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Kissed by an Angel #1-3

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

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An angelic romantic suspense trilogy in one volume! "Kissed by an Angel": Ivy and Tristan have the love of a lifetime--until Tristan dies in a car accident. Now Tristan returns as an angel, but Ivy is unable to feel his presence. "The Power of Love": Tristan has learned that the person responsible for the car crash is after Ivy. Can he cross the boundaries of life and death to warn Ivy that she is in trouble? "Soulmates": Tristan must rescue Ivy, but if he does so his mission will be finished and he will have to leave his true love forever.

708 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 1995

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About the author

Elizabeth Chandler

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Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary-Claire Helldorfer. She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Author 11 books8,595 followers
September 19, 2016
Relectura de una de mis novelas favoritas. Me sigue pareciendo igual de maravillosa. Híper recomendable.
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513 reviews29 followers
March 28, 2012
WOW!!!! I couldn't put this book down. The is an amazing love story with a tie in to religion and guardian angels. Also, there is talk about soul mates. It is about finding your true love and loosing that love. For me, it is about overcoming a tragedy and believing you can get passed that loss. It is about trusting in yourself and instincts.

I wish Tristan actually existed; I can't speak for every girl, but he seems like that perfect guy if someone can be perfect. I am sucker for a great love story and this book it that. I wish there was a continuation with the story of Will and Ivy. I can see this to also be a great love story.
4 reviews3 followers
June 22, 2010
I think the book was written by an amateur It didn't make sense half the time. It didn't describe things well. The grammar wasn't very good. It was hard to distinct what was said out loud and what was said inside the persons head with the same font as everything else and parenthesis around them just like they're normal statments. The author would say one thing then say something completely different later on in the story. For example, In the beginning as far as I understood she had just move there and was new. But then it says she's been bffs with suzanne since 2nd grade. It also said she didnt know anyone and Suzanne was just her guide for her knew school. So was she new or did she live there her hole life? Then the author would put random events that were completely off topic and pointless. Like Ivy had been waiting for Suzanne since 6 o'clock. Not once mentioned for what or where. The book gives very little details about settings and characters. It was so bad that in the beginning she just threw names out there and gave little discription or mental ques.

She also didn't spend enough time on the connection between Ivy and Tristan. I didn't feel the love. I didn't feel the fact that they couldn't live without eachother. Honestly ot sounded like a junior high couple. At the moment where the authorvshould have zeroed in on the love between them she focused Ivy more on Gregory. It made Ivy seem as tho she didn't care for Tristan he was just kinda one of those guys u avoid but yet he's your "boyfriend". So I didn't sense any attraction much between them much other than in the pool just a tad when she learns how to swim. With that being said, during the second book it seems like "Ivy will never be able to live without her one true love Tristan" bull crap if what they had was anything like what was in the first book she should be able to move on no problem. The book was emotionally detatched beyond belief.
I honestly have never read one book in my life that I have disliked. But here it is my first. I would not recommend this book. I have given every book I read at least a 4 or 5 star rating, this is the first low rating I've given. I was very disappointed. The discription on the back sounded like it would be a great book. So the plot was excellent it was just presented very poorly. I honestly think I could do better. I'm sorry but the Novel was horribly written
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161 reviews37 followers
September 28, 2011
What can I say about the Kissed By an Angel trilogy... hhmmmm. The first book was alright. I wish that Ms. Chandler would have played up the romance between Ivy and Tristan a little more. It was really hard to feel the emmotion of the characters. But I cannot complain too much on the subject because, once I started reading the second book, I was hooked and couldn't put my kindle down. I am a big fan of mystery, and the second and third books definitely have alot of it.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read on if you haven't read these books yet!

I was so devastated when Will seemed to be a part of the whole "killing game". I cheered for Will through this whole series and I couldn't belive it. I thought that the author did an amazing job at implicating Will and making the reader truely believe (with only a tiny seed of doubt), that Will could be on Gregory's payroll. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting Ivy and Will be together at the end :) The intro to their relationship was perfectly done and had my heart aching.
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1,142 reviews1,672 followers
July 11, 2015
This book is just AMAZING! I love everything! combination of romance and mystery. Oh by the way.. it's a tear-jerker too.

