simply, the book was dictated to me inwardly by the real Narrators. And if you've read any of my other books, you'll notice that the "voice" isn't mine! And that's part of its power.

Why was it written? I suspect because the people of Earth need to know this history for healing purposes. What do you think? I don't know all of my readers since they live around the world, but many of those I do know have found themselves in this history---including me!
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August 14, 2013
Through her willingness to listen, Lianne Downey has created a remarkable story in "The Liberator." This book has everything any science fiction novel has to offer: action, suspense, cool technologies, heroes and bad guys. But "The Liberator" isn't just a story; it's an allegory of spiritual life that resonates from the lowest, most egotistical part of the human being to the highest, most selfless soul within each one of us. "The Liberator" is the story of the saving grace of the universe, ever ready to enfold lost souls in eternal, infinite love and peace if we will only be open to recieve.

You don't have to believe in anything at all for the lessons of "The Liberator" to touch you. In this way, the story is similar to "Avatar," another spiritual allegory wrapped up in 3-D technology. The entire time I was reading Lianne's book, I kept thinking that I hope she writes a screenplay and someday "The Liberator" is shown at theatres around the world - it's a story for the ages!
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