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The Age of Intelligent Machines

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In The Age of Intelligent Machines, inventor and computer scientist Raymond Kurzweil probes the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence, from its earliest philosophical and mathematical roots to tantalizing glimpses of 21st-century machines with superior intelligence and prodigious speed and memory.

580 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1990

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About the author

Ray Kurzweil

40 books1,891 followers
Raymond Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist who has published books on health, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the technological singularity.

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16 reviews
June 12, 2017
Ray Kurzweil always shocking me whenever he released his books. My 1st time reading his book, Singularity, for a 18 yo, it is pretty mind blowing. I always believes in Singularity and I am very happy someone out there, a very good author, have the same idea as mine.
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456 reviews24 followers
March 26, 2023
"The Age of Intelligent Machines" is a book by Ray Kurzweil, originally published in 1990, which examines the history and future of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies.

Kurzweil begins by tracing the evolution of computing and AI from the earliest calculating machines to the present day, discussing the contributions of pioneers such as Alan Turing, John von Neumann, and Claude Shannon. He also explores the social and economic implications of these technologies, including their impact on employment, education, and communication.

The book then delves into the future of AI, with Kurzweil making predictions about the next few decades based on his analysis of technological trends. He argues that AI will continue to advance at an exponential rate, leading to a "singularity" in which machines surpass human intelligence and create a new era in which technology and biology merge.

Kurzweil's predictions include the development of intelligent robots, the creation of virtual reality environments, the emergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology, and the eventual ability to upload human minds to computers, among other possibilities.

"The Age of Intelligent Machines" has been influential in the field of AI and has helped to shape public debate about the future of technology. Kurzweil's ideas about the singularity and the merging of human and machine have been both celebrated and criticized, and continue to be the subject of ongoing discussion and research.

8 reviews1 follower
June 12, 2008
Raymond Kurzweil is a genius. I highly suggest his writings beyond this as well. In addition, take the opportunity to listen to his speeches. He is a great keynote speaker...
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155 reviews
July 3, 2011
Very much a text book. Now somewhat dated.
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590 reviews3 followers
January 4, 2013
I read this after getting hooked on Spiritual Machines. This is informative and full of Kurzweil's ideas on the coming future, but generally it's pretty dry and uninteresting.
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