It's about Ivy and Tristan, they were so deeply in love. An accident changed everything. Tristan died in the accident leaving Ivy hurting and depressed, that she lost her faith in Angels.. Tristan became an angel and met Lacey Lovitt, another angel that taught him how to communicate Ivy and try to make her believe in angels.

Tristan found out that their accident wasn't really an accident. Someone set them up. Ivy and Tristan's mission is to find out who caused their accident.

A Must read :) I can't wait for Evercrossed.
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80 reviews1 follower
January 7, 2010
Total waste of time. The writing is poor. The book menandered and seemed way too long. The action scenes are anti-climatic. The best chemistry is with her and antagonist. The love story the book is based on is so weak that I couldn't have care less if they were together or not. All the characters were very flat. I had a hard time picturing who they were and even what they looked like. The ending was extremely rushed!

Additionally, this book is being sold with all the other YA - fantasy books that are popular now. I found it interesting that the author never referred to cell phones, or texting, or anything of modern technology...it turns out the book was first written in 1995 - When Saga Genesis and VCR's were the height of technology. Just another author trying to jump on the "Twilight" band wagon.

It could have been better if it was condensed into one book, evenly paced, and altogher better writing so that I would care about the characters.
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33 reviews30 followers
February 25, 2009
I thought this book was amazing!! I read all three books in 2 days! I could not put it down!!!! I really wish that in the beginning Ivy & Tristan would have had more time together. I couldn't believe the ending of book 3 though! In the back of my mind I knew that her step brother had something to do w/ everything. It was still shocking though! I couldn't imagine going through what Ivy went through. My husband is a Marine and I could not imagine ever losing him. Of course it is always in the back of my mind until he is done.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
12 reviews43 followers
April 27, 2011
This book was okay, definitely not great but not the worst I've read of the genre.

Ivy is petrified of water and swimming after an incident in her childhood. Then she meets Tristan, handsome, sweet, popular and in the swim team. At first she's not interested but then as time passes and she gets to know him she starts to fall for him.
Things seem to be going great until Tristan dies in a car accident. Dead but he has a purpose before he can move on, to protect Ivy from whoever is trying to kill her.

The book started well but I found that after Tristan's death it just went down hill from there. Other than Tristan I found the characters annoying especially Ivy. She comes across as one of those girls who can't be without a boyfriend.

After Tristan saves her and moves on, and is out of her life for good (she could sense closer to the end) she immediately has someone else who she quickly fall in love with. I don't think characters, or people, should pull a Bella Swan and mope around for several months but I found that even though he was dead for quite a bit longer he was still very much a part of her life as he were alive and she only looses him at the end of the novel. Maybe it's just me but I thought moving on from your "soul-mate" five minutes after he has left isn't love.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 19 books176 followers
February 3, 2012
This is one of the first books I added to-read when I joined Goodreads in February 2011.

This book is an omnibus of the first three books in the Kissed By An Angel series: Kissed By An Angel; The Power of Love; and Soulmates.

I rate Kissed By An Angel 2 stars, The Power of Love 2 stars, and Soulmates 4 stars. By the law of averages that makes this omnibus a 2.5 rating. Although there are no distinct markings to direct where one book ends, it's very obvious when you start a new chapter and go through friendship introductions that always happen at the beginning of books written in the 90s.

Speaking of which, I kept getting frustrated that this book was clearly written in 1995 and then updated for a modern audience - references to dead Heath Ledger, for example. It was annoying because although yes, they referenced Google and X-Men, none of the characters had the internet or mobile/cell phones. I keep wondering what Beth was writing on in non-updated version of this book when it was referencing her laptop, for example, because although laptops for teens are common now, they weren't back in the 90s. Hell, I didn't even know what the internet was until 1997.

I really slogged through the first two books. They were BORING. Nothing happened. The first book was all about developing Tristan and Ivy's romance: and Tristan and Ivy are two of the most hopelessly clueless star-crossed lovers there ever was. They have exactly one outside interest each: Tristan's is swimming, and Ivy's is piano. They share the same circle of friends. They are each pathetically devoted to each other. Tristan cares more for Ivy than he does his own family. He never visits them but he hangs over Ivy like a bad freaking smell.

One thing I didn't get is that Tristan had never seen Ivy before the day he fell in love with her, when she was new at school... yet Suzanne and Ivy had been BFFs since like forever... and it's Ivy's mother that had the affair with Gregory's father Andrew, and then married him... so where the fuck did Ivy come from? How could she be new at school if she'd lived there her whole life?

The second book was slightly more interesting but also completely obvious so it didn't hold my interest as much as I'd hoped it would. I pretty much hate Suzanne, and Gregory's actions often made me feel physically sick to the stomach

The third book is where things shone. The plot raced by at a breakneck speed and even though I was pretty sure I knew how it was going to work out, there were some pretty frustrating red herrings thrown at me. Oh, and the ending? My grandfather died recently and I've been an emotional wreck ever since because I didn't get to say goodbye. I hate that Ivy had that chance. I nearly cried.

The mystery is definitely what sells this book. That, and Ella the cat. She was AWESOME! Pretty good dedication to the characterisation of a voiceless pet. I didn't entirely understand motive until Ivy discovered it, but it all made perfect sense and wrapped up quite nicely the mysteries from the two earlier books.

If you can get through books 1 and 2, I'd love to say that 3 won't be a disappointment. I really enjoyed it and now I'm going quite happily to book number 4, Evercrossed, and planning to purchase 5, Everlasting, when it comes out.
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1,289 reviews160 followers
August 2, 2016
A este libro le tengo un montón de cariño porque fue el primer regalo que me hizo Vero. Me lo regaló por mi cumpleaños, y por suerte pudo entregármelo en persona el día que pude abrazarla por primera vez. Mi querida niña es una persona adorable y detalles como éste los valoro un montón. Eres genial, mi princesita♡.



Me ha gustado bastante este libro, no en sí como una historia de amor, porque no la considero dentro del género pero sí como una novela de crecimiento, y sobre todo, misterio y fantasía. El libro me atrapó durante las primeras páginas, Tristán fue mi precioso ángel-fantasma del que estoy enamorada.


Fue realmente interesante acompañar al resto de personajes en sus aventuras y desventuras aunque no cuenten con mi simpatía.


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63 reviews
January 2, 2011
Ivy and Tristan are meant to be together. Both stunningly attractive, brilliantly talented and very much in love, they think their happiness will last forever. When a terrible car accident shatters their world, killing Tristan and injuring Ivy, she must face life alone - or so she thinks. However, Tristan is watching over her as her guardian angel - so close she can feel his touch and hear his voice. And no one needs a guardian angel more than Ivy, because someone is trying to kill her. But if Tristan saves Ivy, his mission on earth will be finished, and he'll have to leave her behind. Will saving Ivy mean losing her forever?

This book is absolutely moving! When I read the description I feel in love with the plot of the book. Elizabeth Chandler has really described the love between Ivy and Tristan flawlessly! Throughout the book you will see how love is strong, and endless. The ending is one of the best ending ever... This book is a definite must read for all fans of romance, angels and love. Lots of love!

So, basically, this is my favourite book...ever.

P.s. Sorry Twilight!
April 18, 2010
As result of her mother's new marriage, Ivy and her brother Philip are forced to move to the biggest house in Stonehill, with all the wants and needs of life. She had to adjust to a new school halfway through the year, make new friends, and deal with a new, and creepy, if I might add, stepbrother, Gregory. Her true and strong belief in angles, her love for piano, and her cat, Bella, were all she had left of her real home. One the first day of school, Ivy learned about one thing, Tristan. He fell head over heals for her at first sight. It took time but when she was forced to give up her cat to a trusting home, witch ended up being Tristans, Ivy started liking him back. She trusted him so much that she put away her fear and let him teach her to swim. Over the months, Ivy and Tristan grew close. Their relationship ended abruptly with sixty-five miles per hour, cut breaks, and a deer one hundred feet away. Tristans death was tragic, and it left Ivy alive and feeling alone with no one and nothing, not even her angles, left to lean on. But he didn't leave. Tristan became a lovely creature with wings. After his death he wondered around Stonehill with his new, also an angle, friend, Lacy. Both of them are working on their missions, a job sent from the big guy in the sky that they have to finish before leaving earth. In order to finish his mission, Tristan found a way to creep into people's minds and use their abilities, such as righting or drawing to send messages to Ivy. The only problem was Ivy didn't know it was him, and would get angry with her friends who were being controlled by Tristan. Tristans death wasn't the only death that year, it lead to a series of unfortunate events. Four other deaths and one attack, and one attempt at murder took place that dreadful year. All of the "accidents" some how had a relationship to Ivy, which is kind of creepy. Every guess about who the murderer was would be as far off as Tokyo, Japan is to New York, USA. Until one day, and a beautiful day at that, it smacked her right in the face. Ivy finally realized that this whole time she had been so close to the murderer, so in danger of getting hurt, so stupid not to realize that she pushed things a little too far!

Kissed By An Angle is a good read for all of you who jump into the mysteries, murders, and somewhat magical events, kind of book. The book sucked me in, I felt like I was standing there right next to Ivy helping her decide weather to jump off the tracks, or risk sprinting twenty feet from the rushing train. The way the book is written also helps with the story. Elizabeth Chandler switches from Ivy's to Tristan's point of view, narrated by a distant voice. I think she had some fun with this book, somehow she new that I would read it and, latterly, start yelling at Ivy for how stupid and innocent she was written to be. Although I blame it as the reason that I didn't have my room on time, I give this great, exciting, and obnoxious book a four star out of five. The plus four for good writing style, and great story plot. The minus one for the character Ivy. She drove me crazy, because it took her so long, to long, to figure it all out

I absolutaly love this book. I could not put it down once I began reading it. It is not only a teen romance novel but it is also a mystery. It is full of twists that will make you never want to put it down. This book was very well written.
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75 reviews
April 16, 2009
OK, so in order to give 5 stars, I think a book should intrigue me intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Rarely does a novel do all three- especially a young adult novel. That said, I think this comes close enough. Plus, I couldn't stop reading it.

Intellectually: At least if I hadn't read it before, I would be constantly guessing what would happen next. The end is fairly predictable, but there is enough adventure in the whole plot to keep me putting the pieces together. It may not strike every adult intellectually, but it's perfect for an adolescent. (I know because I was one when I fell in love with this trilogy.)

Emotionally: Love, family, death, fear, frustration... This story draws you in and makes you feel!

Spiritually: I like that there is a clear spiritual element. It's all about angels. I mean, it's not theologically accurate, but it encourages a belief in God and his servants. How can I be upset about that? It's a whole lot better than, say, Sarah Dessen glorifying sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
August 12, 2014
I absolutely love this book! When I first ordered it from the library I didn't touch it for a while resulting in the library calling for it back. When I gave it back I thought it was simply about a girl who's boyfriend comes back as her guardian angel and that's it. But I was so wrong! This book was soooooo much more than that and even had some pretty brutal/disturbing scenes...

I'm really glad I'd re-ordered this book cause there was loads of suspense and PLENTY of action not to mention some shocking, shocking discoveries. There were loads of genres in this story romance, paranormal, mystery and definitely action. The characters and storyline were very well thought of also the scene with Ella (Ivy's cat) made me cry (partly cause I'm a sucker for animals).

This book is definitely worthy of the title "bestseller" cause sooooo much happens. I'd definitely recommend this to ANYONE. Seriously read this!
May 22, 2017

Man, this book was good, when I first started reading this book, I knew Gregory was the because of Tristin dying. Even on the second page of the book I was like Gregory is up to no good. He did all of that for what to keep Ivy quite or because he didn't want Ivy to live with Andrew, who isn't his father. I'm so glad he died, in the end, he was starting to get on my last nerves. My only wish was for Tristen to become human again. And wish he actually knew that Lacey actually in love with him. He was so in denial I had to shake my head.
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34 reviews
March 17, 2020
This book captured me simply because I haven’t read a romance in awhile so this easy cheesy one was perfect! It’s a classic of two lovers who are crossed between life and death. But many great plot turns. Although I hate how the author has made the main character just seem so ludicrous I guess many young girls in love at that age can be rather slow! I can’t wait to check out the other books!
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98 reviews25 followers
September 10, 2011
I love this novel. It takes you through so many twists and turns, one minute you are feeling pain, and misery and do not know how it could get any worse, and the next you are elated and shouting for joy. This collection of 3 novels was written in 1995. The author Elizabeth Chandler wrote a 4th book in the series in 2010. I found this out recently and knew it would be great and worth a 15 year wait. I just re-read this book and am just as in Love with Tristan and Will as I ever have been.

Our main character, Ivy, starts out at a new school in the middle of her junior year of high school. Her mother is about to marry the wealthy president from a local college. This has brought her to this new school and also even getting her a new stepbrother. Ivy is the kind of character you refuse to hate. She is loyal to her friends and family, willing to protect them at all costs. She is stubborn, brave and strong and tries with all her strength even when she is terrified out of her mind. Throughout the novel some really sketchy things start to happen; her stepbrother's mom commits suicide, Ivy is in a car accident with Tristan, there is another suicide attempt, someone dies from a "drug overdose", and Ivy's poor kitten is showing up with mysterious cut marks on her paws and many more.

Other than Ivy this novel includes some great characters.
Tristan: He is the strong and loving male lead that falls deep for Ivy, and refuses to stop loving her even after death.
Gregory: Ivy's popular stepbrother. He is a hard one to figure out, is he on Ivy's side or does he have darker ideas brewing behind the scenes.
Will: One of Gregory's friends that has also fallen for Ivy, but he is the "cool" guy so he takes a step back and admirers her from afar.
Beth: One of Ivy's good friends that has a special talent hidden up her sleeve.
Suzanne: One of Ivy's closest friends since they were 5 years old. However there is only one thing on her mind and that’s Gregory and not even Ivy can stop her from getting what she wants.
Lacy: A comedic relief to the story, she is also an Angel who likes to cause a little more mess than happiness. She helps Tristan adjust to his new found way of life or death.
Philip: Ivy's younger brother who is just as stubborn as she is, and won’t give up on the idea of Angels even after Ivy has.

Kissed by an Angel does not involve your average Love-triangle. Tristan is in love with Ivy and has even forgotten his player card just trying to get Ivy's attention. At first Ivy doesn't respond to him, even tries to avoid him because she thinks he is all brawn and no brain. Finally they connect, Ivy realizes how great of a guy Tristan really is and they begin dating. Their relationship takes off and is going great until, there is an accident...or was it an accident...that takes Tristan away from us, only to have him return as an Angel. We spend a good majority of the novel waiting for Tristan to finally break through to Ivy all over again. Tristan tries this in many ways by trying to talk through her best friend Beth and a secret admirer Will. Only Ivy gets mad every time they bring him up, like they are ripping open the wound that she is trying desperately to hold together. Tristan also spends a lot of his time trying to ignore how much he and Will have in common and jealous of how Will can be there for her in more ways than he can himself. Although Tristan has nothing to worry about because Ivy has closed herself off to love and she tries to keep her distance from Will for fear of what could happen between them.

This story is great! Better now than the last time I read it. I am very excited that there is even more to the story to read now.
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1,036 reviews13 followers
July 31, 2011
Posted on K-Books

I read this book over a year ago, so this review will probably be quite short.
This edition has book 1, 2 and 3 of the Kissed by an Angel series in. I am starting book 4 today so thought I would write a quick review of my thought on the first 3 books in the series. I am going to count all 3 as 1 book though because that's how it felt when I was reading it.

Ivy is devastates when her boyfriend Tristan, the love of her life suddenly dies. She doesn't know how to cope without him. She has always believed that angels watched over everyone but now she's not so sure. If angels watched over everyone why would they take Tristan away from her?
Tristan is sent back to earth as Ivy's guardian angel. She is grave danger and she has no idea how close the threat to her life actually is. As she tries to live her life unaware of the danger she is in Tristan must try to save her. But if he does he'll be sent back, is he ready to let her go?

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was such a great love story. At the beginning when Tristan dies I wasn't sad or anything as I expected it. I didn't know the character that well so I couldn't get emotional about it. What I didn't count on was the author going back and re-telling the story of how he and Ivy met, how they fell in love and how perfect their relationship was. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I really didn't want it to happen and ended up sobbing like a baby.
I started to love Will. He is such a sweet character and all he wanted was to help Ivy through Tristan's death and was always there for her.
I was completely shocked to find out who the threat was. I did not see that coming at all. Usually in book I can guess what's going to happen but I was completely shocked and it took me completely by surprise.
Elizabeth Chandler did a great job sucking you into the story and I became so attached to the characters. It's a great love story and I honestly think that the story should stop here. It's a great ending and I was so happy with it.
However I can't wait to read book 4 and am really looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next.
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2,256 reviews819 followers
Want to read
September 8, 2017
[Tuesday, August 4, 2010] I started this book. But couldn't finish it past chapter 4!

[Wednesday, March 30, 2011] I reached chapter nine, and I think Tristan is such a great guy, but Ivy'a step-brother is creepy. I felt sorry when Ivy had to give up her cat Ella, I had to do the same to my cat Miri.

[Tuesday, ‎February ‎26, ‎2013] This year I plan to read all the books that I left hanging, so this is the second on the list. I had to re-read the few chapters to remember what the book was about, in any case, I like it immensely so far, can't wait to see what will happen next, though I have a hunch. I liked reading something written in the 90s, it felt cute and strange reading about people not having mobiles and so on. It felt simple.

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208 reviews33 followers
October 26, 2009
Kissed By an Angel is a re-packed edition of three short books: Kissed By an Angel, The Power of Love, and Soulmates. These books were originally published around 1995 (I can't remember the exact date.)

KISSED BY AN ANGEL: Ivy isn't into boys that way her best friend, Suzanne is, and she has too much going on in her life for a relationship anyway. Everyone keeps trying to set her up with a shy, awkward swimmer from her school named Tristan. When her mother gets married, Ivy is stuck moving in to her step-father's mansion, and her new step-brother, Gregory, has always been a jerk. She doesn't think living with him is going to help any. But it's not as bad as she thought...and neither is Tristan. When he offers to teach her how to swim, Ivy accepts, despite her near-drowning years ago as a little girl. Ivy is surprised to find Tristan sweeter and more gentle than she imagined. But when Ivy finally gives in and allows herself to fall in love, there's a horrible car accident--and Tristan doesn't survive. In rage, Ivy gives up on her faith in the angels that saved her from drowning and have guarded her all her life. Little does she know that Tristan is now one of them.

THE POWER OF LOVE: After the accident, Tristan finds himself trapped on the world with no power to touch Ivy, no power to comfort her, no ability to tell her he still loves her. Gregory's mother, Caroline, has also died recently. Tristan is helpless as Gregory and Ivy bond over their mutual losses. Then Tristan meets Lacey -- a dead movie actress who is also stuck on earth as an angel. Lacey enjoys bragging to him about her ability to materialize parts of her body, throw her voice, and send messages through "radios" -- people who are open to angels. Lacey tells Tristan that they've been stuck on earth as angels for a reason. There's a mission they need to fulfill, and they can't leave until they finish it. Though she teases him, Lacey helps him develop angelic abilities and figure out his mission. Something is wrong about the accident. It wasn't an accident at all. Now it's Tristan's job to protect Ivy and find the killer before he strikes again.

With the help of Beth, Ivy's other best friend; Will, a quiet boy at school; and Phillip, Ivy's little brother who still believes in angels, Tristan tries to warn Ivy about what he's learned. But Ivy is too pained by grief to listen. Instead, she keeps having nightmares about the accident. Gregory is the only one who seems to understand -- he holds her, soothes her, comforts her. Ivy knows that Gregory is trying to make her friend Suzanne jealous. But Gregory's touches spark emotions that Ivy never thought she'd feel again. When a stranger attacks her in their home, Gregory is the one who saves her. Maybe Ivy was wrong about him. Or maybe, Gregory is trying to lure her into a deadly trap. Tristan is learning the truth -- but when Gregory drugs Ivy and takes her out into the night, it might already be too late.

SOULMATES: Ivy can't believe she almost committed suicide. Apparently, she overdosed, and then tried to throw herself in front of an oncoming train. But her little brother Philip insists that a "dark angel" dragged her there and tried to kill her. Plus, Ivy's nightmares are getting worse. It keeps coming back to the night of the accident and a delivery she made the day before. Did she see something that she shouldn't have?

Then Beth begins receiving dark premonitions that repeatedly come true, and it seems that everyone around her, from Phillip to Beth to Will, believe Tristan hasn't left--according to them, he's her guardian angel now, and he's trying to save her. And Ivy is beginning to believe them. When she finally contacts Tristan, it's a bittersweet reunion. For the first time Ivy realizes how much danger she's in.

Gregory is growing more persistent in his touches and protectiveness. Suzanne, blinded by jealousy, thinks that Ivy is stealing Gregory away from her. And horrible things begin to happen -- Gregory's best friend turns up dead, and Ivy's cat suffers repeated injuries. As Ivy searches her memory of the days surrounding her accident and her "suicide" attempt, she begins to unravel the whole horrible mystery. Will and Tristan both struggle to protect Ivy, fighting their jealousy of each other and the dark web of lies Gregory keeps around himself. Gregory has already tried to murder her three times. The fourth time, he doesn't plan to fail.

Okay. This trilogy was not nearly as impressive or emotionally resonant as I hoped. Almost all the characters beside Gregory and Eric (his best friend) were one-dimensional. Ivy was a frustrating heroine, and Tristan a blind lover. And I'm not sure why so many "best friends" in these novels secretly dislike everything they do together. The friendship between Ivy and Suzanne was never convincing. And her mother, what is up with her mother? Is that woman blind?

Until the murder mystery picks up, this story is really on the low end of mediocre.

However, the murder mystery is done well. The web is spun very tightly and the clues come right on time, although they feel convincing. The build-up of Ivy's nightmare and Beth's premonitions work really well. The suspense gets to you, and the story manages to keep you guessing, while the sense of something dark and dangerous feels very real. I think this was the strength of the trilogy and the only reason it's worth reading. The main premise -- Tristan becoming an angel -- is explored with a decent amount of realism. Just didn't seem as important as the murder mystery.

All in all, this book has a ring of bit of old-fashioned pulp romance, which carries through into the somewhat amateurish writing. Readers might enjoy it for it's twist on angels and teen-detectives. The read is enjoyable and the final book will stick with you. I would not recommend that you try reading each book individually - if you're going to read one, you have to read them all.

3 stars.

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March 8, 2023
It is an easy fast read with a fantastic storyline. The characters could be more interesting with character development and some backstory. I didn’t like Maggie, Ivy’s mother, and Suzzane, her best friend. It seem like Maggie was an immature and absent mother. Ivy mostly likely had to be a parent for herself and for Philip, her younger brother. Ivy is very mature and smart for her age. Sometimes, I forgot that I am reading a young adult fiction where characters are teenagers. It is an old book that I read long time ago, but it revitalize my love for reading.

I learned the different between storyteller and a good writer. Elizabeth Chandler is a terrific storyteller. She knows how to rope you in the story and keep it paced throughout the book. She want you to be suck into the story quick and easy without worrying about all the small details. Obviously, the story can be better with developed characters, but Elizabeth Chandler kept me wanting more from the story.
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April 6, 2020
This review contains possible spoilers:

This book was my first novel involving Angels and the such and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. When Ivy's boyfriend dies (EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW IT'S COMING BECAUSE IT SAYS ON THE BACK) it's just so sad and really got me where it hurts. The books was so spooky and mysterious in parts, when you're reading it you find yourself shouting at Ivy and Tristan.

Some parts of the book were slow and boring, but contrasting with the mysterious killer so overall I found it enjoyable. It was so painful to watch Tristan try and communicate with Ivy, you just wanted to shout at Ivy and tell her that Tristan is watching you, HE'S THERE!

I kinda guessed the end, It wasn't too obvious until just before the killer was revealed. It's a really thick book, but I found it pretty quick and easy to get through. I mean it's not the perfect book, it has it flaws but if you want something to get lost in and you're not too picky about the writing and language structure then I recommend it for a quick summer read, I honestly couldn't put it down.
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June 5, 2016
i loved loved loved this book. most romances i can figure out i know how they are goin to end but this one was so unpredictable. it had everything jealousy, death, was alway keeping me on my toes. i love how gregory could keep killing people but still be so nice. it made no sense,but it workded. and how ivy stopped belinving in angels was so sad. and then when so found tristian was the best time in the book or one of them. i love lacey. one i hav a dog named lacey. but she was an awsome charcter and when she said she fell in love when tristian was leaving i tink she fell in love with tristain.but im soo happpy ivy found will, and this whole book it thought suzanne was a bitch, because of how she would say ivy was horrible by stealing her man when he was going on to her and ivy was tring to potect her the the killer gregory. who killed his mom, tristian, a girl in ridgemond, and ella:((((.and almost killed ivy twice. but i loved how it ended ivy and will. and tristian, mission complete. i wonder if the next book has to do with lacey and her quest she was tever really comcluded.
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September 7, 2010
Absolutely amazed with this book. I've never been a fan of books written in the third person, but this one I enjoyed very much. Its full of mystery, angst, love, and loss.

Tristan is the hero in this story, becoming the guardian angel to his girlfrend Ivy after he dies in a tragic car accident that left him for dead and Ivy injured. He knows he was sent back for a reason, and that reason, is to help Ivy and save her from his killer who is now after her.

I devoured this book. A little predictable in some parts with regards to one of the characters, and it does all come to light in the end.

Although the Elizabeth Chandler doesn't quite state in character conversations what is being said aloud and what is being said in the mind you will soon pick up and guess what is said aloud and what is not, by that I mean the use of italics that other authors tend to do.

Other than that I would definitely reccommend this book to everyone.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 22, 2010
This book actually made me cry. Seriously. Couldn't stop. Especially the stuff with Tristan and for some reason, also when she was making out with Greg. Don't know why. Maybe because I got so mad at Ivy for doing it. Why did she kiss him, anyway? It was obvious he was evil, and he was crule to her brother. She still loved tristan and Will, but she goes and kisses him, anyway. It just grossed me out to oblivion.
I don't think I'll be reading it again, mostly because books like these make me cry and the whole kissing the stepbrother thing made me mad at Ivy, for unexplainable reasons. Whatever...
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November 2, 2007
I love these books. I started with Soulmate. I just grabbed it while walking though the bookstore and then I had to buy the first two to find out what happened. The love between Tristan and Ivy is so real and tender that the book seriously made me cry. Elizabeth Chandler weaves a love story with a mystery so well that in the end you are praying for the bad guy to be gone and for Ivy to fall in love again.
May 24, 2015
I will always love her Dark Secrets series the best! This one, not as much because I didn't like Ivy that much. I would have liked Tristan more if he wasn't constantly moaning over Ivy. Yet in the end, the both of them had a mystery to solve, and Ivy is your classic damsel in distress while Tristan is the classic hero. Overall a relatively quick read.
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July 28, 2022
(Actual rating: 3.5 stars)

I was excited to read this book because I’m a sucker for anything involving angels.

I did enjoy the story but at times it felt very cliche. The pacing was nice and I liked Ivy and Tristian’s characters but something was missing for me.

Still this was a nice romance story and I would read another book by this author.
May 13, 2019
This book, although not my favorite, was a good read overall. The amount of love and the presentation of it was written beautifully but had multiple grammar mistakes. The idea behind this book was very well articulated and was an eye opening read to how everyone must treat love itself.
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July 31, 2010
Wow! Is all i can say! really great book to read! You'll love it!
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